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Shockwave Flash Crash

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Shockwave Flash Crash astha87 2/21/09 4:40 AM
Hey. I have an issue with the Shockwave Flash plugin (in all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera...) I am able to watch Youtube and other videos fine (at least till now) but I recently tried recording a video on Facebook (Facebook has an option to record and add videos on your Friends' walls) and I got an error saying: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash. I also got the following error report:

Add-ons: {7694c49c-9fbd-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66}:3.0.2,{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}:3.0.6
BuildID: 2009011913
CrashTime: 1234961245
InstallTime: 1233806473
ProductName: Firefox
SecondsSinceLastCrash: 2780
StartupTime: 1234958472
Theme: aquatint_gloss
Vendor: Mozilla
Version: 3.0.6

I tried uninstalling and re-installing shockwave, as well as the browser, but the problem still persists. I am using Vista SP 1, and Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin (and Adobe Shockwave Player 11) It's really frustrating so any help would be good.

Thanks a lot !
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ZETAZEN 2/22/09 11:37 AM
I'm having the exact same problem. I'd like the answer as well.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash davidlif 2/22/09 12:52 PM
I would love to get some answer from Google Chrome re this issue.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash uncertaincat 2/25/09 9:53 PM
Ditto here. I have a recent laptop with ie, chrome, firefox. All of them crash - try nytimes, washington post or any site which has video/shockwave content and it crashed. Youtube works fine.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash pinkyuru 3/15/09 1:57 PM
check the list of installed programs, i have some trubles in some pages, crash shockwave, in chrome, Ie, and Firefox.  the problem was an adobe new plugin for flash player 10 (activex and plugin), when u update, the program doesn't uninstall the old flash plugin 9, try that ( i fixed up unistalling FP10 )
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Pallindrome 3/18/09 8:36 AM
Try downloading the player directly from adobe website and install it. It worked fine for me.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash astha87 3/18/09 9:09 AM
Which player? (i.e. What version)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Shawn (Googler) 3/18/09 2:44 PM
If this issue is consistent across all browsers, then it isn't a problem specific to Google Chrome and you may want to bring this up with Adobe Flash. I included a reference to their support forums below.

Also, if you guys want to test to see if it's an issue with recent versions of Flash, you can find older versions in Reference 2 and see if you encounter the same problems.

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Pallindrome 3/18/09 6:51 PM
Follow this link to download the flash player
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Pallindrome 3/18/09 6:51 PM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash astha87 3/18/09 11:46 PM
I have Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X, Adobe Flash Player 10 > the shockwave crashes are still happening.

I use Vista, SP1

please help.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash leighelliott78 3/19/09 5:43 AM
I have just tested flash player 9 on IE6, FF3.07 and Chrome and I no longer have the crashing issue with some flash based websites. was crashing in all three browsers when I had fp 10 installed, hmmm interesting , looks like there might be a bug with fp 10 ???
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash illini58 3/19/09 7:59 AM
Same problem here. Crashes over and over on Yahoo, Pandora, anything that uses Flash.
I went to Adobe's web site to report a bug and got my e-mail returned. I guess they don't want to hear about it. My guess is they are taking product development advice from Microsoft.

The original message was received at Thu, 19 Mar 2009 14:50:14 GMT
from inner-relay-store []

  ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    (reason: 550 No such user - psmtp)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash col.mcnamara 3/24/09 11:31 AM
I posted this before on a similar thread, but this should solve astha87's issue:
ok, I believe I found a fix, at least to this issue, and it had nothing to do with flash, even though it crashed shockwave flash on chrome and FF. The issue is that there is an error on the way Bluetooth handles streaming videos from others and webcams. I know it sounds totally unrelated, but stick with me. What I did was I went in and changed one of the bluetooth files in my System 32 folder and this fixed it. Here's what I did:

go to My Computer>C:(or whatever your hard drive is)> Windows>System32> then (scroll down to) find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, I renamed it "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll"

This should fix your issues. Oh, BTW, I restarted my laptop just to make sure.

God, I hope you guys get the same result as I did. Good luck.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Finster 3/24/09 7:29 PM
FYI, removing a file from System32 will not be a permanent fix as Windows will almost immediately replace the file from its cache. This is called Windows File Protection.

In other news, I get these Flash related crashes all the time and the App Log (accessible via Computer Management->Event Viewer) indicates the crash is happening in NPSWF32.dll which is located in the Flash installation directory.

I also am using Windows 7 Beta x64 so not sure if it's just Flash misbehaving with the Windows beta or what, but figured I would post some info in case it was helpful to anyone.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash col.mcnamara 3/25/09 10:11 AM

I don't think I ever mentioned anything about deleting any files, I just renamed it, that's it. It has been working for me well over 3 months now, updates and all. As I also mentioned before, this worked... for me, you can try it, if it works, it works.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Sim4JG 3/26/09 4:52 AM
Thanks col,

I renamed the file and that worked a treat! I have been trying to find a solution to this incredibly frustrating problem for weeks so cant thank you enough! Anyone else having this problem, try renaming the BtwVdpCapFilter.dll file as per col's suggestion, it worked for me!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash SHiNDoGG 3/26/09 4:33 PM
well i don't have this BtwVdpCapFilter.dll on my system and i've only had the flash crash on google chrome so far. ie8 doesnt crash, it just tells me that i need to install flash whenever i visit a page and i already installed it. firefox doesnt have the crash. its always bein slow though, probably because i have multiple windows from a saved session. i have never had flash do a crash on my browsers before. sometimes a browser might freeze and sometimes i get a dr watson error. not the error report, the little thing where it says '<program name> has encountered a program error and must close.' i click cancel and it closes anyway. im thinkin its flash's fault. i know because if i visit site without flash, it never crashes. flash is just an unstable piece of shit. it could be chrome's fault for doin the crash instead of freezin or dr watson crashes.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sidlaws 3/26/09 5:50 PM
I don't have this BtwVdpCapFilter.dll on my system as well ....any other fix guys ? its really frustrating..... no browser works !
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash LATCOACH 3/27/09 4:17 AM
I've got a laptop with vista home edition. Facebook crashes since last week everytime with the message "shockwave plugin doesn't work".
It crashes with Apple Safari, Google Crhome en Intern.Explorer 7.0.
My intern webcam doesn't work either since then and i've bought a extern webcam and that also doesn't work :(
I've deleted the Adobe flash plugin and downloadet the last version (10....???). The problem stays :(
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash CorrosionX 3/27/09 11:29 AM
Flash always crashes for me too.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash hitalgi 3/30/09 11:44 AM
I've been looking for this file: BtwVdpCapFilter.dll but don't have it. I really want to fix the problem. For me, if I am on the computer for about an hour or so, it's fine, but if it goes over a certain period of time, things start to crash and it progresses until computer just shuts down. Any suggestions?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash benexclaimed 3/30/09 6:11 PM
I'm having the same issue, and don't have the btwvdpcapfilter.dll file either.

I've tried Firefox, IE, and Chrome.  Like others have said, it's clear that the issue has to do with Flash (as Chrome tells me that's the plugin that has crashed).
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kaceycar 3/31/09 12:14 AM
now have a problem that every time I try to download anything from Adobe it closes my browser instantly.  Very frustrating.  When I download using Firefox it works, but when I try to attach a file in gmail it crashes and says I need to install shockwave....
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash oskarmat 3/31/09 10:24 AM
col.mcnamara you're the one! Genius! your solutions works I was going crazy with this stuff !
Thanks so much man you're great!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash LATCOACH 3/31/09 10:59 AM
What do i have to do when you haven't got that file > "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, I renamed it "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll"
Is there another file (???.dll) that I can change without problems for my laptop?
Because i've tried everything and each time I've got a crash (with facebook)... with the shockwave flash plugin.
Can someone help me?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash hitalgi 4/1/09 6:12 AM
I posted earlier regarding not able to find "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll" - now, my laptop is showing the blue screen (telling me to seek technical assistance) after numerous browser crashes. I think the two may be related... I'd appreciate some answers, please.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash fercikg 4/1/09 2:27 PM
BtwVdpCapFilter.dll rename BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll its really works. You ought to listen that gay 'col.mcnamara' Cheers mate.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bensdewar 4/9/09 9:01 PM
i don't have the file either, how do we fix this?  Google staff - what's the deal?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bensdewar 4/9/09 9:13 PM
Update: I just installed the shockwave player from and it seems fixed...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Horace 4/19/09 6:57 AM
I tried all of the above suggestions and nothing worked. Everyone is using Vista, right? So was I. What a load of rubbish. I reformatted my hard drive and installed XP and no flashplayer crashes anymore. Plus my PC runs like a pig on speed. So long appaling Vista!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash FirstCap 4/29/09 9:00 AM
Shockwave crashes for me only in Chrome, only when I'm using Google Analytics.  As a wise man once said, "Fix it!"
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ATG-Services 5/1/09 9:31 AM
Same here: Shockwave only crashes me in Chrome, only when on Google Analytics, and I don't have the BtwVdpCapFilter.dll in my "%systemroot%\System32" directory. Seriously guys, I use Google Analytics every day at my job, and I use Chrome for all my Google tools because I've had serious problems using Firefox when using some of the more advanced elements of Google Analytics, AdSense and AdWords.

Also, I've been having some (known to be 100% unrelated) issues with Firefox lately, so I personally preferred Chrome before it started barfing all over the place like in that Family Guy clip.

I'm trying to support one of my favorite companies by spreading awareness of Chrome, but I can't conscionably recommend it while parts of it are broken. Please fix this soon so I can go back to my love affair with all things Googlish.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ATG-Services 5/1/09 9:33 AM
An afterthought on that last post: The issues I've had in the past when using Firefox with certain Google Tools are also unrelated to anything I mentioned; these tools work(ed) in Chrome and work in IE, so I'm fairly certain the only reason they're not Firefox-compatible is because Google hasn't checked to see if everything works on it.

Just my $.02 there.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ATG-Services 5/1/09 9:38 AM
Hey, one more thing (I know, I'm annoying): is anyone else who gets this problem specifically on Google Analytics also running Pandora Internet Radio at the time?

Pandora also uses Shockwave. Maybe one of the reasons they're having trouble diagnosing this issue is because it's a combination of running both at once.

I'd test my theory out myself, but I have to get back to what my boss considers real work (i.e. billable consultation time).
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash zjb407 5/1/09 11:07 AM
Every time I try to watch a video at I get the shockwave unresponsive window. I just switched to Google Chrome, after using Safari and Internet Explorer and having NO ISSUES. I'll probably go back to those unless this problem gets resolved ASAP.

Using Vista
Just downloaded chrome
Recently updated flash
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash aamaazon 5/5/09 11:59 AM
Shockwave flash plugin crashes in chrome. using XP, is there a fix for this?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sperley 5/10/09 4:14 PM
I'm running Windows 7 as well, and I've been having the same problem. It's good to know that it's not a beta problem but a shockwave problem. I'm a Chrome user, but shockwave crashes every browser I've tried to use. Not fun.

