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Chrome Versus Chromium

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Chrome Versus Chromium b_Love 7/30/09 5:00 PM
Ok, so I consider myself fairly tech savvy, and have tried to teach myself to be a weekend programmer (with little luck I should add), but this one stumps me.

Bottom line:  What's the difference between Chrome and Chromium?  I understood Chromium to be a framework, if you will, on which Chrome, a browser, is built.  If that's the case, then how am I able to download Chrome and Chromium, and they both look like browsers.

I got myself into this conundrum when it seemed that my version of Chrome (Mac version did not appear to be updating.  After doing some searching and browsing (pun intended), I ended up on a page ( with apparent links to the latest build.  What I failed to notice is that it was for Chromium, and not Chrome.  I didn't really dawn on me until I noticed that the icon for Chromium was mostly blue, instead of the standard Google colors in the Chrome icon.

So, as you can see, this is confusing me, and I'm sure the explanation is very simple.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium nakro 7/30/09 5:12 PM
i actually typed a good reply but my chromium crashed on me!

so here is the super short version
Chromium ( is the base for chrome, and chrome is actually 99.999999% the exact copy of chromium with 
very little changes (like auto update and stuff like that)

in short Chrome is Chromium made public..... (they are really compiled from the same source base with a few #ifdef along the way)

Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Bapabooiee 7/30/09 5:18 PM
To put it simply:

Chromium is the bleeding edge development of the project. It is the browser, and whatever its current state may be. We usually get a few Chromium builds per day.

Google Chrome is simply a "rebranding" of Chromium, but is a little more ready for public consumption.

Stable: The, well, stable version of Chrome, which is absolutely ready for public consumption. Updates about every 6 months.
Beta: Still relatively stable, but you may see new, untested features in it. No guarantees. Updates every few weeks (I think).
Dev: Think of it as the Beta version, except it's the boiling pot of new features/testing. Absolutely no guarantees.  Updates weekly.

When the developers feel Chromium is in a ready enough state, they'll release updates to the Stable, Beta, and Dev branches, respectively.

Also, good luck with your programming endeavors =D
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium bucky3 11/16/09 2:16 PM
so does Chromium also have stable, beta, and dev channels? or is Chromium even more experimental than Chrome's dev channel?
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium StevePaul 11/16/09 4:13 PM
Simple answer NO ...

It's what Google builds all of its Chrome versions on ...
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Bapabooiee 11/16/09 8:32 PM
Another way to put it is this: Chromium is the browser behind Google Chrome.

Meaning, they're the same browsers, except Google Chrome (as I said) is a rebranding of Chromium, and is more fit for public consumption.

Re: Chrome Versus Chromium BloodyT 11/22/09 6:32 PM
What i would like to ask, and have been unable to find, is a list of specific differences in chromium, vs chrome.
I would like to know basically what features are added/removed by chrome, (not really what just hasnt been implemented)

I currently use chromium, but i do notice a speed difference between it and chrome (crome being faster, atleast for me)

Im aware of chromiums 'frequent' updates, and it would be nice to get summaries of every little thing in chrome, but i can atleast look in the source for that ;) whereas whatevers done to chrome is next to impossible to figure out.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium bmc1234 2/4/10 11:10 AM
How do I get on chromium?  I'm currently on the dev channel and want to bleed.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Bapabooiee 2/4/10 12:38 PM
Mr. bmcfiv would want to click this link:;O=D

Once there, just click the folder with the highest number (it's the build number; the higher, the more recent the build), and download the "mini_installer.exe" file. When you run it, it should install Chromium side-by-side with Google Chrome.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Sk_Kelly 4/7/10 11:48 AM
Check out the below link. It's a table outlining a few differences between the two browsers.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium BloodyT 4/8/10 2:51 AM
good to know, but im more concerned with any features, ect that might be added to chrome (that wouldnt be known about, by viewing chromiums source)or any features that chromium has that are droped, although some of those issues were 'informative' they were prettymuch to be expected, with the knowledge that chromium gets sometimes hourly updates
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium zintinio 4/13/10 6:49 PM
If you're running linux, the ppa (.debs) is located at
Those are the bleeding edge builds.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium moongya 5/20/10 1:48 AM
who regulates daily releases of chromium.. i mean since it is open source can anybody publish their release on the build bot site for chromium?...
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium robertpnorth 5/29/10 2:46 PM
"Google Chrome" is Google's rebranded version of the Chromium Projects open source browser "Chromium."
"Google Chrome" adds very few additions such as usage tracking, and an auto-updater system.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium rtechguy 7/13/10 10:31 AM
Chromium is the same as Google Chrome, but with a different-colored logo and without Google tracking features installed


It has nothing to do with being "more ready for public consumption."
Google wants to track your web surfing to better place adds, etc., Chromium does not track you. That is why Google Chrome is 99.99% the same as Chromium. Google is not doing anything evil by tracking you but if you would rather them not then use Chromium, if you don't care the use Google Chrome. Both are done by Google but Chromium is "Open Source" and Google Chrome is not (at least not the tracking features)

Another difference is that Google Chrome updates automatically when there is an update from Google.
If you use Windows you may have to look for an update. I use Ubuntu Linux and Chromium automatically updates when a new version is placed in the repositories...
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium MrStanaland 7/27/10 7:06 PM
Surprised that so many people answered but didn't cut to the chase.  When asking the difference between a proprietary application and an open source application, there is almost some proprietary code involved.  In Chrome's case, it is H.264, AAC, MP3 support in HTML5.  That is, it can play those files with no plugins on HTML5 pages.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium ccpiizz 8/12/10 1:59 PM
After a few months of manually downloading and unpacking the latest chromium I wrote a Python script that does it all for me:

It is supposed to be run as  `python linux` (for linux) or `python mac` (for osx) or `python win32` (for windows) .

If you are on windows, then you could also edit the script and set `DEFAULT_PLATFORM = 'win32'` then the update can be done by simply double-clicking the file. The zipped archive will be unpacked to `CHROMIUM_PARENT_HOME`.

And of course, python 2.xx should be installed (
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium trusktr 8/31/10 12:46 PM
Personally, i like Google Chrome's tracking. I'd rather see relevant advertisements that catch my interest rather than random nonsense.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium gognos 10/7/10 5:04 PM
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium pyromaniac344 10/28/10 4:34 PM
So is this the equivalent in Ubuntu to the Canary Build in Windows?
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Rohan.bojja 12/3/10 8:36 AM
chrome vs chromium???
i would say "depends"...
Chrome has a slow downloading speed compared to chromium.....
google it....u will get it
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium VinegarEel 1/13/11 1:05 PM
I got chome on microsoft, but when I switched to linux, I cot chomium, so I guess the type is based on operating system.
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium Rohan.bojja 1/14/11 12:18 AM
no there is chrome for linux now (deb and rpm) ....i use it in ubuntu
Re: Chrome Versus Chromium nmae 6/7/11 10:54 PM
I hope this would be the Most Simplest Answer

Chromium is a Project
A Source Code of the basic Browser and the browser itself

You can Download this Source and build your own Browser, for eg.,
Comodo's Browser -
SR Ware Iron -
etc., are all built out of Chromium - They are IMPLEMENTATIONs of Chromium

A company called Google has also built a browser out of Chromium - That is known as Google Chrome
Dev, Beta, Stable etc. are different versions of the Chrome and has nothing to do with Chromium Updates and Chromium Versions

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