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Chrome always-on-top bug

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Chrome always-on-top bug HeadNodShy 10/16/09 5:58 AM
Google Chrome version:
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Steps to Reproduce: I've been told it could happen when I open a new window, or when I open a new tab. Sometimes it does it, sometimes not.
Expected Result: Able to access start bar, alt-tab to a different window, or choose a new window from task bar.
Observed Result: Chrome window acts like it was in always-on-top mode. Start bar is inaccessible unless pressing the window key, and the only way to access other windows is by minimizing the current window.

Clicking on a different windows, such as an explorer page, in the task bar doesn't change windows, but the Chrome window does appear to be inactive (the top bar's color changes to the inactive). Clicking it makes it return.

Moving the tabs into a different window makes it work again.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug rondevu 1/11/10 10:03 PM
Yup happens to me too.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Chris Blackwell 1/24/10 3:19 AM
i see this too.
chrome on windows 7 ultimate 64bit
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug maggerbee 1/29/10 8:29 PM
Me too, it's a common issue that needs to be resolved.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug JediAce 2/4/10 1:27 PM
Yup this happens to me as well. Windows 7 Professional 64bit. This has made me go back to using firefox.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug AgentK 3/4/10 9:16 AM
Agreed, me too. Also windows 7 Home 64bit
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug sajgill 3/12/10 2:01 AM
Me too. Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Morgan435 3/12/10 3:12 AM
Same for me. Pretty annoying in fact, I am happy the windows key does work otherwise it would be a real pain.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug mcohen8 3/31/10 5:25 PM
Me too..... Win7x64Pro
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug slytortoise08 5/6/10 3:01 AM
This also happens to me and im running windows xp pro
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug crumbworks 5/10/10 5:55 PM
Same issue for me (Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit)

It seems like this issue is mostly affecting 64-bit users of Windows 7.

My temporary workaround: hit F11 twice. It's the quickest way to get the taskbar back.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug woodt3 5/23/10 10:36 PM
Hitting F11 twice used to work for me now it doesn't anymore. Can't alt+tab out of it, I have to minimize it. Can alt+tab in though. Win7Pro 32 bit
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug GratefulDean 6/25/10 1:42 PM
Happens intermittently to me as well.  PIA

Win 7
add ons- tumblr, rss ,twitter, weatherfox, chrome it later, shareaholic, google voice, facebook, readability, google calendar, gmail, evernote.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Bakhru 6/28/10 1:09 PM
This happens to me all the time and its very irritating. Should be fixed asap. Am using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Newb4Life 7/9/10 3:21 PM
Same problem.  Win 7 home prem 32-bit.

This just started happening to me.  

Its always been on top of tasbar but now its on top of ALL windows!  

Please fix this!
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Didulis 7/23/10 3:20 PM
The same with Win7 Starter 32bit.
I'm often using kiosk mode (F11), because of netbooks small screen resolution. I still have not observed cause of this problem, but it could be related to switching in/out kiosk mode.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug grbporb 8/23/10 8:58 AM
same with win7 x86
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug X-Nemesis 9/6/10 11:56 AM
Same here...I love Chrome but THIS bug is just way too annoying and I'm back for Firefox.  C'mon google, fix this please.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug joshcorey 9/10/10 9:13 AM
This bug is frustrating enough for me to abandon Chrome.  PLEASE FIX!!!  I have been using Chrome since it was released and have really enjoyed the speed and features but this bug will make me return to Firefox.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug brian.adams.j 9/10/10 9:17 AM
Has anyone isolated this?   For some reason, when I use Chrome on my laptop with the taskbar on the right side Chrome does not automatically assume a "always-on-top" position. However when I use my desktop with the taskbar in the same position Chrome does go "always-on-top". Anyone aware of an explanation for the discrepensy?
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug JFP 9/11/10 7:13 AM
Have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Had the issue and just exited the browser and started it up again to resolve the issue. Guess that's the fun about beta testing :)
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug fraktol 9/13/10 6:36 PM
Me too, Windows 7 Home 64 bit.  F11 used to work, doesn't work anymore.  Don't want to have to exit and reload Chrome because I have a ton of tabs open.  How about fixing this, pretty please!
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug fraktol 9/13/10 6:37 PM
To add to last post: there is a further complication - pop-ups like menus, etc. are now happening behind the main Chrome window and I can't pull them to the front.  I can activate them by clicking, but main Chrome window is in the way.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Brizabonskee 10/3/10 3:04 PM
Yup. Win 7 64. Alt + tab doesn't work. Alt + esc doesn't work. F11 twice doesn't work. I want to rip my hair out when I have two windows with 10 tabs each and I'm using an instant messenger.