Any Google staff have insight?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash cliss 5/14/09 9:23 AM
Hi - I'd like to help get to the bottom of this problem and resolve these crashes.  There are a few tools available for us to do that.  First is getting a crash report from the Adobe Flash Player

Second is helping us by posting your system information.  Make/Model and WebCam type (Integrated or external)

Third - If you have a Adobe Flash Player crash log associated with reproducible steps log a bug with Adobe so the Flash Player team can try to fix the problem :
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash cliss 5/20/09 4:12 PM
Here at Adobe I believe we've managed to track down a possible fix from Sony.  The page that contains the fix is in Japanese so I've provided a direct link.  This will update the Sony driver that we suspect to be the cause of the crash.  We have not been able to reproduce this here but could really use your feedback.  Please try this out and report back your results.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sudheen 5/23/09 6:54 AM
this fix seem to hv worked now ... chrome doesnt err any more ... thanks
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lazypc 5/23/09 11:21 PM
Well I'm having shockwave crashes also, supposedly. Except mine are chrome specific they don't affect IE, which I hate using and hope the issue gets fixed or else I'll have to find another browser, probably back to Firefox. Anyways, I'm running Win 7 7077 build.
I tried finding the bluetooth file mentioned above but don't have it so it's probably just an XP thing, or something you have only if you use certain bluetooth devices, which I don't.
So I'm going to try this Japanese fix above and see if that works, and just pray my computer doesn't end up in some unreadable lauguage that I can't figure out how to change back. I like English, that's why I speak it.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lazypc 5/23/09 11:45 PM
Wow, um that's a pretty weird fix, but it's actually working. I went through a couple different flash/shockwave sites and all is well. Watched some youtube and hulu and no crashes.
It's funny though because I know exactly what file that link is to above.
Windows doesn't come stock with very many bluetooth tools, so in order to get more from bluetooth then one at a time file exchange you need the drivers for other bluetooth profiles, and the file in the link above installs those drivers. So I know you can find that file in other places and downloaded it before when I was using bluetooth devices with my computer. Never in the world did I think that would solve a flash problem in my browser. Maybe it's a resource/driver file conflict where flash is looking for a file and it ends up trying to load a bluetooth driver file and this replaces that file with another that has a different name hence clears the problem.
But hey whatever works, anyways, the file I'm talking about is the file cliss mentions a couple comments up from this one, just copy and paste this link and it will go straight to the download. No japanese.

After download, run instal program and give it a shot.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bozogirl123 5/24/09 6:04 PM
I had the crash problem, and solved it by uninstalling my Camstream app, which I wasn't using.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Teh M1K3Z0R 5/27/09 12:11 PM
mine didn't crash by itself, but it was using up 100% cpu cycles even with one blank tab open. I used task manager to kill it and just restarted chrome. Not sure why it happened, but to be fair i had been using the same instance of chrome for 2 weeks, during which my computer experienced about 3 hibernate sessions in windows.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash chadnm 5/30/09 6:16 PM
AMD or INTEL CPU?  Mine only crash when I use the right lick "Open link in new tab" on some AMD cpu. I have no problem opening any websites if I just paste the addresses in the address box.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash steadfast989 5/30/09 9:39 PM
This problem seems to be occurring for many people. Summing up all this jabbing. Something is causing ALL browsers to crash seemingly due to FLASH. However, Adobe seems to be leaving to the user to figure this one out even though they are and should be responsible. The two users with the best answers in this forum that do solve the problem are:
Col. McNamara's suggestion of changing the file name...............if you do not find this file in your I didn't then refer to
Cliss who offers a link to download a file that fixes the Sony Bluetooth files. (This is what I did and it seems to be functioning better)
I updated my Chrome, Adobe Flash and then tried Cliss's suggestion.

I thought Google Chrome was to blame. It seemed it wasn't compatible with but it is the flash not the browser.  One of these two solutions should work. Good Luck!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kaceycar 6/4/09 5:27 PM
Thank You a million times for the fix from the Sony web-site given by Cliss.  I've tried to uninstall and reinstall Chrome, Shockwave, FlashPlayer repeatedly to no avail.  One of the biggest problems for me was doing an attachment in would crash every time.  Hopefully this is the end of it and if you've been as frustrated as I, try this fix.  Download it, run it and you're done...that easy!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash davidlif 6/10/09 5:09 AM
I think the time is long due for Adobe to fix it's Flash. I really don't like the idea of installing something from a web-site that I cannot understand (my Japanese is really week...). In the meantime I am using IE8...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash feb82000 6/13/09 9:44 AM
same with me in google chrome when i try and load my web cam into blog tv or usteam tv it says shockwave not working
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash seeza 6/14/09 9:50 PM
Neither fix (changing filename [doesn't exist on my pc] and the sony download) worked for me.  Hope I can uninstall that sony patch as it was pretty big.

Only thing I haven't tried yet is using an older version of the Flash player - just need to find it first.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Tatp 6/16/09 3:47 PM
The root cause of this issue is due to your bluetooth driver. If you have a Broadcom driver that is lower then  For example for VAIO notebook that is a Fall 2008 cycle that has bluetooth (broadcom, your notebook is affected. Please visit and update your bluetooth driver. For example; if you have the VGN-TT190 notebook, please visit;
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kylechamb 6/23/09 2:27 PM
okay so I was having this problem and it was really irratating.


I had remember that once I installed it I was having that problem but didnt connect the too. So I dont know if that will work for everyone but it worked for me.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kylechamb 6/23/09 2:28 PM
oh I also uninstalled shockwave right after and then just reinstalled it. not sure if it matters but thats what i did
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Chromeo 6/28/09 3:09 PM
I'm having the shockwave crash come up whenever I try to stream music from various sites. I've tried looking for the .dll file (nonexistent in my computer) as well as the bluetooth patch and even uninstalling and reinstalling chrome and shockwave.
XP and Chrome.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash shezza62 7/2/09 10:54 AM
So SHiNDoGG, wat do we do take the shockwave off
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash IE hater 7/7/09 11:11 PM
My issue started 2 days after I installed IE8.  I disabled IE8 in the registry, this didn't help.  I properly uninstalled IE8 and no more shockwave crashes.  I saw this before on IE7 and the first version of Chrome.  Not sure why both can't be installed without fucking with each other's plugins, but that's what seems to be the problem.  Hope this helps...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash buzzlightyear 7/8/09 7:41 PM
I don't have a Sony Vaio, but a X-Micro USB Bluetooth dongle. The latest driver from them is 4.1.2101, so I'm also going to give the Vaio download a try...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash buzzlightyear 7/8/09 8:03 PM
I tried to comment at adobe ( on an issue, but it wouldn't let me. Their bug system sucks balls. Now I cannot even view the issue anymore since I registered to add a comment.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash seeza 7/11/09 6:27 PM
I tried everything, including the fix Cliss mentioned from an Adobe employee and no joy - some sites just always hung a Chrome tab, crashed Firefox and all other browsers.  The BBC website - no videos worked at all.  Tried last night and video crashed the page.

Today, the BBC videos load and I just went to the Japanese site and bang, the video is smooth, perfect, no crashing.

In my case, a couple of months ago, I installed and later uninstalled Microsoft Silverlight.  I didn't think twice about it but I'm now guessing that the problems coincided with this.  I just now, reinstalled Silverlight and bingo, it all works after two months of the most frustration I've ever had with a PC.  Good old Microsoft eh - 'uninstall our product will you?  we'll show you!'   I really really really really don't like Microsoft.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash buzzlightyear 7/11/09 11:44 PM
My solution to the problem was to disable the AVG SurfShield (a new component under the AVG LinkScanner, Google Analytics now loads properly and faster, no more slow script warnings and high CPU usage.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash TheOdissey 7/14/09 1:34 AM
Hi, i will never thank you enough for the sony fix....japanese rules!! I have a brand new Sony Sr-29 and i was having this crash problem under firefox and Chrome. Now everything works fine, it is just brilliant!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash cliss 7/14/09 4:44 PM
Thank you all for your feedback.  I don't think is solution will solve all the problems reported here.  This is specific to trying to access the webcam.  AVG SurfShield seems to be problematic.  I'll have to look into that more.  Buzz the reason you cannot comment on that bug is due to our system.  We privatize security and crashing bugs to protect our users.  I am sorry for any inconvenience.  Do you have more information on bug FP-1179?

English version of the Sony update :
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Deadagain 9/4/09 5:52 PM
No it doesnt answer it
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash tmobileg 9/19/09 7:50 AM
Google Chrome fucking sucks with all it's many Shockwave crashes! IE or Firefox never crashed as often as it has. I'm currently using 3.x. Even the 2.0 version crashed in the same manner. I hope you people fix this crappy browser soon!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash hhhkkkk 9/21/09 10:39 PM
issue moving
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 9/24/09 2:51 AM
Does un-installing Flash Player version 10 and replacing it with Flash Player version 9 from here   work?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 9/24/09 4:43 AM
Replying to myself. I tried rolling back to v9 and I'm still getting the freeze in Chrome and IE so that doesn't fix it.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash adpatten 9/26/09 10:28 AM
I had this crash on Chrome, FF and IE, but I solved my problem by uninstalling Creative Labs NX-Ultra webcam. So far so good...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash iamemty 9/28/09 6:59 PM
How i solved the problem--I booted into "safe mode". next I went to C:\windows system32 folder. i opened up the folder  -scrolled down to a folder "Adobe" and deleted that folder**** you may not have this folder***. I then scrolled down to a folder called "Macromed" opened that folder and deleted all the files. I left the folder" Macromed --next i rebooted the computer i clicked on a URL to take me to "youtube"where I tried to play a file--error message said need to install flash player--I told it to install the player and now the files on youtube work just fine.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash soccerman93 9/30/09 7:48 PM
I've been having a similar problem. I'm currently running Vista on my Dell. On Firefox, everytime I try to leave a video on Facebook, my firefox crashes, presumably from Shockwave. When I try using IE to leave a video, I get an error due to my Flash10c.ocx add-on and IE closes. This is ridiculous, if somebody can help me, I would be so grateful!! :)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash soccerman93 9/30/09 8:01 PM
Add-ons: {3f963a5b-e555-4543-90e2-c3908898db71}:8.5,{d10d0bf8-f5b5-c8b4-a8b2-2b9879e08c5d}:1.1.1,{E2883E8F-472F-4fb0-9522-AC9BF37916A7}:1,6,2,48,{59c81df5-4b7a-477b-912d-4e0fdf64e5f2}:0.9.85,{6AC85730-7D0F-4de0-B3FA-21142DD85326}:2.0.2,{0545b830-f0aa-4d7e-8820-50a4629a56fe}:3.9.3,{CE6E6E3B-84DD-4cac-9F63-8D2AE4F30A4B}:,,{DDC359D1-844A-42a7-9AA1-88A850A938A8}:1.1.6,{D4DD63FA-01E4-46a7-B6B1-EDAB7D6AD389}:,{b9db16a4-6edc-47ec-a1f4-b86292ed211d}:4.6.2,,,{a7c6cf7f-112c-4500-a7ea-39801a327e5f}:1.0.5,{bfe3406c-6f31-4789-86d5-efa50e12c9eb}:3.3,{582195F5-92E7-40a0-A127-DB71295901D7}:,{B9C8BE50-7105-4ec6-8FB4-4935C0671648}:0.5.99,{F5DDF39C-9293-4d5e-9AA8-E04E6DD5E9B4}:1.4.2,{77b819fa-95ad-4f2c-ac7c-486b356188a9}:1.5.20090525,{DB2EA31C-58F5-48b7-8D60-CB0739257904}:0.18.2,{CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0007-ABCDEFFEDCBA}:6.0.07,{CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0012-ABCDEFFEDCBA}:6.0.12,{CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0013-ABCDEFFEDCBA}:6.0.13,{20a82645-c095-46ed-80e3-08825760534b}:0.0.0,{f592709f-ff4a-4862-b659-4afabda56312}:,,{B17C1C5A-04B1-11DB-9804-B622A1EF5492}:1.2,{5b1fdac4-a239-4933-9c52-b65a2a720b75}:2.3,{AE93811A-5C9A-4d34-8462-F7B864FC4696}:3.38,{46551EC9-40F0-4e47-8E18-8E5CF550CFB8}:1.0.6,{7b821b0e-b102-4f9b-b6e3-433ede1fe379}:,,{fc76dc89-03b7-47fe-ab1d-b317b062bba8}:1.0.15809,{635abd67-4fe9-1b23-4f01-e679fa7484c1}:,{43c35458-c907-439b-bcfd-07d373834689}:2.1.7,{81BF1D23-5F17-408D-AC6B-BD6DF7CAF670}:,,{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}:3.5.3
BuildID: 20090824101458
CrashTime: 1254365987
InstallTime: 1252624105
ProductName: Firefox
SecondsSinceLastCrash: 1086
StartupTime: 1254364905
Theme: classic/1.0
Throttleable: 1
Vendor: Mozilla
Version: 3.5.3
^ my crash report.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 9/30/09 11:35 PM
I've tried a variation on the system32 / safe mode.
I booted in safe mode, used CCleaner to uninstall adobe pdf reader, macromedia flash and shockwave. I then ran the CCleaner registry integrity scan several times until all issues had been fixed and no new ones appeared.

