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Hotmail login

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Hotmail login abhishankara 7/22/09 9:58 PM
click to sign in and entering the password. But after some time it shows "error on the page' and I am unable to enter the hotmail site.....I am feeling helpless...Please help me...
Re: Hotmail login dwight.stegall 7/22/09 10:16 PM
you should have asked this at hotmail. they know more about their server than anyone else.
Re: Hotmail login basha mohammed 8/8/09 5:33 AM
well have made it good
Re: Hotmail login -Craig 8/8/09 5:16 PM
Re: Hotmail login theportal 8/13/09 8:58 AM
Well, some web applications like Hotmail do not work with alternative web browsers such as Google Chrome (because they are some what obscure, and the Microsoft engineers don't see the point trying to fix it for the little percentage who use Chrome). Especially Microsoft who are at the point of killing Google. So try using Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Either one of these should work properly.
Re: Hotmail login Toni (Googler) 8/13/09 5:25 PM
Hey guys,

Although Google Chrome is a newer browser, we're working hard on addressing any incompatibility issues we may have. This particular Hotmail issue sounds like it can be corrected by clearing private data. To do so, follow these steps below:

1. Click on the Wrench menu in the upper right corner.
2. Select 'Clear Browsing Data.'
3. Click the checkboxes for 'Empty the cache,' and 'Delete cookies.'
4. Next to 'Clear data from this period,' choose 'Everything' from the dropdown menu.

Please let us know if this didn't resolve your issue.


Re: Hotmail login appachankunnath 8/17/09 8:55 AM
good and safely
Re: Hotmail login Toni (Googler) 8/28/09 11:44 AM
Are you guys still experiencing this issue? If so, it would be great if you guys could provide us with the below information to help us troubleshoot this.

- Version of Google Chrome that you're using (Go to Wrench menu --> About Google Chrome).
- Can you reproduce this same issue in Firefox, Internet Explorer and/or Safari?
- What happens instead when you try to log in? If there is an error message, what does it say?
- Did clearing cache and cookies as instructed above resolve it?

If the above suggestions didn't work, can someone try switching to the Developer version of Google Chrome to see if the login issue is still happening? Instructions on how to switch to the Dev channel are listed in reference 1 below.