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Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Dejan1024 11/20/08 1:19 AM
First of all, you should not type with Caps Lock on.

Chrome doesn't have a menu bar, all the menu items are in the two menus on the right side of the window: the page and the wrench icons.
You can't install the menu bar in Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR platinum7919 2/28/09 12:12 PM
I want a proper menu bar. it shouldn't be hard.

The "page" and "tool" buttons that chrome ripped off from IE7 are really stupid.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR bobtfish 3/23/09 7:27 PM
I agree. I appreciate that the current layout is supposed to be clean and space saving, but I find it horrible to be accessing everything from a couple of buttons, and would at least like the option of a menu bar, even if it is turned off by default.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Andrew.J 3/24/09 7:10 AM
I just uninstalled Chrome and here are the reasons I put in the Additional Details text box:
* It's missing Foxmarks.
* I really, Really, REALLY, *REALLY*, R-E-A-L-L-Y need my menu bar, and I need it ABOVE my address bar.

[some statements praise Chrome's nice memory management and threading]

I need my UI to look how I want it look, features where I want them to be, buttons to be where I want them to be. Can't Chrome at least give the user the option of having a standard interface to work with, and not an interface that looks like it was inspired by IE7? Can't Chrome give the user the option to "(actually) [save] a good chunk of space?"
I too, would like a menu bar. Or at least still be able to use key combinations to achieve what I used to with Firefox; Alt-F, etc.

It seems to me that this is a major flaw in an already unremarkable browser. I'm just putting my view forward on this menu option as I will be uninstalling chrome as I cannot abide having to keep reaching for my mouse whenever I want to do anything. Plus, they don't have a linux version (luckily - google, don't bother!) So I find that I would not really be using it that much. It's a fad. Nothing more.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR phoenix44 5/3/09 12:08 AM
I agree with you all. I think I will be sticking to IE or Firefox until this little request can be put straight. I agree that it looks too much like IE.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Tzadik 5/4/09 2:47 AM
If you are a dinosaur like me, you will want a Menu Bar.
You have two choices.
1. Wait until Google Chrome has a menu bar feature, either as an intrinsic option or as an add - on.
And if they never have one, then do not ever use Google Chrome.
That is my choice.
2. The other choice is to use Google Chrome without a Menu Bar. But that is not consistent with the rest of WinDoze. However for the Linux / Mack / BSD etc. geeks (geek is perhaps not applicable to the Mack crowd), it should matter little.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Khandakar 5/6/09 7:32 AM
Yep! without menu bar it is very annoying. Designing "Chrome" without menu bar is the stupidest idea ever.
My question is does anyone have any idea who is the designer!!!!!! of Chrome?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 5/14/09 5:49 AM
I agree with all of the above.  The browser is quick, I will give it that, but totally non-functional as a tool.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR newbie_01 5/28/09 8:57 AM
I agree with all of the above. Without the menu bar, Google Chrome looks like someone with its head chopped off and weird looking,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ....... 7/10/09 1:16 AM
this browser is just like a ' NAGA BABA'...
jaise garib log bacche paida karke unhe sadak par nangha chor dete hain...waise hi google ne ise paida karke internet par chor diya hai..
i also agree with d people...
koi inhe kapda pehna de.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Celerod 7/10/09 4:22 AM
I know I like search the internet constantly for driver while fixing computers the header Layout for IE 7 And 8 are totally screwed up everything was right in line in IE 6 and before.
If you want flexibility try Safari browser its totally customizeable
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Tzadik 8/1/09 12:39 PM
Google keh log toh ameer log hain. Lsykin Amreekah meyn phatte pruanay libas pehnna in key shoak hain. Is vaaate is bacchey ko phattey puraney kaprdey mey sardak peh chodh diya.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR albol 8/17/09 11:26 AM
Installed - found no way to display standard menus - created login to complain - complained - uninstalled - goodbye
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR semjaza 8/29/09 11:22 AM
Give us a menu bar.  Lack of menu bar is a BIG user interface no-no.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR craginm 8/29/09 12:07 PM
Lack of a menu bar is an insufferable conceit on the part of Google. "Installed - found no way to display standard menus - created login to complain - complained - uninstalled - goodbye" - albol says it all!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR loubal22 9/2/09 11:33 AM
Google Chrome is an incomplete browser w/o a menu bar.  I like it's speed and functionality but w/o a menu bar I will choose to use other browsers.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR lle1999 9/7/09 7:34 PM
I also have tried several ways to get the menu bar, i like the simple, fast part of google chrome, i still use it but until i seen this i didn't know that it was impossible to get menu bar,  i will still use it but have to keep another browser up and running to use menu bar.
                    [ it would be nice if google chrome would fix one up for us and all the others like i usually am, that don't post amything]
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR eggre 9/8/09 1:01 PM
Uninstalling Chrome. Lemme know when you add a menu bar option and I don't have to wear a hole in my desk by using my mouse.
How is it incomplete? What can't you do without a menu bar?

Wear a hole in your desk, eggre? Keyboard shortcuts FTW:
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR BartoloD 9/17/09 9:59 PM
Honestly, I think Google Chrome is very much niche oriented. I suppose user testing was conducted right on the premises of Google corp and probably at some other student campuses. Well, here is the answer: that's a gaming browser. Hew, finally I've got it, although, after my second installation. Anyway, don't have anything against Chrome,  and mmmmmm, FireFox or IE would be just a right choice for a regular user, who doesn't really expect to be shot from around the corner and be ready to press some Ctrl+ blah blah  shortcut to stay alive :),   and he or her would be perfectly satisfied with the speed of Fox or IE which is not bad at all these days.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR paluft 9/17/09 10:23 PM
Not having a menu bar breaks the standardized Windows interface.  One of the original intents in the development of Windows was to provide a standardized user interface across the board, so all software had a similar look and feel.  Many moons ago, I used DOS programs.  They all had different interfaces, and I had to learn how to use each application.  I don't want to go back to those days.  If more software developers follow suite with their own interfaces, Windows won't really be Windows any more.  Certainly - provide shortcut icons on the GUI, but the menu bar should always be present, at least as an option.  I've developed software, and I KNOW this is not a difficult thing to add!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Sperry24 9/27/09 6:39 AM
Imagine that.... No Menu Bar.  If 10 out of 10 people are searching for a menu bar, this should be a standard feature you would think. Google Chrome forgot about it's clientèle---We, the People,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR QQFarmer 9/27/09 4:01 PM
I, for one, don't want a menu bar.  It's not necessary. It takes up space, which I really hate. I never use the menu bar on IE8. I got rid of the menu bar on Firefox 3.5 by using Tiny Menu and I like Chrome the way it is, a clean fast web browser WITHOUT a menu bar. 

      / \`\          __
      |  \ `\      /`/ \
      \_/`\  \-"-/` /\  \
           |       |  \  |
           (d     b)   \_/
           /       \ 
      /   /\' _|_ '/\   \
      |  /  '-`"`-'  \  |
      | |             | |
      | \    \   /    / |
       \ \    \ /    / /
        `"`\   :   /'"`
I find the menu bar extremely helpful. In addition to being convenient, it helps me learn my keyboard shortcuts. No menus is not as bad as the menus in Office 2007, but no menus is still disappointing. Can't someone make menus an option?  Hint-hint, Chrome developers.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jimodo 9/30/09 7:19 PM
no menu bar, no chrome, bye
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Annamalai 10/3/09 9:15 AM
Please install menu bar in the Google Chrome
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Fireman185 10/3/09 11:18 AM
Well guess what. I want - need - a menubar... I'll be continuing using good ole Firefox. Nice try, Google, but alas.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR microchip44 10/14/09 4:47 PM
I miss the menu bar. I know Google wants to be different by being innovative, but that doesn't mean removing features that are essential to surfing...and the MENU BAR is essential!!!!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR aviamin 10/15/09 12:22 PM
Agree with overall observations - uninstall Chrome till a Menu bar is included.

Proceed ...
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Julie11 10/30/09 10:44 PM
No Menu Bar Sucks
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 11/1/09 5:02 PM
A menu bar *should* be available.  No it's not a necessity.   Yes, it's a pain the crawl down from a button in lieu of menu command linkage.  And I couldn't possibly care less about either gaming habits or Windows standard interfaces (an interface is any tool that permits access to what you want to do, but keeps you out of the working mechanism of that action).  FWIW I began computer programming and use in the early 1960's, can get by at any level from machine code to pure differentiated objects.  It's a browser, people.  How it performs and how intuitive it is will vary according to our expectations.   So yes I want a menu bar, but can live without it.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR sos222 11/3/09 7:21 PM
I won't use Chrome without a menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR rdcmol 11/11/09 6:15 AM
sos222 wrote
"I won't use Chrome without a menu bar"
Neighter will I
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR semjaza 12/15/09 8:35 AM
A standard user interface becomes standard for a reason.

There is no reason for a menu bar to not be available to those who want it.  Add a menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Sunilchandrahas 12/29/09 10:05 PM
Well, people are used to user friendly UI' s, Google should have kept this in mind while trying innovation at the next level. Please provide keyboard features. If Google is tying to improvise chrome, i hope they will ensure user feed back.  
Currently Google has provided all the menu items are in the two menus on the right side of the window.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR HollyAyn 12/30/09 1:41 PM
I agree . . . No menu bar, no Chrome.  Make the menu bar at least an option, one that is accessible by using ALT+key, and I'll give Chrome another chance.  In the meantime, Google, you lost another customer.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR wrkbear 1/2/10 9:43 AM
I agree with nearly all of the other replies.  The idea of putting all the menus under one or two icons is inconsistent with all windows standards and is DUMB!   Users should at least have the option of using a standard windows UI if the developers of Chrome insist on being cool (different).  Furthermore, in the version that runs under Ubuntu 9.10 the developers removed the option of viewing web pages before you print them.  In order to avoid wasting a lot of paper, you have to print pages 1 at a time and guess what's going to be on the next page.  This results in a lot of waste time and/or paper.  So far, I find little in Chrome to justify continuing to use it.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR bob12334 1/7/10 11:23 AM
Clearly, some people like the menu bar, some don't. No one is right or wrong, it's just personal preference. Isn't the whole point of "options" to accommodate varying preferences?

This is the same crap microsoft does when they unilaterally change a major thing in a UI (ahem Up One Level button, tab order) and say "oh it's better this way because we said so," and not provide a choice. It's the main reason I hate the UI in Vista, Win7, Visual Studio, god knows what other microsoft products. Google please don't make the same mistake!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR lulabellalu 1/7/10 4:29 PM
I want to be able to change the font!  Is that so much to ask?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mwitthoft 1/8/10 1:59 PM
Another vote for "put in the #@$@# menu bar and stop congratulating yourselves on how cute you are to have got rid of it". I don't like fishing for the teeny tiny mouse targets you offer. I already have hand and wrist pain, and this makes it worse.
I  do appreacitate google  developing an alternative browser and I really think it has IE beat in speed and consistancy,  BUT,  I have to agree with the vast majority of comments posted above..... in my opinion,  and it seems in the opinion of 99% of computer users,  any browser should have an option to have a menu bar or not, and it should be one that people can customize to suit themselves.  
I have only seen one person state that he/she doesn't want a menu bar, and I am very suspicious of that person's motives... perhaps he/she just likes to be different.... (or maybe he/she is the one that designed the google browser).
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 1/26/10 6:04 AM
I agree.  Came in here to see if there was a Menu Bar option...there isn't.  Thought about maybe having a tool to customize the interface (you know, like FF - in which I can move buttons around anywhere I want).  But nope.  So...once again...buhbye.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 1/26/10 6:06 AM
Oh...and to QQFarmer - I use TinyMenu for FF too.  But, and here is where you miss the point - you had the OPTION.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mojawk 2/15/10 10:55 AM
NO Menu Bar,  NO Chrome,  I'm uninstalling Chrome until you have a menu Bar
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR kirkbross 2/15/10 12:52 PM
I agree: a "Classic Menu" check box would be nice. I don't dig the Page and Tool buttons concept.

Considering Google's progressive culture, I would have thought Chrome -- OUT OF THE GATE -- would have come with loads of handy (optional) Add-Ons like Firefox and the ability to skin and customize the tabs, menus and everything. The problem is, my go-to browser was Firefox, but with each new update I like it less and less.

As a developer, I love the Developer Tools in Chrome, but there is no need to rethink a menu design that the entire computing world has grown accustomed to, imho. Having said that, I will add that I am a stubborn Taurus!
I simply want to search for text on a web page. How difficult can that be? Without menu that's impossible!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Dejan1024 2/18/10 10:01 AM
MASIF1: To search for text on a webpage, use "find in page" option from the Page menu (or press F3).

To everyone else: Please, think about what you need. Menus are only holders for options. You don't need menus, you need options. And where the option will be is not important (although it will most likely be in the Page or Wrench menus). So, instead of talking about the menus (the place where you expect options to be), talk about the actual missing options that you need.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ricoPan 3/14/10 5:35 PM
I use tiny menu in firefox to save real estate -- very important for me. So I'm ok with no menu bar, though I understand why people want the option.
What I can't find the answer to is how to save real estate by removing the second bar where bookmarks live, and shorten the very long url address bar so I can add my half dozen critical bookmark icons to the left.

Saving real estate, especially vertical real estate, is critical to me.  I hate scrolling down to see required functionality.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Jackmrr74 3/19/10 7:56 AM
I agree Google Chrome should have a Menu Bar without it it is troublesome to use.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR bbaryonyx 3/29/10 1:24 AM
I want the old menu bar. It make it very convenient to navigate. I'm lost without it. At least have some kinda toggle switch where you have a choice either to display it or not. I'm going to uninstall Chrome until they fix this problem.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR austexjam 3/30/10 8:07 PM
Kinda strange that as kick ass as Google always is on all aspects that they would drop the ball so badly concerning the menu bar I have been searching for til this forum. Can't win em all. Time to uninstall this beta browser 'til they pacify the masses from my reading here. Bet the marketing manager who said my way or the highway for this project is on that highway himself now. Later! austexjam
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Rizor666 4/5/10 3:04 AM
a menu bar would be nice...
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 4/10/10 1:13 PM
I Agree. Without a menu bar Chrome will see little use from me
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 4/11/10 7:29 AM
It isn't worth the frustration. I just uninstalled it. If Google ever gives me back the option to show the traditional menu bar I will try it again. Until then Goodbye Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 4/28/10 8:07 PM
If you want a great browser and still want the menu bar like I do check out Lunascape6. I just installed it and un-installed Chrome.
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I don't use chrome because of it's lack of a menu bar. I always hear "why don't you use chrome, it's faster. You don't need a Menu bar." But I have been using menu bars since I first started using computers, about 13 years now, and I want a menu bar and will not use a product that doesn't have one. Heck even a company who ain't that smart realized users want a menu bar so included a menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR WasNotWas 5/18/10 8:07 AM
I think its a typical sign of the times.  People DONT want something (i.e. Healthcare Reform Bill) and yet its shoved up our butts.  People WANT the menu bar and big-brother Google says F.U. you dont need a menu bar.   Hey, Google, my nose is running.  Can you come and wipe it for me?  

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jrodman 5/21/10 1:32 PM
Yeah, so for about 20 years now, we've had menu bars.  I guess at google, inconsistency is king.

Amusingly, the mac version has a menu bar so you can do it for Linux/windows.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 5/26/10 11:58 AM
Do each of you realize that... Google doesn't actually OWN Chrome?  It's an open-source project, named Chromium.

5 reasons why the menu bars suck:

1: Isn't conducive to touch screen.  If you've ever tried using a tablet-ish computer, menu bars absolutely kill usability.  Completely.
2: You can't make them blend into the rest of the program.  Java tried to let people skin the menu bars, and every Java app using non-standard OS themes makes the menus look like trash.
3: Just because a menu bar makes you feel safe at night doesn't mean that it was the end-all best idea.  Menu bars were just a way to "get it done" back in the days of DOS programs when you couldn't remember the shortcut keys for things.
4: Menu bars were never designed to be context-sensitive and dynamic, and users get confused why things get disabled in some areas but not others.
5: A Menu Bars turns into a dictionary of every conceivable bell and whistle the program has packaged, and it leads to clutter.