Still in safe mode, I then opened windows>system32 and deleted all remaining adobe flashwave files and folders.

I then restarted the computer, logged on to a shockwave page and then downloaded & installed all the plug ins again.

So far so good
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash elongley 10/6/09 1:13 PM
I had the problem, and read this thread, plus more besides. Then I found this one ( which has corrected my problem instantly. It also makes sense, as the problem started when I subscribed to a cam streaming service, and the affected file ( is in the camstreams media encoder folder. I renamed it as recommended, and BINGO.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash LazyAlex 10/7/09 12:38 PM
Unfortunately I've got the same problem. None of the tricks with deleting folders from /system32 or renaming files work.
Does anyone know any other way to fix this bug?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash scavok 10/13/09 9:48 AM
I have the same problem. The current version of Adobe Flash Player crashes in all of my browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). However, I can install Flash Player 9.159 and it works fine (in all three browsers).

This would be the end of my issue if it wasn't for the fact that some external process keeps going out to the Adobe site and updating the Flash Player to the current version. As soon as that happens, everything starts breaking again.

So either fix the current Flash Player or disable the automatic updates. It's really pissing me off.

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 10/14/09 3:27 AM
I came across this technote from adobe.

Following this appears to repair some flash registry errors. I've done it and am currently testing it, so far so good.

I'll report back later.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 10/14/09 6:29 AM
That technote doesn't work, locked up again.

I've unintalled Flash again.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash PRAKAASH 10/31/09 3:46 PM
I simply thought what was the last thing that I installed. It was 'real player' yesterday night. I uninstalled it from Control panel and yahoo....Google chrome is working now perfectly now. Can anyone suggest that why realplayer was creating problem in displaying flash videos?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maxbiaggi 11/1/09 12:22 AM
I didn't have real player installed ever, but I still had the lock up.

I've now given up and I deleted everything, formatted the hard drives and did a clean install of Windows Vista.

That has got rid of it, but you shouldn't have to be as extreme as this!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash JScorp 11/6/09 11:23 AM
Flash is not the problem. The problem is your sound driver.


All you have to do is:
1) Go to device manager
2) Find your Sound-Card Device
3) Note it's name
4) Uninstall it.
5) Restart comp
6) If you have windows vista or windows 7, and internet connection, then your comp should automatically download + reinstall your sound driver, but if it does not then just do it manualy by downloading it from your sound card company's website.

This should solve it.

Good Luck!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash asafaqua 11/14/09 10:03 PM
I was looking for this for a long while... I installed EP0000166578.exe really hoping I'll get to finish my poker tourneys
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash asafaqua 11/15/09 1:32 PM
16 hours test. Working great. Used to suffer average 2-3 crashes usually.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash phanhuy 11/23/09 3:49 PM
Was crashing practically every day while watching videos on youtube.... I didn't have the BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll" mentioned but I did have bluetooth drivers on my Toshiba Tecra... disabled Bluetooth RFCOMM in Device Manager and have not had a crash in over a month!

Didn't install any other hotfixes or anything else mentioned here...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash DotComExpert 11/26/09 1:27 PM
Go to your connection properties  and install the service " Qos Packet Scheduler "
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash fan_by 11/26/09 2:34 PM
The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash, fed up!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Laszlo.Goch 11/27/09 5:06 AM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Laszlo.Goch 11/28/09 3:49 AM
Uninstall IE or upgrade to the latest version Please
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash cvg.t2kane 12/1/09 5:05 PM
i have a newly installed windows xp service pack 2 system
i'm currently using google chrome with the latest adobe flash player plugins which i downloaded straight from adobe.
by the way i've disabled the windows error reporting yet enabled to popup critical errors notification.
now, everytime i play one of those games on facebook an i receive an error that google chrome encounters a problem.
after closing the error message i get to see the application i'm running on chrome would give me a frowny gigsaw puzzle stating that flash encountered a problem.
now i never had this issue before i reinstalled and upgraded to the new flash player
will try looking for an older version of the flash player and see how it goes
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash cvg.t2kane 12/1/09 5:06 PM
just additional info:
after getting the error i just refresh the website and the application would be working again but sooner or later i get the error again
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash onskis 12/5/09 4:48 PM
Hello to all of you who still can't use flash after updating, renaming the btw........... file, or using that back of bluetooth driver files.
This is is the solution i found.... flash tailored specifically to Windows 7 on a 64 bit processor.
Good luck all
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash playtoy 12/11/09 11:49 AM
Hello every body that is still  getting shock wave player not responding errors....I did much research and tried many of things suggested right here..I never had a problem with any browser until  I downloaded Google chrome...then i started getting the errors in the other browsers after and only after i had downloaded the google chrome...I really like this browser its faster and everything..but i got really irritated with the shock wave crashing! So i searched and searched and searched..tried every suggestion..then i stumbled across clriss answer and it really did help! so i am pasting the link in here again..all u have to do is copy and paste it! and then hit the go will automatically start to download ..hit save and then let it run on your system to install! i have an older computer but had the same problem on hubbys new computer as i did this on both computers and its working fantastic...and just about every site i go to i use shockwave player..i have shockwave 11 so...please don't get discouraged and just try this! Also, Google chrome seems to be working just fine no more shock wave crashing boxes popping up and i have not had to kill a page yet..and before i was killing almost every page i was on! so please just give this a try! Don't worry I am the biggest critic to downloading anything new on  to my computer...but its working just fine...and almost better than before.....thanks all! Here is the link:
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Jay Bach 12/16/09 3:44 AM
I do have the same problem, in particular when watching a stream from Chrome's crashed frequently to my dismay.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash playtoy 12/16/09 4:51 AM
have u tried what i posted jay???
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash liquidaim 12/22/09 5:06 PM

I had this problem and the solution is to turn off hardware acceleration of flash.

when playing a flash video, right-click on the video and go to settings.

un-click the box that says "hardware acceleration"

Please spread the word on other forums. I've already registered on two forums to pass on the solution.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash oferwo 1/1/10 7:49 AM
I had to give up Chrome for the time being, I'm afraid. It's a shame, I really like it, but ALL the plug-ins (Flash and Windows Media Player) kept crashing every 15-20 minutes. Yes, I tried downloading the developer update from Sony and also turn-off Hardware Acceleration of Flash. Both didn't work. No crashes at all on Firefox or IE.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash tcain12 1/1/10 10:12 PM
I simply just uninstalled Adobe flash 10 and installed Flash 9. It's working fine so far.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash maridelove 1/2/10 8:10 PM
I just bought a new laptop a week ago that was installed with Windows 7 Home Premium and 4 days into having the laptop IE8 started crashing every time I played anything that needed to use Flash or Shockwave. I installed Chrome hoping that it wouldn't happen but it did as well. Tried the update from Sony and it did nothing then I tried the fix col.mcnamara posted back on 3/24/09 and so far so good. I was actually able to run things again that I wasn't even able to load up before without locking up the browsers.  

Here's the solution that worked for me...

Go to My Computer>C:(or whatever your hard drive is)> Windows>System32> then (scroll down to) find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, I renamed it "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll" - then restart.  

As I read before, there are some of you that couldn't find this file in your System32 folder...sorry I don't have a solution for that.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash dwight.stegall 1/7/10 2:25 AM
I recently had this problem. Even going back to an earlier version didn't help. I kept getting window alerts saying "Internal Application Error". Then today I ran AVG 9.0 free version. It found and healed 3 trojans. Now my video is working great again.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash acko085 1/7/10 3:03 AM
Got the same problem as you did but paid no attention at first.
Then when a lot of people started having the same issues I decided to investigate.
The problem "seems" to be in hardware acceleration in newer versions of Flash. Maybe I am wrong but I didn't want to dig deeper since I fixed it easily. HW acceleration is coded as it should be in "pre-releases" of Flash 10.1 so here's what you should try:

1. Download Flash uninstaller and run it
2. Download and install Flash 10.1 pre-release at

That should do the trick.

Post your results :)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash got2go4hike 1/7/10 12:43 PM
Thanks acko085

your fix is working!! I can't believe it!

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drumking01 1/11/10 7:12 PM
That fix suggested by acko085 worked for 3 days and now is not working.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lianna0048 1/13/10 6:42 AM
Same with me today, on Google Chrome Browser.  I have to switch back to IE or Seamonkey.  What's the fix?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lianna0048 1/13/10 6:43 AM
I use Vista, having the same problem.  Happened today.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lianna0048 1/13/10 6:44 AM
Acko can you give the web link to Flash uninstaller?  Do we go to Adobe to get it?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash acko085 1/14/10 8:34 AM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rorykel 1/20/10 9:14 PM
in case Shawn and the rest of you Google hero's need more information, I downloaded the driver and I can't believe how much better my system is running.  
xp sp2
home edition
ver 2002
Gateway 6518gz
  I had reservations about downloading a Sony driver but I trust u guys.
Before I downloaded it, any sound file sounded like a digital version of a 45rpm played at 78rpm and every window took a minute to load.  All of a sudden windows open on request, the sound is intelligible (other issues, not your problem) and so far, no crashes.  Even if I do get a crash in the future, you've already made things 90% better.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen of Google, May You Rock Forever!

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash tha_king_sp 2/1/10 7:32 AM
none of these fixes work will someone please help me. it's only crashing on chrome every other browser works. i mainly use chrome. it's the fastest for me. i need speed unlike firefox and ie they are slower. please help i'll give as much info as i can to try to resolve this issue.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash KimballR 2/1/10 11:10 AM
Thanks acko085, Works fine now!! (1 day so far)

- What version of Chrome are you running?
- What version of Windows are you running? XP Pro, SP3
- Do you have the same problems running Flash in Firefox? YES.
- Do you get the "plugin unresponsive" dialog, or does the plugin just crash?: Almost never any error.
Problem started in Mid-November I think

In my case the fix was:
1. Download and Run Flash uninstaller:

2. Download and Install Flash 10.1 pre-release (plug-in & active-x):
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Freeman78 2/1/10 12:31 PM
- What version of Chrome are you running?
- What version of Windows are you running? XP Pro, SP3
- Do you have the same problems running Flash in Firefox? YES.
- Do you get the "plugin unresponsive" dialog, or does the plugin just crash?: at start "windowless crash" then "shockwave stopped"
Started about 10 days ago, trying to use a flash appz called ImagevueX, after that all had problems (youtube too)

In my case the fix was:
1. Download and Run Flash uninstaller:

2. Download and Install Flash 10.1 pre-release (plug-in & active-x):

Still testing extensively tho but it looks much better
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash jamminontherock 2/2/10 9:05 AM
Why is it I dont see Google Chrome responding here??  Tell us something.  We're just here left dangling to our own devices without any word from the developers, even to say BOOOO.  This is not a blog, it's "GOOGLE CHROME HELP".  Shame, shame, shame, poor customer service!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash KimballR 2/4/10 6:06 AM
After upgrading to Flash 10.1 pre-release on 2/1/10 I could play Flash video fine till yesterday 2/3/10.  

Will try installing the Sony driver next and let you know how it goes.

