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facebook game issues. games not working correctly

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facebook game issues. games not working correctly kyragamine 9/29/10 4:30 AM
Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar):Operating System:Error Message:Extensions installed:
Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem): Sorry I need the web address to the chrome plugin to uninstall version 10,1,53,64
It seems this person gave an answer that might be best to follow. I do not want to have to deal with a popup telling me to download the new version all the time. his way does not do this.
I still think it is a different reason you are having problems with the game frontierville on facebook because it just started yesterday. the game halfway laods, and the buttons will not work. can not visit other people homesteads etc. but I am will to try anything. I love this game I can always get my son to fix my computer back to the way it was and use a different browser than yours if it does not work.
any suggestions please let me know. I really REALLY want this to work. THANK YOU!
Re: facebook game issues. games not working correctly david.king 9/29/10 7:46 AM
I'll do my best to understand this, but from what I can gather you may not have the latest version of Chrome. If not, click the Wrench | About Google Chrome and allow Chrome to update. If not, you can update Chrome manually at #1. If this doesn't help, your computer may have been infected by a virus or malware; consider running a full security scan with reputable, fully updated antivirus software. If all else fails, it may not be the fault of your computer but rather it may be that the game or Facebook itself is having issues providing the game.