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Why does Google Chrome constantly crash?

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Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? Zhong123 5/21/09 2:51 PM
Whenever i open google chrome, and go to a different website, it crashes. I restart the browser, go to a different website, it crashes. I do it again 5 times, and all times it crashes. Occasionally, I can visit more than one website. But after around 5 pages, Google Chrome crashes again.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/22/09 7:57 AM
This happens to me too ever since I upgraded to 2.0 the other day. I have not figured out what the culprit is (i.e. Flash). But Chrome is constantly crashing on page loads, on all different sites. I'm using Vista x64.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? Toni (Googler) 5/26/09 6:35 PM
@Zhong123 - If you haven't updated to the latest version, can you try that and see if it resolves your issue? If it doesn't, can you send us a crash dump? Instructions on how to do so can be found in ref 1 below.

@w00d - Please send us a dump file as well following the instructions below so that we can investigate.


Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/26/09 7:21 PM
There are no crash dump files located at any of the directories listed on the referenced page and it won't let me submit the report without it.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? Toni (Googler) 5/28/09 3:25 PM
@w00d - That's strange that there wouldn't be any crash dump files. When you say Google Chrome crashes, do you mean that the window has actually closed with an error message? Or do the pages never finish loading and/or freeze?

If the pages are specifically closing on you and not freezing, you can try the following steps in Vista to create a dump file the next time it happens:

1) Start Vista's Task Manager by using one of the following methods:
     a) Right-click an empty area of the task bar, and then click Task Manager.
     b) Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC
2) Click the Processes tab.
3) Right-click the Google Chrome process, and then click Create Dump File.


Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/28/09 5:37 PM
The entire browser crashes with a windows error message. I just got this one:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:        APPCRASH
  Application Name:        chrome.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:        4a0e7ac8
  Fault Module Name:        StackHash_9d86
  Fault Module Version:        6.0.6002.18005
  Fault Module Timestamp:        49e03824
  Exception Code:        c0000374
  Exception Offset:        000ab0bf
  OS Version:        6.0.6002.
  Locale ID:        1033
  Additional Information 1:        9d86
  Additional Information 2:        95b67ada9b673648537418bd48d5dcd9
  Additional Information 3:        8f82
  Additional Information 4:        02735ba19040a4e7c5c2a539b306310a

Also, which Chrome process should I create a dump file for? I usually have half a dozen chrome.exe's in my task manager. The crashes happen no matter how many tabs I have open though. They are also not consistently reproduceable. They happen randomly on page loads.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/28/09 5:59 PM
w00d, there are known issues with chrome and some theme modifiers.... like i think the one by alienware
if you have any theme (other by MS) installed on your machine, remove it

also, some XP users have vista like desktop which is a result of patching a system DLL, which also leads to crashes

also, because chrome is more secure than other browsers, i crashes(!!!) more if a machine is infected
as the malware cannot live with chrome and they both die a tragic death (sad, huh?) 
so i would also run a virus scan

if none of this applies to you (and you can't find a crash dump) please provide info about which OS you have
and what did you add to it (like which Anti Virus, Anti malware, FireWall ... whatever that you think could be it)
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/28/09 7:15 PM
No theme modifiers. Just standard Vista Aero. I have AVG antivirus installed & latest defs. Using windows firewall. I run nightly scans. I'm using Vista x64 SP2 (just updated today, no change in Chrome behavior from SP1).
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/28/09 7:24 PM
ok, try this :

export bookmarks
un-install (tell it to delete the private folders it left behind)
re-install from this site (and import the bookmarks)

let us know
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/29/09 6:01 PM
I did a clean install (new profile) and I am still getting crashes. Not as many as before but still several per hour.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/29/09 6:07 PM
ok, time for the dev channel

follow these instructions and you can skip the part about backing up folders

if you did it right, the version should show

Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/29/09 6:15 PM
Done and done... I'll keep updated.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/29/09 6:29 PM
Still doing it. Here's the line from the event log:

Faulting application chrome.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a1e33fb, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e03824, exception code 0xc0000374, fault offset 0x000ab0bf, process id 0x640, application start time 0x01c9e0c3ea90f3a3.

