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Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail

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Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail dobrila adrian 1/14/09 3:05 AM

When I use Google Chrome to enter on Yahoo mail , I have problems.
When I tried to compose a new message,I can type the address(dest), but I cannot type the contents of the message
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail CapturingLife 1/14/09 5:29 AM
I've been having the same issue as well.  I can't reply to any emails nor compose new ones.  I have to open up IE just to do deal with my email.  It's so frustrating.  I love Chrome but this is going to be a deal breaker for me.  It was totally fine up until about Saturday.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail kparker5555 1/14/09 5:28 PM
I, too, am having the same problem. It has been going on for a week or two. Could it be a virus? If anyone has the answer, please help....
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail kparker55555 1/14/09 6:06 PM
I did find a solution to this problem by reading some of the other discussion groups. Google does have a bug for this now. It can be found at

If you go to that link and scroll down to the end of the thread, you'll see a solution as the following...

I am currently running the latest dev release and it works: follow the instructions
on this page and switch to the dev channel.

I did this solution and it is working. Print out the directions and keep on hand in case you want to switch back to the Stable channel (see solution to understand what a stable channel is).

Good luck.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail edward.gador 1/21/09 9:27 PM
i also encounter the same problem.

my guess is because Yahoo and Google are not only competitors in the search engine arena but also in email messaging as well and there could be unintended (or intended?) interface issues whenever you would use them together.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail edward.gador 1/21/09 9:33 PM
switching back to yahoo mail classic seems to fix the problem
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail Mr. sickVisionz 1/26/09 2:33 PM
I'm having the same issue.  I check my email multiple times a day and I've been using Chrome for a long time but it seems like it just stopped working all the sudden.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail marvinrose 1/28/09 8:43 PM
It's fixed  Version was just released and it fixed the problem!!
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail ab.konlao 2/2/09 1:22 PM
edward.gador was right.  i switched to yahoo mail classic.  problem is gone.  i switched back to yahoo mail upgrade, it still works.  thank you for sharing.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail w50023 4/7/09 8:49 AM
I have version but still see the problem. BTW I am using Yahoo classic.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail Ronaldo 5/30/09 2:15 AM
I have the same problem. It is slow when I try to use Ymail.
I have v
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail CyberTourniquet 8/23/09 5:40 PM
So.. do you guys think Google Chrome is Sux?
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail UnknownUser 12/15/09 5:58 PM
Yes, Google Chrome Sux when it comes to use Yahoo Mail Classic also. If I open 4-5 Tabs of Yahoo mail for same account and then when you try to browse yahoo mail account it's really very Slow plus, sometime it takes you to the page which you never requested. I used Chrome for 9 Months and now back to Maxthon specially for Yahoo Mail issue. Very Disappointed.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail jameselgringo 12/18/09 5:07 AM
My problem in Yahoo Mail Classic is when I select multiple or all messages to mark as read it doesn't affect the change.  I am on the most recent production version of Chrome.  Thanks.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail VintageFreak 12/20/09 7:10 AM
The folks at Google need to be take careful look at this. I also tried installing their Beta Browser for Vista SP2. Same difference.

Do not want to start any conspiracy theories right now. However, not just Yahoo, but some other sites are killing Chrome. I don't think it is that hard to target a browser for malfunction. Google is smart the can load in just about any other browser without trouble. THAT has helped them to some extent in becoming the dominant search engine. drives me nuts. "Cool" you say? I say "overwhelming".

Bottom line, if I want to persuade people to go to some other browser, AND I am BIG enough, all I have to do is make sure MY site does not load well in Chrome.

6 months ago I switched to Google for GOOD. Now I've gone back to Firefox through which I'm typing this post. Last 2 weeks with Chrome have been impossible. It has frozen up my computer prompting me to chkdsk, virus check, defrag my computer repeatedly because I didn't want to believe it was Chrome. Now I know for sure. One problem might be that that each tab in Chrome is a separate "process" not a separate "thread". Regardless,...calling all Googli-ites...WAKE THE **** UP. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail soundcrest 12/21/09 6:32 AM
I have been having Chrome problems long enough that a month ago I switched to Opera. There are only one or two sites that Opera has a problem with. I was a FF user for years until 3.0 which slowed everything down to a crawl. As far as email, I can't tell if its Yahoo or Chrome that is the problem. Obviously Chrome would prefer you to use Gmail, which I really do not like.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail kalaga1 1/5/10 2:20 PM
I use a workaround for the slow yahoo mail problem in Chrome - I use IE based tab extension for yahoo mail. Clearly almost all actions within yahoo email are so much faster in the IE tab. Chrome's clear advantage over other browsers is performance - and I can't believe a very sought after site like Yahoo mail can be so slow in it.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail subtleaphex 2/27/10 6:16 PM
V 5.0.335.1 dev