- Flash 10.1 pre-release
- What version of Chrome are you running?
- What version of Windows are you running? XP Pro, SP3
- Do you have the same problems running Flash in Firefox? YES.
- Do you get the "plugin unresponsive" dialog, or does the plugin just crash?: Just hangs, not error.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash UniquelyJonathan 2/5/10 7:17 PM
This may or may not be a coincidence, but I've observed that these problems started occurring after installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2:

It installed many things; anything could be interfering. I want to know if anybody else has observed this so that I can rule it out. I've tried the above suggestions of uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash Player (including Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta 2) without success. This is indeed rather frustrating.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash vwyankee 2/8/10 10:02 AM
I'm getting REALLY annoyed at this problem.  I've posted in multiple threads before how I did the uninstaller then 10.1 pre-release and that worked for a couple days.  Then I found that just installing the latest flash seemed to work, but I would have to do it on just about every Chrome restart.  Now, I'm SOL.  Regardless of what method I try, even uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling, it won't work now.  Shockwave flash crasheds every single time.  I use Chrome on every PC I have and yet this is the only one that I have this problem with.  It doesn't make any sense, even to the IT guy I am as I'm running the same OS as a couple other PC's as well.  Getting ready to give up using Chrome on this one, which of course is the machine I'm on the most.

Google, where are you guys and a real answer for this?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash UniquelyJonathan 2/8/10 1:48 PM
Firefox and IE are having the same problems for me as well. Some of you are coincidentally experiencing this only on Chrome, but others are experiencing this on all of them. This is clearly Adobe's problem, not Google's.

Let's redirect our frustration in the right direction. Unfortunately, however, Adobe never replies to anything on their forums. I appreciate Google's attentiveness (even to the problems of other companies, no less). Good luck getting anything done.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash UniquelyJonathan 2/8/10 4:36 PM
I just closed Yahoo! Messenger, and everything is working now on all browsers. Strange.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash BobbiSpecial 2/10/10 11:33 AM
I downloaded the "fix" to stop the  "SHOCKWAVE FLASH unresponsive" that I constantly get in FaceBooks' CafeWorld and FarmVille.  Unfortunately it didn't help at all.  I use Google Chrome -  Please help me.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash FlyBHX 2/12/10 4:14 AM
I've also been having the same problems. Also can't view certain pages in Chrome, that I can view in IE. Tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling as above. Getting very frustrated! Been using Chrome for a long time but thinking of ditching it.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rs674170 2/12/10 8:39 AM
Shock wave crashes and freezes google chrome

  I have the all the  latest versions of everything as of 8:10 am CST 2/12/2010
  flash, chrome, yahoo, java, everything updated today

  Every time it happens, it gets worse
  I have to power off the laptop!!!!!   no way around it   Dell laptop with xp
  The error seems to be in Yahoo Messenger, but it freezes google chrome, then the lapyop just freezes
   I am getting this error info from the "services, event log"  Messenger is the first error
   then it just snowballs from there
   I can not use task manger to stop any processes, computer just freezes
   The weird thing is, if I have just firefox running, it never happens
    only get the errors if chrome is running

   Dont know where the connection is between these 2 programs, i will uninstall chrome now because it is just impossible to run this laptop this way
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash jonsgreene 2/16/10 11:42 AM
I don't know if this has been said yet but I found how to fix my problem at this site.
It turned out to be the software for my audio driver. IDT HD sound. If you have this you might want to check it out. after I unistalled the driver in the device manager everything started working.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash zestee911 2/19/10 12:22 AM
I followed the link listed in cliss' post, but it did not stop the crashing, tried same sites in IE and Firefox, no crashing, it only started today after i started gettings some window about my video card while i had the hd cable hooked up, i updated to vista sp2 shortly after looked everywhere i could think, nothing is out of order no viruses avg or spybot can find.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash pivoine 2/22/10 9:15 AM
I have exact the same problem with shockwave flash and it only crashes within chrome. firefox and ie work fine.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ber7777 2/27/10 10:57 PM
It is not Chrome, Firefox of IE, uninstaled each of them ... no help. Ether Adobe or in my case 7. Did it happened to somenoe who did not upgrade system? Macromedia was inspirational.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash goldphoenix 2/28/10 11:03 AM

Thank you so much, you solved the problem and it took 30 seconds! It was driving me up a wall.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kcervantes 3/1/10 7:47 PM
What i did, and i have not had a problem since  was download the IDT HD accer code update. I have a HP pavilion dv6 laptop and i upgraded to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. After i did that flash player would crash on every browser. I tried everything on here and none of it worked. Then i noticed people said that IDT hd sound was having a problem on windows 7. I went to HP update and there was a driver update for it. It took me 5 min to download and install and now my flash player has not crashed in a week.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Mklis 3/2/10 2:15 AM
Hey i've been having this same problem for a while now, where if i even started playing a video on youtube it would crash. I think that i solved to problem

1. download the adobe flash uninstaller
2. run the uninstaller
3. restart your computer
4. get the latest flash player from the adobe website

i also updated my java, im not sure if that had anything to with it or not

I hope that this helps some of you
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash renben20010 3/2/10 2:19 AM
Ok let's do it
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sampaguita 3/10/10 2:51 AM
Windows XP pro SP3
Chrome v.
Adobe Flash Flayer 10 active X & Flash Player 10 plug in

I just got the same problem. I recently restored my PC to a clean configuration using Norton Ghost, but inadvertently messed with my Chrome settings trying to re-insert the old folders, so Chrome was crashing if I left the PC on overnight. I then uninstalled Chrome and re-installed the latest version clean (funnily enough all the old settings were saved), but again if I leave the PC overnight the whole system crashes which I think was Chrome as the Aw Snap always showed. Last night I only left Chrome running and again the Aw Snap came up along with the Shockwave Flash notice. 

However I don't use Bluetooth and don't have this driver in my System 32 folder. And I looked for the Shawns Sony patch, but the url is no longer valid. 

Does anyone have an updated solution to this problem, its a drag to have to remember to switch off the browser every night. 
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kellypi 3/11/10 4:59 PM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sampaguita 3/11/10 10:11 PM
I uninstalled Flash 10 Active X and the plug-in and re-installed clean from Adobe site, a bit tricky as it doesn't support Chrome, so far it hasn't crashed for 2 days.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash strmtrupr 3/19/10 5:27 PM
I'v tried the sony update driver from cliss and it did not work(unless I did it wrong). It crashes when I use and a  facebook game, but youtube works fine. what can I do?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash NillaO 3/22/10 3:29 AM
I have these Flash crashes too and I thought I'd give col.mcnamara's piece of advice a try, but there was no file called BtwVdpCapFilter.dll in my system.... I hate it when those who deliver these programs don't do anything about it. I want programs that work! :-)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash chrisrob 3/25/10 1:18 PM
I too have recently had problems with Shockwave Flash crashing after one second.
I looked at the above and decided to start from scratch.
I uninstalled Adobe flash player and anything else related.
I then reinstalled the player and downloaded FP4 from the archive site         
Archived versions of Flash(Web)
It works now!

Thanks for the helpful suggestions
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bumpkinboy 3/27/10 8:37 AM
I have this problem in Chrome only (not IE8), and it's ... constant. So interruptive that I decided that I just had to move off Chrome and wait 'til the issue was resolved.

BUT ... I found a Chrome clone --- Comodo Dragon -- and it works fine. You would NOT know you weren't on Chrome. All extensions work. And NO Flash/Shockwave crashes. Not a single one. For me - it's just as good as having the underlying problem resolved by Adobe or Google or whoever owns the problem.

I should add that I tried every trick mentioned in this thread - from downloading that huge Sony file, to CCleaner/reboot, to uninstall and reinstall, to installing old versions of Flash. Nothing helped, and it was just about every web site I visited that I crashed out on.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Nikh0 4/1/10 1:01 PM
Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar): 5.0.360.4 (But it was crashing with any version of chrome I ever had)
Operating System: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)
URLs (if applicable): Many but this one by example :
Error Message: the following plug-in has crashed shockwave flash
Extensions installed:

It seems that I'm not the only one to have this problem but I was not able to find a fix. I have try almost all version of chorme and I did try a couple version of flash. Nothing is working.

I have disable my anti-virus. Disable bluetooth. Disable my soundcard. I don't have a sony. Now it's last chance for chorme I have enough.

What can I do

Thank you
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash alirezanasibi 4/4/10 4:01 AM
I have same problem ( shockwave player crash ) whenever I try to attach a file to my Gmail. This is also an issue with FF however IE is working fine.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash fauve 4/5/10 10:52 AM
I'm from France j using google chrome and my sad
Unfortunately on a lot of game loading or
during play shockwave will blok there are fed up! !
Is there a solution if so how and the support
French y t there somebody who s in occuppe! !
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Toni (Googler) 4/12/10 8:36 PM
For a consolidated list of known solutions with Adobe Flash issues, please visit the troubleshooting section in this article:

We highly recommend running through these troubleshooting steps before posting your question. 
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Andrew.Var 6/9/10 4:25 PM
wow dude that fix from sony (Shawn, cliss) totally worked.  Computers are weird.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Masell 6/13/10 7:23 AM
Is there any differently plug-in for watching videos from Youtube?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash YordanK 6/15/10 8:39 AM
I turned off hardware acc. in the flash and now it works, but I DO have the latest drivers (GF 280 GTX) and interestingly Chrome worked very nice yesterday. Dunno what's up but you can try turning hardware acc. off.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash mishister 6/24/10 7:47 PM
Same problem as mentioned above. I have tried every single solution posted in this thread including using older versions of shockwave flash and not a single one has worked for more than a day.
 So the general concensus is that we´re screwed right?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Brad Groux 6/26/10 10:07 AM
@Masell You can watch YouTube videos in HTML5 by signing up for the open YouTube HTML5 beta at:
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MHz KHz 6/27/10 8:40 AM
Problem: I cannot watch youtube videos or any flash videos at all due to adobe flash shockwave flash [10.1], i cannot even listen to my youtube playlists to just listen to my music.


(1) Ok if you have the patience to give this an hour of your time your experience of listening and also watching youtube videos will be "vastly" improved upon, and will be a "permanent" (to me anyway cause adobe can go suck on my you know what).
(2) Anyway regardless of what release version you have of the buggered shockwave flash plugin it will NOT work again for you (at least not until adobe find the problem and fix it "which for this minor problem in there eyes they will not do") at least not until they realize that thats a mistake)
(3) I do not give a shit about the people who do not like to embrace change FYI, fuck you if you want to curse and F and blind about my solution.

OK now to the fix, after spending the guts of 5 hours trying to come up with a solution to this problem (ime not a tech wiz) i finally began to realize that it wasn't my doing or something i could fix that the problem lay in the updated but upon communication with my browser talked as an outdated version "stick with me". So i decided to:

-My OS is XP

-Throw this into your address bar: Download google chrome
-Opt into youtubes HTML5 beta:
Chrome for your convenience: Hold [cntrl]+B, bookmark youtube/google (make google your homepage and add also as a bookmark)
-Download (Youtube Add-on Extension):
to your youtube account account, view playlists, play [SOUNDTRACK] like your music soundtrack?
-To the far left (within) your address bar you will see a whittle white [MP3] button this is your new addon click it.
-I use my Creative Media Source program to categorize "but you can change this to what ever player you wish to" it will use your default media program anyway.
-As for video files? well i havent bothered finding an add-on which handles video specifically but tbh ime sure its pretty straight forward anyway in (finding an appopriate add-on to handle your video files)

-There you are! Dont be afraid of change people i dont give a shit wtf all these nay sayers are saying about HTML5 over Adobes Flash i believe HTML5 is the future and flash "wont be a thing of the past" but HTML5 is in its infancy and already outshines Flash in terrms of its power. Long live HTML5 and DIE Flash

NOTE: if i where you i would go to my chrome and import my bookmarks and setting prefs from your previous browser to your new epic chrome browser.
NOTE: This is a fix for those thousands of ppl who had Shockwave Flash plugin fail on them.
NOTE: You will now have your youtube music files pretty much on demand w/o having to login to youtube although the drawback to this "solution" will be that you cant look at similar music like on the likes of youtube" well.. come on you can easily put it in youtube and see what comes up click on any video on youtube and regardless of whether it plays in "HTLM5" you can still download it in 2 seconds and watch it in your own vid programs, and choose to save it to a playlist or file location on your c: drive or what ever you desire.