I'm all for following OS GUI guidelines, but let's not fool ourselves: you can skin a program for an OS (Aero glass, anyone?) without conforming to every idea that made its debut in DOS.  Now if Chrome had its Vista-like close button in the Mac/Linux versions, that would be fuel for argument.

Honestly, I never even use the existing menus in Chrome.  I mean that.  What is in a menu bar that you can't do without it?  Copy?  Paste?  Are you aware that your fingers can do this all by themselves, and that its available in a selection's right-click?  Any navigation links found in menus already have dedicated buttons.  Print?  Save?  Are you stuck in the 1990's trying to save your web pages to a floppy?  They have URLs, you know.  That's what bookmarks are for.  Bookmark menu?  That is visible at any time by opening a new tab, or by using the Ctrl-B / Ctrl-Shift-B (depending on if you're in the Dev channel or not) hotkey.  Tools menu?  Oh wait-- that's the wrench icon.

Seems to me that everything is pretty much dealt with.  They didn't just decide to screw everyone-- they sprinkled alternatives to those menus all over the UI.  I think each and every one of you needs to learn about what a hotkey is, and then you need to look around and learn that good ideas only come if you try new things.  In fact, I'm against even putting an optional preference for a Menu Bar in the program, because then all of you jokers would be missing the point.  And you would feel like you were right all along, that the Chromium developers felt your pain.

Bottom line: The goal of a UI developer is to make interacting with the program obvious, excluding the need for a host of options along the top of the program.  The program should only give you options that apply to the context of your current view.  Program usability should never required that there are enough possible combinations of actions that you need to put an appendix of those actions along the top of your program.

And screw the guy putting healthcare commentary in a thread about Menu Bars.  I'm not in favor of such a Bill either, but I understand that these things are pretty different.  Maybe we should ask McCain if he had a stance on standardization of Menu Bars.


No hard feelings, guys.  Just learn to adapt a little.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 5/26/10 1:04 PM
Really?  Keyboard shortcuts?  Really?  Can you do those on a touch screen, like you say? What about the casual user who doesn't WANT to use or try to remember keyboard shortcuts?  

Jokers?  Us?  No, you are one of those who believes his sh*t doesn't stink and when anyone's opinion doesn't jive with yours they must be an idiot.

Yes, the goal of the developer is to make it obvious.  Try reminding scores of people that CTRL-O allows them to open a file in their browser.  Not so obvious...not as obvious as File/Open...what could be more obvious then spelling the damn thing out.

You know nothing about GUI design if you think Chrome is a good design.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 5/26/10 3:26 PM
How about drag and drop, to open a file in a browser?  How's that for obvious?  The point is that you're thinking about the wrong solutions because of habits.

Keyboard shortcuts on a touch screen get interesting, admittedly, but don't you think devices like Apple's precious iPad have done some thinking around that?  Cluttered menus are simply not usable on all technologies.  That's the take-away from Windows Mobile.  Copy/Paste and other such selection and search options are available in Chrome via right-click, and on touch-screen laptops, that's just a two-finger tap.

I'm listening hard for your argument as to why Chrome's UI blows chunks.  So far you've got nothing but thinking that Ctrl-O is a bad idea.  What's in a menu that you need so badly that I've never noticed on my TouchSmart convetable laptop?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 5/26/10 3:41 PM
I can see the POV lilly is presenting.   That said, the best way to get a browser adopted is to employ conventional GUI approaches and just perform better.  Here's a thought or two:
- I don't ever use a laptop or a touch screen - retiree on a fixed income and won't spend for improved gadgetry.  
- I never use keyboard shortcuts (waste of time and don't care to employ them - simply preference, not looking for rationale to do otherwise
- drag and drop works just fine however you go about it
- I think a lot of mobility demands have led to all sorts of user interface innovation, none of which are even slightly interesting to me.
I do appreciate graphic representation of the work I want to do, and the functions I choose to use, yet find a mouse click absolutely adequate to do that (I detest the idiotic technique employed  on laptops and tablets)  

So maybe I've a Luddite take on the issue, bordering on Senator Cleghorn's advice to Henry Hawk - "Don't bother me boy, I'm busy"  

In any case, Chrome "is what it is".  If you choose to use it, learn to use it well.  Otherwise, how much does it really matter?   Focus on WHAT to do, much more so than HOW.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 5/26/10 4:10 PM
Lots of wisdom, edcoffin-- you're absolutely right.  I happen to have a differing opinion about shortcuts, but that's because I program more hours in the day than I sleep.

I hate the mouse as my primary (or only) method of navigation (which is why the OS X just kicks me where it hurts).  Chrome has lots of beautiful shortcuts for reopening a tab you closed a few minutes ago, and popping down that bookmark bar, or opening your downloads list, or jumping the cursor into the search/URL box.  The thing is-- Chrome integrates beautifully with the OS you run it on to use shortcuts keys common to the OS, so it's not like you've even got to learn all-new shortcuts.  Your productivity in your browser might be a good indicator of how you use your OS, and if you've never touched a shortcut key on the OS, then there's the first problem.  Shortcuts are all over the place, on purpose.  If you're not into that stuff, then fine, but I submit that those people shouldn't be given any weight in an argument about a subject from which they've deliberately withdrawn.

I don't think that Chrome's goal is to painfully tie your hands until you become a keyboard ninja, but I think it's something that people should make a good-faith effort to learn.  It's not like computers are going away anytime soon, and it's not like keyboards are brand new.  The mouse is just a handy thing that exists because keyboard shortcuts got overwhelming, once upon a time.

Anyway.. like you say, edcoffin, it's about WHAT we do, and not HOW we do it.  My fundamental observation is that there is no menu missing from Chrome which doesn't have another perfectly intuitive way to accomplish the same thing.  How many times do every one of us use 100% of the menu options?  Never.  So they disperse those menus through the UI in smart spots.  It seems so petty to demand a menu bar on principle, instead of just giving it a shot.  Talk about intolerance!

That's my long-winded way of saying:

I'm -1 on this feature.
I have had several touch screen devices and I don't see the problem with having a menu. The only difference with a touchscreen is you use your fingers instead of a mouse why create a completely new interface just for touch screens? I have big fingers and the only problem I have is when typing fast using the onscreen keyboard. Websites work fine on touchscreens, you do not need big massive buttons for a touchscreen developers just put them there for the hell of it, well maybe to help those ppl who have never seen a touchscreen. What they should do is have the ability to enable or disable the menu bar at start up, ask the simple question do you want a menu bar? It ain't that hard. Androids web browser has a menu bar, although I'm not sure if you can call it a menu bar, but it gives you all the options a menu bar does, minus a couple of things.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 6/14/10 8:59 AM
When it comes down to it, all Chrome has done is recategorise the menus into 2 major options which make better sense. Page, and Tools. And they gave them a conservatively sized icon (it's not huge).

I still stand by the fact that my primary use of the web browser is to browse the web, not navigate intricate menus as an appendix of bells and whistles.

Simplification is not a bad thing for a browser which has a minimalist approach.  Take a look at IE, which tried to simplify, but really screwed up. Have you ever seen their icons and right-click menus?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR QQFarmer 6/14/10 2:16 PM
"When it comes down to it, all Chrome has done is recategorise the menus into 2 major options which make better sense. Page, and Tools. And they gave them a conservatively sized icon (it's not huge).

I still stand by the fact that my primary use of the web browser is to browse the web, not navigate intricate menus as an appendix of bells and whistles.

Simplification is not a bad thing for a browser which has a minimalist approach.  Take a look at IE, which tried to simplify, but really screwed up. Have you ever seen their icons and right-click menus?"

Totally agreed.
I tried Chrome and I like it and some of the unique features it has but I will not use it as my primary browser because of the lack of a proper Menu Bar. I will continue to use Firefox which I also like. Chrome should at least give us a Menu Bar option which can be hidden or visible according to the users preference. That way people can make a choice as to whether they wish to use it or not use it to gain some extra space in the window.
I see many people here asking for the menu bar so it would only be good business to present this option in the next update. Thank you.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR raini705 6/18/10 7:32 PM
I'm going to do an experiment and see how long I can actually survive without my menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dookah 6/21/10 7:17 AM
Pls, Google, give us an option to use a standard Windows menubar. Thanks.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 6/21/10 8:25 AM
Where would it even appear? I doesn't fit into the browser's theme.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jdsnook 7/11/10 5:46 AM

I find Google Chrome useless without a Menu Bar.  Minimal software programs lack a Menu Bar - whoever created this browser was not thinking clearly.

How about creating a Menu Bar and then I will use your browser.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jdsnook 7/11/10 5:47 AM

I find Google Chrome useless without a Menu Bar.  Minimal software programs lack a Menu Bar - whoever created this browser was not thinking clearly.

How about creating a Menu Bar and then I will use your browser.

Plus I like that accessibility of my list of bookmarks with out having to perform number of clicks to find them.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR komoku 8/9/10 1:48 AM
tiliv, you make some valid points about why the absence of menu bars can be preferrable in some situations (touchscreen, etc.) or by some people. But many people still want a menu bar, so I don't see why it shouldn't be available as an option, even if it's not enabled by default. Users without a touchscreen or who aren't used to working with menubars can just not enable it.

In my particular case, I've been fiddling with computers for around 20 years and I've been using Windows since its version 3.1. I have grown so used to the *standard* menubars all programs used to have that I use them unconsciously. If I'm using 8 or 9 programs at once as I usually am, it's also very useful and handy to know that, for example, all of them have "File - Save as..." in the exact same place. It's not that I'm against learning new things, but learning new UIs will give me no benefit (I can do everything with menu bars) and is inconvenient anyway (even if menu bars are clunky, it's simpler to learn one interface for ten programs than to learn ten interfaces).

My policy with this is that I don't use programs that don't give me the option of getting a menu bar, period. This means that sadly I don't use Google Chrome, although I'd really like it if it had one. If the fad with removing menu bars extends to many Windows apps, I'll have to switch to KDE desktops which sadly seem to be following the Windows GUI conventions better than Windows lately... and there is always Macs, too. But learning a different UI per program like in the pre-Windows era? Hell no.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 8/9/10 9:05 AM
komoku, I find that not using Chrome on principle is a little rigid.  I respect your roots-- they are the same as my own.  I don't believe for a second that every program on earth should lose the menu bar, but... it's a web browser.  Nobody has answered the question I have: What the friggin crap is in the menu that you need so badly to be available like that?

Just hit your Alt key and focus goes to the wrench menu, the same as in a program with a traditional menu.

Obviously this will be a never-ending battle between two different camps.  It's my mission to make sure that people arguing understand why they're arguing, so that they're not doing it without an actual, decent reason.  Nobody has revealed that reason yet, except that they just don't like it.

Somebody dig out your persuasive reasoning skills, please.  If the only attempts at argument are feeble, how do you expect to convince the maintainers of the code to coalesce?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 8/9/10 9:35 AM
A simple analogy:  Mercedes came out with a prototype called the SCL600 that used a control stick instead of a steering wheel.  The issue would be, of course, that most people would not be comfortable with it because it wasn't what they were used to.  Now, a browser is not a car - making a mistake in a browser, or not able to operate it, is merely frustrating, not potentially life threatening.  But the principle is the same. People want a menu bar because they are used to a menu bar and don't want to bother re-learning something as ubiquitous as a browser.

This is like MS's fiasco with the Ribbon Bar...or whatever lame-ass name they give it now.  People don't WANT to have to re-learn how to do things in a different way.  So give them the option.  Simple.  It wouldn't kill the developers to offer an option to have a menu bar displayed.  

I use FF - with Tiny Menu - I hide the menu bar behind the word "Menu".  However, if I am looking for something under that menu, I know to look under File/Edit/View...etc.  I KNOW where my menu options are in FF - with or without Tiny Menu.  I have no clue where they are in Chrome (or IE7 and up for that matter).  I could look...and learn...but why bother?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 8/9/10 9:44 AM
I'm one of the original complainers about no menu bar.  In the few months since I expressed that dissatisfaction, I've relooked into such considerations as browser speed, multiple redundant applications, and what functions I use as necessity and which I use as habit.  I have 45 years computing experience, 18 years on the web, and 24 years experience with graphic representation of applications and visual interfaces - and a need to conserve resources on my computer and stay within my budget.  I now use Chrome exclusively.  Yep.  Fast, reasonably compact, and not tied up with a running last in first out inventory of plugins and extensions.  I find that changing to do without a menu bar is far less onerous than replicating three or four 'find and clicks' to do essentially the same thing.   So although I still have some antediluvian or luddite ideas, the change has been made, and made for good.  

Just thought those interested would like to know.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 8/9/10 11:21 AM
Interesting that you think the Office "Ribbon" is a disaster.  If you just use it for a day or two, you realize why it's so much better.  There are literally hundreds of features in the Office apps, but nobody could find them, because they were buried so deeply in menus that people didn't know that they existed.  Microsoft's top feature requests were for things that were already in the program!

The menu bar's strength is also its weakness-- huge apps can only organize so well with a menu bar, so they move on to something better when the need arises.

You'll be upset to know that even Firefox has turned off the menu bar by default, for the upcoming version 4.  You can of course re-enable it, but I hope that it makes people start to realize that people like me are not so radical and progressive as you think we are.

Still waiting for the #1 menu item that everyone so desperately wants.  Your extensions are visible from the main browser bar.  Copy/paste should be easy enough.  Saving a page is simple: Ctrl-S... nothing new there.  Bookmarks are always visible from the new-tab page.  Downloads appear at the bottom of a page.  What do you people want from your menu bar??  I just can't get a straight answer that has any weight to it.  Just browse the internet, dammit.  How do you think this stuff works on mobile devices?  There are so few items that actually require a menu bar to be present, and Chromium contracts those into smaller menus, so that it's easier to find items.  We would all find it pretty stupid if they gave us a full menu bar of menus with only 2 items in each.

edcoffin, I think you've seen the proverbial "light"-- the menu bar is unimportant when you finally look at the browser as a browser.  I do in fact find it interesting that you've made the switch "for good".
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 8/9/10 11:56 AM
The Ribbon Bar is a disaster - especially if you use Excel.  It's a joke.

As for the menu bar, like you said, they "hid" it - which means it can be activated.  Simple.  I have a smartphone - android.  I don't browse often on it at all - it's a pain in the ass.  But what you are suggesting is, if it works on mobile devices, you should then dumb down a PC version?

And forget "keyboard shortcuts"....I would say roughly 90% of users don't use them and don't know them and don't want to know them.

So...where's "Save Frame as...", Print Preview, Page Setup, Work Offline...does Google Chrome do these?  Dunno.  Can't find the choices.

And...again...I don't necessarily use the menus at all.  I just get tired of people asking me how they can do something with "app x" - when they would know how to do it with a menu bar.

Finally - the number 1 question I got asked when idiot people I know installed Office 2007 with that freakin' Ribbon Bar.  How do you print?  What retard put possibly the most common Word feature under a big orange ball in the top left?  Yeah - real intuitive.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 8/9/10 12:20 PM
I'm not suggesting that PCs be dumbed down to the mobile device level.  I'm suggesting that it's possible to browse the web without a menu bar.  You click on things, and you use the back button.

Keyboard shortcuts such as copy/paste are common, and most people know how to do a right-click and *then* copy/paste.  And guess what.. 90% of users aren't using Chrome anyway, so I'd suggest that those who are using it are the ones who can handle Control-C.

"Work Offiline" is one of those features I wish we could get rid of.  Far fewer people know how to use it properly than know how to use Control-C. That's an awful argument.

"Page Setup" is OS-dependent.  Linux gives you those things from the print dialog.  This somewhat an OS problem, but I agree that on Windows it lacks usability.  This is a valid suggestion for improvement.