I tried doing a memory dump like Toni instructed earlier but the resulting file was massive (almost 200mb) so I'm definitely not uploading that.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/29/09 7:16 PM
try to update your Video card driver to the latest version, i think this is it
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/29/09 7:29 PM
I have the latest driver installed and this crashing has been going on since at least November of last year and many driver updates since then so I know that's not it. I've tried closing all other programs or processes/services not needed and it still crashes. Without a crash log from chrome itself I dont know how else to diagnose the problem but chrome does not generate any crash logs.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/29/09 7:34 PM
ok, next time it crashes post here what you did before (the more info the better)
then i will look into more options

Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/29/09 7:40 PM
It crashes when a page loads or reloads. It can happen on any page randomly. I can't reproduce it on just one page or anything like that. Sometimes the page loads a dozen times just fine, then it crashes 3 times in a row, then its fine for a while again. But instead of just the tab crashing it takes down the whole browser. Actually I have never seen a tab crash, only the whole browser. I have seen the flash plugin crash once or twice though and all flash elements had a sad face. The only site I can think of that has never crashes the browser is Youtube for some reason. does it a lot, Gmail does it a lot, even Drudge Report which is basic HTML will crash it. But not every time.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/29/09 8:19 PM
my only other guess is to do a full sidk scan for malware....
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? w00d 5/30/09 11:51 PM
Trust me there is no malware. But I found something interesting. If I browse with only 1 tab it appears there are no crashing issues. I've been going most of the day with just one tab and haven't had a crash until I had about 3 tabs open. So it seems 1-2 tabs doesn't cause a crash (yet). But I wish there was some way I could get a crash log from Chrome to be analyzed. I have the crash report option ticked in the prefs, but I never get any reports generated.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? nakro 5/31/09 12:11 AM
if you have the crash option turned on, then i am quite sure it sends it automatically
you need do nothing more, for all i know

as the only one tab working, and several not.... this is indeed strange, especially that even one tab open could result
several processes of chrome.exe.....

what could be interesting is to know what happens on your machine
if you have 2 tabs open, both pointing at

if this will also crash, this is indeed strange

Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? H_Jager 7/14/09 10:03 AM
I am having the same problem as w00d here. I have been having it pretty consistently ever since version 2, but I have just trained myself to use less than two tabs at once. This has really been hard since I am used to working with 30+.

I am confident that my system does not have any virii or malware. I am running Vistax64 Ultimate with no skins or visual schemes. Custom built rig so no manufacturer junk to get in the way.

After about 20 minutes of constantly crashing Chrome (opening lots and lots of tabs to see if I could snag a successful dump file) I managed to get Chrome to crash with only one window and tab open and got a dump file. It is located at:
and is a nearly 100MB file!

I was getting the same windows crash pop-up as w00d, and the same crash message.

I would really appreciate if someone can shed some light on why this is happening.

Hienrich Jager
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? MarianoLopezGappa 12/14/09 9:56 AM
Hi. I'm getting the same problem with Chrome running on Windows XP Professional SP3. I haven't really paid attention to the number of tabs open but I'm rarely below 2. I've also been having issues with 100% CPU usage, less often. These are really annoying issues, and I hope that me posting here will help to bring more attention to them in the developing process. I have recently considered switching to another browser until these issues are addressed but I wish this won't be necessary. Good luck.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? HTVaquero 12/26/09 9:49 AM
I have been using Chrome for a while now. The only time it will crash on me is when a script takes too long to load. Usually it's Adobe's Flash Player or Shockwave plug-in the problem, but chrome will stay open and no window error msg. and as long as i refresh the page everything goes back to normal.

1.5GB RAM, 3.2GHz HTp4, Windows 7, Intel Int. Graphix.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? vinay.145 12/26/09 10:25 AM
hi, i am also facing this issue. i love chrome but from last 2-3 weeks, its just crashing many times.. i tried to contact google support ,they need crash report.. however my crash report folder is empty.

i always get an error: google chrome is unresponsive.
my os : vista
google chrome version :

is there any way to solve crashes for my chrome, since i love its speed and dont want to go back to FF or ie :)
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? MarianoLopezGappa 12/28/09 10:31 AM
I've remembered something that may be useful: sometimes while clicking on a link, Chrome actually downloads the php/html/whatever file instead of opening it on the current tab, and it crashes a few seconds later. This is not the source of all crashes.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? the_oracle 1/7/10 10:27 PM
I too have mostly the same issue. am running Windows XP, avg anti virus (free version), and do malware checks.. nothing has changed on my system for years.  am running also, and often find more than one instance of chrome running in task manager, when chrome is unresponsive.  i can be doing anything when this happens - using the browser with just one tab, and trying to get to one of my commonly used websites.  it just freezes, and there's no error message.  