You are very welcome and i wrote this to help you as this was torment for me, i do not intend to attack Adobe or any their products for after all it is free and thats got to be respected in some way so ty Adobe for your time in the spotlight and providing us with Flash, but lets face it, i personally see flash dying. But then again that is my own personal view, i do not work with software everyday and i am not a tech wiz, all i can do is hope for the best.  (   ;)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Shetlander 6/27/10 11:01 AM
Toni - Your Google page certainly allows me to disable Adobe Flash Shockwave.  Google Chrome (and sometimes my whole computer) used to lock up solid as soon as Yahoo Mail had an advertisement that used Shockwave.  Now I no longer have this problem.  And I no longer have the intrusive advertisements on Yahoo Mail.  An added bonus!
However now I can't view some videos on the web.  Sean Rafter Dublin's and Brad Groux's HTLM5 solution allows me to play some videos but not all.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MHz KHz 6/27/10 1:29 PM
The solution i posted works for every video on youtube it may not work for other sites but this is specifically for youtube really not for all sites.. following my solution to completely rid yourself of the frustrating problem of attempting to locate the source of the problem with adobes shockwave flash plugin will turn you up 0 positive results, as the actual plugin created is corrupted and needs to be re released so that the plugin will be recognized, it is therefore the developers who can only be the ones to fix this issue and not the people who use it.

To answer your quesion again you can use my solution to "download" the content from youtube directly to a file on your system from there you can choose to store it in playlists or elsewhere REGARDLESS of whether or not you can view the videos on youtube itself or not, this solution enables you to download and play the content "predominantly music for me" via your personal media player such as windows media player.

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MHz KHz 6/27/10 1:33 PM
but HTML5 allows you to view "while not every video due to its format" it will allow you to view some vids on youtube (ime not sure what different formats youtube uses or how they are different maybe someone can spread some light on this if it is really necessary)
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Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Szuch123 6/29/10 12:04 PM
Trying to use Google Chat.  Never had an issue in the past.

It crashes with Mozilla 3.6.6, Chrome 5.0.375.86.

Right when I try to test chat and/or chat, it crashes in both.

Everything else Flash works fine.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bengholland 6/29/10 4:19 PM
I also have any shockwave flash on the page crashing my google chrome browser it amazes me that a company as big as google can't fix this with an update by working with adobe. Many people I know have vowed never to use google again!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Blair (Googler) 7/3/10 6:22 AM

Hey everybody,

We’re excited to announce that Adobe Flash is now integrated into Google Chrome’s Stable channel by default. This integration will eliminate the need to install and update Flash Player separately. This reduces the security risk and issues related to using outdated versions. As of this week, your browser should automatically be updated with integrated Flash Player. To check, simply go to Tools > About Google Chrome.

To learn more about Adobe Flash integration, check out the Chromium Blog post here:

With regards to Shockwave Flash crashes, below are a few possible causes of the issue and work-arounds that may help. These do not work for everyone; please only make changes you feel comfortable making.

1. You may be on an outdated version of Google Chrome. Check if you are on the latest version by going to Tools > About Google Chrome.

2. You may have an out of date Sony driver that causes the crash. You can try downloading the update here:

3. Hardware acceleration of Adobe Flash may be causing crashes. Hardware acceleration is used to speed up performance of your graphics hardware. If your video drivers are outdated, hardware acceleration can cause issues with Flash. Try turning off hardware acceleration by right-clicking the video, selecting Settings, and deselecting the "hardware acceleration" checkbox.

4. You may have a sound driver incompatibility. Try the steps on the following site:

5. There may be an error in the way Bluetooth handles streaming video. You can try renaming one of the Bluetooth files in System 32 folder. Go to My Computer > C: > Windows > System32, find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, for example "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll."

We know Shockwave Flash Crashes continue to be a large issue, and we are constantly working to improve. Please keep giving us feedback and letting us know what works for you.


Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MHz KHz 7/5/10 7:30 PM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash SoloTotoCoyote 7/8/10 8:57 PM
Mine was working last night and upon getting home tonight, I'm getting the "Shockwave Plug-in Crashed".

I have checked my Google Chrome version and it's up to date...... Still the error.
I updated my drivers per the Sony link......still the error.
Looking into the System32 file, I have nothing titled "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll"........still the error.
Attempted to "right click" on video to adjust accellerator.......nothing comes up when I right click....or left click.................still the error.
I have reloaded Shockwave Flash.............still the error.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Starlitequeen18 7/13/10 10:40 AM
I have tried everything from updating to uninstalling and reinstalling both chrome and shockwave but it still is not working. I followed all of the troubleshooting and download the Sony fix and still nothing. It's not only chrome but IE and Firefox that are doing it as well. I really need help. At this point the Plug-in stops working every 5 minutes. BTW I have an HP Pavilion that came equipped with Windows 7 and it was working fine before.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Szuch123 7/15/10 10:52 AM

1) My Chrome is up to date.  This issue occurs in Firefox as well.
2) You suggest downloading a Sony Japanese file, but I don't have a Sony computer (or any Sony components).
3) I disabled 'Hardware Acceleration' but this did not help.
4) I will try this sound fix, but the sound is the only thing that actually works.
Also, when I try to 'test' video chat in Internet Explorer 32 bit (the browser that supposedly should work according to this article, it crashes the entire browser).
5) You suggest re-naming a file, but I don't have the file or Bluetooth on my computer.

The most frustrating thing is that this worked FINE a month or two ago.

My problem:

If I test my settings (verify) or try to establish a new video chat, my Adobe Flash crashes.

This happens with Mozilla 3.6.6 and Chrome 5.0.375.99 and Internet Explorer 32 bit (8.0.7600...)

All other Flash sites work fine.  This is ONLY occurs with video chat in Gmail, meaning this issue is central to GMAIL and the FLASH PLUGIN.

I have un-installed Flash, re-installed it directly from Adobe.  I have un-installed my Webcam, re-installed it directly from Logitech's site.

I can see myself fine using Logitech's Webcam software.

I used to use my Webcam without a problem on this same computer in the past.

Windows 7, 64-bit
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash VinceArovola 7/15/10 9:04 PM
I am still having problems with this.  Shockwave / Flash crash in both Chrome and Firefox for me, but much more often in Chrome.  I don't use other browsers.  FWIW, it seems to happen most frequently if I leave a tab open in Chrome with either Facebook or Mashable websites.  Not sure what it is about those sites, maybe they're doing something funny with Flash and persistent connections for cross-domain ajax?  Anyway, leaving them open for very long - especially in the background - seems to cause the "shockwave plugin has crashed" frownicon to show up much faster than otherwise.  Usually before the crashes, the browser also freezes for several seconds at a time as if I am running some CPU-intensive process, or I am running out of memory.    

Also not sure if this is related, but it's suspicious: I started noticing the plugin crash after I installed a free trial of Adobe's CS5, which I think updated my Flash Player at the same time.

I tried Blair's tips.  My Chrome says it is up to date, but is still crashing.  I am confused by the Sony and bluetooth fixes.  I am on a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7 and 64-bit Intel Core Duo processor.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash DJM11 7/18/10 7:29 AM
I've just had a Shockwave Flash plug-in crash on my 2-week old Dell laptop. Now what?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash yar1986 7/19/10 8:19 PM
For me the shockwave flash player crash used to happen randomly when I watched videos. Now it seems to happen when windows starts and google talk is trying to load. This crash also disables my sound. So I have no audio and flash video crashes. I've tried uninstalling adobe flash player and shockwave player and then reinstalling them. This does not help. I'm running the following system:

Win 7 64-bit
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bob1954 7/24/10 3:48 AM
Got so annoyed with this problem so downloaded linux iso and now have duel boot on start up.

Still use Chrome for lots of things, but when watching videos or just surfing i use linux with no problem.

I know this is a bit drastic but hey ho keeps the blood pressure down.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash EastofEli 7/24/10 8:32 PM
I have been dealing with this problem for a about a month now reading very thoroughly through every post since last and searching the web all over for a solution. I have also tried EVERY suggestion listed to no avail. I am usually the guy that helps fix everyone else's computer issues and i am honestly stumped. I am running windows XP SP2 realtek soundcard build into an asus motherboard with an nvidia video card. all parts are not any older that 2 years old i put this PC together myself. I watch hulu religiously, so much in fact that i canceled my cable because i simply wasn't using it and my pc is hook to my HD tv via VGA. I have been using hulu like this for over a year with Mozilla Firefox with no issues whatsoever and then all of sudden the videos just stopped playing. I downloaded Opera and that seemed to play fine for about a week and the same issue occurred
i than tried Google chrome and the same issue also occurred. I did however find a temporary fix that only worked with google chrome, first thing i did was turn off hardware acceleration on the browser by right-clicking on the video clicking settings and un-checking the box, after waiting for shockwave crash message to pop up i would hit "no" wait about 3 minutes and then it would play.. better than nothing,, but an unsavory solution mainly because when hardware acceleration is turned off the picture becomes noticeably  jittery and skippy and on top of that the overall time it takes to even begin the stream is about 5 minutes and when you watch as much hulu as i do that eats up a LOT of time. So these are the Failed solutions i have attempted:

Bluetooth download   FAILED

Sound driver uninstall and reinstall FAILED

Uninstalling and Reinstalling  Flashplayer many many times  FAILED

Uninstalling Reinstalling Web browsers FAILED

Downgrading Flashplayer version FAILED (hulu will only allow current version to stream videos)

Using "Revo Uninstaller" (type reg editor) FAILED

Trying all of Blair's (google employee) suggestions FAILED

Deleting random programs that i no longer use or have never seen before (not suggested) FAILED

I have no idea what is causing this and it is bugging the hell out of me, youtube still works netflix still works given it uses silverlight and not flash.

At this point it seems like only prayer will fix flash..

so if there is anyone out there who is in the same position as me and know how to fix it PLEASE help me out.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash naamakat 7/28/10 3:38 PM
I think the problem is in chrome flash integration. I reinstalled the latest version of chrome, and still got the same problem, and it affected all browsers! just caused them to crash. Only after uninstalling chrome it all seems to work fine (for now). Very sad to say goodbye to chrome - it was my favourite browser, but for now I'll wait until this very very very annoying bug will be fixed ...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Toni (Googler) 7/28/10 6:17 PM
@VinceArovola - You mentioned that you think Adobe CS5 updated your Adobe Flash player. Can you list the version numbers of Shockwave Flash player? Simply type about:plugins in your address bar, and you should find two Shockwave Flash Players listed (one is the integrated the Adobe Flash player, the other is the separately installed one). Can you tell us the version numbers for each?

@naamakat - Integrated Flash is only applicable to Google Chrome. If you're having the issue in all browsers, that's indication that the problem may be with Adobe Flash. It would be helpful to know what sites you're having this problem on as well. 
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ddjerin 8/4/10 10:57 PM
Okay.. So I am having this problem now. I had this problem a long time ago and I fixed by having an older version of flash and then it slowly worked.. however today my flash plug in crashed and it is not working anymore. It will freeze up and it does this for all of my browsers. I really want this bug fixed please!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Szuch123 8/5/10 10:09 AM
This problem has nothing to do with Chrome specifically.  As indicated on SEVERAL different posts/threads, I have tried several different browsers to no avail.  My issue, relating this to Google, is that the crash ONLY happens for me with Gmail Video Chat.  Not YouTube, not Hulu, etc.  JUST GMAIL VIDEO CHAT.  As indicated earlier, I also tried all of the 'fixes.'  

I have an idea, how about a Google Employee calls Adobe and figures this out.  Us normal humans can't contact Google and most definitely cannot contact Adobe.  This is SUPER frustrating.  It is a cross-browser, gmail video chat issue for me.  This is some combination of Gmail and Adobe, which cannot be solved by downloading Japanese Bluetooth drivers.  This needs to be SPECIFICALLY addressed both both companies involved.  I used to love Video Chat but now...not.