Office 2010 is improving on the Ribbon, but ... I wish human beings would open their eyes and try to click on the clearly pulsing orb the first time they open the program.  Office 2010 gets rid of the orb, suggesting that you are correct about its poor design.  I just wish we could fast-forward 15 years to a time when people stop being ignorant of general computer usage.

Just like we shouldn't dumb down Desktop programs to be like mobile apps, I think we shouldn't cave in on UI decisions for the lowest common denominator for users who can't figure out how to explore a single menu on their own.

The fact is, you're not going to stop this movement for rethinking the UI.  You're just making noise about it, and in 15 years there will be entirely new UIs, and we'll all have this same argument again: new vs old.  Statistically speaking, you're going to lose that fight.  What happens if in 15 years Firefox phases out the menu bar entirely?  Then we'll have the same debate, and like when Windows XP got rid of pure DOS.  "It's the end of the world!" they say.  "It's the worse OS in history!" they say.  But now it's the only OS that most people love.

Times change.  Get with it, and teach yourself some new tricks, and teach others while you're at it.  I don't think that this is all a non-issue, but it's something we should get on top of, instead of clicking our heels together, trying to get back home.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR odeasusieb43 9/2/10 7:48 AM
I too, do not like the lack of a menu bar. It is very inconvenient to have to plow through everything when you want to print, change interneet options, clear cookies, history and temp files. A menu is absolutely necessary
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/2/10 9:19 AM
Firefox 4 shows no menu bar by default.  Even though you can turn it back on, can't we see that this demonstrates the way things are moving?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 9/2/10 9:57 AM

Yes, but you can add it back in.  How is that the same thing?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/2/10 9:59 AM
Did you ready my whole sentence?  I said, "Even though you can turn it back on, can't we see that this demonstrates the way things are moving?"

Read please.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 9/2/10 10:13 AM

I did, but how is NOT having any option for having a menu bar the same as having the option?  I am not sure how this "demonstrates how things are moving".  Oh, and I just uninstalled FF entirely (preferences and user data included) and installed the beta for 4, and the menu bar is turned on by default - at least it was with mine.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/2/10 10:28 AM
I uninstalled Chrome as soon as I found out it had no way of showing the menu bar. I see other people feel the same as me. Try Lunascape. You can customize everything and it's 3 browsers in one.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/2/10 2:14 PM

You're embellishing when I've said, but the point is about the default, whether you have the option or not.  If the latest Firefox 4 beta turned the menubar back on by default, then I guess people like you guys have whined enough that they didn't want to take a popularity hit.    No spine.

Read the Firefox case study, and I think you'll see just how little people actually USE the menubar, no matter how much better it makes you feel to see it there:
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR cx5 9/4/10 10:45 AM
Never mind a menu bar. I've just noticed that the menu button that was next to the wrench button has gone! I have un-installed Chrome and then re-installed it, but the menu button is still missing. Any ideas anyone?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/4/10 11:39 AM
It's been removed, and contracted into one single Wrench icon.  Have a look at the menu in there, and you'll see everything.  They contracted it into one menu for the Beta and Dev versions of Chrome, and you've recently been updated to see that take effect.  The vision is to stop breaking up commands into several submenus, when there are really only a handful of commands people look for.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR flaconnoir 9/5/10 3:31 PM
I uninstalled Google Chrome six months ago because of the lack of a menu bar. I just checked back again today, saying to myself "surely by now they must have listened to a large number of users who would like the option added." But no...
 I can appreciate that it is supposed to be intuitive and super streamlined. And the menubar is super missing. It is arrogant to say "then just don't use GoogleChrome". I like to use a browser the way I like to use a browser and I disagree that it should not even an be an option.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/5/10 6:31 PM
I'm actually willing to bet that this 'large number' of people complaining are actually a minority.  I don't think it's arrogant to say "if you disagree, then don't use it."   It's like buying an iPad-- if you disagree with the strategy, or the product idea, or its limitations, or the company that makes it, or the Chinese labor used to create it... then don't buy it.  Just don't buy it.  It's you're choice.  It's not like Chrome has an oppressive monopoly on the browser market.  Arrogant?  I think not.  Just use precious Firefox if you want a menu bar.

(Who the F keeps down-voting legit info that I gave above?  How is "they removed the second menu" worth a down-vote?  How is "read this Firefox case-study" worth a down-vote?  Somebody needs to get their head out of the clouds and just read what I'm writing.)

I'm not convinced that a single person in this discussion is even making an attempt to reconsider.  Has it ever struck you that if there's no menu bar, that there's maybe a reason?  BROWSE THE WEB.  STOP TRYING TO USE MENUS.  ALL YOU REALLY WANT IS A BOOKMARKS MENU, BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE HELPS YOU CLICK ON LINKS.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Dejan1024 9/6/10 4:22 AM
@tiliv: Don't worry much about down-voting. It's just that people tend to confuse "do you find this answer helpful" with "do you like this answer". You will see that this answer will also most likely be down-voted into oblivion too :)

On topic:
Menus weren't there since the beginning of the world. They were invented, like all other user interface elements, as an easier way to access commands than remembering and typing them in a command prompt. At the time, it worked, so the menus stuck around for a decade or two. All of us, when we first saw a computer, didn't know what menus are and how to use them, but they were there and we learned to use them.
Since computers (and interfaces) progress, people are inventing new things, new interface elements, to make things easier than they were. Of course, if you are meeting it for the first time, you will not know how to use it, but once you learn and get used to it, it will be logical and easy.
More and more programs switch from menus to something easier. And we are talking about the biggest computer companies in the world. They know what they are doing. You should give it a try. But not in the "this doesn't work like a menu" way, try it in an open-minded way. Say to yourself "This is supposed to be an easier way. Let me get used to it and see where it gets me". Embrace new things because the future is full of them. Don't be afraid of the future :)
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ccrashh 9/6/10 6:27 AM
@tiliv and Dejan1024:

Look, I don't use menus at all, except for the most obscure commands for which I cannot remember the hotkey.  However, what you are suggesting will alienate a large part of the "aging" population.  A demographic which cannot easily re-learn "new things".  These are the people who took a look at the ribbon bar and wondered "what the fuck".  These are the people who looked at IE7 and wondered why are they doing this.  I have to support these people who are more resistant to change.

Now, you go tell a 70 year old who has used menu bars in all of his/her apps for years that they have to learn something new. 

That is what I am balking at.  Yes, the menu bar is relatively unnecessary.  Yes, it is becoming more and more irrelevent.  But there are many users who need it.  It would be relatively simple to offer the option to add it in.

Regardless - as tiliv suggested - I set them up with FF and customize the interface to what they want.  THAT is what a browser - any app - should be able to do - customize.  Which is why I cannot recommend Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/6/10 11:21 AM
ccrashh, I appreciate the point you're making, but I see it like this:

There are probably 4 categories of people in this area: the ones either embrace, experiment, cope, or fight with a new technology.  People move up that progression, but naturally people are scattered throughout the various stages.  For my grandmother who never really understood what the difference between dialup and DSL was, she's never going to get something like Chrome.  As you say, I can't safely recommend it to her.  But I argue that Chrome takes no damage of reputation from that.  When people switch from a Mac to a PC, or the other way around, there are simply things that are impossible to change.  Windows will always function like windows, even if you hack the UI to be more Mac-like.  Mac will always function like Mac.  Linux will always function like Linux.  Browsers are not all meant to be identical, especially considering that Chrome will soon be its own operating system for netbooks.  They've go no choice but to make Chrome function without a menubar, because it's not only cross-platform, it is its own platform.

And that's that.  Sure, the aged population can't figure this no-menu thing out.  They haven't developed the sorts of skills that are increasingly necessary as technologies move forward.  I can probably safely assume that I've lost skills that were maybe useful 30 years ago.  That's just how things work.  It's not bad.  While there are still other browsers out there that have menubars, this is not the end of the world.  Chrome wants to be out on the leading edge of ideas.  Does it make any sense at all that it cater to the crowd who doesn't even *want* to be on the leading edge of ideas?  Why would that make sense, from the leading-edge mindset?

Problem solved.  People shouldn't use it if it doesn't work with their paradigm.  That's just how it is.  We literally cannot progress new ideas if all new ideas are forced to be like the old ideas.  I agree that customization is worth a lot.  That's why I used Opera for a long, long time, because literally every bit of the UI could be changed, moved, themed, or added or removed.  Even all of the preference items could be dragged onto a toolbar to place a permanent checkbox on the UI.  But if you take a step back and look at Chrome... it's so dreadfully simple, that it begs the reassessment: with a UI this simple, is it worth it?  Wouldn't that further break the idea that you can sit down in front of anybody's Chrome browser and know how to use it?

I'm rambling now, but I think these are all important points.  In 20 years we'll all be arguing over the same thing, but with a different program that further changes the game.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/10/10 11:11 AM
Don't expect it them to add popularly missed features.

Because they do not see the need to compete, they truly do not care about user preferences.  

This is similar to gmail in that there is no option to disable "conversation view" - which some prefer, the rest of us just have learned to tolerate in so that we may use other features in lieu of competing options.

This is not new; nor is it unique to Google.  This is the history of software development.

Software is designed often with little regard for human behavior and preferences because it is designed primarily by people that care little about human behavior and preferences and simply think they know better.  The rest of humanity's commentary and disdain shows how seldom such a view is correct.

I only use Chrome as an additional browser past Internet Explorer, and my preferred, Firefox.  Opera compares far favorably to Chrome.

Frankly, Chrome truly sucks.

Best thing we can do to encourage Google to offer choices is to favor competing products when possible, recommend competing products, and expose patterns of indifference in software development whenever possible.

Google stockholders really ought to force these wealthy, often insulated decision-makers to sit down in front of Bob Farrell's now-dated, but still quite true legendary customer service speeches over lunch. (There are other notables as well). Have them watch it in a coffee house on slow laptops with poor connectivity in a coffee house in a less-than affluent section of town.  Have them ride public transit to get there.  

They might become more receptive to suggestions, if they don't talk to each other over it but actually listen.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/10/10 11:14 AM
How's this for human behavior?

This thread is about menu bars.  Turns out, all anybody really wants is a bookmark listing, because that's what human's click on.  So Chrome ditches the menubar, and keeps the bookmark bar.  Seems straightforward to me.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 9/10/10 11:27 AM
Long ago I questioned the absence of a menu bar in Chrome.  Later, I acknowledged that I had adapted to the page and tools icons without any difficulty.  Like most forum commentary, this has devolved into "about me" and "what I think" (which is OK, that's the nature of discussion and debate)    

Getting down to simple fact:  the menu bar as we know it is a horizontal list of things you might want to do or see. (more than bookmarks, e.g. Find or Search etc).  What is the difference in having those lists of things to see or things to do on a horizontal list or displayed behind an icon?  Basically, one click.  No problem.  My life includes enough time to choose the page or tools image and make a click.  Finally, preferences are not enforceable rules - they are choices.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/10/10 6:30 PM
The 80/20 rule is indeed a valid point, and noteworthy, but not relevant.  

 Windows users expect to see File, Edit, View, ...Help, and to find options categorized beneath them in similar fashions between applications. Of course it varies some. Users also like to see a list of these options by clicking/mousing over the menu options, not hunt for them with tooltips.  

Even for the "20", it does not have to be a default, just a choice. It's not very resource intensive to add.  

Further examples of expected features are, at least since Windows 95/NT4, we expect to see the three Minimize/Maximize/Close options in the upper right hand corner.  

We don't expect round windows either (though some skins can produce some pretty cool effects, sure, but that's also an exception to the familiarity rule)

It's not that user interfaces do not change over time, that's what improvement is all about. But to force them upon users with the only option to get around it is to use a competing product is simply bad design.

Naturally this is a matter of opinion and many may disagree - which is another argument for formal usability testing - a practice not done nearly as often as it should be given developers do not see the value.  I've done it in school with my own code. It was rather humbling.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/10/10 7:14 PM
Your final thoughts paint a bit too broadly.  Developers at large can't be illustrated as incapable of seeing the value in usability testing.  In reality, Chrome changes all the time-- just use the 'dev channel' version for a month and you'll notice how rapidly they experiment with button positions, icons, menu configurations, etc.

This is less about the 80/20 rule as a doctrine, and more about simply cutting out the stuff that people simply don't use.  Even those people who might happen to pick the "View -> Reload" instead of pushing the button on the UI... we can't let the minority force the majority into clutter like that.  To give Chrome a menubar, they'd have to rethink their UI.  Where would it even go?  Under the tabs?  The frame is (especially on Windows) an important part of the UI, and it would be senseless to box the UI with a standard window frame.  At that point, why not just use Firefox?

I'm not sure how many people really understand this, but Chrome wasn't started just to mimic the competition.  New ideas are born because there's an underlying desire to change the standard.  That should have set the expectation bar right from the start, but everyone still seems to think that Chrome should be exactly like the other browsers.  Chrome isn't even competing with the other browsers-- they're simply implementing good ideas that should have started sooner.


- A better process-based tab system
- A better extension API (the one on Firefox blows, as it must restart the browser at the slightest update to any extension)
- Features like 'pinning' tabs (which Firefox 4 has copied)
- Decently smooth UI animations
- Smart link hovering for target URLs (doesn't appear unless required, eliminating the need for a useless Status Bar)
- A better version of Opera's speeddial feature (which Safari then used)
- A built-in DOM inspector
- Awesome Find abilities, with the scrollbar highlighting the location of matches
- A better mechanism for updates, both for the browser and for extensions
- Per-user profile settings that are maintained automatically, thus no Windows UAC problems
- Amazing crash recovery (for those very occasional crashes on the Dev channel)
- Perfect platform UI integration
- Leading-edge security features, most of which protect you without you even knowing it, such as STS (
- Incognito windows (which everybody has now copied)
- True snap-out and snap-in tabs
- Domain highlighting in the URL (IE, Safari, and Firefox now do this)
- A built-in PDF viewer which support normal browser features, such as the normal Find box in Chrome (no more wonky Adobe vulnerabilities from weird Javascript and embedded object support)
- Extension synchronization
- Beautifully, stupidly easy bookmark sync, and Autofill sync
- The omnibar, which does intelligent search result lookup, unlike any other browser
- A 'New Tab' page that is actually worth something, with bookmarks, recently closed tabs, and top visited sites all in one spot

Do you get it?  Chrome didn't just walk in and try to copy everyone else.  It's popular because they're trying new things, and people like it.  So let's be careful when we throw around words like "Chrome sucks" or "the developers are stupid".  Chrome is the only browser in the last decade which has contributed so many new ideas to the Browser market.  You might not like a few of those features, but it's impossibly to please everybody.  Therefore, we go with the majority.  Done.  So go elsewhere if a menubar makes you feel warm at night.  I'm not heartless-- I just think that there are better things to worry about in life than an unused appendix of options clinging to the top of your screen.

:)  Have a great day.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/10/10 7:23 PM
I still submit users should be given the choice - but to me it's irrelevant, I uninstalled it.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/10/10 7:43 PM
You do have a choice.  You uninstalled it.  So stop pretending like the open source project Chromium owes you something.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/10/10 7:56 PM
PS-- Nobody answers my questions.  Where would the menu even go?  The UI doesn't allow for it.  Please, offer decent solutions, not just abstract problems.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/13/10 5:07 PM
tilliv, (LOL) I assumed you were one were one of the arrogant developers, I gather you are not, but just arguing for the UI because you prefer it, which is fine.

You do not seem to get the point, so I'll try to clarify for the sake of other readers. Respectfully, I don't expect you to agree and I could care less about your viewpoint.  Your arguments for the UI changes are all valid, but are simply not relevant to the topic of user choice.  

The concerns in these treads are common customer complaints which are apparently mostly ignored.

To use the old adage, "The customer is always right".  While that's arguably not to be interpreted 100% literally, having a happy customer is the most important part of any business It's a philosophy that seems to be missing from many businesses today and in this case, Google's decision makers, of which I imagine their support and marketing people wonder about the indifference.

Most customers do not care to have a shiny new philosophy pushed upon them, no matter how superior it is.  They will put up with and learn a new UI only if they believe the other benefits of the product outweigh the additional learning curve of a new UI.