i tend to only use one tab most of the time, unlike most others who've encountered this problem.

today, i have turned on the functionality to start sending crash reports to google after reading the above - this is the first time i've done this, so will see if any report gets sent.

it's been months since a new update has been released, and this freezing stuff has been happening for about the last 2 months.  it certainly didn't start the moment i updated to this 195.38 version.

i too am thinking of going back to IE, out of frustration.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? acheparev 1/27/10 6:55 PM
I crash all the time. Same as others here. Doesn't matter how many tabs. Sometimes I launch Chrome and it instantly crashes. Sometimes there is a crash upon crash, where it crashes i click restart and it crashes again and goes into a crashing loop. Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I'm using Firefox now until you guys figure out how to fix this, as none of the solutions in this thread helped at all.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? darthus 2/7/10 1:14 AM
Just want to throw in that I'm having the same problem. This only happens on my desktop computer, which is running Windows 7 64 bit. My bootcamped macbook running Windows 7 32 bit has no problems. Exact same problem, ntdll in the windows log, no Chrome crash report, whole browser crashes, seemingly randomly, exacerbated by more tabs being open. It likely has nothing to do with my hardware, as I've replaced my motherboard twice, my ram twice, used a different PSU etc. The only things that have remained constant are my video card (ATI 4850) and my hard drive (WD Raptor). I'm wondering if the 64 bit has something to do with it or that I use AVG as my antivirus.

But yeah I love chrome and it makes it pretty unusable that it does this. I also get the issues some mentioned of it ocassionally deciding to download a page for no reason.

I also have the problem the entire browser crashing with a windows style crash, and no logs in the dump folders for Chrome.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? Xechorizo 2/25/10 8:44 AM
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate also crashes constantly.  Not sure if it's ad-related.  Kaspersky antivirus.  Some sites crash instantly upon loading or restoring to.

Faulting application name: chrome.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b6a7c02
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdb3b
Exception code: 0xc0000374
Fault offset: 0x000cdcbb
Faulting process id: 0x1420
Faulting application start time: 0x01cab63967bb3ae8
Faulting application path: C:\Users\Austin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll
Report Id: b0879784-222c-11df-9bea-edd2d45c6c50
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? rollerdead 3/15/10 8:11 AM
hey Xechorizo i got same problem with u and i got this problem when running on windows 7 64 bit
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? darthus 3/15/10 6:46 PM
Hey guys, so... I finally solved this after a year of problems. I was doing a search for Chrome and crashing and they actually updated their official crash troubleshooting page noting that "advanced browser integration" between Internet Download Manager and Chrome can crash it. Sure enough, I disabled that in IDM, just with Chrome and I've been using it for about a week now as my primary browser with no crashes.

Amazing. I realized I install IDM as basically one of my first programs on every computer, so it make sense. Hope this helps some people.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? rollerdead 3/15/10 8:24 PM
yea... my google chrome not crashing anymore after i disable IDM with google chrome (but i love IDM hehehe)
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? MarianoLopezGappa 3/16/10 1:38 PM
I don't have IDM but have recently (today) tried backuping my Application Data Chrome Folder (I dont remember the actual name but it's that huge folder that holds Chrome cache and data) and it hasn't crashed since, which is unusual even for this short period of time.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? mhantholz 5/1/10 5:34 PM
WHAT A *SIEGE*---exhausting, infuriating, despicable !!!


Browser suddenly sprouts bright blue frame "Google CHROME (Not Responding)"
Interface goes milky-white
Mouse icon over interface *busy* icon

Locks to desktop

"End Task" / Windows Task Manager will NOT close crashed CHROME

Ctrl /  Alt / Delete *won't* work

Start bar frozen / unresponsive

Desktop suddenly goes milky white

CPU blazing @ 100 %, computer *hot* to the touch

HARD SHUT-DOWN *only* way out, all because of CHROME crash.



Windows EVENT VIEWER error code reports WORTHLESS, worse than worthless, solve nothing.

CHROME does ***NOT*** generate crash logs
----CHROME has crashed *HUNDREDS* OF TIMES and yet 
in Registry Google/CHROME/Crash Logs is *empty*

Ran every diagnostic tool possible, 
got every report through EVENT VIEWER 
yet CHROME keeps crashing crashing crashing crashing crashing.

