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Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors.

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Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. dacoley 1/1/11 12:54 PM
Google Chrome        9.0.597.19 (Official Build 68937) beta
WebKit        534.13
User Agent        Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9.0.597.19 Safari/534.13
Command Line         /Applications/Google Chrome -psn_0_512125 --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end

I am not exactly sure how to reproduce this problem, though it occurs quite often. Once a page has acquired this error the rest of the browser seems to lock up/slow down. I have tried to remedy it by clearing the cache while in the crashed session, but the only thing that has worked for me was to completely re-open the browser.

I also experienced this bug in the dev channel.

Will post as I determine more!

Anyone else experience this same issue?
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. ciaracat 1/10/11 5:07 AM
I have this problem regularly on cache. Only way out is to start to start clear browsing data which never finishes, then kill chrome via mac command, then restart chrome which then runs ok for a few days.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. RohanK 1/11/11 2:13 PM
I have this problem regularly, and it is becoming a REAL pain. The solution doesn't seem to be as easy for me as those listed above.
a) all instances of chrome windows inherit the problem when it occurs
b) "waiting for cache..." appears as a popup in the footer (it's not an error report, it just gets stuck in one of its processes.
c) clearing the cache using the "Tools > Clear Browsing Data" option (I'm not sure how a casual user could know to do this?) involves opening a window that allows clearing browser data but it stalls/crashes itself and chrome.
d) I have to then open up the system processes and "kill" chrome from there
e) Sometimes I have to restart the computer, on top of closing all chrome browser windows
c)....and lastly, sometimes that doesn't work, still waiting for cache, so I open up Opera.

Unbelievable: I live off chrome as a website developer, and I'm considering ditching it because of this REDICULOUS problem.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. vbozo 2/3/11 7:27 AM
I just started experiencing the same thing yesterday.  Not to definitively assign causality, but I downloaded a program yesterday called Self-Control (link below) that allows you to temporarily kill your internet.  The "waiting for cache" thing started happening soon after the first time I used the program, but not immediately.

Did you guys fix your problem?  Did you delete the cache from outside of Chrome?  Is that even the issue?  Having Chrome delete some of the cache--whatever it gets to before crashing, if anything--and then restarting doesn't work for me.  

Thank you,
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. llonghaffiz 2/10/11 2:23 PM
Can someone please fix this problem..
I need the solution for this too
anyone from Google maybe??
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. narizman 2/12/11 3:11 AM
I did what elure done. Still cannot use it !!
Chrome are freezing forever in time .. getting back to firefox.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. doccy 3/5/11 2:16 PM
Exact same issue here.  happens every few days... just waiting for cache.

Clearing the cache works for me every time - but takes a few minutes to complete... and ummm... no other browser forces you to do this?

Going back to firefox.

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Jimmy.McArthur 3/14/11 5:45 PM
Having identical problem here. This is killing my productivity as Chrome is my primary browser.  Clearing cache doesn't help.  Desperate for a solution.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Jimmy.McArthur 3/18/11 3:39 AM
UPDATE: After multiple tries I was finally able to fix this issue.  I'm using Chrome 10.0.648.151 on OSX 10.6.6.  I tried repeatedly to clear my cache, which resulted in seemingly endless hangs.  After taking a look at this issue: and, in particular the  message below, I was able to Force Quit Chrome (it was still hanging), re-open, immediately go to Chrome > Clear Browsing Data > select Clear Browsing History & Empty the Chache "From the Beginning of Time".  After waiting for about 10 minutes, my cache finally cleared.  Please note that I tried the same method of clearing my cache going through the Tools > History path and this failed multiple times over a period of a week.  Seems it only took by going through Chrome > Clear Browsing Data.  Hope this helps!

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Comment 9 by project member, Mar 2, 2011

The crash would be interesting... see

You had a big cache, and depending on what's going on when you clean the cache we may default to deleting item by item, so it may take a very long time (as in feels as a hang).

The second trace looks fine.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. crossbizz 3/21/11 9:37 PM
I have the same issue with google Chrome now since hours, waiting for cache. I even deleted and reinstalled chrome and its still the same. Using MAC OSX 10.6.7
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. jordanondago 3/29/11 6:43 PM
I've been using Chrome for about a year and only developed this issue last week. I finally gave up after clearing Cache did some to remedy anything and this weekend just reinstalled Chrome only to find it was still "waiting for Cache". Its really awful. Clearning everything from the Beginning of Time is taking much longer than expected given I only re-installed two days ago and have yet been able to successful browse the Interwebs on Chrome. If this doesn't work...Firefox it is.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Jimmy.McArthur 3/30/11 1:35 PM
UPDATE# 2: The issue still persists, and I'm basically having to clear my cache once a week or so.  Ayudame!
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. GrahamG777 4/4/11 8:01 PM
I am also having this issue.  I just cleared the cache an hour ago and it happened again already...
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. rmpbklyn1 4/22/11 10:33 AM
it would be best if chrome had delete OLDER than x months. rather then everything. say clear everything older then 6 months
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. smcoxon 5/9/11 3:05 AM
Hi all, I have/had the same problem. I fixed it by going in to Chrome Settings > Options > Under The Bonnet > Then clicking on 'Clear Browsing Data...' button in the privacy section. Then selecting: Clear Browsing History, Clear Download History and Empty the Cache.