The Dvorak keyboard vs. QWERTY is another example. QWERTY was designed to slow down typing speed so manual typewriters did not jam, something not really relevant for 30+ years.  There are many others, including products having nothing to do with computers. Historians reading might be able to point out products from 50-150 years ago or more that also failed for similar reasons.

To answer your question, I would put the menu bar in the same location it appears in other Windows applications, directly under the title bar. For other platforms, I'd put it in the same manner users are familiar with for those. But, to further the point, an even better solution would be to put the menu where the user wants it placed.

For further reading, I'd suggest Donald Norman's book, "The Design of Everyday Things" - second edition, (c) 2002.

To provide some background on where I come up with this perspective, I have worked in customer service, end-user support, sales and marketing, and software development and even a tiny bit of usability testing in various forms since the mid-1980's.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/13/10 5:15 PM
Tiliv, reading your self-description from your profile explains your viewpoint far more than your arguments above:

"I tend to work from the initial assumption that people are stupid, and therefore one must earn my kind-thinking by making a simple demonstration of your right-mindedness.  Think of it like an anti-lemming test."
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/13/10 6:00 PM

I completely get where you're coming from on the customer being right.  My primary qualm with that doctrine is that Chrome is intended to be "edgy," not customer-friendly for that 95% of the mortal market of average users.  Therefore there's something to be said for saying ... "who cares?"  I'm trying not to be disrespectful to the average customer, please understand.  The issue is that while I'm sure Chrome wants to pick up market share, I think we should understand who the target demographic is.  Naturally, the target demographic for a textbook on N-dimensional calculus will generally swallow the lessons, while the teen working at Walmart will likely complain that it's not written clearly enough to understand where it's even coming from.

Having the choice to buy a laptop with a Dvorak layout keyboard (in all of its varieties) and being forced into using a Dvorak layout are two different things.  If the market were to decide on behalf of the public world that Dvorak layouts are better, purging all product lines of the QWERTY variety, you'd have a case.  The fact is, I can choose to buy a Dvorak layout or not, and if I buy a Dvorak keyboard on the grounds that it's the coolest piece of hardware in the tech circles, and then complain that it's Dvorak and hard to understand, then who's to blame?

A google real-world example is the Netbook, which typically shipped with Ubuntu Linux, much to the horror of non-informed buyers.  THAT is a good example of your argument, because the buyer was not educated enough to know that virtually 100% of netbooks came with a catch: it's running an OS you've never heard of.  I sympathize with those people, but I don't sympathize with those who download Chrome and want to get in on the latest trend, and then prophesy curses upon it for not being exactly like the competition (in arguably degenerative ways).

Your suggestion about the menu bar placement is moot.  There's no title bar in Chrome.  That's exactly why I'm posing the question.  Chrome's layout doesn't have a conventional window frame, therefore no obvious place for a menu.  To put the menu in the existing window panel (which is transparent on Windows Vista & 7), you'd be sure to get an upheaval from theme makers who have menus now covering their only reliably themeable region.  (I've tried to make a theme or two-- the best place to put anything non-repeating is in that top-left corner, since the buttons are in the top-right.)

I respect the perspective you (and everyone else in this thread) share, but I'm suggesting that people with queazy stomachs stop getting into the game being played.

Yes, my playfully composed motto is to make people earn their karma in argument.  That's not to say that I pick a fight just to intimidate people.  However, I feel the need to exercise "the power of one", to speak up when other people do not.  I'm the one who argues back, to have an intelligent exchange of opinion, while everyone else just ignores it and leaves the healthy conversation unsaid.  I regularly submit site feedback on a website when something ridiculous happens that upsets me as a customer (everything from HTML/Javascript quirks to false browser restrictions, to typos, to funky design decisions-- I've built good rapport with the owners of several small websites and businesses).

The biggest issue I take in all of this talk is that people blindly condemn Chrome for not having a menubar, as if it were the point of the browser.  I've got no problem with menubars in general applications-- but ... it's a web browser.  Browse the web.  Click on links.  Do searches.  I fail to understand why the menubar is an integral part of the browsing experience, considering the evidence in the Mozilla case studies, and despite the idea that people enjoy the familiarity.  The fact is that the people posting in this thread are not merely annoyed that Chrome is unfamiliar-- they're arguing for a menubar because they've hardly tried to adapt.

I've got to hit the road now, but appreciate the exchange taking place right now, even if everybody and their dog ranks my posts as "unhelpful" simply because they disagree.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/13/10 6:02 PM
(oops, I wrote "a google real-world"-- my fingers got away from me.  I meant "good")
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR greglongoregon 9/14/10 4:59 AM
I'm not going to read your drivel.  I'm just glad Google doesn't employ you, kid.  Your posts are most likely marked unhelpful because you are not very helpful and you appear to care little about others.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/14/10 9:11 AM
Wow.  That was condescending.

Contrary to that brutally abbreviated and flawed analysis, you should read my last post.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dimidrak 9/27/10 2:48 PM
I learned to read and I want to have a menu and use this ability to save desktop space and my time.
I see menu-less interfaces like a revival of hieroglyphics, may be a marketing design approach but not real progress.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/27/10 2:57 PM
I would agree, except that we're talking about just one single wrench icon-- programs with rampant toolbar buttons suffer from what you describe, but Chrome seems pretty clean in that respect.  I'm not sure how having a menubar saves desktop space, but I'll give you a concession that your opinions are your own, and that mine are mine :)
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR gypsybeader 9/29/10 2:11 PM
I just installed this due to constant IE freezing and crashing, but am going to uninstall it due to No Menu Bar. Ridiculous to omit it. Google, you blew it. Firefox, here I come.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/29/10 2:20 PM
God, it's not as if the features are missing, or even hiding, for that matter.  I'd kill to speak to you all face to face, because something is really going over your heads.  I'm fine with those who have consciously analyzed their feelings on the matter, but 98% of people complaining have no idea what they're talking about.  .. and that's not simply because I think you're wrong-- it's because you seriously don't think about it.

Did you know that 75% of the mainstream browsers no longer include menubars?  Firefox 4 has both disabled and enabled the menubar, depending on what beta you try, but the trend is clear.  IE 9 beta, Firefox 4 beta, Opera 10.5+, Chrome... they all are taking away the menubar.  Please try to open your minds to this notion, because sooner or later it's going to happen, and you'll all look like moaning oldschoolers who are deathly afraid to try some green eggs and ham.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/29/10 2:52 PM
I just looked at my Opera 10.62 and the menu bar is still there, as it is in FF and even Safari.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/29/10 3:01 PM
Thanks, sir, for downrating everything I say, even if it is, strictly speaking, informative.  You're part of this problem.

Safari won't count for crap, given that on a Mac, everything has a menubar, whether you want it or not.  It's not like they're going to redesign Safari for Windows only, just to avoid a menubar.

Firefox has gone back and forth in their betas.  I already said that.

I'm not sure which Opera version you're using, because every video they publish has no menubar.  It's just a red "Menu" tab along the top.  If you're arguing that this is in fact a menubar, then why the crap does Chrome's wrench icon bother you so much?  It's the same thing.  Firefox 4 uses an identical tab, only it's orange.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/29/10 3:07 PM
I stated it was Opera 10.62, the latest release, and I see no red bar at the top. On mine it has file,edit,view,bookmarks,widgets, mail, tools, and help. Just like it always was. Just enable menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/29/10 3:17 PM
I think your right however about eventually loosing the menu bar option. However as long as I can find alternative programs that still have the menu bar as an option, I refuse to use programs without it.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 9/29/10 4:29 PM
Wow.  This one continues to percolate.  Fact is, there is no one browser without flaws (perceived flaws, to be more accurate).  I have used every browser that gained release level support.  Just went back from the enhanced IE 8 to Chrome, due mainly to load times and resource consumption - things that matter on an oldish, not unlimited computer.  Among the early questioners about Chrome not having a menu bar, I'll have to say it took me all of an hour to become comfortable with the "wrench only" aspect of what have traditionally been menu bar items.  Firefox is good, but can be resource consumptive.  Opera is very good, but subject to failed selected operations.  IE is overburdened with huge mousover menus and generally clumsy architecture.  Safari is efficient but remains "Safari".  Etc, etc, etc.  I really couldn't care less about patronizing and using any one browser until only one emerges as most compact, most efficient, most responsive, and retains ease of use.  So far, not happening.  As a mere observation, it seems that "unlearning" utilization practices is a whole lot harder to approach that learning something new.  We should try to remember than in the middle and late 1980's the motivation for desktops was to allow rich interfaces to applications by displaying a picture of the work or the view you want to do.  I clearly recall being among the first trial horses at both IBM San Jose and HP Cupertino, where graphic representation (iconic interface) was going from the concept to the merchantable product stage.  Bottom line - using a graphic representation of what you want to do, with simple selectable routing immediately behind it, works quite well.  It's WHAT you do, not HOW, that counts.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Pat Clark 9/30/10 8:33 AM
Back to the question tiliv posed -- what is missing when menu bar is missing?

I used the "make shortcut" function to get to a site I use frequently.  It works fine.

Except ... there's no menu bar at all.  No wrench, no address, no back button, no refresh, no nothing.

I do not know the shortcut for "Back," but tried every combination of Shift, Alt, Fn, Windows, Ctrl plus various keyes I could think of.  No luck.

I came here trying to find out how to make it appear and got enmeshed in the rants.  Aside from this error, EVERYTHING I need is available as is . . . if the bar itself is present.  When it's missing, NOTHING I need is present.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 9/30/10 8:54 AM
I appreciate the direct example.

That interface is ridiculously minimalist.  The idea was that you probably shouldn't need those controls for webapp-ish pages, like online email, Pandora, etc.  The problem is that this doesn't work so well for a lot of sites.  To make things worse, they change the shortcut key for Back and Forward.  Click on the window's icon in the window frame, and you'll see a list of things you can do.

There used to be a feature on that list which let you convert the window into a real tab, so that all controls returned to normal, but I don't see that on the development version anymore.  The normal version and the beta versions may or may not have the feature still.

The short story is that the application shortcut feature is a little lacking.  I fully expect that it'll get better as IE 9 puts on the pressure with its incredible well-executed version of the same idea.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/1/10 1:48 PM
I just downloaded IE 9 to see if Microsoft was going to heck as well as Google Chrome. It does by default resemble Chrome, But alas! the menu bar can be turned back on.....Just thought I'd point that out as I am part of the "problem". Microsoft is still giving us the OPTION to have the traditional menu bar. Chrome should do the same if they ever want to be considered a viable alternative. You see many people like options and Microsoft has lost enough business to Apple already. They don't want to loose more. Google???well I guess they just don't care.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/1/10 1:59 PM
Yes, thanks.  You're not the first person to say that options are amazing.  But my point in bringing this up is that "defaults matter", because that's where things are heading.  Eventually these people will strip out the option entirely.

And a correction: "Chrome should do the same if they ever want to be considered a viable alternative" ... for people like yourself.  Seems to me like if there's a movement strong enough to make a brand new browser, that there's an adequate number of people in the world who think you're wrong.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/1/10 2:09 PM
Have you looked at Lunascape 6? Beats the heck out of all the others. Yes defaults matter, but so do options. And at least Microsoft is wise enough to know that.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/1/10 2:16 PM
Not if it's Windows-only.  I ride the "dev channel" for the updates that Chrome receives-- I enjoy using a product that is updated weekly, constantly implementing the latest fixes, even for things like Webkit.  Besides, I spent a decade being worried about how many options one program had versus another.  But then I took a step back and realized that, in the context of a web browser, that slamming a UI full of options isn't really necessary for everyone.

It's like my phone.  I can turn on the battery's percentage meter instead of the graphical display, or I can calm down and stop being OCD and just use a graphical representation.  So that's the theme of where I'm coming from: Just chill, and understand that there's a fundamental beauty to the simplicity this browser is trying to bring.  If that doesn't work for you, then go find another religious browser movement, and be happy.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Kya-Chan 10/8/10 1:30 AM
Google Chrome is like Notepad. It's very basic, and if all you want to do is quickly look something up, it's an acceptable substitute. But I would never use it for everyday browsing. It just doesn't have the features. Where the hell is everything? No menu bar = BIG no-no.

Which is tragic, because Firefox crashes on my computer, Safari is slow and I've always hated IE. Chrome is fast and looks nice, but sadly it's just not good enough.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/8/10 8:48 AM
When you say that it is missing "everything", you mist not be referring to the built-in DOM inspector, console, and audit tools, or the fine-tuned history editing, or the simple an effective bookmark area on the new tab page, or the built-in task manager, or it's incredibly slick extension system.

I don't think the comparison to Notepad holds water.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/8/10 9:06 AM
Now,now,now, people like you and me are part of the problem according to tiliv. Just do as I did and uninstall it. Lunascape 6 is three browsers in one. Trident (IE), Gecko (FF) and Webkit (Chrome) and you can customize everything about it. Chrome doesn't care what the consumer wants, and probably never will, so.....just uninstall and be happy. There are too many alternatives out there to fight over a half baked browser like Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/8/10 9:26 AM
No, no-- you're not a problem just because you bring up concerns.  It's because you down-rank everything without proper reason.  Even my entries where I correct a typo people have down-voted.  So screw off.

Congrats for not contributing to the conversation at hand.  The fact is that Chrome has pretty much every feature the other browsers have, and builds in features that Firefox leaves out.  Chrome also has superior crash handling, for those random pages that happen every once in a blue moon.

Chrome's only half baked if you like your cake burnt.

Browser options should be obvious for users, not programmers.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/19/10 3:08 PM
Explore for 5 seconds and click some buttons. You'll figure it out, I promise.  This is a basic skill expected of somebody who voluntarily installed a web browser.  Don't like it?  Fine, but I submit that "NO GOOD" is not a universal truth.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/19/10 3:11 PM
Amen...No Good
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/19/10 3:25 PM
Use a Mac, then.  It shows a menubar, but I never use it.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 10/19/10 3:46 PM
Disclaimer: I'm using Chrome as my default browser.  I have used every established browser out there since 1989, and like the convenience of Chrome.  Like Lunascape6 also, but it shares a flaw with Chrome that is off-putting.  That flaw is losing back pagination (yeah I know, just about every browser out there is subject to that happening).  

Here's what I don't get.  The issue has become "I'm telling you that you are wrong" with the near constant rebuttal of those who want a menu bar for their comfort and convenience.  Well ... OK, don't use Chrome if you must have one.  It's OK.  You are not an idiot, a Luddite, or a Micro$oft sycophant, you just want what you want for whatever reason you want it.  

The air of superiority stuff needs to be tucked away.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 10/19/10 4:07 PM
Meh, I wouldn't say it's a superiority battle.  I'd say that my stance is not "you are wrong" because all I want is for people to leave their preconceived notions at the door while they try something out.  If someone doesn't like it, they can find the door, so to speak.  They don't have to throw rocks at the window on their way out, or stage a little mob outside to spook anybody else from trying it out.

I've offer several ideas for solutions, I've admitted when Chrome clearly lacks a feature (print preview, from page 2 or 3 or something), given useful links to legit case studies, and I've asked for feedback in those areas.  For the most part, very few people want to supply constructive comments, other than "oh god, this sucks, stay away, it's a plague waiting to happen".

I was just thinking earlier this morning how there hadn't been any more comments on this for a while, and how I was probably done with it.  I guess I jinxed myself :)  But it's obvious that, like all Internet flaming wars, neither side will gain any notable traction.  I love nothing more than to have a real, professional face-to-face conversations with people of differing ideas, but that's not possible in a tone-less text box.  Unless there's an interesting development in the next 2 hours, I'm just unsubscribing and letting the collective menu-seekers go on in silence.  I figured I could either reinforce the point that nobody's listening to them by not replying at all, or I could offer conversation to bring these different concerns into alignment.  I gave it a shot.  Nobody hears anything said, even when my source is Mozilla, the Jesus of the menu-seekers.