If you're using one window at a time, you can work around by going to options > basics > On startup: Reopen the pages that were open last. Close options. Then close Chrome and reopen it, and even if you had 20 tabs open, they'll still be there. This way you can close and reopen chrome without losing anything. But with two windows open, it'll only save the last one you close, so you're screwed.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Karadoc 10/6/10 7:12 PM
I just experienced this bug for the first time, today. Chrome version 7.0.517.24 beta.
Alt+tab doesn't work. Switch in and out of full-screen mode doesn't fix it. Clicking other programs on the task bar does nothing. Chrome is always-on-top whether it is maximised or windowed. I have to minimise it, or drag it out of the way to see other windows.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Karadoc 10/6/10 7:27 PM
Ok. I've just found that I was able to reproduce this behavior, and I'm now convinced that it is not a bug in Chrome. Here's how:
I've got another program which is set to open in always-on-top mode. If I minimize chrome, then launch this other program but reopen chrome before the window for the other program appears, then chrome gets the always-on-top mode and the other program does not. It's like chrome has stolen the always-on-top mode of the other program. Furthermore, I can make any program steal the always-on-top mode in the same way. eg if I have windows files explorer open, then minimize it, double click this other program, and then quickly maximize file explorer before the other program opens; then file explorer will be always-on-top.

So this is either a bug in Windows, or a bug in the always-on-top program that I'm launching to produce this behavior. Finally, I tested this again using a different program as the source of the always-on-top launch, and following these steps with the other program does not cause chrome (or file explorer) to be auto-on-top, but it does make the should-be always-on-top program miss out on its always-on-top status.

My advise to anyone trying to avoid this bug is that if you are going to open a new program which is designed to be always-on-top, then you should wait for that new program to fully open before switching back to chrome.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug keen2552 10/12/10 1:34 PM
i feel that enough people have 64bit windows 7 that google should fix this bug because it doesnt seem like it would be too terrible of a fix.

right now i just hit the windows key to see my taskbar, but if i need a window that is behind chrome the only way is to minimize chrome or hit desktop then the other program. slightly annoying dont u think.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Tom1992 10/14/10 2:02 PM
Same situation (Windows 7, Chrome 6.0.472.63).
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug chromekidd 11/6/10 10:20 AM
I'll be

I have the SAME PROBLEM and it doesn't matter what I do it keeps recurring.

I wanna say it might have something to do with pinned items but I'm not sure.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug melaka 11/13/10 1:38 AM
OMG same here
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug miss dipsy 11/24/10 2:29 AM
I have the same problem! Incredibly annoying - everything is hidden by the Chrome window, I can only get to any other windows by minimising Chrome, and can only access the taskbar when Chrome is maximised by pressing the windows key.

Karadoc's suggestion that this could be a windows bug rather than a Chrome bug is interesting, as I usually have another app open alongside Chrome that I frequently have in "always on top mode" (Metapad), so there is a chance that Karadoc's theory could have something in it. However, the only app I have noticed this bug with is Chrome so that does point to it being a problem specific to Chrome, but maybe linked to something about the way Windows 7 handles "always on top" windows.