Yes, I understand it is free, but so is Hotmail and Skype.  Google Wave just failed, so I hope Google Video Chat isn't as well.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash OppfinnarJocke 8/11/10 4:48 AM
Flash crash, here too...
Chrome 5.0.375.126 (Official Build 53802)
Shockwave Flash - Version: 10,1,82,76
W7x64 pro (with all latest updates)
Dell Precision M4400
IDT audio card, driver (latest)

Note that Flash is not installed on my comp (all other browsers say I need to install Flash), I only use Flash through the Chrome plugin, so the problem is there (I guess).

I tried  to try Blairs suggestions, but....
1. Have the latest Chrome version.
2. No Sony stuff on this machine
3. How are we to "right-clicking the video, selecting Settings, and deselecting the "hardware acceleration" checkbox" when the video crashes and Flash becomes unresponsive?
4. "Try the steps on the following site:", the link gives me "403 Forbidden"
5. No Bluetooth on this machine.

In short... the suggestions were useless to me.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Batchlad 8/11/10 6:54 AM
My entire computer was crashing/slow repeatedly, (I have windows 7). I used malware bytes, avast, ccleaner, and system restore yet nothing worked. I figured it was a virus or a registry issue and was about to reinstall windows 7.... I uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and my browsers, which seemed to cause the most problems, but nothing was solving the issue.

Flashplayer seemed to be crashing quite a bit so finally I uninstalled it using adobe's link:, and now my computer works like a dream again.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash SheldonCooper 8/12/10 3:56 PM
This is inhumanely frustrating! I have crashes on every flash-related site i visit. Please fix it asap.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash fluxache 8/21/10 7:44 AM
@Toni (Googler) RE: @VinceArovola RE: Shockwave Flash crash fix:
I followed your advice using about:plugins and found that I had 2 versions of Shockwave installed in Chrome
One was installed with Adobe CS5 Master Collection
I disabled the earlier version
Solved problem
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash fluxache 8/21/10 8:09 AM
Follow up to @Toni (Googler) RE: @VinceArovola RE: Shockwave Flash crash fix:
Had 2 versions of Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX installed it seems so i uninstalled the earlier version just using Win7 Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
Stupid Adobe allowing that to happen xD
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Norocel 8/22/10 3:05 AM
I have just installed Win XP, a fresh new start for my PC, and Google Chrome. Right after I did that, I got the shockwave flash crash error. There can be no other clearer proof that the Adobe Shockwave Flash is badly flawed! It should be fixed without delay! Either way, it really makes me nervous everytime I get to reload a page for that error.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Debora King 8/28/10 9:15 AM
I just installed Chrome, lit up Pandora -- it worked for the 1st song, and then silence -- now it doesn't work.  I don't believe that the "best answer" herein is my problem since I JUST INSTALLED CHROME and would therefore have the most recent Shockwave.  I like Chrome.  I like Pandora.  I will not use Chrome if I can't use Pandora.  It is just that simple.  FIX IT. 
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bobby burner 8/28/10 11:36 AM
There is no doubt that Chrome crashed when it has to use Flash plugin! I stopped using Chrome only because of this. It slowed my whole mini mac! Waiting for a fix as I do wish to use Chrome. Yet I dont see any repair of this issue in the recent updates. Neither any hope for a fix! Seems this is seen as some few individuals issue. Wish they would do something with it.

Now I am using Safari. All works fine. As soon as I try Chrome they whole mac stopped from responding!

Come on guys! FIX IT!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash optimistnyc 8/30/10 8:35 PM
This entire forum displays as a very narrow column down the middle of the page as far as the comment text is concerned - on Chrome   And meanwhile despite all this discussion Shockwave Flash continues to bug out on Chrome sooner or later in every surfing episode as it has done for two years on my Vista Home machine..  Maybe this is why Steve Jobs banned Flash from the iPad.   The thing doesn't work well any more.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lanhua886 9/4/10 7:05 PM
I've tried all the suggest, and STILL doesn't work!  :'-(  I don't know what to do, please help!  P.S.  Adobe sucks!!!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash TJ.SbDo 9/5/10 7:11 PM
I developed this problem when I visited the UFC site to watch some videos. I went to the link that the one dude provided. It downloads all of the bluetooth stuff for your computer apparently, because I didn't have those files (the .dll one) mentioned above. After installing, I renamed the file the one dude said to do. It still didn't work, so I restarted my computer. It now works. I can watch youtube videos again as well as watch videos on ufc.

I hope this helps someone.

Thank you all very much for what you've provided.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash chromshockwavecrash 9/8/10 6:18 PM
I LOVE GOOGLE CHROME but then recently every time I load a site that contains Shockwave Flash, it will work for a while then it'll stop with this error on top in yellow: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash ... when this happens my browser start to freeze. Sometimes my entire PC freezes for a minute or so and when I try to load other pages, it'll give me the Aw, Snap Error ...this is VERY FRUSTRATING. I updated to the latest Google Chrome. I learn that shockwave flash is integrated with Google - could this cause the problem? Weird. I use windows XP. Anyone has a suggestion to resolve this? THANKS SO MUCH!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash J0N4SDAQ 9/12/10 1:12 PM
For me it helped to deinstall the normal Active-X flash plugin.
Theres an Deinstall-App from Adobe.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash silentstryker 9/21/10 9:04 PM
There must still be a problem about adobe flash player 10 with older systems and mb. i solved my problem by uninstalling adobe fp via abode unistaller. then i installed adobe flash player 9 than it worked. Hope this helps, worked for me so now i can watch youtube again and facebook videos.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash JAQUENTA 9/22/10 5:34 PM
It appears the best answer for me was:

2. You may have an out of date Sony driver that causes the crash. You can try downloading the update here:

It seems to be working better for now. Thank you for all your help Blair (Googler).
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kjaved 9/24/10 6:04 PM
I have had google crash on my igoogle home page when i start typing in the search box. system freezes, then i get the usual message as previously stated. it has crashed the most on igoogle home page. rarely crashes on me otherwise.

i have no sony driver. would it hurt me to download update and install it?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sunil.kadri 9/30/10 3:11 AM
I have the same problem too, but dont have bluetooth on my laptop (windows 7, flash player 10, with shockwave flashplayer crashes in chrome and ff). So the Sony fix, which is bluetooth related, aint gonna do it. Anyone have any other ideas.....?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash CharlesCabbage 10/7/10 2:39 AM
I have used Google Chrome from the beginning.  I love it.
I have used it on dozens of machines (30-50) around the world, from Europe to Asia, from home, to work, to laptop.
And on all of these machines (all Windows XP, by the way) Flash consistently crashes Chrome.  Like a metronome.  Generally with video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, even the BBC.
So whoever reckons it is a driver or config thing needs to explain how Flash in Chrome is by default misconfigured on so many machines.
Drivers/config doesn't sound right, because no other browser has this problem.  I'd love to know the real answer.

Also the way that Chrome can take absolutely ages to re-render, pixel-row by pixel-row, when you Alt-Tab to it or switch to a new tab.  That's a separate issue, but is a partner issue to the frustrations I experience with Chrome - an otherwise altogether fantastic browser.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Giorgi Shonia 10/7/10 9:30 AM
same here
have creative HD camera, gigaware usb headset+mic
dell optiplex 760

here is dump:

Unhandled exception at 0x1d21f81e in chrome.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000030.

Call stack locat
>        LMVYUVxf.dll!1d21f81e()         
         [Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for LMVYUVxf.dll]        
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash philkgray 10/7/10 5:17 PM
i run Ubuntu 10.4, and during video chats with chromium browser, the flashplayer plugin crashes randomly.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash philkgray 10/7/10 5:18 PM
im on an hp mini 110
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bbell88 10/11/10 3:40 PM
I had this problem. Turns out you need to quit the browser and all other programs before uninstalling Adobe Flash Player. After uninstalling flash, restart your computer. Apparently this is the best way to clear all data. Reinstall Flash and all should work well, at least I had success. I found the solution at the link below.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bodomalo 10/19/10 3:45 AM
Same here, google chrome started to crash since a few days now because of shockwave plugin (this did not happen before!!!)
I do not have the time to read 250 comments and try out 10 different ways of fixing that problem.
I downloaded this strange thing from sony (EP0000xxxx.exe), which is BLUETOOHT software...yeah great, I do not use any bluetooth thing on my computer. So I cancelled the installation.

Fix it, or I have to use IE 8 instead.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Biatchh_♥ 10/20/10 12:01 PM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash FxDx 10/22/10 2:57 PM
Flash and chrome never did and probably will never work properly.

1. The fix looks simple... uninstall chrome, and re-install again.
2. Repeat step 1 each time you have a problem.
3. Use another browser ( or just simply F... the internet and just go outside and play )

My error event:
Faulting application chrome.exe, version, faulting module gcswf32.dll, version, fault address 0x0037796c.

BTW... EVERY single browser comes out nice optimized and fast, and over the years it gets more "shiny" adding more and more and more stupid addons and plugins and extensions and ... . .. .. . . . . .
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash jennferberres100 10/23/10 2:33 PM
i just doing my wix site
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash susanadiscute 10/25/10 11:19 AM
Gracias a Blair the Bear
From San Francisco
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Prudhvi-The Prince 10/28/10 11:16 AM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Julianne.zhou 11/14/10 11:49 PM
I found a solution: Go to "Gmail Setting->Attachments"  choose "Basic attachment features".

then everything is ok. Good luck!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Niako 11/22/10 2:54 PM
I have same problem with Shockwaves Flash with all type of bowers (i.e Google Chrome, IE, Foxfire) and also it does crash when in few mins more after I watching youtube or

Any suggestion, I can do?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash timlg1 11/23/10 9:10 PM
i think the problem is in the adobe flash player , not the browsers, ever since it updated i had the same problem , the flash player has crashed , it dont matter what browser im on ff, google chrome, ie, ect..
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Spenny 11/26/10 7:32 AM
I have Firefox 3.6.10 running Flash v That works fine e.g. on where there is a flash quiz (vital stuff, I know) but on Chrome 7.0.517.44 running the quiz loads to 100% then fails with 403 access forbidden error (found that via the JavaScript console, the screen simply displays Error).

I have had various Flash crashes including occasional YouTube crashes. Seems like something is amiss.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash pyroseed13 11/28/10 10:29 PM
Adobe Shockwave is crashing in all 3 browsers for me (Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla). I have Windows 7. Please help! This is very frustrating.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash swerytd 12/1/10 8:48 AM
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/13/10 8:01 AM
Why doesn't google and adobe fix this problem?  Adobe Flash is integral to Google Chrome so I don't see why we have to flounder around trying to fix what is clearly a systemic problem.  They should then incorporate their fix into updates for flash and chrome. End of story. I am fed up with the problem and I have gone back to working with IE. I won't go back to chrome until they have a systemic fix. Fiddling with the kind of fixes posted here is wasting my time and is very annoying.  GOOGLE accept your responsibility for it and get on with a fix.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rafikiphoto 12/13/10 12:53 PM
I am SICK AND TIRED of this Shockwave Flash problem. There are complaints from all quarters and using all browsers, not just Chrome. GET IT FIXED PLEASE!!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/13/10 1:16 PM
Yes, it is obvious from the increasing numbers having this problem that there is an incompatability somewhere between the browsers and Adobe Flash or Windows 7.  They should fix it. It is doing their reputations no good at all. It is impossible for me to use Google Chrome. At the moment I don't have a problem with IE but judging from the posts this is only a matter of time!  I am particularly annoyed with Google though as the Flash is integrated with their browser. It would be nice if someone from Google or Adobe posted a response saying: 'Yes, sorry about this, but we are working on it and will be releasing an update soon to solve the problem'.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/13/10 1:25 PM
So what happened to that google Blair chappy?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/17/10 3:36 PM
So nobody from Google or Adobe has solved this yet? When you consider how much money they rake in you would think they would have the brains to give us an update to solve it. Google Customer services score = 0; Adobe customer services = 0.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/19/10 6:52 AM
I thinnk you are right jacep. The problem does seem to be associated with Google Chrome. All the more reason they should fix it else we will stop using Chrome.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lolly24 12/20/10 4:42 AM
I have tried all the options and it is STILL crashing on me. Getting totally fed up as I have been a google chrome user for quite a while now and this is the only problem I have even had.