Have fun everyone.  Live life.  Tomorrow's just another day that this isn't going to change.  I can think of about 4 other things I'd rather do at this point than to continue having rocks thrown at me :)  I admit I've thrown some back, but the ratio of my fierce comments to my calm collected comments is pretty low.

Sayonara :)
On my Mac, Chrome has a Menu bar. Go figure??
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR gollywog 11/27/10 2:00 AM
Please Google, I would love you to give us a menu bar. I really miss it, it is so much easier to use.
 Pretty Please.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 11/27/10 8:36 AM
If you read all the posts it's pretty clear Google is NOT going to give us even the OPTION of having a menu bar. They don't care that the custumers want it. So do like every one else I have talked to and just uninstall it. Lunascape will give you three browsers in one Trident (IE), Gecko (FF), and Webkit (chrome). It also lets you have your menu bar and is the most customizable browser I have ever seen. Works good too.
come on guys, chrome does its job, browse the web, and the way i see things is if it does its job, and good at it (and fast at it), then its alrite with me
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR bullfeather 11/29/10 2:34 AM
I WANT to love Chrome...and maybe I just haven't figured out how to use it yet...but for this old guy, so far, I'm lost without a 'standard' layout.  Why can't I have bookmarks pinned...always on top?...Same for history; it opens in another tab...ok, fine...but it won't display on the active page.  
Come on, Chrome, I want to love everything about you...but.........
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 11/29/10 5:43 AM
As I stated earlier, they just don't care. They measure their success by the number of downloads and have no idea how many folks like you and me just gave up and uninstalled it. We downloaded it so we show as success. If they tracked uninstalling they would know better.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Fred McCoy 12/1/10 8:29 AM
People want to have a new car that is faster, sleeker, and fuel efficient. That doesn't mean you put the steering wheel in the back seat and turn it backwards, and expect the driver to operate it using mirrors. That's what MS did with Vista when they left XP, and thats what Chrome is doing now. Some things should "look" and "feel" the same as the predecessor. That is just common sense. People get accustomed to making things happen in certain ways. The Chromies must have taken a tip from Microsoft: Just when everyone gets familiar with a way to get something done, totally drop it, forget it, start from scratch, and pat yourselves on the back for being so innovative that you have alienated 95% of your clients by shoving this nonsense down their throats. If you search "common sense", none of the results mention anything about Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 12/1/10 9:45 AM
Ah, good to see you guys are still alive and kickin heads in.

Despite any insecurities you have with Windows Vista (and you probably have never really gotten to know Windows 7, I would wildly guess, which would speak to the fact that you're not doing proper follow-through of that prized argument), I would hesitate to claim that Chrome is in every way backwards.  It's just a browser, with a window for viewing web pages, a URL bar, and some bookmarks.  Seems like most everything characteristic of a browser is present.

I also think it's funny that most of you think that Google is in complete control of the browser.  It's an open source project that Google just happens to do marketing for, in exchange for some Google-branding.  When was the last time any of you were convinced that a random open source project was the doom of the planet?

Anyway, I still stick to my guns about this not changing anything, but I was curious to see if more comments had come in since the last wave of angry mobsters.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Dejan1024 12/3/10 8:43 AM
I have to comment on Fred's "Some things should "look" and "feel" the same as the predecessor".

Do you remember how computing looked like some 30 years ago? You know, before Windows and before GUI. The way to work was through the command line. A user would have to remember the names of commands and enter them at a command prompt, after which he would get a textual response. When graphical interfaces came along (including Windows), what happened is that, as you put it, "Just when everyone gets familiar with a way to get something done, totally drop it, forget it, start from scratch, and pat yourselves on the back for being so innovative." And it turned out quite fine, didn't it?

Sometimes changes are good. And getting used to changes is good. Otherwise we would still be driving cars which look like chariots, use textual computer interfaces (or worse) and use browsers which focus on toolbars rather than the web page itself.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR AceKing721 12/4/10 4:00 AM
It should really be optional. I think you should make a menu bar available. I hate the fact that I have to hunt around to find things! What a waste of time!! PLEASE add an option to install a menu bar!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Excrementologist 12/5/10 6:27 AM
An IT professional can tell you that people usually don't like change.  In the business world, and home environment, change can have many negative effects.  Many are financial such as additional training costs, lost productivity resulting from downtime, hardware upgrade costs and lost productivity resulting from the time it takes user to get used to the change.  That is why we don't force it on a person unless necessary and give them an option if possible.  Take the changes in a new operating system for example.  Admins and support personnel have to be trained so they can support it, end users have to be trained so they know how to use it, documentation has to be rewritten telling everyone how to do whatever it was they were trying to do the new way.  In some cases, a processes has to be modified to compensate for something the change altered.  Whether in the professional or home environment, arbitrary changes are BAD things when they negatively impact the way people do things and cost money.  You don't just change the interface to make it  look better, flasher, more modern, make it in your opinion easier to use, make it resemble someone else's more popular product, or you want people to think your product has 'changed' and is somehow better than before.  

Let's face it, most people do not want to (and in today's economy can't afford to) take a class every time some genius software manufacture decides to change the interface and move things around or come up with what he thought was a better way of doing things.  Not everybody wants to spend hours figuring out who to use their computers as we computer geeks do.  All they want to do is sit down, work when they have to and cruise the Internet when the want to... without a lot of hassle!   So I ask you, how much trouble is it really to give them an option?

Okay, flame away.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 12/5/10 8:06 AM
Right on Excrementologist !
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR put_menu_bar_back 12/15/10 11:42 AM
Okay, the powers that be have decided to remove the menu bar - Google please put it back!!  

As far as I can tell (please enlighten me if I'm wrong) now when I view a PDF from a site there is now no option to save it?  Due to the removal of the Menu Bar I am now forced to go back, right click and Save As to get a local copy of the PDF.   Come on Google, I'm all for improvements but really what is the point of removing the menu bar - for what possible benefit??  

I'm afraid its back to Microsoft and IE until Google sort this out!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR s001erl 12/15/10 1:31 PM
It looks to me like the "for menu bar" people have it.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 12/15/10 6:23 PM
Yes many, many people agree with you. It sure would be nice to have the option at least. But for now I'm with you, any other browser is better than Chrome. My bank won't even let me sign in....they say unsupported browser please download IE 6 or later. Wow IE 6, that's been a while.
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Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jojimbo 12/19/10 5:48 AM
installed google chrome, thought awesome, bar?
uninstalled google chrome.

thats says it all i think,

gonna try silverlight and that mac one.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR 124567890 12/19/10 8:14 AM
Why in name of all sanity does this have no menubar option at all. Bad way to be different.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jojimbo 12/19/10 2:20 PM
Google devs, take a gander at apples safari, now this is the way to make a browser.
it does have some loading issues, but it also has some great user features, guessed it
a menu bar, which you can turn on and off at pleasure.

people should try safari 5,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR teikyo30 12/26/10 2:42 AM
To me google chrome is a joke. I use it when I want to download torrents from The Pirate Bay so I can have a browser set up specifically with no ads, javascript, etc and can leave that stuff on for Firefox. Even Opera is set up better than Chrome. I feel like Chrome is the next Nestcape Navigator. Do they still have that browser? Not having a menu bar is a huge mistake. They want us to switch from Firefox but Firefox gives us the options we want which we can leave on or turn off. Chrome says you can have it our way or not at all. It will never be my default browser because of that. Always have what the customer wants or you're wasting time.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR gotVirtual 1/22/11 7:58 AM
its really annoying that i have minimise chrome so my tabs are visible.
bear in mind people dock things on the desktop, such as a media player. when you FORCE the tabs to the very top of the screen you end up making to top of the screen unusable as a docking point.
switching back to firefox.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR gotVirtual 1/22/11 7:58 AM
and stop forcing pasted text colour-formatting on tinyMCE!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Idrisa 1/22/11 10:54 AM
I think the problem of google you go very fast; people are not used to radical changes. Sudden change will cost google. One you have changed something keep the oldone alive so people devop with their own pace,
Im using yahoomail for very longtime now, I dont like the new yahoo. If they forced me to use the new yahoo; they would have forgotten me. Take care.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 1/22/11 11:30 AM
I think the answer is obvious. Do what me and most of the people I know are doing. 1: uninstall Chrome. 2: remove Google from your seach engines. 3:  Don't even consider a phone with a Google operating system. 4: Boycott anything Google. If enough people do this Google will take action. If it doesn't hurt thier bottom line (thier pocketbook) they will continue to say "the heck with the consumer, we like the look of it". Heck the only reason I have Gmail is to watch this forum. When it ends I will stop using this as well.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Idrisa 1/22/11 3:10 PM
We should not be furious. I my self appreciate the work they do to the world especially on education. In this area others are just bogus. We can not quit google although they must know. I advice any one who has problem now is to:
   1) install Google toolbar
   2) You ca navigate BACK and FORWARD by clicking right button on any empty space of the page you have opened.
2) You can also solve by reverting to older versions of Firefox. Otherwise for us educated people we can only use firefox, others can not work.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 1/22/11 6:35 PM
Idrisa, Please show us how to install the menu bar in Chrome. If it was possible do you think this thread of the forum would even be here? Did you read 4 pages of complaints because we can not install a menu bar in Chrome and just now decide you know how to install it? Really if you know how there is a bunch of us that would like the help.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Idrisa 1/22/11 10:52 PM
You can not install menu bar but from Google Chome search "Google Toolbar"
and install it. I think the main problem is the absence of the
'BACK"/FOWARD" icons. In order to go back; just click the right button of
the mouse while your pointer is at an empty space at the middle of the page.
I mean the pointer must not be at the top bars. but at the middle of the
screen. When you right-click you will see the options of: back, reload,
foward etc. It is wonderful but it is new.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Idrisa 1/22/11 11:35 PM
Sorry my friends i was confusing between Mozila firefox and Google Chrome.  I use Goole Chrome IN Fore Fox and not seperately. My firefox has no Manubar also. If you have problem with the Chrome Uninstall it and instral it with in the Mozila firefox. But I think you must have the higher grade firefox. Any how right click on the displayed page can give you options you need and is wonderful.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ukbigfoot 1/23/11 9:13 AM
I get really annoyed when product developers start "improving" the intuitive windows interface.  I have been using windows since its very first commercial versions and feel very comfortable with it.  I don't mind at all if people want to switch off options like a menu bar BUT that should be the user's choice. I for one, will be uninstalling  chrome until a menu bar is made available.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mvirkkunen 1/26/11 3:56 AM
Oh man, this thread gave me a pretty good laugh. Thanks everyone!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR farooq4321 2/1/11 2:44 PM
Google: I understand your product guys are trying to 'think out of the box', but they're taking away useful traditional functionality.  The menu bar is needed. A tiny wrench button is too painful to adopt to.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR kroneage 2/6/11 2:01 AM
First off... you don't need a stupid menu bar (most are malware) if you know how to operate Chrome in it's Beta release with Add On Extensions!!!

Second.... is that the reason Google can kick all the other browser's ass's, is because of it's SECURITY! It's Sandboxed, like Linux does every browser using AppArmor. That's why Google is offering $20,000 to anyone in PWN2OWN to HACK it! It'll just equal another FAIL, while Android and Chrome burn them and are the only two things left unhacked........ again! ^_^

(now w/ new App Store in Beta Release, you just open a new tab and can add applications (games, etc) right in your browser that are sandboxed as well. You can't do that with IE, Firefox or any other browser)
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Web_Dev 2/16/11 2:23 PM
@kroneage, you are confusing "menu bar" with "toolbar".
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR rtorzynski 2/21/11 5:31 AM
Another vote for a Menu Bar. Put one on Chrome. Google is a fantastic company and you've got some awesome programmers. Fusion Tables and Google Maps are amazing, but PUT A DAMN MENU BAR ON CHROME! Your arrogance on this issue is amazing! My 12 year old loves Chrome but I along with lots of others will never use Chrome until there's a menu bar option. How hard can it be? This is a design choice that is a parallel to what Microsoft did when it went to Word 2007. Stupid choice. Grow up designers and admit that your users may know a thing or two about usability for once.
~Best Regards,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jenniferl.montgomery 2/22/11 10:22 AM
Weird.  I have chrome on my mac and I have a menu bar.  I also have it on my pc and just noticed the menu bar is missing.  I am about to do a phone tutorial with someone on a pc and wanted my screen to be the same to make sure all was clear and easy and noticed it doesnt have a menu bar.  This is going to make my job much harder.  While I am very good with keyboard short cuts for things like new tab new window I am not sure the other person is.  Now having to teach a new web browser is going to make things that much more difficult.  Chances are I will just end up having her use IE.... although I just talked her into downloading chrome since IE is such a terrible browser. Guess I should have stuck with the usability and reliability of Firefox instead of the speed of Chrome.  Too Bad
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 2/22/11 6:48 PM
I just watched an advertisement for the first cell phone with a Google OS. Believe me after this fiasco with Chrome, I will definitely NOT buy a phone with Google anything. I have even removed Google as a search engine from the browsers that actually work. If you ever change your mind and give us the option of a menu bar, let everyone know, so we can try Chrome again.....till then it will not be on any of my computers or the ones at work.(403 computers). 
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Web_Dev 3/3/11 12:04 PM

Fortunately for Mac users, Apple has a long history of encouraging consistent UI between applications.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR gooeygaga 3/3/11 12:34 PM
Thanks to the folks here, who mentioned that key commands do work on Chrome. I'd never have guessed it or tried it otherwise.
WOW ...
 I like most of GOOGLE'S programs ... like GOOGLE MAPS, G-MAIL, GOOGLE SEARCH ect.
and i use them every day
but I have been using a FIREFOX based browser called FLOCK (the social browser) since it came out around 1998
but the in latest version of flock they took out the window's BOARDER & the MENU BAR and their are other changes i didn't like because they left no option to enable/disable any of those features so after wasting more of my time than i ever should have had to deal with
and getting no response from FLOCK at all .. i decided to get your CHROME BROWSER because i heard good things about it
i don't understand why it would be so hard for a company as big as GOOGLE to atleast give the people who use your products daily a few OPTIONS not only to keep them happy but to keep GOOGLE #1 in QUALITY PROGRAMS..... i'm sure you people know how to navigate with keyboard short cuts but most people don't .. I Myself Think i will just try to load the older version of FLOCK  and deal with the few web sites that say my browser is out of date ...
 i think that GOOGLE should resolve this and give the people who like and trust them what they like ...
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Marian5522 3/10/11 7:09 AM
Glad I found this place.  I've been using Google and trying forever to figure out what I did to lose the menu bar.  Now, I know,  There never was one.  So, I, who am not one of those very computer savvy people, will go back to IE, because I know it and it's easy to use.  I can't understand why you don't have a menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ereman 3/15/11 4:41 PM
Yes I whole heartedly agree. I want a menu bar. I just realized there wasn't one, and that really sucks. It's what everyone is used to. It's there because it works (with all software practically). At least have the option for me, let me determine if I want to turn it off.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dawsoc 3/15/11 5:13 PM
Yes I hate it without the menu bar. If you don't bring it back google you're going to lose one user to firefox
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR chang.houng 3/25/11 6:30 AM
Chrome without a menu bar capability is like a toy.  Only when a menu bar is there Chrome can be a productivity tool.  For example, when we develop a webpage, we will like to use File to load any page from local computer file directory.  The menu File can do the job much easier.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ratzzazz 4/3/11 3:06 PM
I agree with the person who commented about the programmers "arrogance". I imagine them in an office full of people in their early 20's, ignoring or laughing at this thread instead of just putting the damn menu bar option back in. That certainly is the reason, either arrogance because THEY took it off because THEY don't see the need for it, or childish thinking such as...
  'We don't HAVE to, (pout and crossed arms) coz WE built it and its FREE so we don't have to satisfy a customer and NOT adding it makes us feel the same satisfaction we felt when we slammed the bedroom door after a tantrum with mummy :P'
Really... the menu bar is the only thing that makes Chrome fast and slows other browsers down?
Is that what you would like us to believe?
Didn't think why don't you give us the option?!  While you're at it, add a BUTTON to spell check instead the the round-about way you have it now!
You're in TIME OUT!       LOL!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tiliv 4/8/11 11:54 PM
Wow.. so much hate.  Can't believe this thread just keeps going.  Nobody uninstalling Chrome over a menu bar has any idea how to truly operate a web browser.  And that's okay mostly, but it's rather silly to get so worked up over it.