I got CHROME because I couldn't live with Internet Explorer anymore.
At first it was the *best* browser EVER.

But since GOOGLE has not kept up and maintained CHROME, 
it is now an infuriating piece of *skunk* software.

I'm shopping for a *new* browser---one that *WORKS*

Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? -zEEk 8/5/10 1:27 AM
Same Problem
Level 1
1:51 PM
when a page file opens sometimes google chrome crashes this happens randomely on page loads , but for ex : , when ever i try to got tot this sites chrome crashes almost evrytime , and it shows that the browser is try to download some kind of a 10 - 15 kb file and the browser freezes or it wil crash .  error message is kind like this one
Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  Application Name: chrome.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp: 4a0e7ac8
  Fault Module Name: StackHash_9d86
  Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
  Fault Module Timestamp: 49e03824
  Exception Code: c0000374
  Exception Offset: 000ab0bf
  OS Version: 6.0.6002.
  Locale ID: 1033
  Additional Information 1: 9d86
  Additional Information 2: 95b67ada9b673648537418bd48d5dcd9
  Additional Information 3: 8f82
  Additional Information 4: 02735ba19040a4e7c5c2a539b306310a

your browser is faster than other browsers , but its annoyn when u r in the middle of someting and whn it crashes  ,, and i used chrome on xp it works without a prob , but i want go bak to xp coz win 7 is awesome so need help badly ..
Thnkz guys
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? Chrome_Leaks 10/24/10 9:27 AM
I write this on 2010-10-24.

Chrome still crashes hangs and freezes. Alot.Totally random to me. Microsoft must hate Chrome because I don't see Google engineers as incompetent.

How hard is it to parse HTTP guys.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? lazaroskyr 12/7/10 12:37 AM
I love Chrome and cannot use another browser...
But it is EXTREMELY SUPER annoying that it keeps crashing and crashing and crashing too many times per day.
Either when watching a youtube video, browsing or just reading a page (without doing anything else), it may crash. Sometimes it crashes even when it is just open and I work on MS word or reading to a pdf (yes, I get a message that chrome has crashed).
What's wrong?
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? honeycombee 1/11/11 11:26 PM
I agree with lazaroskyr, Chrome used to be my default browser, but since it started crashing, i've shifted to fx.

I'm using Vista Home Premium, 32-bit and after a couple of months from installing Chrome, pages began to crash unexpectedly.. Right now, even if it was up-to-date (currently v8.0.552.224), whether I was opening a new tab, loading a page, or even afk with the browser open, I'd come back to find that all my work went "poof".. This happens randomly everyday.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? goodrica 1/20/11 2:20 PM
Chrome crashed twice on my today, both with 'shockwave' errors.  It crashed once yesterday - but I don't think any shockwave video was playing.  I am using Vista Home Premium 32 bit as well.  I still like chrome don't get me wrong, but if this keeps happening, I might have to go back to firefox.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? tim_oz_yt 1/24/11 4:49 PM
This is true.
Today chrome crashed 5 times in a row to 'protect my computer'.

Lately it's been a real pain.

Plus I don't like the fact that one is FORCED to upgrade, even though there's no guarantee it's stable.
In my experience, one is better off sticking with earlier versions of programs until newer versions have prooved themselves. (Vista anyone lol?! I missed that debacle because I stayed with XP)

ALSO: when i try to reinstall the latest version, and select google as search engine, it does NOTHING!
Sits there frozen.

Moreover, in the past, when I've tried to install chrome, it just doesn't work.

Really, google should start FIRING people.
Re: Why does Google Chrome constantly crash? tjd22 3/27/11 2:54 PM
mhantholz,you got it dead on I think I have tried every single "fix"going and still have exactly what you say my netbook not even a week old and its screwed with chrome, some people fustrated it crashes every hour? try every minute no crash log files at all its like chrome doesn't exist i can't even find the program files for it,to try on suggestion i've disabled hardware acceleration,disabled plug-in flash as that crashes loads too,i've tried dev version beta version canary and obviously stable all same rubbish i,ve tried to install older flash version chrome won't pick it up so have to enable plug-ins again,all i get to see on here is jigsaw puzzle aw snap,he's dead jim,and the following plug-in has crashed,chrome is non responsive,chrome has encountered a problem its a joke as IE is too slow we're all stuck,is it that hard to figure out whats wrong?
windows 7 starter  and happened on xp on other laptop too
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