Currently using the most up to date version of chrome and this hasn't stopped the problem with. All I get told is "The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash.

Can someone PLEASE help me!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/20/10 5:14 AM
The problem Jolly24 is that you could spend a lot of time messing around  with suggested fixes. None of those posted on here have worked for all or provided other than a temporary fix.  It is Google's and Adobe's  problem and I think we have to wait for them to fix it. Goodness knows when that will be. It is frustrating as Chrome for me has been much better than IE.  I have found that rebooting my laptop/pc corrects it for a time.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash showpeople 12/23/10 9:16 AM
Am having same problems. I do notice that it seems more prevalent when signed into social networks like facebook and white label pages on Ning. When the crash happens I lose the adsense ads (not good at all) and videos such as youtube. In one case while I was on Facebook, the page freezed up. My computer seems to be clean of spyware and bugs (momentarily, of course).
Windows 7 and Chrome 9.0.597.19 beta
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash showpeople 12/23/10 9:17 AM
My roommate is experiencing the same thing. Vista upgraded to Windows 7 with an older "stable" version of Chrome.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash follyfrog 12/26/10 7:20 AM
I just want to say I've been having problems with adobe flash for about a year or so now, in all browsers I use (firefox, IE, and chrome) and have to log out when it crashes. I try to tell my wife that that's how computers are supposed to work, but she has trouble accepting that. It's amazing no one has figured this out yet. I continue to use chrome because I believe its a more secure browser, but it's a pain sometimes. I guess I could try and find another browser but not sure what is good. Any suggestions, anyone?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash showpeople 12/26/10 7:25 AM
The honest answer is there is NO perfect browser at this point in time. And since they are designed by man for man, it is doubtful there every will be one. As to the flash problem you are referring is a separate problem.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 12/27/10 6:46 AM
Well of course there can be no perfect browser. We all have different requirements and as the software develops so new problems and imcompatabilities are inevitable. However, this problem with Adobe Flash has been going of for a long time and it is a source of frustration that Adobe have not sorted it out.  As for Chrome it is clearly a bigger problem for Google as the Flash is integrated into the browser.  Google therefore should also find a solution. Currently they all seem to be leaving it to users to fiddle around with it. It is not good public relations.  I find rebooting soves the problem for a time. I do not have the problem runnning IE. I also prefer usig Chrome but this problem drives me  back to IE. It is odd that when I first started using Chrome, I did not experiece this problem. Others have clearly had the problem for some time. I have tried to work out what else is running that may cause the problem to occur, but without success.  

It would be interesting to know if others, like me, find the problem intermittent.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash mikki.miranda 12/27/10 9:36 AM
My repost from a previous discussion: I recently upgraded my RAM from 1GB to 2GB. (I'm using Vista) Before, I always experience persistent and annoying crashes on sites like Google Reader, Yahoo Mail and Youtube. After the upgrade, I tested how many tabs my computer can handle before Chrome hangs up, but it seems that it doesn't anymore. Probably the suggestion pertaining to "hardware acceleration" worked for my case. I'll update if it happens again, but for now, I'm currently crash-free since the upgrade
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash DINESHSANJAI 12/29/10 12:57 AM
Hai i Studied all your Problems..The Shockwave crashed is very commonly occured,and it having some simple solution to recover that problem..

The solution is already in this website

I give solution with full description with screenshots...Use it and get Lot of informations and Enjoy using Computer..
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash kemar7856 1/5/11 9:33 AM
I dont know what to do anymore it happens randomly for me could happen in 5mins or 5 hours from now my broswer will freeze and 100% cpu usage is consumed I checked the registry, installed/uninstalled shockwave/flash i'm just gonna say this is adobes issue and flash 10 has bugs.

windows 7 ultimate
intel i7 720
amd 4670
4gb ram
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash DTV Webmaster 1/5/11 10:22 AM
Totally having the same problem at home and at work with Chrome.

The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash

Way to go guys. Opera is looking better and better.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash simpsonteam 1/5/11 3:22 PM
Working now......I did a search for anything "Adobe" on my C drive.  Then I changed the results to "date modified".   The last file was a pre-fetch file created on 12/30/10, just after midnight:

I deleted it.  My shockwave hasn't crashed so far and my pages are loading much faster.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash josephine cunningham 1/6/11 12:16 PM
plughin unresponsive what is the problem since i downloaded new google chrome it is also very very slow
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash josephine cunningham 1/6/11 12:17 PM
it would be helpful if we could actually talk to someone about the problem i never seem to get a reply to anything i post
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash John_Cheng 1/13/11 3:50 AM
As Steve Job had said, Adobe is such an sucking company and no Adobe product should be allowed on chrome!!!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bowtie420 1/14/11 7:26 AM
1-Pause flash video immediately after starting.
2- Right-Click on video>options >uncheck "hardware acceleration"... restart browser
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash off99555 1/29/11 5:58 AM
>>[SOLVED ! ! !]<<

My solution is very easy to do.

Here you go:

1. Find a flash content that doesn't crash (flash games or others those aren't video contents).
2. Right-click on its content.
3. Click Settings.
4. Disable Hardware Acceleration by uncheck its checkbox.
5. Close and refresh the crashed page.
6. Now it worked for me. And For Long.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash abeljr 2/1/11 11:16 AM
I'm running windows 7, i liked Chrome, but since it's worthless to run basic plug-in,
I'll go back to Firefox
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash wmjehall 2/3/11 12:06 AM
off99555 you are a genius!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash metanoia99 2/4/11 3:37 PM
I'm also having this problem. Shockwave, Flash ... actually anything that uses Adobe will either close my browser or just not work. I can't use Youtube either. I've tried downloading from Adobe countless times. I've reformatted my Sony VAIO twice and each time it errors when loading these drivers.

I don't have the "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" file either so couldn't try that. I've not once seen a fix for this problem that has worked for me.

Anyone know how to fix this?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MIKLO 2/5/11 2:54 AM
Every time i'm playing  City Ville on Face book after about 5 minutes it will crash saying that a shock wave and the fallowing plug has crashed. Can some one tell me what i can do to fix it ?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash matorviax 2/5/11 11:35 AM
Hey all fellows,
I also got problems with flash.All my browsers are crashing when i ve opened more than two tabs who both use flash and if they don`t shut down ,the flash falls.I use Windows XP SP3.I hope for a tested answer as i canot do anything properly with my browsers broken.

Thanks in advance
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 2/5/11 2:19 PM
I have said this in several posts. It is a disgrace that people are being left to solve this problem themselves.  Either
Adobe or Google needs to sort this out It is a problem that has been going on for long enough.  It seems they don't care. They want us to use their browsers and other sofware but then do little when it is clear there are incompatabilities.  Googe is particularly responsible because Adobe flash is an integrated component of their browser; they even boast that it is! There was once a post from someone claimihg to be from Google, but his suggested solution was about as useful as a tummy ache and he hasn't been seen again. What puzzles me about the problem is that it is intermittent for me. It seems to resolve and then suddenly crash again. It must be something to do with incompatability with something else that runs.  
Incidentally, I think these help forums are a cheap way of Google and Adobe avoiding their responsibility for problems with their software.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash AzureBlu 2/6/11 4:20 AM
I have this problem as well. Wnenever  go to youtube, vieo goes black and it pops upp a msg saying "adobe flash has stopped functioning"

WTF do i do?
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Eilish 2/10/11 9:29 AM
I have seen that Adobe says that Shockwave is not compatible with tabbed browsing. So, it boggles the mind that Google Chrome, the best browser for fast, tabbed browsing, incorporated it into their product. It is almost enough to make me switch to a Mac 
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Puntano 2/12/11 4:32 AM
1. I used the link above to completely uninstall flash plugin.

2. I downloaded previous version of flash from here.   ~ it has all the old versions of version 10 in the file I extracted and installed this one  flashplayer10r3218_win.exe

3. DO NOT ALLOW IT TO UPDATE, there are different ways of doing this depending on the version of windows you have. I installed google video/chat over this and it still worked.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash dude_shadoway 2/12/11 3:59 PM
I had this problem a lot & couldn't figure it out.  I was also having problems with low virtual memory.  I adjusted my virtual memory & flash hasn't crashed since.  Increase your initial size to 1.5X your RAM & your max size to 3X your RAM.  Go to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced --> Performance --> Advanced --> Virtual Mem to do this.  This is in XP - not sure if this was a fluke but it seemed to work for me.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash krismcglinn 2/14/11 3:59 AM
If google don't fix this in the next week or two I will switch back to firefox.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Shane73 2/16/11 2:59 AM
Hi all,
I have had FF, IE and Chrome all crashing with flash or shockwave, spent all damn day trying to figure it out. The fix I found was to right click on a flash image, this will bring up a menu, choose settings. This will then bring up the flash player settings. Choose the bottom left image (display) and deselect enable hardware acceleration. I just tested Chrome and FF, and both are working. Didnt bother testing IE as I never use it (today was the first time I have used IE for ages ><).

Hope this helps, was driving me bloody bonkers trying to work this one out.

He is a link to the site with the fix -
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Blair (Googler) 2/16/11 5:35 PM
Hey guys,

There are many things that cause Flash crashes, and we're working hard to get to the bottom of them.

One thing you can do to help us investigate these issues is to opt in to automatic crash reporting, which you can read more about in the link in my references.

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash azurik 2/23/11 8:04 AM
Recently I had the same problem with Shockwave flash plug-in crash. I am using Windows 7 and Google Chrome. This problem was solved simply by removing antivirus. Hope it will help to some of you.

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash arashnikoo 2/25/11 10:56 AM
I'm having similar problem, specifically with youtube, when switching from 360p to 480p or higher.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rmarcandier 3/2/11 12:56 PM
Guys, after 3 weeks trying to resolve this fucking problem I have discovered solution... Go to Google Chrome Options, Content settings... , On this page of Cookie Settings, go to ADOBE FLASH PLAYER STORAGE SETTINGS and it will open a new page. After it, click right button on ADOBE FLASH PLAYER SETTINGS MANAGER. You will see "Settings..." (click on this settings) . After this the fist page is DISPLAY than tick the box:  Enable hardware acceleration. It resolved my problem.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash jo.a.eic 3/9/11 4:48 AM
@rmarcandier ~ Thank you for posting this try. I am new to the Chrome settings and options, and this enabled me to adjust the settings to allow my new computer (which I knew didn't have memory problems) to play videos on my favorite ABC 7 from LA and SF Cali. I appreciated your frustration with the issue as I also had the same for over a month now. I am happy to report that I just fixed it with your suggestion!!!

Jo, Bradenton Florida
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash neil36 3/10/11 2:25 AM
I had the same problem with Shockwave Flash plugi crashing until I looked at the icon which looks like a piece of missing jigsaw.This icon represents Would you beleive Real Player,so I uninstalled Real Player and the "crashing" has stopped ( although unfortunatly I cant download any videos on you tube now,but it has stopped the crashing.Just thought I might let you know.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash neil36 3/10/11 2:29 AM
I had the same problem with the crashing until I looked at the icon ( looks like a missing piece of jigsaw) which is linked to Real Player,so I uninstalled Real Player and its not crashing anymore,althopugh I can download any video on youtube now.just thought I might tell you
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash seymor54 3/11/11 8:28 AM
Have we got a MicroSoft problem with Google Chrome, basically thats your lot, like it or lump it!...  thought things where all to rosy, and I would stop dreaming - with a FLASH it has.