Go read pages 2 and 3 of this thread for evidence that Mozilla collected that menu bars are nearly unused, even though people want them.

The fact of the matter is that this menubar thing is your opinion, not a doctrine from Jesus Christ, violation punishable by endless flames.  If you don't like it, then that's fine with those of us who are happy with a minimal web browser that works great.

Stop persecuting the believers, you intolerant fools!

Stay cool, friends.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Jimsavage 4/15/11 8:44 AM
Cannot believe that there is no menu bar.  Tried to bookmark or even find shortcuts to do what we are use to doing in firefox or ie but nothing is coming up.  Why can't an extension be added?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR vallarta99 4/15/11 11:56 PM
I just came across this thread after only now realizing there was no menu bar and thinking, where is it?  And this is after months of using Chrome!  I like its speed and obviously it is intuitive.  I have no interest in using IE, menu bar or no menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR 1611kjb 4/29/11 3:47 AM
People are constantly curious why Microsoft wins virtually every battle they fight. People wonder why they seem to own 90% of every consumer and business market. The fact is, they give people what they want - even when it is a bad idea. Vista was a Microsoft attempt to follow everyone else and give us what they thought we needed. The truth is, Microsoft wins because they give people what they want. You would thin an outfit like Google would look at 2 1/2 years of complaints and see that a menu bar is the right thing to do no matter what kind of statement you want to make. Now Chrome will go the way of Apple, a better product that refuses to recognize their customers desires and they will be thrown on the niche market junk heap with Apple computers, betamax players, 8 track players and the Blu-ray format.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Fantail 4/29/11 7:06 PM
I recently download Chrome and couldn't work out how to display the menu bar. I made the mistake of "upgrading" to IE9 and it's totally useless but before it crashed completely I did find out how to display the menu bar (it isn't displayed by default) and thought I must have been missing something when I couldn't do it on Google. Thanks to this discussion I know the problem isn't me! Can't/won't use without menu bar. Absolutely incredible that this has gone on so long without being addressed by Google. Bye, bye!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR robcasper 5/6/11 12:49 PM
Nothing like being insulted for wanting a menu bar.  You know the bottom line reason I want a menu?  Here it is..........BECAUSE!  Yes, "BECAUSE".  That is my reason.  Sure I could get into psycho-babble details about how I speed read and how I already have more than enough site viewing room on my screen and how a menu bar lets me rapidly dig for a function without changing my entire view but...the bottom line is that I want a dag-on menu bar.  

Regarding the suspicious "statistic" that people rarely use their menus.  Airline pilots rarely use most of the controls in their cockpit and instead spend most of their time looking out the window while using a half dozen controls.  However, they also know EXACTLY where all those other controls are incase they either want or need to use them.  Same thing.

If you don't want one, then you should be able to turn it off.  If I want one, I should be able to turn it on.  So maybe my kids could have it turned off in their profile, and I could have mine turned on.  Holy smokes, that would mean "choice".  Instead it's take it this way or leave it. Ok.  I'm leaving it.

Only reason I tried it was because the Firefox upgrade is horribly ugly.  But you folks in this forum are rabidly attached to this "minimalist" interface concept.  Thanks to that wonderful marketing approach I took some extra time and found a theme and add-on to make my Firefox look like it did before I upgraded.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Maker666 5/9/11 9:09 AM
I understant that we may have some people that prefer not having the menu bar, but it really should be an option to activate it in the proper way, if they pretend people keep using this browser. At this moment, there are lot of options.

People from google chrome should do something about this or many people, like myselfve, will uninstall this "incompleted" software.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR BobClay 5/12/11 1:55 AM
This obsession with software writers to take away Menu Bars is making everybody hopping mad.  Interestingly Microsoft have returned the facility in the latest Office.
GOOGLE CHROME writers please take note.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR major-ed 5/25/11 12:22 PM
I do not use Google Chrome because there isn't any menu bar.  This shouldn't even be a discussion.  The Menu bar as is shown in Firefox or IE should be an optional item that WE can have if WE want it.  Until this is resolved I will continue to use IE or Firefox...  It's true that not everyone uses the menu bar in the browsers but then again there are individuals who only use 10% of what a computer is capable of doing.  If every one liked or did the same thing it would be a boring world.  Google shouldn't decide if any of us want the menu bar or not!  WE the USERS should!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mtdreamaker 5/31/11 10:12 AM
MENU BAR! ... please?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 5/31/11 4:58 PM
I have to say that this thread has lasted longer than most. Most people here want the Menu Bar at least as an option. IE 9 still has a great menu bar available to those who want it,as does FF, Opera, Safari, and Lunascape6. Now that the new Office programs are giving us back the menu bar I can upgrade from Office XP. I had been following a similar thread on Microsoft Office. Microsoft finally gave us back the option, as they found 60% of the Office users were staying with a version that allowed a Menu Bar and not buying the new versions because of the lack of a menu bar. Chrome would be soooo cool and I would use it in a heartbeat if the gave us back the option of a traditional menu bar. Really it's a great browser otherwise. But until I get my menu bar back I will never use it. It seems odd that they don't want to please the consumer. Oh well, there are just too many GOOD browsers out there to put up with the lame way of using it. I don't want keyboard shortcuts to memorize. I want the dang menu bar
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR lopsided98 6/3/11 3:49 PM
Use Opera. It has a lot of the features including a menu bar and DOM checking.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR robcasper 6/3/11 7:14 PM
I agree and I now use Opera.  Kind of a shame because I do use Google for many other things.  The fact that I haven't seen any official Google responses to this ongoing thread tells a tale of customer....neglect.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Argent Corvus 6/6/11 12:20 PM
I too want a menu bar, but I am glad the search box is optional,  After-all if I want to search for anything, well I have my home page - yep Google!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Rochester User 6/7/11 9:09 AM
Menu Bar = easy access to keyboards shortcuts.
Lack of Menu Bar = no access and a huge pain in the ______.
As a very experienced (read: "very fast") user of computers and their SHORTCUTS, this is insultingly basic (mindless, elementary, juvenile, overly-simplistic...) and intolerably slow!!!!

Bye-bye, Chrome. I am returning to my resource-hogging Firefox.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR alindsley 6/8/11 4:59 AM
Without a menu bar how do I send a page link to a friend? And many of the other useful functions of the menubar? That is a standard feature of any browser
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR chufey 7/6/11 12:57 PM
MAC Chrome has the menu bar.  Don't understand why PC doesn't
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR milldogtjm 7/17/11 7:51 PM
Google, I think that you need to have a menu bar with chrome to make the people that want it happy but you could make it so that it can be hidden if the user wants it to be. That is the best of both worlds but it isn't always this easy to keep everyone happy, what you need to do, is try to have well balanced browser skeptics and users alike don't have to complain, but comment on how well you have maintained your browser and not on the bad things about it.  Thanks for having your programmers make this, they have done an excellent job please keep them busy. P.S: Be More Open Source
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR QQFarmer 7/17/11 10:53 PM
@alindsley,you don't need a Menu Bar to do that. Just install this extension:
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR bigdad1211 7/18/11 5:06 PM
Well the menu bar is a deal breaker for me. No menu bar, no Chrome! Back to Firefox!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR smasaoka 7/24/11 12:37 PM leaving for no menu bar!  Goodbye Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jenniferny 7/24/11 5:36 PM
I just installed google chrome.
When I saw that google was so arrogant that they felt that all of the users that asked for a Menu Bar were insignificant, and ignored all of the user requests for a Menu Bar, plus the fact that the reason I went to google's help section in the first place was to find out how to activate the Menu Bar I IMMEDIATELY uninstalled the program. Plus the fact that the first person that responded that google considers a google chrome veteran opened their answer by chastising the person asking the question for typing with the caps lock on.
To Dejan1024: So the F$@% what if the person typing the question had the caps lock on. If you are that sensitive you should not respond to people asking questions because I can just imagine how many other people would commit a faux pas that would P!$$ you off. LIGHTEN UP!!!!!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jenniferny 7/24/11 6:42 PM
PS. I have been getting along just fine WITHOUT the google search engine and I think it will be even easier to do without google chrome!! If google ever changes from an arrogant company to a customer oriented company AND FIXES GOOGLE CHROME I MAY TRY IT AGAIN, but at this point it will BE A VERY LONG TIME BEFORE I EVEN CHECK TO SEE IF THEY FIXED CHROME!!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR edcoffin 7/24/11 11:34 PM
What to say?  I posted a long, long time ago asking if Chrome would get a menu bar.  Have learned how to do very well without it, and I get copies of new posts to this thread.  Two things are apparent.
1 - People don't readily understand the functional purpose of a browser
2 - An impatient, "me, me" attitude makes it quite easy to register complaints

No offense to anyone, but be a little more honest.  Compare resource consumption, execution speed, and the quality of a presented webpage.  Examine multiple browsers to see if some functions are included and not reliant on extensions or plugins.  Then choose what you like, and if what you like isn't "easy" enough for you to use, run whatever browser makes you comfortable.  I'd agree that a menu bar is key if you don't try tool features, or learn expedient ways to use your web browser, and I won't ever cuss anybody out for their opinion, but for goodness' sake, please realize that an opinion is an opinion - no one is dictating to you how to experience the web.  

If you don't care about the technology attributes like resource consumption, well and good.  But don't expect your assumptions to always need to prevail.  Lots of people who understand the technology want, and use, the more efficient of browser choices.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jenniferny 7/25/11 7:41 AM
Got NOTHING to do with ME, ME, ME!!

It has everything to do with the FACT that about 95%-98% of the Windows programs out there HAVE a Menu Bar and the people that use the programs LIKE THE MENU BAR.

It is not the Menu Bar that hogs MOST of the resources, it is the bloated amount of code that is not written with resources in mind.

All a Menu Bar is, is a group of short-cuts to areas of a program that a MAJORITY of the people that use the programs LIKE having.

There is a saying that goes something like this- "Build a BETTER mouse trap and people will beat a path to your door." The reason that people ARE NOT beating a path to google chrome's door is that they do not like the 'mouse trap' that google built. I personally get along just fine WITHOUT IT.

BTW, based solely on the number of posts FOR and AGAINST in this thread, it is apparent that the people that use a browser PREFER a Menu Bar, and since google chrome does not have one they CHOOSE to go elsewhere. Based on these numbers, if it were a program that you would be required to purchase, it would sit on the shelf and collect dust, but since browsers historically are a no charge item that is not a factor here.

If google chrome would like to be a widely used browser then it would appear all they would have to do would be add a Menu Bar. Seems pretty simple to me, just offer the OPTION of a Menu Bar for those who prefer one.

As far as being honest goes, the people that wrote in this thread were being EXACTLY that. The MAJORITY PREFER a Menu Bar and a program that DOES NOT offer one is a program that they also do just fine WITHOUT.

As far as understanding the purpose of a browser, the majority understand it's purpose just fine as everyone uses a browser to surf the internet, and a Menu Bar in the browser that we use is a convenience that we prefer. That is all the features of ANY program are is conveniences that make using the program easier.

As far as resource consumption goes, I do care about it. BUT I would rather give up a few resources to HAVE a Menu Bar.

CAPS LOCK used for emphasis ONLY on certain words since BOLD TEXT is not available.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Norsk 8/4/11 9:02 AM
I agree with all above. I Want A Menu Bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR baylispau 8/5/11 10:02 PM
jenniferny, I could not agree more, I have been using chrome for about 6 months on and off, and only now went looking for the menu bar and came across this help forum, I am surprised to learn there is no menu bar available so like a lot of others here I will be removing chrome until that "feature" is available.
I may check back in a few months to see if it here...
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR fudgefase 8/7/11 12:43 PM
I have the wrench ok, but I don't even have the page icon, so absolutely no chance of working the 'menu bar' from it. By the way, I have a menu bar on chrome on my macbook, but can't get it on my notepad pc.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR DrSeussFreak 8/8/11 8:20 AM
I also have the menu bar on my Mac, but on my Mac I cannot do CTRL+Enter to add http://www. and .com which I can do on my work PC.  These differences make NO sense.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dishtray 8/12/11 8:34 AM
I like the chrome layout, however, lack of menu bar limits its appeal to me. I will uninstall the chrome due mainly to the unavailability of the menu bar.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR scubaray 8/17/11 8:25 AM
Google, please listen and give us the option of a menu bar.  Until then, I will uninstall Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mysteriousent09 8/17/11 7:55 PM
Yes it needs a freakin menu bar and it also needs an extension or something to configure 3rd party emails.  Until this happens, it will always be 2nd behind Opera!!!!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR osowskig 8/18/11 7:44 PM
Where is my Menu bar in Google Chrome.  I need more functionality, I don't want a dummy browser.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR genej313 8/19/11 9:21 AM
I use Chrome a lot less than I otherwise would for lack of that menu bar.  I use it in other browsers VERY often, even if only sometimes to look at a page's source code.  I don't mind that it is not there by default, but at least give us the option of having it the way other browsers do.  I don't appreciate big brother making decisions for me I prefer to make myself.  And that is why Chrome will never be my main browser, not until they become less arrogant and let ME control my browsing experience and tool bars.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jcclements 8/19/11 12:26 PM
Menu bar is a key tool to productivity. We need one.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 8/19/11 2:25 PM
One of the earlier posts sums it up nicely, Google is so arrogant that they just don't care what we want or need. Jeniferny came to the same conclusion I did. If it says Google anywhere on it, I won't use it. I too have uninstalled Google search and Google Chrome. I still hold some hope they will fix it and give us a menu bar back as an option. Otherwise I would close my Gmail account as well. The only thing I use it for now is watching this forum. I hope someone at Google still cares about customer service. I know Chrome is from Chromium not Google, but how fast would a menu bar appear if one of the mucketymucks from Google told them to put it on?
About an hour and a half.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR genej313 8/19/11 9:37 PM
Do you know that the little yes/no buttons do nothing? Just like a lot of Chrome.  Those pesky Russians are tricky, they update without telling you they did, they remove options we Americans like, use and want.  And they keep track of every key stroke.  What?  Do I think Google is the biggest keylogger in the history of viruses?  Yes.  I do.  I wouldn't trust them with, well, anything, they are Zuckerberg multiplied, they just don't tell you like FB has been forced to.  They do it and don't care what we the people think, cuz they aren't from here and they are about money, not people.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR emkayoo 8/22/11 7:18 AM
After reading thousands of angry complaints about Google Chrome not having a menu bar (I would like to see that in Chrome too), my take is this: Stop complaining and try to work out a user fix such as a tweak to the registry or some other user developed patch.  If you cannot persuade them with polite requests and normal pleas, then we have to take the matter into our own hands.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 8/22/11 7:41 AM
If I knew how to write code don't you think that's the first thing I would have done? And then post the fix here.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR scubaray 8/22/11 10:10 AM
Same here.  I wish I knew how to write a patch that would solve the problem.  As it is, many users have to rely on Google to provide the tools needed to make their applications productive and effective for their customers.  Too bad their customer vision is so blurred.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 8/22/11 6:36 PM
Has everybody realized that Google has disabled the yes and no buttons starting with this page? The numbers were piling up FOR a menu bar, so they just disabled whether we could vote anymore. Next I expect this whole forum to quit working. THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR WHAT WE WANT!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR cocopuffer 8/25/11 1:58 PM
dafkmf --iy won't mention your use of CAPS, but i think the yes/no buttons are only there after you sign in.  (dang it, i forgot my password again!)  but i'm not surprised if what you describe is entirely TRUE!

like most of the folks on this thread, i want a menu bar.  it's correct that all the menu bar commands are under the wrench, adding a mouse move and a click or two to 'efficiency'.

i'd like to see an email icon too. like i have on opera for the past few versions. you can either use opera's own or a third party client for that.of course opera has hundreds of options like that.

and, speaking of opera, chrome does not offer to allow opera bookmarks to be imported. by the way, opears if FAST!...

i guess i'll uninstall chrome. - bye bye.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 8/26/11 6:36 AM
I am signed in. Try the yes or no buttons...they look like they work....refresh page and you will find you have not voted at all. They are all yes/ no/ no one is marked.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR iamsria 8/26/11 7:35 AM
I'm signed in too and the nuber of votes do not update on the later posts, but they do on the early posts.  Talk about a lack of integrity!  Not only has Google ignored all of these requests, they have now sent a message that they will not be listening.  Too bad about Chrome's lack of a menu bar.  What is it about the move to force mouse use?  It is so unproductive and a real problem when traveling with a laptop!  