This ran quite quickley and the problem has gone (for now anyway). I did try this previously with only 'Empty the Cache' selected but this just seemed to hang. Seems you need to clear the other browsing and download data too and they probably get cleared before emptying the cache. Hence the cache problem could be related to too much Browsing and Download history data?
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. tatlar 7/26/11 1:38 PM
I have exactly the same problem, but it only started recently since Google Plus was added to my default home page. I have followed all the delete cache, reset Chrome, etc ideas and it persists, even after a reboot. I have gone back to using FF.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. tatlar 7/26/11 2:16 PM
I got Chrome back up and running! Here are the steps I took on my OSX laptop (10.6.8):

1. Opened Firefox. Logged into Google. Went to my Google+ page and opted out (make sure to just delete your Google+ account and not your whole Google account!)
2. Using the I went to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default and deleted the files 'Web Data' and 'Web Data-journal'
3. Open Google Chrome. Oooo - responsive UI once more!
4. To double-check, I went to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and checked 'Clear browsing history', 'Clear download history' and 'Empty the cache'. This process, which was hanging my machine for > 30 mins, ran in less than a second.

I hope this helps someone else!
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. vruu 7/30/11 1:16 PM
I really want a solution for this, nothing seems to work.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. btsavage 8/9/11 12:09 AM
Same issue here.  Just adding to the thread.

All of a sudden, just several days ago, Chrome COMPLETELY stopped responding.  It would lock up entirely.  I was mortified as I am a web-developer and completely rely on Chrome.

I just uninstalled Chrome from my machine, and downloaded a fresh copy from the web.  After installation I'm unable to even load the google homepage.  The main image never loads.  The text loaded after about 5 minutes of waiting.  I had already started looking for a forum where I could report the issue when finally some text loaded, but it's been over 30 minutes and the main google logo still hasn't loaded.  No issues on the google home-page on other browsers.

For the record, I am also using Google+.  I hope I don't have to opt-out of google plus to make this work again!  I'd really prefer to not have to re-create that account.  

I'm about 15 minutes into the "clear all data from the beginning of time" which is somewhat shocking considering I just reinstalled the app.  I guess that data is persistent, and isn't eliminated from my HD when I uninstall Chrome??

Where is the cache located?  I'd love to know so that I can just rm -rf the dir at the command line.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. suddenlybroken 8/9/11 8:25 AM
I am also having this problem. I have cleared the cache many times, both manually and through Chrome. It's astonishing how persistent the issue is.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. kikodpr 8/14/11 9:11 PM
I'm having the same problem and I have to clear the cache now everyday... through the option, under the hood blah blah way... Is so annoying, guess is time to go back to firefox.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. kikodpr 8/14/11 9:18 PM
and by the way, I have tried everything in this page, have cleared everything under the hood and nothing works, uninstalled and installed, everything...everyday the same thing since last week...and got to love it when the waiting for cache appears when you are paying online, priceless! Hope they come with a solution...
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. royalpei 8/23/11 8:15 AM
ANYONE  ever get an answer from Google? This is ridiculous.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Digi_Fort 8/27/11 4:06 AM

I found this blog seems to have stalled my problem for now until google provides a certain solution. :)
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. dmechlin 9/8/11 2:04 PM
Close Chrome.
Navigate to your home folder > Library > Caches > Google > Chrome > Default.
Delete "Default" folder.
Empty your trash.
Start up Chrome.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. BenThere 10/2/11 9:29 AM
This is disheartening.
Google; seriously - waiting for cache?
over a year since this problem is reported - its basically a full stop for browsers - creates other problems like complaints to ISP etc...
All advices here and everywhere will only fix it for a day or so.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. riloh9 10/6/11 8:36 AM
10/6/11 - This just happened to me out of the blue yesterday.  Have been using chrome as my full time browser for years, zero issues, when suddenly it locks up yesterday while doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.  Now, every time I start Chrome, it hangs while displaying the "Waiting for cache..." at the bottom.  Task manager reveals Chrome to be using 99-100% CPU.  After end-tasking, it does the exact same thing upon next start up.  After restarting, and after reinstalling Chrome, still the same result.  On rare occasions, Chrome will realize it has failed and offer to kill the window.  When trying to kill the window, Chrome fails again and simply hangs at 100% CPU.