Chrome 7.0.517.44
Windows 7 Starter edition
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug madbrad 12/5/10 3:42 AM
I have two monitors. This only happens to me when I have both monitors active.
If you have Ati, try disabling the secondary display and then re-enabling it using the "extend" option.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Terpball 1/7/11 8:21 PM
I have been researching for the past 20 minutes. I just realized that this ONLY happens when I had a Sticky Note pinned to my desktop. I don't know if it's google or windows that needs to fix this... but they need to get to it because it is  effin annoying. I just closed the sticky note and restarted chrome and everything is working fine again.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Life11 1/19/11 2:19 PM
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug bolu 1/20/11 9:18 AM
Just met the same problem, need to restart it to resolve.
Chrome 9.0.597.67 beta
Windows XP SP3
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Majal 2/24/11 6:23 AM
Hello Google... It's been over a year now, same problem here. I've had this problem since the previous versions of Chrome, but would go off if I'd restart Chrome. Not anymore these days. It's just stuck on top of my screen all the time.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Chrome 9.0.597.98 stable
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Clydo 2/28/11 8:12 AM
Seriously Google? How can they still not have sorted this out?

Where do we go to get actual feedback from them regarding the bugs getting posted? It doesn't seem like they even know this thread is here, and if they are they're doing a pretty good job of just ignoring it. Or is it just me posting this in the wrong place? o_O
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug PLBowers 3/11/11 6:55 AM
Same problem.  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.
Chrome 9.0.597.107
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Onisan 4/7/11 11:32 PM
Happens to me too

Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug JDS013 4/11/11 4:28 PM
Might this be related to ?
I have dual-monitor setups in both places where I observed this problem.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Hhotelconsult 4/13/11 11:32 AM
I used to have this issue.  With the 10.0.648.204 update, I have two separate computers displaying this behavior again... it's on top of upload windows, others programs. I am about to fling this laptop into oblivion.  Poor laptop, it's the browser.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug vivozhang 4/20/11 12:31 AM
me too, windows 7 professional ...
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Hhotelconsult 4/20/11 10:13 AM
This is bizarre, but both of my computers... win 7 pro, win 7 home had the newest chrome and it was happening on both machines.  Then, about a week ago, both stopped the weird behaviour, and everything works as it should.  That's quite odd, methinks.  I doubt they did any updates, and force pushed fixes without my awareness or acceptance?  So it's just some random IT moment where you bark at the moon and hope it fixes itself? I mean how does that happen?

I only post becuase I realize people only wander in here when it doesn't work, but don't mention when it fixes, or how it fixes, itself.

I don't know how both different chrome on different OS fixed at the same time, but at least it's back to normal.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug dunderduck 6/25/11 2:11 AM
Same problem with me now on Chrome 12 (latest).  Very annoying!
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug fraktol 7/25/11 1:21 PM
I am also not encountering this issue any more.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Majal 7/26/11 5:59 AM
Hey, I no longer have this problem. The solution for me? Change OS from Win7 to Ubuntu 11.04. I know not everyone will consider this option, but now I can really say that Linux has a clear edge over Windows when it comes to these two important things: speed and stability. So I had none of these kind of problems any longer. :)
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug idolw 8/1/11 11:10 PM
Same here with Chrome 12. The window stays on top and programs selectec using alt+tab combo stay under chrome window.
I have to minimize Chrome to be able to use another program. Very not cool
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug anant anni 9/16/11 1:36 PM
Twice f11 doesn't work?
Open a new chrome windows with the "wrench" icon.
Drag all your tabs there.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Ahamhum 9/20/11 3:34 AM
This works, and it is free:
Always on Top: Keep Any Window Visible Always -
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Comhlp 9/22/11 7:53 PM
To solve this problem by following freeware permanently
margin set 0
bottom set 40 then enable~~ Fixed~~~
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug sweetiemagic 9/28/11 4:52 PM
This just showed up as a problem for me on my laptop and I have been trying to figure it out, the only thing I could think of is it started when I changed in my options: Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing, when I unchecked it then it was back.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug jameyhowell73 11/2/11 12:17 PM
the opening a new window and then dragging existing tabs there works great, thanks !
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug dysperdis 11/4/11 11:43 AM
This exact same thing is happening on my laptop and PC. The F11 trick doesn't work, either. I'm about ready to give up on Chrome for good over this-- and no, I do not have any programs with an "always on top" mode open, unless you count this browser.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug sweetiemagic 11/4/11 12:18 PM
It's under Options, then basics
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug gdoughty 11/6/11 4:28 AM
I, too, had used a 'sticky note' when Chrome started the irritating "always on top" behavior.  I closed the sticky note, restarted Chrome and the world is right again!
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug phailu 11/21/11 12:20 PM
I'm getting this on two different computers, one of them being a netbook running 32bit win7, the other being a 64bit win7 ultimate laptop. being unable to alt-tab in unacceptable.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug eddacker 12/3/11 12:49 AM
version 17 (current) and this still happens. :)     first time for me and had been using 'instant' for a while so don't think that is the trigger. (fwiw I think it has to do with js as when your bank opens a separate dedicated window) Opened chrome in a new instance then closed the old 'always on top' one and the world returned from chaos.

