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Java Security Warning

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Java Security Warning tmobileg 5/31/09 12:04 PM
Why on every page that contains embedded Java that I have to get that pop up dialog box Java Security Warning. THe application requires an earlier version of Java. Do you want to continue? I have to always select RUN or CANCEL
Why this keep happening with Chrome?
Re: Java Security Warning wár17 § 5/31/09 5:21 PM
What version of Chrome are you using?  You should be using the latest stable version, v2.0.172.28
Re: Java Security Warning tmobileg 5/31/09 5:26 PM
The last updated version of Chrome.
This has been happening ever since I've had Chrome 1.0 last year.
Re: Java Security Warning tmobileg 5/31/09 5:54 PM
I may have it fixed after doing the Java update. We'll see.
Re: Java Security Warning wár17 § 5/31/09 8:14 PM
tmobileg, that is good news.  Let us know.
Re: Java Security Warning mdog 6/21/09 1:54 PM
The essence is that you want to only the latest version of Java to be "enabled".

The fix, step-by-step, is as follows:  

1. Close all browsers;
2. Make sure you are running latest version of Java (check this via Java Control Panel in Windows Control Panel, or, more simply, just download latest version from (as of today's date, the latest version is 1.6.0_13);
3. Open Java Control Panel (via Windows Control Panel);
4. Go to "Java" tab;
5. Click on "View" in "Java Applet Runtime Settings" of that tab;
6. Uncheck "Enabled" for every version of Java listed EXCEPT for the latest version;
7. Click "OK", etc., and thus close Java Control Panel;
8. Restart browser(s);
9. Done.

This was a puzzling one, at least for me.  Took a while to figure out.  

Re: Java Security Warning anilmathpati 4/18/11 11:56 PM