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Install Error 101

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Install Error 101 Blair (Googler) 9/10/10 8:53 AM
This thread is about Install Error 101. If you’re experiencing Network Error 101, please see the following thread instead:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
Try to install Google Chrome

What is the expected result?
Google Chrome installs

What happens instead?
Install Error 101

and are repeatedly experiencing this error, please either 1) mark someone else's post as helpful if it describes your situation or 2) provide additional information below.
Re: Install Error 101 shellP 11/4/10 12:34 PM
Somehow, I haven't found the information require for this fix. My App Data isn't found, or has been removed?
Re: Install Error 101 кира 11/30/10 11:20 PM
устранила я 101 ошибку, все равно выходит это окно!
Re: Install Error 101 sintz 12/5/10 5:21 PM
I'm having this problem on Win7 and all the steps have been done but still receiving the 101 error.  I have rights and am an administrator on the machine.  Any other suggestions?
Re: Install Error 101 Paidn 1/3/11 2:12 PM
You have to watch at the Temp Folder google suposted you to look. If there is an folder called Google, removed it and try intallation again!!!  This helped me...
Re: Install Error 101 gymliestal 1/12/11 2:30 AM
I have all rights on the machine and the local temp directory. Does the problem have to do with folder redirection on windows 7 (_not_ the appdata folder though)?
Re: Install Error 101 htmlvb 1/23/11 12:57 PM
I can't do anything
i tried the registry but nothing's there!!!
Re: Install Error 101 Rick70 1/28/11 1:22 AM
For Kaspersky antivirus/Internet Security users only (It may work with other antivirus too)

In my case and with the latest version of Google Chrome from 7 to date this problem can only be solved by going to Kaspersky antivirus, selecting "application control" Tab (I am sorry if items aren't exactly translated but my version is in Italian), then select "Applications". Then, rigth click on the item GOOGLE CHROME, and click on APPLICATION RULES. Then select the "ESCXLUSIONS" box and select ALL BOXES inside there.
Select APPLY, then OK and Google Chrome will restart working.

This solution has been tested dozens of times so i am 100% in my case that's the issue. NO OTHER SOLUTION REPORTED ON THE NET OR BY GOOGLE EVER WORKED. It was the antivirus. But in this way basically Chrome will not be controlled by the antivirus, which diminishes the level of security. In short, i am shifting my searches on Firefox this Google puts a patch on this.
Re: Install Error 101 alinarman 6/28/11 11:44 AM
Bu web sayfası kullanılamıyor adresindeki web sayfası, geçici olarak kullanılamıyor veya kalıcı olarak yeni bir web adresine taşınmış olabilir.
Aşağıda bazı önerileri görebilirsiniz:
Bu web sayfasını daha sonra yeniden yükleyin.
Hata 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Bağlantı sıfırlandı.
Re: Install Error 101 FireResQ 7/10/11 6:48 AM
If you're using a PC and running Google Chrome, disable MS Family Live Safety.