I agree with Jennifenny.  A menu bar option is not going to consume nearly as many resources as the badly written underlying code.  Also, it takes more of my personal resources to contend with the lack of a menu bar.  I thought computers were supposed to make it easier on humans, not put more work on them.  Is Google going the way of telephone service - a myriad of voice response "options" that are really designed to make individuals do more work so that companies don't have to?

I'm uninstalling Chrome today.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Jandall 8/26/11 8:05 AM
PLEASE can we have a menu bars not too much to ask
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR AnonymousPoster 8/27/11 1:30 PM
No menu bar = No Chrome for me
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR abdulhamidmalik34 8/27/11 1:53 PM
Menu-Bar is a must for easy-job.
For example can some Chrome staff tell how to add a page to Favorite?
How they are saving working space while Favorite Bar is here to occupy the space and not complete Favorite folders are covered
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR inyo55 8/30/11 7:13 AM
I find it pretentious that Google Chrome does not have a menu bar.  It is also arrogant, not to provide this feature, since corporate gmail is becoming more prevalent.  Chrome without a menu bar is the same conceit as Apple's round mouse of the first Imacs.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jenniferny 8/30/11 4:02 PM
Well folks, it appears that the posters on this page are completely correct. Google has disabled the YES  NO buttons starting with this page. They are giving everyone here that has an opinion that disagrees with the one that they have the single-finger-salute. You take your choice of which finger they are waving at us!! They can not stand the fact that we have the audacity to have an opinion that disagrees with the one they have. I for one have been doing just fine with NO GOOGLE items on my computer. I have also noticed that the search engine I am using does not seem to skew the results as badly as google does. It is also nice to know that they are no longer able to sell the results of every key stroke that I make on their sites because I am no longer going to ANY of them.
RIP google!  

When you build a superior mouse trap people will beat a path to your door, when you build an inferior mouse trap people will eventually see through any propaganda you put out and eventually beat a path to SOMEONE ELSES DOOR! I am still evaluating several other browsers and have not decided on a winner yet but I really like their flexibility and superior (to google) customer support.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 8/30/11 4:27 PM
AMEN, Rest in Peace
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR muddocktor 9/8/11 9:28 PM
I'm yet another dinosaur that wants a menu bar with my browsers. I decided to try Chrome out because I find Firefox getting more bloated every day and they were stupid enough to change the button layout to something like IE. But the lack of a menu bar is even worse than changing the button layout to the "shotgun approach" like IE that Firefox did.

So I guess after I post this message I will uninstall Chrome and stick with Firefox, screwed up buttons and all.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR LegolasGreenleaf 9/10/11 5:37 AM
My two cents worth and I'm outta here: It's very simple. I want to choose whether to have a menu bar or not have a menu bar.  I don't need someone who isn't using my workflow to decide how I work.  As with others, no menu bar option, no Chrome.  Bye bye Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR MsJWheels 9/19/11 3:13 AM
Not a gamer, an actual user, I need a menu bar!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/19/11 4:19 AM
> MsJWheels , what is it that you can't find in the Chrome menus or is it that it just looks different?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR iamsria 9/19/11 6:33 PM
I am with MsJWheels.  The menu bar is an important part of being highly efficient/productive.  The lack of a menu bar forces extra keystrokes and mouse nonsense, bot of whic slow us down.  In a world where time is money, the most efficient way of doing our work is the one that will be used.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/20/11 1:13 AM
Lets run though a design experiment again.
If we take a look at a "traditional" web browser we see

File Edit Tools Help
< > R H [                    *]

ie you have the menu bar, lots of wasted space to the right of it, then you have the forward/back/reload/home buttons and address bar. 

Why not save some space by moving the menus to the right of the address bar, like this.
< > R H [              *]   File Edit Tools Help

Why not save even more space by reducing 4 headers to 1 ?
< > R H [                    *]   Menu

why not save a bit more by replacing the word "menu" by a little icon. "menu" looks weird anyway
< > R H [                    *]   #

which is what chrome is now using.
lets do some click analysis (assuming you don't use a keyboard shortcut / icon)

Function         clicks with menu bar (IE 7)     clicks in chrome

Copy text            2                                           2
print page            2                                           2
view history         3                                           2
Save Page          2                                            2
View source        2                                            3

How about if you don't want to use the mouse to access menus?

Exit                <alt> F  X                      <alt>+F X
new tab          <alt> F T                        <alt>+F T
Print               <alt> F P                       <alt>+F P
browse menus <alt>  <down>               <alt>  <down>

Really nothing in it apart from "it looks a bit different".
Uses the same / similar number of clicks and uses less screen space
Really that hard?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/20/11 6:04 AM
What about the clicks needed to go to one of your favorites? IE 2, Chrome 4 and still counting.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/20/11 8:04 AM
well i suppose if you ignore the bookmarks bar, or the bookmarks on the new tab page (for those of you running the test versions) then my count is IE 2 , Chrome 3 to actually bring up the shortcut.

So yes its an extra mouse click, but still not exactly impossible to find
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR iamsria 9/20/11 1:31 PM
Cmon cave_troll.  No one said impossible.  Everyone just wants the consistency a menu bar provides.  Work is tough enough without having some software company make changes that require re-learning actions and end up slowing down our processes.  This shouldn't be that hard to understand.  Even Google must prize productivity in their employees.  Productivity is even more critical when you work from home or are self-employed.  Like I said before, time is money.  We just want to be able to make a living as efficiently as possible, without having to adjust to unnecessary changes forced by software developers.

Do you recall why PC took off over Apple?  It was the consistency of the product that allowed more players to participate.  Google would be wise to remember the importance of product consistency.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/20/11 2:56 PM
If you enable the bookmarks bar you have lost much more space than the traditional menu bar  takes. With the menu bar I just click Favorites IE bookmarks FF and everything is right there. Chromes system as you said 3 but you still have to click on the favorite so as I said 4 and counting. This is the worst designed browser I have ever seen. I don't care how fast I get my homepage's what I have to do next.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/20/11 4:21 PM
each to their own.... Its all there it just takes 30 secs of learning.
Probably less learning than i had to do when Microsoft replaced the menu in Office with the ribbon.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 9/20/11 5:27 PM
The nice thing is they are giving us back the option in Office 2010
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR iamsria 9/20/11 6:40 PM
It's about time!!  Thanks for listening Microsoft!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Frogius Darq 9/29/11 7:27 AM
To Paluft and all others, OPTIONS, DOWNLOADS and EXTENSIONS (3 modules you most often access via menubar) are all accessible via inner URLs that can be BOOKMARKED! So THE FAVBAR IS THE MENUBAR, folks!
BUT, I'd suggest an option to move "wrench" to top-left like in Chrome, and making the "page" a sub-menu there. YES, ONE butto that is in a GOOD place rather than TWO but in a BAD place (like top-right).
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR TrishJessop 10/5/11 9:53 AM
I agree I personally like having the menu bar (Tool Bar) across the top, I feel it should be a choice.  I will uninstall and wait for the change should it come, before I switch to Google Chrome!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Reneelouise 10/21/11 12:24 PM
I believe a menu bar is so much more user friendly for the majority. WE NEED A MENU BAR!!!!!   I cannot function well without one. Its faster for browsing because your options are right in front of your eyes!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/21/11 12:47 PM
Join me in boycotting all things Google. Now that they have disabled the yes and no buttons it's clear they could care less what we think. Verizon wants me to upgrade my phone....the one they want to give me has a Google OS. I will not purchase anything or even use anything Google because of this "We know better than you" attitude. I will go with the new Windows 7.5 phone.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/21/11 2:55 PM
cave_troll for some reason your post showed up in email but not here. I think they want to close this thread. Office 2010 has the option of a menu bar again, as does IE 9. And I'm looking for the start button to shut the computer down but in my Windows 7 Pro I find only a round start.After more research I may choose Droid or anything BUT Google.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 10/22/11 4:37 PM
yeah sorry i deleted the post as i felt it might be a bit too tongue in cheek.,
on a more serious note, things change and whenever things change people complain.
eg the change from DOS to windows caused loads of complaints
also windows95 changed the traditional menu bar interface for program manager to a completely radical "start menu" which looked nothing like the traditional menus. Once the complaints died down, most people accept the start menu concept.
Is it not too much of a leap to say the wrench menu is a start menu for Google Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 10/23/11 6:19 AM
I guess if you like it then you can have it. I will seek alternatives with a menu bar until the last one is gone.Then I may change. As I am 60 I think I'll be underground before the last menu bar disappears. I don't want change. Just a browser that works the way I want, and Chrome does not. Heck I may have to throw out the dang computer. It took me a week to turn it on. Us ol' timers just want to live out our remaining years with the skill set we have, not learn a new UI.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR cyprhicin 10/29/11 12:50 PM
Google can't probably use a menu bar similar to one used by explorer and mozilla. They will sue them for piracy or copying the way their browsers were designed.

I was angry with google chrome when a friend used my computer and we couldn't print. Usually I right click almost anywhere in google browser window to save or print. However the website was saying that the right click button has been deactivated and that in order to print we have to go to the menu bar.
I googled to find out how to print. Someone posted an alternative solution to find the print button: [Alt]    [F] : It worked.

What Google can do to improve the browser by keeping it less crowded with buttons and without copyright infringement of other web browsers:

Add on the leftmost side before the back arrow button another button with a circled letter M that does things similar to the wrench button:  
The M will help many people to intuitively guess that it must be the menu button.

Similarly to restaurant menu list once the [M] button is clicked the most important buttons that people want must show vertically like in the wrench button. No other browser will claim that it is their technology because google will be replicating the wrench button on both side of the browser.

It will be a little bit of redundancy because of the wrench button but it is better than having people rejecting the browser because of lacking a traditional menu bar. I remember me too I uninstalled google in the past for this reason. Later I told myself that a browser can't be without a way of saving or printing. After a few google searches I found that those functions are in the wrench button and right clicks.

Looking at the wrench button I was telling myself that it must be a button where to find things like deleting history, cookies and other tools. I always forgot that it also has those other needed buttons.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR kzoodata 11/4/11 8:25 PM
Holy cow!! This has *still* not been addressed? Gah what arrogance. The developers must hold their collective noses as they code this turkey for Windows. They probably have arguments about which text editor is better, or what order they compiled the objects in their particular Linux installations. Sorry folks, this is why Chrome sucks and why I will continue avoiding it. PC tools should be able to remain PC centric.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Maziel 11/27/11 3:50 AM
I was thinking the same think as kzoodata, 'Holy cow!! This has *still* not been addressed? Gah what arrogance....."

Granted, some people don't want the Menu Bar, and sure it can be OFF by default.

But for the love of all that is UI Standards, ADD an option to allow those of us who USE MENU BARS to be able to USE ONE.

I am sick of clicking this spanner icon and hoping I get the options I want.

There should be a standard FILE VIEW BOOKMARKS TOOLS HELP type menu.

One of the reasons I moved from Internet Explorers latest updates is how they changed the design of their UI around and removed the menu options.

I later found that there was an option to bring them back but they were displayed underneath the Address Bar which was just absolutely stupid in my eyes. You get used to using something for 20+ years, UI's having the same basic layout and then it suddenly changes.

Please don't misunderstand me... I am not saying you shouldn't try different layouts or even give options for users to re-skin chrome or ability to move buttons wherever the users may want to. You can do all that stuff or none of it, totally cool and fine with me.


You leave a default standard UI option available for other users to be able to use.

In this case there are two options I want and Chrome UI would be perfect for me.

1) Menu Bar above the Address Bar.
2) Status Bar at the bottom of my Chrome.

Thank you for listening, I apologise if some of my posts sounds abrupt, I'm just a little frustrated with Chrome. ESPECIALLY after the re-design of the New Tab area which is a totally different subject and thread.

Kind regards,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR fitley 12/13/11 11:17 PM
No Menu. This Blow - Ho - Dee - O - Dohs
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR jjstxx 12/15/11 4:04 AM
with no menu bar I'll never use this browser
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR david.king 12/16/11 12:44 AM
I echo the thoughts of cave_troll. Whenever Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or anything changes it's layout or the way it works there's always complaints. No matter how hard you complain, these companies are always going to try to innovate. The fact that Chrome 15 is the world's most popular browser, based on a sample of 15 billion page views, StatCounter reporting that Chrome 15 has 23.6% of the worldwide market compared to IE 8 at 23.5% speaks volumes. The browser universe is changing with Microsoft no longer in charge of what constitutes a de facto web standard or user interface. It may seem sudden or misguided but the days of the menu bar are numbered and I truly believe it's a natural progression.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Quint 12/19/11 2:14 PM
Still no friggin option for a menu bar? !  Da^n you Google.  

I finally got sick of no menu bar.  I spent half an hour looking through the menus and trying things.  Assuming if must be there somewhere ... "How in the heck do I turn on the menu bar?" ... so I start searching the web.  Low and behold YOU CAN'T.  The silly children making decisions want everything all sleek and minimalist, like Apple.  Who cares if you want to get anything done.  Back to  Firefox or Safari or SeaMonkey or who cares, this ultra-minimalist crap is unbearable.  

What next?  ...

oh, we've determined that you don't need tabs anymore, it clutters up the screen, so tabs have been removed

we've determined that you don't need a scrollbar anymore, so that's gone

we've determined that bookmarks detract from the beauty of a clean screen, so bookmarks are gone.

we've determined that dark text and light background looks cheap, so now the only color available in Chrome is white -- white text, white background, white everything.  Now when you use Chrome you will have a perfectly white screen with no distracting anything on it.  And we've determined that all apps should be run in full screen.  In order to go back to other apps (not sure why you would want another app running) but just use alt-tab, but when you want the full glory of an all-white screen, just open Google Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 12/20/11 1:36 AM
Is it just that it looks a bit different?
If you spent 30 mins looking through the menu, I assume that you can use it, its just you were frustrated as you were looking for an option that was not there.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR cpageinkeller 12/26/11 4:40 PM
I want a menu bar, too.  I can work around,but why?  Some of the menu items (like"Print") are available on right click.  If you are intellectually (or otherwise) opposed to a menu bar, why not make it obscure (as in right click).  That way, you can look different but make many users happier.....and gain users.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 12/27/11 3:30 AM
but its easy... if its available its in the menu

Q Where's the print - it used to be under "file"
A Its in the wrench menu

Q Where's the options - it used to be under "edit" or sometimes "tools"
A Its in the wrench menu

Q Where's the paste - it used to be under "edit"
A Its in the wrench menu

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR mtnrunner2 1/3/12 9:23 PM
I like scrolling all the way across my 24" monitor, it builds arm strength; I have a right arm like Popeye now :\

Come on Google, know when to say "too minimal".
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 1/4/12 11:53 AM
mtnrunner2 so presumably you want to customise all software so that all its controlls are in the left 3 inches?