[soapbox] With all the wisdom and power of the parent company one would think they could spare a moment to issues such as these with a tiny FAQ post or even a chat reply in the tread. Perhaps if an ordinary user digs deep enough on the developer's bugs-fix somewhere page it is mentioned, but hey: help for the common user?[/soapbox]
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Telúrico 1/11/12 2:12 PM
Windows 7 ultime x64 - Google Chrome 18.0.1003.1 dev-m
I've noticed this bug happens to me when Windows is starting and I launch Chrome while startup programs and services aren't fully loaded.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug dave.haku 1/29/12 10:39 AM
Got this too... still. Windows 7 Ultimate. Google Chrome 16.0.912.77 m.

Still no fix for this?
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug neal.dollin 2/22/12 1:41 PM
i didnt have this problem before but got it with the most recent update... cmon google this should be fixed by now
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug tode2 2/25/12 3:05 PM
I agree: "Come on Google."

My work-around is (Show Desktop), (Switch Window), so Win-D, Win-Tab.
Much better than F11 (X2).
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug PersVoice 2/26/12 11:51 AM
as anat Said
Open a new google chrome window from all programms

drag all currents tab to that one
close old window and voila it will work
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug ADTC 3/2/12 8:20 PM
This issue is STILL there and just randomly occurs for no rhyme or reason. I'm having to use a small tray app called "Always on Top" JUST to make Chrome window NOT always on top anymore whenever this problem occurs! You guys said it's fixed in version 11, but it's still there in version 17!!! Seriously, can't you just figure out which line in code is setting the window to Always on Top and get rid of it? Or provide users an option to toggle it from the right-click menu of window or the Wrench menu.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug ADTC 3/2/12 8:24 PM
This is the "Always on Top" utility I use to workaround this annoying problem of Chrome:

Just press Ctrl-Space on any window to toggle its "Always on Top" status.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug jrcorn 3/5/12 2:32 AM
win7 32 bit. Chrome automatically 'Always on top' with no disable function. Very annoying!!! please fix
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug kaerk 4/12/12 4:15 PM
Not sure if this'll work for everybody but I opened a new window and moved all of my tabs to it. The new window didn't have the always on top bug.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug PDXKEN 5/3/12 6:38 AM
This worked for me too, Windows 7 64-bit ultimate
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug loc dawg 5/9/12 7:58 AM
The F11 trick doesn't work for me
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug whitey1600 5/19/12 9:09 AM
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Buggerlugz 6/1/12 6:45 PM
This worked on my laptop press FN + F11 and it fixed it
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug jr2 6/6/12 2:19 AM
Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m

7 x64

Yupp, bug's still there...

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug IrishmanWS 6/20/12 6:30 PM
seemed to work for me
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug medaala 6/22/12 2:58 AM
Mine is doing always on top as well and it's really annoying. Can't get the start bar or videos etc without minimising Chrome or pressing windows button. Fix it please!
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug George520 6/26/12 1:23 PM
OK, so this bug is now 3 years old, and it still isn't fixed???