Finally managed to open Chrome, jam the stop button instantly, get over to Settings and clear the cache fron the beginning of time.  This has made it work, for now.

But come on.  We've come to expect more from the big G.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. YMichurin 10/18/11 4:20 PM
It happened to me too. Clear Browser History option works forever. Have to go back to Firefox. I'll try Chrome in a year or so, may be they will come up with less buggy version of Chrome
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. CamPC 10/20/11 8:58 PM
Wow.  This happenned to me two days for the first time after more than 1.5 years using Chrome with no issues at all.  I was able to clear cache (took forever), and it worked until tonight.  Then Chrome completely hung again, displaying a 'Waiting for cache' message.  I have not changed anything else on my system in the meantime.  The clear cache fix worked again.  But if I have to keep clearing my cache every 2 to 3 days, I am going back to IE.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Banger_ 10/30/11 8:24 AM
I'm having the exact same issue with chrome crashing and waiting for cache. At first it was just once in a while (this was a week ago), but now it's every time within minutes of browsing. Looks like i'm going back to Firefox. :(
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Skeeto 11/6/11 1:34 AM
MAC USERS: I have read all of these posts dating back for years now. I have cleared my cache, renamed the folders, deleted files, etc, etc, etc. There is NOT a permanent solution or you would not see posts to this day with people having the issue. Simply go back to Safari or Firefox and start amassing your bookmarks again. It totally sucks donkey balls, but now you have been enlightened.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Michael_Farese 11/29/11 3:25 PM
So what does it take for someone at Google to notice this?

Has anyone else used Wrench --> Tools --> Report an Issue?  I have done that... maybe if we all do it will get someone's attention?
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. markkempster 12/1/11 2:39 AM
Same issue, cache clear helps but no permanent resolve.  Issue re-occurring almost daily following cache clean.  For those battling to clear cache.  Ensure all browser tabs closed, open new session to start cache clear from - options - under the hood - clear browsing data.  When the 'options' tab opens close the Google search tab it launched from, then proceed to clear cache.  It appears clearing cache takes forever if there are any other browser tabs/sessions open.  Google; we need a permanent fix or its back to dreaded IE and I don't want to go there....
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. dmechlin 12/1/11 6:50 AM
This has solved the problem for me. No cache issues for three months.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. boeingprofessor 12/7/11 10:56 AM
I have given up on Google Chrome for Lion on an Apple because of the "Waiting for Cache" bug and have switched to Firefox, while Google fixes it, which doesn't sound like anytime soon...
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. boeingprofessor 12/7/11 10:57 AM
None of the above suggestions have made any different to the "Waiting for Cache" bug
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. david.king 12/7/11 4:22 PM
Hi everyone, just thought I'd see if this issue still occurs in the latest stable version? And if so, do +dmechlin's steps above solve the problem?
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. racha24 12/9/11 11:40 AM
seriously how can this go un-fixed for a year now? I really don't want to go to FireFox, please fix this asap.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. kindsirs 12/30/11 1:33 AM
It's almost exactly a year later, and this ridiculous and embarrassing problem persists all the way to the most recent version. When are you going to fix it? This wastes literally hours of my time every day.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. EricLeslie 2/23/12 9:09 AM
Just another person chiming in to say that I encounter this at least once a day, and it completely disrupts my workflow every time it happens. If I wait, it takes sometimes 5 to 10 minutes for Chrome to start responding again. If I kill the Chrome processes, I risk losing my open tabs. Obviously neither of these is acceptable. That this could go unaddressed for so long is astounding.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. bsanderson123 2/28/12 3:49 PM
I am having the same wait for cache error on mac with chrome 17.0.963.56  Very frustrating.  I have to kill Chrome and restart.

Any fix yet?
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. danielbsig 2/29/12 2:54 PM
Same here, occasionally this seems to lock up my entire computer, and there is nothing I can do except restart the machine. My current version is also 17.0.963.56 m.

It seems to occur more often if I open up more than one tab at the same time, but I cannot rule out that it also happens if I only open a single tab. Usually, Chrome becomes sluggish for the first few seconds, and then completely locks up.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. eric_hawthorne 6/1/12 2:24 PM
I've been experiencing this problem recently, with up-to-date Chrome, on Windows XP (yay!) Ubuntu 10.04, and MacOSX.

I maintain a pretty large number of open tabs on each of several (say 3 to 6) chrome windows.

Chrome developers. Please support the power knowledge worker, who needs to keep a large amount of info up for a long time, needs to research new things in a new tab at the drop of a hat, and basically keeps their information context up for weeks or months (if it were possible) because they are asked to multi-task to the point of seldom actually completing any single task, so its info needs to stay handy.