When there are few alternatives its sad to see what has become a brilliant product, being developed like this...  where are the fixes
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash crispian67 3/11/11 9:43 AM
Hi cliss,

Thx for your input, but sadly the driver update doesn't fix the problem of Chrome's integrated shockwave player crashing , particularly when playing zynga games on facebook. Now I know that zynga itself has often been responsible for causing erratic network connection failure and graphics processing in particular because of the inherent nature seemingly specific to them of it's RAM greedy apps.
This probably goes some way to explaining why their games are causing the shockwave player to crash while other third-party apps reliant on the player do not appear to affect it although this is not the case with many of the other posters experiencing frequent crashes in the browser.
Oddly, the "fix" has slowed the crash rate down a fraction but at the expense of page loading speed. Furthermore, anything such as a page with lots of graphic detail and thus in need of extra processing input leaves the app "hanging" unless the cache is totally clear and even then it's not foolproof. Only using the task manager to end the process enables one to go back and reload the app and/or page as the Chrome error msg of "This plug-in has become unresponsive. Would you like to stop it?"  doesn't always succeed in shutting the faulty player down.


What on Earth is going on here???!!! Any help, feedback, suggestions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated...:o)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash benaddo 3/11/11 8:02 PM
had the same problem just re-download shockwave and it should be fixed...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash keelee33 3/12/11 2:50 PM
dgamer crashes somehow help gooogle i am using googlechrome
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rifter0x0000 3/13/11 1:19 AM
If you renamed a dll file it is just the same as if you deleted it.  Windows is just going to replace the file with one from the dllcache because there is no longer a file with that name there.  I don't know why people are going on about this "fix" when the person who proposed it couldn't be bothered to go look at his system32 directory and notice that there is another dll file of that name there again. Nevermind the fact "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" won't be on everyone's computers and has nothing to do with flash.  People without this file still have the problem, which should kind of be a clue that removing it will not remove the problem.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 3/13/11 11:18 AM
One thing is clear about this flash problem is that there appear to be several causes.

For me, disabling hardware acceleration appears to have solved the problem for now.  One way to do this is to right click on the media image, for example that in iplayer, which opens adobe flash player settings box. If hardware acceleration is 'enabled' then disable it.  You have to reboot before this fix will work.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash docalla 3/13/11 3:50 PM
Try this.....

1. Shut down chrome.
2. right click the chrome icon and select properties.
3. append "-enable-internal-flash" (without quotes) to the chrome.exe bit.
4. Double click to restart chrome.
5. Reload webpage that was giving you the problem.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Siversmith 3/14/11 3:49 AM
Good day, I believe I have found the solution to this problem. I followed the google support link to this page:

I followed the instructions it gave me and then disabled google chromes default flash and left the adobe flash on.

Make sure it is up to date and then you shouldn't have anymore problems.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash poorlittlefish 3/14/11 11:17 AM
Siversmith, THANK YOU!!!  This problem only started happening for me over the past couple of weeks but it's been driving me round the bend.  I just tried the suggestion shown in the link you posted and yes, YouTube is working so all appears to be well!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Jonpaw 3/14/11 4:13 PM
Yeh flash is constantly crashing for me on bbc news and on facebook and youtube. I also have a divx web player now crashing as well on some sites. The turning off of flash internal does not seem to fix my issues, just hoping for an update to fix these problems.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 3/14/11 11:29 PM
Jonpaw, try disabling hardware acceleration. This has worked for me. Open the Flash settings manager by right clicking on any flash media you want to play (only works if it is working so do this before it crashes). This should open the adobe flash settings box. If the hardware acceleration is selected, then deselect it and then reboot your pc/laptop.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Sweetiepie56 3/16/11 1:20 AM
I've read through all the posts trying to fix the shockwave crashes that occurred every sesion to no avail. Google don't seem interested so I fixed it myself. Here's what I did.

1. I unistalled google chrome (telling them why I was doing it)
2. I installed Firefox.

Been working for 3 days now with NO shockwave crash.

So lets examine the evidence.

My shockwave was crashing when using google chrome with increasing frequency. I got rid of google chrome and installed Firefox. I also used IE in the interim and guess what? Shockwave didn't crash once. So on that evidence I would find google chrome guilty as charged.

I thank you...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash powellypowelly 3/16/11 3:57 AM
So I managed to fix this on my Win XP machine, what I did was:

1) Type about:plugins into the search bar in Chrome
2) Click "Details" on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the screen, which expands all items
3) Scrolled down to the section on the Shockwave plugin
4) I had two items listed: Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152 and Shockwave Flash 10.2 r154
5) I disabled Shockwave Flash 10.2 r154, and left Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152 enabled

My plugin now works!

Hope this will work for others,
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash rubendow 3/16/11 5:04 AM
I had this problem. I am running the latest Google Chrome in Windows XP. I uninstalled Adobe Flash, restarted my pc and installed FLV Player (free) . Since then I've had no problem. Until Google comes up with an answer I hope it helps you too.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash FrancescoRizzi 3/16/11 8:48 AM
What powellypowelly reported above (disable the Shockwave Flash 10.2 r154, leaving r152 enabled) worked for me as well (on Win7-Pro/64-bit) - Thank you!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash amanderrz 3/16/11 3:55 PM
currently this has fixed the problem :) lets hope it doesn't mess up again. Thankyou! x
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash seacoff 3/17/11 8:27 AM
i use xp pro
i uninstalled the version 10 that kept crashing using the uninstaller
and i installed an older version
seems fine now. i'm sure there'll be issues with trying to view flash that is built in version 10,+ but i can live with it for now.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash bam52085 3/19/11 9:51 AM
This fix worked for a few days then the same problem started right back.  I just ran it again.  Hopefully, it works longer this time.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash louisrusso2005 3/20/11 12:14 AM
Didn't work, nothing works...I only have the problem on Chrome.
Please Help Us !!!!!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash titian2 3/20/11 4:51 AM
Thanks Shawn..the sony update worked for me!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Sedgepeat 3/21/11 4:52 AM
I managed to fix this by typing about:plugins into the browser address in Chrome and I found that there were two versions enabled. I suspected a conflict so I disabled one of them and bingo; up and running again.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash chromeiscrap 3/21/11 9:12 AM
Why are Google not taking this seriously? I know of other people in the UK this has effected, for everyone who bothers to sign up and try to sort this out 100 will just go back to firefox.Im really pissed off about this.

I cannot believe the arrogance of Google regarding this issue , there are literally  hundreds if not thousands of threads all over the world about this issue dating back to well over a year ago and many with a large number of annoyed people on. The number might be small as a percentage of Chrome users but is clearly significant and yet there is no official statement or help bar the (rare) reply's you get on here,all largely unhelpful.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash nonshatter 3/21/11 12:17 PM
I managed to solve this issue on my machine, I was running two versions of adobe flash in parallel:

Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152 (The one that works)
Shockwave Flash 10.2 r154 (The one that was broken)
(unknown) 3/23/11 5:20 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Nigel08 3/23/11 9:28 AM
Made no difference what soever
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash mcrossan88 3/23/11 10:49 AM
 i am running on xp and using chrome, the shockwave flash player crashes about every 10 mins after i restart chrome. i tried using firefox but couldnt get used to it. i have also tried a browser called opera but that just closes itself off. i really like chrome but cant do anything with this constant problem. any help/info would be greatly appreciated
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 3/23/11 11:10 AM
Try disabling hardware acceleration.  This has improved things for me.  One way to do this is to right click on the flash video you are opening up and select 'settings' this should open a box that will allow you to deselect hardware acceleration.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash lizc24 3/23/11 1:30 PM
im only experiencing shock wave flash plug in crashing in chrome, IE is working fine
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash andrewborthwick 3/23/11 2:14 PM
I was having Shockwave Flash plugin crashing, and sometimes also the Google Talk plugin would crash.  Rather than all of the driver files, I tried the about:plugins page to see what I had installed - I only had the default flash plugin installed - but somehow I did have a Quicktime plugin also installed, which seemed to want to play multimedia files.  I tried disabling that one and so far so good.  I'm on a Toshiba Satellite, Win7 64-Bit, and have stuck with Chrome since I first tried it a few years ago...
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash mizzconfizzled 3/23/11 4:16 PM
i have an hp windows seven and i do videos for youtube i can not record any videos on  youtube it says  shockwave carsh  memory  dead something to that line and i tried to fix it with out success plz help thx
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash callanboy 3/23/11 4:22 PM
Google crome sort your self out or i'm back to IE 2 different setups and both only crash when trying to play any type of movie from crome, claims "THE FOLLOWING PLUG-IN HAS CRASHED "SHOCKWAVE FLASH"" then until either the PC or lap top is rebooted you cannot view movies. Any chance of this been resolved
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash sapit2009 3/24/11 1:15 AM
It works after i followed drraynobles advice. Thanks! :-)
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash drraynoble 3/24/11 6:21 AM
That's great sapit2009.  Did you have to reboot for it to take effect? When I did this I rebooted the pc.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash dinoly 3/24/11 9:36 AM
'' go to My Computer>C:(or whatever your hard drive is)> Windows>System32> then (scroll down to) find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, I renamed it "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll"

I got it fixed following above instruction, thanks a million guys.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash dannnny 3/24/11 11:54 AM
if you are having trouble with adobe flash player crashing just reinstall goggle chrome

hope this helped
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash carandol 3/27/11 1:17 PM
I've been having trouble with Flash crashing Chrome umpten times a day in Windows 7. I'd more or less given up on it, having tried everything suggested here. But I've now upgraded to the latest Chrome beta and it's working perfectly!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash propixphoto 3/28/11 12:24 PM
I too have have had the same problem with my google chrome browser crashing lately. It'll give me message "shockwave flash player has crashed". Well, after reading various posts, and uninstalling, then reinstalling... blah blah blah.. nothing worked. Then, I decided to check out the settings in google chrome and was able to resolve it. It hasn't crashed since. Apparently, google was running two instances of flash at the same time for me... so I disabled the previous version(s) and left the most current one running. To do this, go to options > under the hood > content settings. Once there, go down to plug-ins, the click on the "disable individual plug-ins" link, it will open up the plug-ins options. Click on the details button on the right to see all of the plug-ins (flash will most likely be at the top). Disable the ones that are under the most current version, leaving the current version still enabled. I am on Version: Once complete, simply close the tabs, restart your browser, and your done. It should work fine now. Comment... let me know if it's worked for you.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash MadGr0wler 3/29/11 3:05 AM
i tried disabling the latest plugin and it will work for a bit then to fix i have to reenable plugin and disable older one!????

this keeps switching between to two repeatedly!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash TVZ1 3/29/11 9:07 AM
propixphoto, it worked for me for a bit but it's crashing again now, even though the plugin is still the only one enabled. Think I will try IE9 as Firefox is sooooo slow.
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash smike42 3/29/11 1:15 PM
Hi  I have 2 windows 7 laptops Chrome plays flash fine on one but not the other (this one).  One difference I am aware of is I have updated to the latest version of java on this laptop but not the other where flash still works

Re: Shockwave Flash Crash jSwordsmen 3/29/11 1:39 PM
i actually just fixed it yet to see if permanent fix i restarted my computer and adobe wanted to update so did it and let it run and didnt interrupt it til it said its done Adobe 10.2 and everything it running again
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash j3rs3ygurl732 3/29/11 1:51 PM
I can't take this, I like using Chrome, but alot of facebook apps are crashing on me, it is messing up the games I am in!
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash ncww 3/29/11 7:18 PM
Awesome, thanks! Had two versions of flash running at the same time. Type in "chrome: plugins" into your browser and click on "details" to the right. Then disable the flash plugin that ends with gcswf32.dll followed by restart of chrome
Re: Shockwave Flash Crash Toni (Googler) 3/29/11 9:55 PM
Hi everyone,

If you're having issues with Flash constantly crashing with the new 10.0 Stable update, please visit the thread listed in my references instead where we're having a parallel conversation. This current thread has gotten very long and was started long before this recent surge of Flash crashes that is indicative of new issues. As such, I'm going to close this thread so that it will make it easier for us to sort out the different issues and also simpler for you guys to get updates in the right place for your respective issues. 

We've been heads down with Adobe on figuring out the root causes and will be providing any updates on the thread referenced below. 

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