I am having an issue where hitting the "restore box"(between minimize and close) on the browser, causes the preview(reading) pane to resize in Yahoo Mail, showing only two email titles instead of what I had it set to view.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail ArtisanIdeas 3/10/10 4:16 AM
Hi, I tried switching to the Dev channel as someone here suggested and it did not help resolve my problems with Yahoo Mail. A couple folks here also suggested switching 'back' to Yahoo Classic Mail. I have always used Yahoo Classic Mail  and I can assure you that it is not compatible with Chrome. So that's not a solution either.
I cannot contribute anything here as regards a 'fix' but I do want to warn Yahoo mail users about another problem which I just discovered using Yahoo with Chrome. If you file your mail into folders Chrome interferes with this. I found that almost all the mail I put into folders while using Chrome did not go into the proper folders. So if you are looking for emails you filed and they are not where you thought you put them, they could be practically in any folder.
Someone above (Kalaga) says he/she used an IE based tab extension for Yahoo Mail. Can someone here tell me how to do that (in simple terms)? It looks like a good workaround for me for the time being. Thanks! Jim
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail Phebert61 6/5/10 2:10 PM
Although I have had similar issues with yahoo. mail.  It got buggy in other browsers as well.  My experience with yahoo mail is that it is basically a joke.  Sending and receiving to hotmail, gmail and even at times to yahoo mail, can take forever compared to other mail servers.   And it is the only program I have regular problems with in chrome.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail jbc007 8/19/10 5:42 AM
"V 5.0.335.1 dev. I am having an issue where hitting the "restore box"(between minimize and close) on the browser, causes the preview(reading) pane to resize in Yahoo Mail, showing only two email titles instead of what I had it set to view."

I'm still having this problem (only showing two lines of the yahoo inbox) even though Im currently using the most recent Beta release of Chrome. Does anyone else have the problem outlined by subtleaphex above?
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail jon- 9/2/10 4:09 PM
Same issue here with yahoo mail - if you resize the browser window or show bookmarks etc the reading pain resizes automatically.

Very annoying... anyone would think google are trying to switch their biggest rivals users over to gmail... ;)
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail Cypresso 9/8/10 9:27 PM
I have just recently began to have issues with this. I use the new yahoo mail, not the classic.  When I go to respond to an email or send a new email, the page changes and everything just locks up.  I have to switch to Firefox to send a reply or a new email.  This is not good.  Nothing has changed with Yahoo email, nor with my system.  I have no problems in other browsers with Yahoo email.

I see this problem has been going on for quite sometime and Google folks are not addressing it.  Guess I will just have to move my bookmarks to Firefox, and uninstall Chrome.  That is a shame because, to me, Chrome is a much better browser, overall.  

I will also be recommending the same actions to all those that I know that use Chrome.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail japzone 9/30/10 12:02 PM
I've got a similar problem. Whenever I try to open an E-mail with Yahoo Mail the whole the Tab Processor Usage goes through the Roof and Nothing else Freezes. If I wait a Minute or 2 The Processor Usage goes back down and everything works but sometimes a thing Pops up Saying Flash has Crashed. Sometimes it'll keep doing it until I Manually Kill Flash in Chrome's Task Manager and then wait a Minute. This is very annoying. Can you please Fix this?

PS: I just noticed but there isn't a Single reply from Google in this thread! What's up with that? There are problems with Yahoo Mail that Span back more then a Year and there isn't a Single Reply!?!?
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail ginedwards 11/11/10 8:30 AM
I just installed Chrome as my browser and and am having problems getting Yahoo Mail to load.  Then when I click the window off to go use IE instead, I have trouble getting the window to close.  Is the problem Chrome or Yahoo? I tried some of the suggestions posted on this page and they didn't work. I suspect the problem is Chrome since it only happens with that browser.  I hate gmail's layout, so if Chrome is either unwilling to allow free market competition or won't debug the problem, I will simply use a different browser from now on.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail moralesj 11/21/10 6:09 PM
Bahh.... same problem here.  Is there no fix.  When opening emails through yahoo web mail, it will freeze for a few seconds, then respond and open up the email.  I am sure google doesn't care since they probably want us to use gmail, which works just fine.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail sindee75 11/29/10 11:42 AM
Ahhhh the problem is not only with Yahoo mail and Google Chrome.. It must be a Google hates Yahoo conspiracy! Many people are having their Yahoo built sites (with Yahoo Sitebuilder) displayed distorted in Google Chrome.. Such as ours... Here is my post on another forum on this...

Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar):Operating System:Error Message:Extensions installed: Newest Version, just downloaded.
Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem):

The new version of chrome does not give you the option to report broken pages.
I am losing customers because of this.. Look at the way my pages display - Here is one example:

You cannot see where it tells you to add a quantity and most pages are so messed up but the home page.

A customer called me and got mad about this..Told me to fix it.. I wish I could as I am losing customers.

On the old version of Chrome, I have reported almost all pages many months ago several times and they still didnt fix it.

It is not my PC because I tried it on 3 different ones so far with different operating systems.
I suspect Chrome is NOT compatible with websites built with Yahoo Sitebuilder????

How can I get google to address this issue with me???

The more people download chrome, the more we lose sales...
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Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail Raylon 2/7/11 8:30 AM
A very annoying problem I've had when using Chrome for !Yahoo Mail (that I'm not sure exists in other browsers) is that of composing multiple emails at once.

I am using the "All New Mail" which is how old now? Anyways....

If I am composing or editing more than one email at a time, I have the inbox tab open, message 1 tab open, and message 2 tab open. I have had the problem of whatever text is in message 2 tab being transposed to message 1 when I click back and forth. I actually wrote a multi paragraph email in one message, and it was erased when I clicked over to another message that I was also writing. In one instance it caused me to send a personal email to a business contact because it took the content from message 2 and stuck it in message 1 right as I clicked over and hit SEND on that message. I was horrified and have since noticed it is very glitchy when editing more than one message.

Has anyone else had this problem? I dont like the idea of using a different browser only for email, but I can't always live with the limitation of only one message at a time open for editing.

Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail birrellwalsh 2/12/11 6:11 PM
On Yahoo Mail, I can only type one character in the "to:" and "subject:" box.

This is silly.  Google has the technical wherewithal to fix this.  I think I will go back to firefox, whose look I prefer anyway.  Too bad - I had hopes for Chrome.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail daraius 3/14/11 10:59 PM
Hey Raylon - yes this is very repeatable and has happened to me when trying to compose more than 1 email at a time.  This used to work fine last year!   One of these days I'll contact their support since I pay for Mail Plus.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail gex 5/1/11 7:54 AM
Yahoo has announced a new version of their webmail site, and it is many many times faster in all browsers.  I've noticed that all of the problems I was having with Chrome (I'm currently on 11.0.696.60 beta) have gone away.  I think if you visit you can switch over to the latest beta of Yahoo mail.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail japzone 5/6/11 6:53 AM
Yahoo's new Mail Beta uses HTML5 and is much more quick, reliable, and smooth. I've had very few problems with it; which is surprising since it's still in Beta. It works on pretty much any HTML5 compliant browser (ie: Firefox 4, Chrome, Opera, IE9, ect...). If your having problems with Yahoo in say Chrome, Try out this Beta and I'm sure most of your problems will go away.

Try it now:
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail phillyguy2011 6/16/11 11:07 PM
I now have to switch back to IE IMMEDIATELY because of what Chrome just did to an email I was composing in yahoo mail.  I am so angry!!  

Chrome just co-mingled data from an email I had saved in my Draft folder with a fresh email I had just created - it took ONLY the subject from the draft folder email, took the body from the new email, then DESTROYED the body of the draft folder email.  I sent the corrupted email without knowing.  Chrome them, almost immediately, CRASHED!!!!!  I had both the new and the draft folder email up in different yahoo mail tabs, so this looks like a poor programming issue.  

Unfortunately, I had been working on that draft folder email for months and couldn't image that it could be wiped away without a trace.  Now, I've lost very important data and I'm feeling stupid.  I've been using Chrome less than a week, yahoo and IE for many years.  This is definitely a Chrome error and I'm very disappointed.

Hopefully ArtisanIdeas' email is true and just maybe my original draft email is safely stored in another folder.  Never thought I would pick Microsoft over Google -- EVER.
Re: Problems Google Chrome+Yahoo mail joyfulmommy 8/2/11 8:49 PM
I have just had the same problem as phillyguy2011 for the 2nd and last time. What a bummer; yahoo mail ran way faster in Chrome than in FF but obviously I can't lose the content in my e-mail drafts. I would love a solution to this problem, if there is one. Also, Chrome often won't let me file things in folders. The column of folders moves while I'm trying to move the message into a folder. What a mess.
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