Just saying.

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Łukasz Sokolik 10/29/12 12:56 AM
Problem is more irritating when I use SSD disk, waiting for cache every day freeze system for 30-60 seconds! I must change browser.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Łukasz Sokolik 10/29/12 1:05 AM
OK I find how to move cache from SSD to HDD and limit cache size, don't know how long it will work but post here.

C:\Users\z.t61z\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --disk-cache-dir="E:\tmp\chrome-cache" --disk-cache-size=104857600

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Chris O in FL 11/4/12 12:14 PM
I have the same problem. It will sit there forever as if it's searching and deleting tons of files. If it deleted files for as long as I let it run it could have deleted the entire drive file by file. It seems it's in a loop or doesn't give an error for whatever problem it may have encountered. I thought that maybe it got confused about the date change or maybe I didn't let it run long enough the first time and it corrupted a file that was in progress. Running a full Scan Disk and rebooting didn't help. Help Please!!!!
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. AlBal 11/15/12 6:47 PM

This seems to have helped...

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. maldonj1 12/28/12 6:58 AM
I am having the same issue, waiting for cache, daily, using an SSD, switching back to FF
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. sandra stark 1/17/13 9:42 AM
I'm done with chrome til they fix this. Score one for Mozilla.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Stefan van Buren 2/15/13 3:35 AM
Same problem here.... Just working happily on my Mac OS X 10.8.2 (12C60) with currently Google Chrome 24.0.1312.57 (also with older versions)

Browsing the web, opening some pages and suddenly (for example when opening a new tab and try to make a search directly from the address-bar) Chrome just shows a white page. Opening other tabs or refreshing recently opened tabs results in a 'Waiting for cache...' status.

Don't know is Chrome is affecting Mac, or OSX affects Chrome, but after this more strange things hapen. Opening a new Chrome window won't work. Opening Activity Manager won't work. Closing Chrome from the dock results in a freezing dock-icon... Only option left is to turn of the Mac and restart the whole thing!

Why the f*ck is this happening? Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice... Or like today... Already 3 times since I started working (2,5 hours)

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. sandra stark 2/15/13 6:20 AM
I really do hope that the Chrome team is looking at this. You could not have described the phenom better. Firefox is beginning to look good to me again, and that's a shame.
I'm on a PC.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Mausium 2/15/13 8:42 PM
I've essentially been forced to use IE, I can't even use Google's search engine in Chrome. Win8 x64.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Waldo Bear 3/31/13 6:50 PM
Ditching this browser as also constant waiting for cache. back to firefox it is.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. cooloola 4/13/13 12:54 AM
Out of the blue, same thing happening here.
A Chrome process takes > 26% cpu time, web surfing becomes slow as, kill the process & all the Chrome windows drop out.

Start Chrome again- its ok till the next time.

Vista Business 64
Version 6.0 (Build 6002)SP2
Version 26.0.1410.64 m

Keep My Opt-Outs 1.0.14

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Lasse R 4/15/13 1:47 PM
Same problem happened to my wife.
Pages stop loading with "waiting for cache", Chrome is unresponsive, computer gets sluggish (cpu and ram usage is low), changing settings or clearing cache crashes.
"User Data" directory was already moved to another partition (using "mklink /d").

We uninstalled Chrome, deleted the User Data dir, reinstalled and it soon developed the same problem again.

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Lasse R 4/17/13 1:37 PM
Problem solved: It was a hardware problem, not a Chrome problem. The disk was dying and giving lots of "bad sector" errors. Checking the event viewer ("Run > eventvwr") it was easy to see the problem.
Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. James Candalino 5/2/13 12:20 PM
I've been having this problem since February on the stable, dev, and canary versions of chrome. I'm running OS X 10.8.3 on a brand new Retina MacBook. There are no hardware problems at all. All other browsers (safari, firefox, opera) perform just fine.

The crash occurs several times a day when using Chrome (now switched to safari). It makes the computer entirely unusable. Only fix is to hold the power button down.

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. AzzBackwardz 5/10/13 7:30 PM
I've been having the same issue with the Cache for about a week... so I started to think, what did I do in the last week that might have caused my browser to ape... I swapped out my router which resulted in my system using the router's DNS proxy instead of my usual Google Public DNS... a simple setting of my DNS server's to Google's tasty and and poof Chrome Cache problem gone.  You'd think one of these day's they'd make a proper multi-threaded browser that doesn't block the UI while waiting on the network.

Using Google Public DNS

Re: Experiencing regular "Waiting for Cache" errors. Natalie R. W. 7/25/14 2:35 PM
Hello everyone,

There was a bug that was filed for this ongoing issue via this link here.

Please click the star icon for email updates and/or recommendations.

Thank you all for your contribution!

Kind Regards,
Natalie R. W.
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