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How do i go back to regular Google

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How do i go back to regular Google Ti-Marc 3/17/09 6:40 AM
i wan't to remove Chrome and go back to original Google...will i lose my files and favorites
Re: How do i go back to regular Google JECShack 3/17/09 7:50 AM
Uhh... what do you mean?? Do you want to uninstall Chrome would it lose your files? What's with the original/regular Google, do you want to make it as a homepage on other web browser?

Please make an update and provide additional information. :]
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Orville 3/26/09 12:33 PM
Me, too. I want the old Google search engine, not Google Chrome. How do I go back to regular old Google? I want to change my default search engine from Chrome to Google. The tools don't help me.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Dejan1024 3/26/09 12:55 PM
Chrome is not a search engine, Chrome is a web browser. Those are two different things.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Orville 3/26/09 1:01 PM
OK. So how do I go back to the regular Google web browser and get rid of Chrome?
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Bapabooiee 3/26/09 1:14 PM
What? Google Chrome is the only web browser software created by Google.

I'll assume you want to go back to Internet Explorer, or whatever browser you were previously using - which I'll also assume means you want to remove Google Chrome in the process.

First off, you should save your bookmarks/favorites. To do this, click the blue wrench menu at the top-right, and click "Bookmark manager". Once there, click Tools >> Export Bookmarks, and save the .html file somewhere so that you can import it back in to whatever browser you use.

After you have that backed-up, go to the Start menu >> All Programs. Look for a folder labeled "Google Chrome". Select that, and choose "Uninstall Google Chrome".


Also, am I the only one confused by "Google Chrome" and "regular old Google"? 
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Dejan1024 3/27/09 8:32 AM
Internet Explorer ( is made by Microsoft.
Chrome ( is made by Google.
Firefox ( is made by Mozilla.
Each of these programs (and many others) can be used to go to web sites (they are called "web browsers").

Google search ( is a web site. You can go to any website (including Google search) by using any web browser (including Chrome).

Saying "I want to go back from Chrome to Google" is like saying "I want to sell my car and go back to using the highway" (this is the closest I could think of).

I hope this will clear things up a little bit. Can you now explain what exactly you need help with?
Re: How do i go back to regular Google JulieH 4/8/09 12:02 PM
I click on the START button. I click on "Internet". A blank page comes up. The address bar says "about blank".  When I click on Internet, I want the Google page to appear. (This is called a web browser?) How do I get it to appear?  I know this is very elementary for some of you but be nice!
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Shawn (Googler) 9/1/15 10:40 AM
@JEC, Bapa, Dejan: Thanks for your help.

Hey guys,

I know it can be a little confusing so I'm going to make some assumptions about the question and try to explain. Please feel free to give me more detail if this doesn't cover it. Google Chrome is a web browser, kind of like your tool to let you connect to the internet. There are a lot of different web browsers you can use to connect to the internet, as Dejan illustrated above. Each of these different web browsers will allow you to connect to, what I'm assuming you're referring to as "classic," "regular," or "normal" Google. You can actually get to "classic Google" through usage of the Google Chrome web browser. In the address bar, type in '', hit enter and you'll see that homepage that you're familiar with.

Now, to go a step further, you can set the homepage of the Google Chrome browser to be "classic Google." To do so:
1. Click on the Chrome menu
2. Under 'On startup' choose 'Open a specific page or set of pages'
3. Choose 'Set pages' and type in the following:
4. And click ok
5. Restart Chrome

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Re: How do i go back to regular Google Tornadoes28 4/13/09 8:48 AM
I know not everyone is computer or internet savvy but these questions are pretty funny.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Cary 4/14/09 6:02 PM
You just can't make this stuff up. These questions are priceless!
Re: How do i go back to regular Google snews 4/15/09 10:00 PM
Actually I think the Questioner is thinking about iGoogle as the "original" google.  That sort of makes sense.  One might think iGoogle is a browser.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google justlooking 4/16/09 6:27 AM
Google was my home page. I updated to Chrome. I didn't like it. I removed Chrome. Now, certain buttons on my keyboard do not work; internet; copy; paste. How do I get them to work again?
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Re: How do i go back to regular Google Shawn (Googler) 4/16/09 3:49 PM
@Jsmiles: Please see the second half of my answer posted on 4/8/09 to get instructions on how to make Google the homepage.
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Re: How do i go back to regular Google Shawn (Googler) 4/16/09 5:18 PM
@Jsmiles: Ah, I think I see what you're saying now. Google Chrome is a little different in that the address bar doubles as the "regular search window" that you see on So instead of opening up a new tab to search, you can just start typing directly in the address bar and hit enter. Does that address your scenario?

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Re: How do i go back to regular Google dlane 4/17/09 7:16 AM
Here's how I just switched back to internet explorer. Go to start, programs and click on Internet explorer. A pop up will ask if you wish to make this your default browser so click yes and you're back. This is not a removal just a switch.

