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Clicking on a tab closes that tab?

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Clicking on a tab closes that tab? Pcmanrules 9/24/09 1:43 AM
Hi there,

I have Google chrome version 3 on a computer and when I try to change to another tab, that tab closes. I also can't acces any of the menu's. This is on a fre3ash install of google chrome. This happened also in a later version of Chrome version 2 (not sure what version number). I really like Google Chrome so it would be much apreciated if there is a solution to this.
Re: Clicking on a tab closes that tab? Bapabooiee 9/24/09 2:17 AM
I've heard of this happening before... and I'm pretty sure this is most likely an issue with your mouse setup on your computer.

Go to the Control Panel, and edit the settings for your computer's mouse. See if you can change anything you would find odd or irregular.

And is there also any chance you're using a wireless blue-tooth mouse?
Re: Clicking on a tab closes that tab? MsMaam 11/3/09 8:35 AM
I am having the same problem.  I use Chrome on all my computers.  I started a new job yesterday, downloaded Chrome to the desktop I am assigned to, and now this is happening.  The mouse is a wireless mouse by Microsoft (the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000).  This is VERY annoying.  Please help.
Re: Clicking on a tab closes that tab? bruiseviolet 4/3/11 2:45 PM
I am having the same problem.  Clicking on a tab, simply closes the tab.  Clicking on "back" or anywhere else, simply opens up a new tab.  Only having this issue with the wireless mouse- it's a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000.  Somewhere the settings must have been changed- because the mouse is causing issues everything (for example, it will select things on my desktop- but won't actually open anything- it just 'hangs').  It is frustrating and I'm going around in circles finding a fix for this problem-  I've had the mouse for a year and haven't had any problems- and then all of the sudden one day last week it started.  I hate hate hate using the touch-pad- especially with the work I do.