Come on Microsoft know when to say more minimal    :-)
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 1/4/12 12:13 PM
cave-troll, works for me!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR iamsria 1/4/12 12:22 PM
I believe mtnrunner2 is simply asking for the option to load a menu bar so as to avoid the productivity loss that comes with random, unwanted software changes. Not an outrageous suggestion and one Google should have thought of before foisting someone else's idea of minimal onto their users.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 1/4/12 2:23 PM
well not it might be an outrageous suggestion if you think that the design ethos is to keep it simple and not have page after page of options like you get in Firefox
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR steve732 1/4/12 5:39 PM
THIS just shows that the folks at Google are nothing but a bunch of fucking ASSHOLES.  The put a browser out for """Human Consumption""" without a MENU BAR is something I might expect from a member of a 3rd world country.  To the people at Google who I HOPE will read this post... WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE BETWEEN YOUR EARS....  SHIT FOR BRAINS ????      MY 99 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER HAS MORE COMMON SENSE THAN TO LEAVE OUT A COMPONENT AS IMPORTANT AS THE MENU BAR... YOU BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS...
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 1/5/12 1:12 AM
Given that the menu still exists but just looks a bit different I see no reason for that amount of abusive language.
I've therefore flagged that last post as "abusive" and marked for deletion

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR dafkmf 1/5/12 8:20 AM
The only thing I see with Chrome at the far top right, that works as I want it to is the red X, Thanks anyway.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR peterpan1729 1/7/12 6:42 AM
I could have sworn that there was a menu bar but it isn't there now. The stupid thing tries to translate a page even if there is some non english content, messes up the english original and you cant undo it because the translate bar wont come up again until yo refresh the page.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Vasya Pupkin 3/28/12 3:18 PM
+1 for system title/menu bars in Google Chrome.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Nataruma 4/3/12 5:28 AM
Or, you could just hilt alt+f and have your menu open up for you, as with any other browser. Learn to use shortcuts properly, it's not that hard.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Nataruma 4/3/12 5:30 AM
As opposed to scrolling all the way to the left? :P

Use shortcuts, no scrolling involved.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR billky 7/27/12 9:32 AM
What do you mean by "the page"?
If you use Chrome on Ubuntu, and probably other Linux distros, there is a menu bar available. Ubuntu hides the menu bar until you move the cursor to the top of the page, then the bar appears. The menu bar has File Edit View History Tools Help. When I'm using chrome in Windows 7, I immediately know the bar isn't available, so I use Firefox when in Windows.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR stillness of nothing 10/13/12 11:49 PM
so where are the page and wrench icons - can't find them ???
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR david.king 10/16/12 2:12 AM
The page and wrench icons don't exist anymore. The two icons were consolidated into the one Wrench icon many months ago, and the Wrench icon has now been replaced by the Chrome Menu.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR visle 11/12/12 4:00 AM
how do i install the menu bar on chrome?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR visle 11/12/12 4:08 AM
thank u
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR david.king 11/12/12 4:16 AM
visle, Chrome doesn't have a traditional menu bar and as such you cannot "install" one. All the browser settings can be accessed through the Chrome Menu, top right.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Micromos 11/13/12 12:11 PM
You do seem to be one! ;-)
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tasau 11/19/12 7:58 PM
so how to install the menu bar, i can't open my twitter account :(
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 11/20/12 5:09 AM
All the menus are under menu button top right. This saves space.
Why do you need a menu bar to get into Twitter?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Helen Thomson 12/11/12 10:52 PM
That's fair enough if you like it like this! I get that some people want to see more of the screen (although, to be honest, it's only one extra bar - about 6mm - does that REALLY make that much difference) but the point is that users should have the option of having a menu or not available to them! It's down to personal taste, so why do they say you can personalise / customise when the most obvious option is missing! I'm no expert on programming etc, but I can't imagine it would be a huge stretch to make the menu available to those who want it!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 12/12/12 6:05 AM
There are lots of things are are "only a few lines of code" 
If you add them all then chrome gets fat , and each line of code needs to be tested and may have odd interactions.

so the devs are not being "arrogant" or "not listening to 'everyone' who needs this". Its just this is the direction they've chosen to go - in the same way that Ford choose to put 4 wheels on their cars when some may claim that 6 would be better
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR rene wagner 1/12/13 4:53 AM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR howlnwolf59 1/12/13 9:26 PM
I keep my Chrome updated and as a back up browser,but Know Menu bar,know use. I use my FireFox,which I think is better anyway,and if not ,real close and I can have my menu bar...So,you only hurt yourself by doing this,,,,
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Sarge 1/18/13 9:31 PM
Removing the Menu Bar from the Google Chrome design was an answer to a question nobody was asking.

Let's look at a little history here: Before January 19, 1983, every PC used a command line interface to get things done. The Graphical User Interface was experimental at best, the mouse was cutting-edge high-tech wizardry, and hard drives were a rare and expensive commodity.

January 19, 1983. That's the day the Apple Lisa was revealed.

November 10, 1983. That's the day Windows 1.0 launched.

Guess what both of them had?
Go on, guess.
I'll wait, you take your time.
No, seriously, this should be a no-brainier.

You ready for the answer? It was a "Menu Bar."

At the time, it was an mind-blowing concept. At first, some people dismissed it as useless and "not intuitive." Guess who copied this then-new & revolutionary "Menu Bar" feature? That would be "Everybody." It was the menu bar that started rolling the ball that eventually crushed the command-line interface to the point that virtually no PC users know what a command line interface is. Well here we are 30 years later and guess what? We're still using it.

Why? Same reason people still buy and use manual tools like hammers, crowbars, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers; They are a simple, proven, effective and efficient tool. There's no reason to jettison the concept of the Menu Bar, but that's exactly what Google Chrome has done here.

It's stupid to throw a away a proven tool just because you want something newer and trendier. Don't make me come over there and beat you over the head with a Segway, Google. I don't own one, but I'm sure I can find a used one on Ebay I can get for a fraction of it's original retail price, and I'm not afraid to come to your house and beat you with it. ;)

Sorry, Google Chrome fanboys, but your standard talking-point answer of "It's there, it's just hidden under a icon that has three horizontal lines" is bullshit. That's right: Bull and also shit. And not in a good way. If it's not a menu and also a bar, then by definition it is not a menu bar. This isn't too hard a concept to grasp, but apparently somebody on the Chrome development team missed that section of Software Design 101.

By throwing out the Menu Bar, Google shown how out of touch and arrogant they have become. To be blunt, Google has it's collective head all the way up it's collective ass.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR al bsaker 1/19/13 12:39 AM
I agree with you Sarge, this idea of "it saves space" is BS!!!! if you look at the top, you have a bar with useless stuff like "Images, Play, and Youtube. That bar takes up as much space as a traditional menu bar, but is totally worthless in my opinion.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR crazyforpugs 1/20/13 6:10 PM
Then why is the how to install chrome menu bar in bold letters on the page?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Raghu Nath 1/20/13 10:36 PM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Bobby Cox 2/6/13 2:44 AM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 2/6/13 2:56 AM
crazyforPugs - what page are you seeing with "how to install chrome menu bar" in bold letters ?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 2/6/13 2:57 AM
Bobby Cox - the File Edit Tools menu bar does not exist in chrome.
Click on the menu button () top right and you'll find all the menus
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Ted Howell 2/6/13 9:10 AM
Agreed. That's why,I am a FireFox user...Love it. Always have both.But just use it when it has a upgrade. All other times,it's Firefox....
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR wkstone 2/7/13 8:46 AM
The elimination of a menu bar is something that belies the Google cachet that they are more friendly and responsive to their clientele.  It was like the automobile industry attempt to eliminate spare tires, "you don't need it"  The arrogance of this attitude does not create a favorable relationship.  Unless there is a case that a menu bar is harmful in a technical sense, providing optional access to functionality that is already incorporated in the product in a way that satisfies clients at "no cost" should be good business.
I am a new user of Chrome and have far too much work to do with the tools I use like browsers to retrain to some arbitrary GUI.  I want Chrome to improve my productivity not hamper it.      
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Jesus Bendezu Prieto 2/8/13 11:51 AM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Ella Leslie 2/10/13 2:28 PM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Cheryll Richter 2/24/13 11:56 AM
Agree totally!
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Gerasimos Giannakopoulos 4/16/13 9:29 PM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Sarge 4/17/13 5:10 PM
You don't. Chrome doesn't support a menu bar in a space where a menu bar should be, even though it should. You can get add-ons that add a clumsy menu-bar-like bar, but it can't be where it should be, at the top, where every other menu bar in the history of menu bars is, because Chrome is not designed to support that function. You got a problem with that? You should. If not, bow your head and say "yes sir" to Google as they dismiss your complaint.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR charlene c 6/9/13 12:07 PM
where is my menu bar? what's going on
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 6/9/13 1:10 PM
The menus for chrome are under the menu button () top right.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR ประเสริฐ ซาโปร่ง 7/28/13 8:14 PM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR totalviolation 8/6/13 10:29 AM
Google Chrome is a HUGE disappointment without a  menu bar. It requires more work and more time and more mouse clicks to do what one needs to do hundreds of times every hour (and if additionall yyou hv arthiritis as I and millions of other users hv, it is also very PAINFUL). I do all my emailing thru the browser so no menu is a NIGHTMARE. Google: get your act together and give us a menu bar !! NOW!! You hv been sending me messages every day for months, to force me to install Google Chrome just to give me lousy service, what a shame. Additionally, half the software is in 1 language, half in another. It did not accept nor save my language settings and is not spell checking.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 8/6/13 12:52 PM
ie         = File > Print
Chrome=  > print

ie         = Edit > Paste
Chrome=  > paste

ie         = File > Exit
Chrome=  > Exit

Easy ?
I use gmail and hotmail all the time. Are all the controls for web based email on the web page and not in the menus ?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR romualdas Kieza 8/18/13 5:11 AM
(unknown) 8/24/13 6:44 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR nigtay 8/24/13 6:45 AM
More cross device from Google.

I dumped Windows 8 a couple of months ago and now use Linux Mint because of the
changes that 'Millions of People Wanted' but never asked for. So now its goodbye to Chrome..

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Sarge 8/31/13 2:06 PM
I agree with your "changes that 'Millions of People Wanted' but never asked for" point, but...

There is a way to may Windows 8 work like Windows 7. It's a bit of a learning curve, but once you know how it's easy. You just need the right third-party software. I use some free software called Classic Shell to get the Windows 7 Start Menu back and also bypass most of the Metro crap (including booting to the 'Start Screen' and that retarded swipe screen that is useless if you don't have a touchscreen.) I also use a custom desktop theme that restores almost all of the UI of Windows 7. I can live with the minor things that can't be tweaked, and the improved Task Manager alone is worth it IMHO.

Now I get the best of both worlds. I don't have to use Metro (AKA "modern UI") but I can use the new & better task Manager, while using the familiar WIndows 7 interface.

Now if only Google would get the point and realize that people don't want to learn a new UI every year, so they should stop changing YouTube's UI.

Oh and Google Chrome: File menu in a bar at the top or GTFO. I don't need to have an extra click just to get to the menus.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/3/13 4:36 AM
re chrome menus.... the thing is that its NOT an "extra" click is it?

File > Print      vs  >print
Edit > Copy      vs  >Copy
File > exit      vs  >exit
Tools > options      vs  >settings
help > about      vs  >about
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tallsmith 9/9/13 11:16 PM
Mouse clicks is actually a pretty crude measure of usability and productivity.  Taking it to the absurd limit, I could give you an application with 2,000 different functions - all available from a single pop-up menu with 2,000 little icons.  While *everything* would only be two clicks away, it's not very usable.  Usability practices and usability testing are more telling.

Doing a little research by searching on UX, UI, usability, Human-computer interaction, usability, etc. can provide a wealth of information.  Fitts' law and Hick's law, among others, explain why Chrome's menu icon has usability issues.

A simple usability study:  Find two user's who are computer savvy.  Give one of them Chrome and the other a browser with the traditional menu bar enabled (Firefox or IE or even Safari).  Now ask them to open an html file that's on the hard drive or e-mail a link to a friend.
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/10/13 1:02 AM
i gave the mouse clicks example because someone said "its an extra mouse click" 

your usability study, my response.
1) copy the URL - paste it into Email- its never occurred to me that i need a built in feature or an addon to share a URL. seems like a wast of time to me. the same goes for all those little "share this..." buttons on web pages

2) drag it onto the browser

so for me, chrome passes that test...

My turn for questions.... How often do you actually use the menu in your browser and what for? beyond "print" and "copy" I can't think of a time i need to use the menu.

Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, the chrome team have done some research and you are in the 2% who don't get it ?
I'm not insulting you, but if Ford build a car that anyone over 6foot 6 won't fit in, then is a 6'7 person going to complain that the designers are obviously idiots for not making it fit them or are they going to say "well i'm very tall and this car is obviously designed for the 99% of the population"?
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR tallsmith 9/10/13 2:52 AM
A usability study isn't going to ask how _you_ would do it, they're going to ask a typical user from different experience levels (that have not used their software) to do it.  Going to explorer to drag, double-click, or right-click->"open with" will get the job done, but even the power user's intuitive reaction is going to be to search for the File->Open.  The power user will spend several minutes trying to figure out how to do it from the application before eventually resorting to using explorer.  A novice may never figure it out.

For me, I use the menu bar every day.  View downloads, view source, file->open, clear cache, manage certificates, manage popup behavior, manage saved passwords, change proxy settings, manage extensions/add-ons, manage/inspect cookies, etc.  Sure, I'm probably the 5% power user, but what is gained by _not_ catering to the power user as well - as an option.

Now at the other end of the spectrum, there's the novice that uses Chrome for the first time and has no idea where to find "Print".  The fact that it's "right off the triple-line menu button" really doesn't matter when there's nothing recognizable and nothing steering him to that button.  He's got to resort to Google to find out how to do it.  In fact, 99% of people will have to spend time searching the UI and/or going to Google to figure out how to print.  A 3 second job in any other browser or other application takes 5 minutes on Chrome.

If the Chrome team has done some research, I would be curious to read the usability study - time to complete task, success in completing task, frustration in completing task.  Looking at Google searches, there's not too many people asking where the home button, bookmarks, print button, etc. are in Firefox.  However you do see this for Chrome.

The car analogy doesn't work for me.  For one thing, Ford does make a number of vehicles that a tall person can fit into without any problem.  Even if you want to argue that Ford doesn't make the Fiesta fit a tall person, the difference is that Ford _can't_ make a Fiesta fit a tall person because of physical limitations.  Google on the other hand, _won't_ provide the functionality.  Obviously they _can_ because the Mac browser does.

From the various threads on this subject it is clear there are a number of people that wan't the traditional menu bar.  So the real question is why the Chrome team is so reluctant to provide this as an option.  The space argument is false since these users are obviously willing to make the trade off, and Google's own web pages take up much more space for their "menu bar" and other "chrome".

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Bk Singh 9/12/13 11:20 PM
where is crome menu
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 9/13/13 12:22 AM
Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR Veshzan 10/15/13 9:10 PM
Hi the lack of menu bar im afraid really turns me off google chrome it just makes my life harder for no real reason im afraid. I believe you should be able to customize so you can have it if you want its not a hard thing and should of been done and the fact its still hasn't added this option to me just shows a lack of listening to your users.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR caver_tim 10/16/13 5:40 AM
I normally answer the question of "why can't this be added as an option" with the following.

Chrome was designed to "A web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security" As such it has limited options.
Each time you add an option you add
  • an inch of space on the options page
  • several pages of code to set the option and then have one feature vs another
  • complexity of testing and performance, (eg is there a feature in another part of chrome that expects to see XXX and we've just added a function to show YYY instead)

There are many many things that people have said "can you not just add this option, its only a few lines of code. eg
  • A traditional menu
  • tabs under the URL bar
  • no tabs at all
  • a side bar for bookmarks
  • a double depth bookmark bar
  • no "x" on the tabs
  • move the Reload button to the right
  • have a permanent "stop" button


Should all of these be added? Should only some be added and if so who decides which ones to add? the same people who have already made the decision not to add them ?

So just try it for a bit. Normally viewing web pages is just that. and Chrome concentrates on showing you the web page. How often do you actually need to go in to the menu.

Re: INSTALL CHROME MENU BAR po jun cheng 11/3/13 2:34 PM
my cokies is not enabled thetrefore I can not get into my Google account just chenge 1 hour ago
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