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Chromes crashes/freezes

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Chromes crashes/freezes jjt9999 1/10/09 11:13 PM
Love Chrome for it's speed and simplicity, but the darn thing keeps freezing up on me. A common example is when I'm in Gmail - I will have just sent off an email when - suddenly - nothing "works" - pressing on tabs, bolded text - and NOTHING happens. I finally hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, select Windows Task Manager, and select End Task. No error message, nothing!

Chrome edition is - today's! - (I downloaded it today). Operating system - Windows XP - Media Center. Sorry - have not reviewed the crash log. Same thing was happening with my IBM laptop (Windows XP Professional). I finally uninstalled it - have not yet re-installed it.

Any suggestions? Frustrating occurances for what is otherwise a brilliant piece of software!
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes brianvon 1/11/09 5:19 AM
I have experienced the same problem when using Gmail and uploading an attachment.  As soon as the attachment starts uploading, the window freezes and terminating the single Chrome process causes all the Chrome windows to terminate!  So much for multi-processing!

Why does Gmail work better on Windows Explorer (and Firefox!) than it does on Chrome?  Given that Chrome and Gmail represent a single-vendor solution, you would think that Google would prioritize this fatal issue with their browser.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes brianvon 1/21/09 4:37 PM
Ten days have passed.  No signs of life.  Earth to Google, come in please.  No signs of life from Google on acknowledging that Gmail attachments are even a problem in Chrome.  How to even document a freeze or hang of Chrome?  The debug stack doesn't work unless you have a crash it seems!  So I cannot post a calling stack unless someone else knows how to generate a call stack after Chrome HAS COMPLETELY FROZEN!  So much for the multiprocess architecture of Chrome that is supposed to keep one tab from KILLING ALL THE OTHER PANES WHEN IT FREEZES.  Given that Chrome and Gmail represent a single-vendor solution, you would think that Google would prioritize this fatal issue with their browser.

Other browsers tested:
  Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
     Safari 3:
    Firefox 3: Does not fail, works just fine
         IE 7: Does not fail, works just fine
Chrome: freezes all tabs and all windows about 25% of the time an attachment upload is initiated.  

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. go into gmail and compose an email
2. attach a file for upload
3. watch chrome freeze 25% all windows and all panes.  cry as you think about recomposing your email and start considering using other browsers.

What is the expected result?
successful upload.

What happens instead?
all windows of chrome freeze or hang and you have to restart all of chrome.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes brianvon 1/21/09 4:47 PM
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes tdubya 3/25/09 5:36 AM
I was reading a news paper article and when I tried to go back to the papers home it would not and I had to exit out. It would not exit at first and when I hit x again it exited out.  It's frozen like this for me several times once I had to hit Ctr. Alt. Del to get out.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes jeremyricketts 4/12/10 10:43 AM
The issue is not the same:

For me, gmail just freezes in the browser tab, simply when it's open (I don't have to attach a file to an email).
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes Justin Credible 7/20/10 10:28 PM
I'm having the same issues now, in both Gmail and certain sites. Chrome just freezes up and I have to x out of everything.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes moodyblue 8/7/10 5:58 PM
My Chrome started doing this about a month ago. It's really irritating and a usability killer. I love it otherwise but not being able to gauge or control when it is going to freeze up for something like 5 minutes can really negatively impact my working train of thought as I am writing and multitasking.

If they are going to be serious about business tools then they have to be seriously stable, and responsive. End of story.

Back to Safari until I know what the problem/solution is.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes Pete3080 11/11/10 1:12 AM
Chrome freezes when I load gmail. The progress bar goes to about 3/4 then stops. I've tried a few fixes but it keeps happening.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes Pete3080 11/11/10 1:19 AM
I'd further add that Gmail works great on IE8 which seems a bit of an insult, though not intentional on my part.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes MatusM 12/6/10 1:28 PM
I'm sorry to say, but it is not fixed.
Just installed latest version 8.0.552.215 and browser (all the tabs) keeps freezing when trying to load attachment (100kB) to mail.
It frozes on 0% and it is not even possible to cancel upload.
Very frustrating :-(
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes Cypresso 2/9/11 10:58 PM
It appears that Chrome is not compatible with Windows 7 x64.  I have had nothing but issues with the browser freezing up on me several times daily.  I have to do a manual hard shut down.  Not good for any system.  IE, Opera, Safari and Firefox do not do this.  At any given time, I have several open and no issues of this nature with any of them, all things locking up and forcing a shut down. Dell even agrees with me on this issue.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes eztwit 4/17/11 3:19 PM
I just love how goggle is jumping all over this problem. This thread was started in 09. It is now TWO FULL YEARS later and it is still doing the same thing. This means that goggle is just passing this broken code right on through to the next iteration of one of the lousiest browsers I have ever had the misfortune of using. It happens on ANY "Chrome" browser on any OS that I have tried (which numbers WELL into the double digits). Ironically, I haven't noticed the problem on Iron.

I'm ready to chunk chrome into the waste bin with IE.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes eztwit 4/17/11 3:28 PM
Oh, BTW, this thing freezes on me by simply READING an email! I NEVER attach files. And it hasn't anything to do with standby, hibernate, nor any of that... I've disabled those features and it STILL freezes just by reading an email. That's sort of the whole idea behind email that you get to read the messages. I can count the times I've opened IE on purpose over the past 5 years and would rather use it than Chrome. Google (creepy and evil) obviously doesn't care about its own browser... well, it cares about where you surf just not that their products actually work for the end user... long as they get their data!

(BTW, Android sucks pretty bad, too. I'm getting the hint.)
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes ho.khosh 9/6/11 12:44 AM
I had same problem. I found two ways. As I have ASUS EEE PC, I tested the first one & it worked for me. You can use any or both following ways:

1. Google known issues:Crash on Asus EeePC with Asus WebStorage installed:
Google Chrome crashes when trying to print on an Asus EeePC with an outdated version of Asus WebStorage installed. To solve the problem, download the latest version of WebStorage. (Download link:

2. Google known issues: Google Chrome crashes seconds after opening:
Your profile may be corrupted. To see instructions for fixing, go to
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes dochollidey 11/13/11 1:24 PM
To solve this problem google the newest version of Google Chrome, which is Google Beta. I had the same problem until I downloaded this new version. No more problems of any kind.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes moytra 2/2/12 10:29 AM
Same problem. I have Chrome 16.0.912. Win7SP1. Freezes when trying to upload any file. Reason - something connected with administrative rights and file system rights. When I Run Chrome as Administrator problem is solved. Seems that there are some access rights issues for Chrome and it can't bare the exception and dies. Please fix! :)
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes Banadux 4/7/12 10:32 PM
I don't know that I've been able to duplicate the problem with any other website, but this has definitely happened to me at least a dozen times over the past week while using chrome and gmail.  Only the tab that contains gmail is affected.
Re: Chromes crashes/freezes JoeKidd 6/22/12 7:36 PM
I am experiencing the exact same issue. Gmail randomly freezes in Chrome and only that tab is affected. I installed a later version and same issue. Uninstalled extensions and same issue.