I'll tell you why I didn't like chrome. I couldn't access my roboform fill forms from it so it was of zero use to me.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Shawn (Googler) 4/17/09 10:46 AM
@Jsmiles: Hrm. The Google Chrome address bar = the Google search slot that you see in other browsers. For example, if I were in Internet Explorer and I wanted to search for 'peanut butter' without opening a new tab, I could type in 'peanut butter' into that Google search slot, hit enter and then a Google search results page comes up. Now, let's say I want to search for 'peanut butter' in Google Chrome without opening a new tab. To do so, I start typing 'peanut butter' into the address bar and hit enter and you'll see the Google search results page come up. There's no need to type in a web address into the address bar. Can you give that a try and tell me if that's what you're aiming to do?

@dlane: Thanks for the feedback. We're working on developing extensions that will provide the infrastructure to support such features.

Re: How do i go back to regular Google Keith R 4/21/09 5:21 PM
The only solution seems to be to launch Windows Explorer from the Program tab in the Start menu, and use as the URL. That way, you get the "old Google. I'm forgetting about Google Chrome until I have time to figure it out.
Keith R
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Snooks312 4/30/09 3:06 PM
I also had the problem when I updated to Google Chrome & then uninstalled it.  My Gateway keyboard button to the Internet did not work after uninstalling Google Chrome.   Instructions:  Windows Vista: Click on Start =>  Default Programs (which is below Control Panel) => Set your default programs => Click on Internet Explorer.  That will correct this for you and your keyboard button will work.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Vander84 5/1/09 1:19 AM
Ok everyone here who is having trouble getting to google Try this:
- You have a window/browser/program open right now (that is how you are reading this).
- If you look near the top of the screen there will be a long rectangle with this writing in it: ""
- Delete all that writing and type
- press enter
Re: How do i go back to regular Google sophie30 5/4/09 11:47 PM
So..I read through all of these answers, and I get that you computer savy folks think this is entertaining..but Im still tryin to get rid if this Google Chrome. I had as my homepage. I hit the upgrade to Chrome, and now even after I've uninstalled it, I still have those thumbnails that come up when I open a new tab. I hate those..Im just tryin to find out how I change back to having my default be "regular google" lol..and I think we all know what I mean by that.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Shawn (Googler) 5/5/09 2:27 PM
@sophie30: If you've already uninstalled Google Chrome, I believe you may be referring to a similar functionality in Google Toolbar. See the below reference for more details.

Re: How do i go back to regular Google lmm1 5/5/09 10:46 PM
I really wish Google would stop updating the Google toolbar. Everytime I install there latest, I immediately disable all the numerous goodies added. And it's really freaky for people have no computer knowledge to go into the options and turn them off. Cant we just have the regular ole toolbar and leave well enough alone.

Ok...on to the main topic. I uninstalled Google Chrome for the reason someone else pointed RoboForm ability, and the worst reason is that it does ok for awhile (I use it to test some of the sites I build) and then out of the blue I open it and it wont do anything at all. I type something in and nothing. I updated it, nothing. I used to be able to view my sites through my web program and then one day nothing. :(
Re: How do i go back to regular Google IdeaChaser 5/7/09 6:58 AM
What I dislike about Chrome: When I use my gmail in Chrome, it does not operate the same as it does in IE. For example, when I click onto a Window Media Video download, it only allows me to download it into a download file on my computer, not OPEN it first. When do download I cannot open it or delete it, ever. Somehow, Chrome stops ACCESS to the download.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google jsday187 5/9/09 3:54 PM
LOOK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!
If you want computers to become LESS daunting and EASIER to use you NEED TO EXPLORE.

Just like with anything else PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

I'm sure everyone here has at least ONE thing they are good at right?
You probably know that ONE THING inside and out.

Unfortunately in this day and age people are expected to know AT LEAST TWO THINGS:

THINK REALLY HARD at how you became good at that one thing. You worked on it, explored, FIGURED IT OUT.

A prospective mechanic doesn't get good at fixing cars by STARING AT THE HOOD!!!
He opens it up and LOOKS INSIDE.


If computers are giving you problems YOU NEED TO GET INSIDE AND LOOK AROUND.

As long as all your personal files are safe, and you have a Windows XP disk... DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE REST OF THE COMPUTER.
If something gets REALLY screwed up JUST REINSTALL Windows.


Quit staring at the screen saying THINGS DON'T WORK.

The Internet is whatever YOU want it to be. DON'T FORGET THAT.

Re: How do i go back to regular Google walter.c.witt 6/1/09 3:52 PM
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Padjur 6/17/09 11:08 AM
Google Chrome is a web browser,like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Google is a search engine, like MSN or Ask. You can set any web browser to have which ever homepage you wish in the options or preferences tab. Many people chose to have their favourite search engine, such as Google set as their homepage. Click customise and control Google Chrome (top right hand corner spanner icon) > options > on the basics tab/homepage check > open this page and type the address of the page you want to set> check show home button on tool bar if you want to quickly access your homepage from the tool bar (a house icon will appear on the left of your tool bar)> click close and your set.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google tashtosteve 7/31/09 9:03 PM
Here's the reason I don't want to use Chrome:  I want to upload FaceBook photos and this is what they say:
Java for Chrome
Google Chrome requires Java 6 Update 11 or greater (Java 6u11+), as indicated in the Google Chrome Help Center. The Chrome browser is new and not officially supported by Sun for Java 6. We at Sun are working hard to add support for Chrome as soon as possible, and we expect to announce support in the near future. Please check back for updates.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Vinny991 8/1/09 1:13 AM
Guys please understand this.  You don't seem to be getting the point here.