Screw you too, Google!

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug medaala 6/29/12 1:59 AM
It's particularly stupid when a Chrome popup window (resulting from something you click on in a site eg forms) doesn't even come to the front. :(
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug THX1132 7/12/12 10:10 AM
This bug still needs fixing but that is a useful work around.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug kaah 7/17/12 12:38 PM
Still not fixed. Getting this bug on 2 computers.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Carl021 7/20/12 3:18 AM
Same problem for me :(
Have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

No workaround works atm, it did before.

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug annrkiszt 7/30/12 4:08 PM
I am being very annoyed by chrome.  I am on the bank, click a link to open a new window, it's not there?  Oh yes it is, behind the main window.  In fact, other than an obsolete email client, they're all underneath. Every app I run.  Even the full screen flash videos open UNDERNEATH! This also includes google chrome's own windows like settings, etc. What's more, I can't switch to them and see them, although I'm switched and chrome's greyed out, it won't go away!  Only if I minimize the browser can I access other apps and that's just a royal nuisance so please fix this bug!  Latest update installed on win7 x64
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug kim_casipit 8/18/12 8:56 AM
I'm on version 21.0.1180.75 and still got this issue. sheesh
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug efrafafra 8/23/12 8:43 AM
it's been three years google.  get your act together! same bug. ):
(unknown) 8/28/12 9:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug sskiller 9/3/12 9:22 AM
Maybe try this: move the taskbar to left (either drag the taskbar on the left side, or property->taskbar location->left). Chrome will still be on top. Then, move the taskbar back. For me it works, but I have not yet rebooted computer to confirm.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug baddingtonbear 9/22/12 6:03 PM
It's still doing it even with that. Unless I'm just not understanding how to use it right. I used that to tell the window that i want always on top to always be on top of Chrome but it's still going under Chrome after about 2 minutes of use.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug rhiaro 9/30/12 5:07 AM
I can't believe this bug has been about for so long!

I experienced it on my old 32-bit laptop Win 7 Professional, and always assumed it was because my machine was old and dodgy... But I have the same problem on my new 64-bit machine with Win 7 Home.

The F11 trick works for me which is good to know.  I sure hope it gets fixed though!

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Setia Negara 10/15/12 10:41 PM
I also have this issue
It happen when i opening too many tabs or too many other programs
Then chrome goes not responding
then when it back... VOILA!

ON TOP any other thing

I know already that you're on top of competition google...

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug KevinAMS 10/25/12 3:31 AM
I have same issue.

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Only have 2 things open, Chrome and Word.

If this problem persists, I'll stop using Chrome. Very annoying.

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug eudaemonius 11/27/12 10:08 AM
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug neilgoldman305 11/30/12 9:36 AM
Same issue, been having it for several months now. I like having my taskbar auto-hide, but when chrome gets into it's always-on-top mood, I can't even view my taskbar anymore while chrome is fullscreen. This might be worth switching back to firefox over :/
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug hongxuan guo 1/7/13 6:12 PM
Me too,
My system is debian squeeze, chrome's Version is 23.0.1271.97.

If I open a new tab, then chrome is always on top.

Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Google Actively Hates its Users 1/8/13 6:04 PM
Getting this problem now too, awesome that this bug is over 2 years old, what a piece of trash company, used to be good 10 years ago when they cared.
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Willy Leonardo Ortiz Beltran 1/17/13 8:12 AM
me too windows 7 ultimate 64bits version of google chrome 24.0.1312.52
Re: Chrome always-on-top bug Rey Fredricks 2/18/13 11:12 PM
Other temporaary workarounds have not worked for me but what did work after several weeks of trying to fix the bug was setting my chrome theme to default.

Must be an installed theme problem and not a Google problem which would explain why Google hasn't done anything about it/couldn't fix it with updates.

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