One: The Google Address Bar is BOTH the address bar(where you type thing like ect.) and also the search engine box where you type your keywords.  Shawn could NOT be making himself more clear.  OK, you wanna type search for a running race in the Seattle area, to do that you go to the bar on top where you type but instead typing you will type "running races in Seattle".  It's that easy.

Two: If you don't want google chrome anymore, it's easy to get rid of.  Simply go to you start menu, click Control Panel.  From the Control Panel click Programs and Feature(on Windows Vista) I think it's Install/Remove Programs on Windows XP.  And from there go on ahead and delete Google Chrome and go back to the almighty horrible Internet Explorer(if you leave Chrome, PLEASE go to Firefox or Opera)

One more thing:  To make your homepage instead of the New Tab page, click on the blue wrench right under the X button, go down to Options, click it.  From the options menu, look at the top and click Basics.  In the Basics Menu you will see the text: "Home Page:"  Click the little circle that says "Open This Page" and type in  After that simply hit close(as closing it also saves it) and then the next time you open up Google Chrome it will open and not the New Tab page.

I hope this helped all of you who are confused.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Vinny991 8/1/09 1:16 AM
Oh also for the home page, DO NOT make it say open these following pages, make sure it says Open Home Page.
After that you're good to go.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google NancyV 9/29/09 8:08 PM
Thank you Shawn. Your instructions helped me to go back to normal google. Google chrome need to be trouble shoot before publishing for people to download. Seriously, I was very upset because my laptop go so messed up that I google for help and I found your instructions.
Thanks again.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google grayman8 1/15/10 9:22 AM
Like all Google products, the instructions for Google Chrome are so horrible, I am afraid to try it. I simple wanted to know 1) Should I choose to use IE after trying Google Chrome, can I do that? In other words is Google Chrome a browser like like Firefox, where you can not use it if you want? 2)What happens to IE Favorites in Google Chrome? I don't use my computer for playing games; I mainly use it for medical advice and questions; I do not need to be unable to easily access my Favorites. Here, again, just a simple answer, not page after page of "If you do this, then that..." ad nauseum.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Dejan1024 1/16/10 6:35 AM
Chrome is a browser like any other, in terms of program installation, setting as default and such. You can also choose to import your bookmarks from IE if you want (or from Firefox, if that's what you used before)

The help articles are there for explaining common tasks, in a "if you do this, then that will happen". For other questions, such as yours, there is this help forum.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google ornanjebusite 2/23/10 7:01 PM
I totally understand these folks frustration, I too had to finally get under the hood so to speak, before I figured anything out. I finally found what I think is the best solution so far. After dealing with viruses, pc crashes and a multitude of other problems, I decided to download all of the popular browsers and then figure them out. I downloaded Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and of course I already had the hated ( and for good reason) IE. It is very important to have at least two browsers ( found this out the hard way) in case you get a browser attack that disables it. You cannot log on to net to find fixes for your problems. After months of digging here is the best formula that this computer layman could come with, Main browser: Mozilla Firefox with noscript addon and I run it in a sandbox virtual environment called Sandboxie. All of these are completely free to download and relatively simple for non-geeks to run. Sandboxie will not let anything attack your computer because your pc never really connects to the net, only the virtual program sandboxie. At the end of every session you completely delete every program and file using sanboxie buttons  therefore even if malware, spyware, or viruses are in there they get flushed at the end of your session. Now if you downloaded anything on purpose you have to import it to your pc or it will lost like everything else. This program makes no temp internet files, leaves not a trace on your pc of your session, guaranteed!!!!!! It is genius for the non-geek. Actually, you wouldnt even need a anti-virus or firewall to surf. However Im paranoid so I us the free comodo anti-virus and firewall as well as a-squared and spybot anti-malware. Hope this helps you fellow non-geeks out there. Everything I use if freeware and fairly user-friendly...OJ
Re: How do i go back to regular Google Lidka9 3/23/10 10:43 AM
When you are in the igoogle page, at the top right hand corner, it says 'classic home' . click that and your set. you dont have to do anything complecated.
Re: How do i go back to regular Google CHUXBUX 4/8/10 8:06 AM
LOOK I am an old dog and not up for new tricks!!!  I don't want any lengthy explanations! Chrome sux and I want it off my computer.  I want google with toolbar and ALL of my favorites and adress book back.  Right Now!!!!
You keep sending me to a FAQ page and I don't have time to sift through all the BS.
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