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Flash plugin not working.

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Flash plugin not working. tiptupjr94 6/28/11 2:15 AM
Google Chrome version: 13.0.782.32 (Official Build 89955) beta-m
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Extensions installed: Add to Amazon Wish List v. and McAfee Site Advisor v.

Hello. I am writing to tell you that the Google Chrome Flash plugin will not work properly for me. The left and right arrow keys do not function in Flash games, but all other keys do. The left and right arrow keys work fine when I am doing other things as well. I have went to about:plugins, and both the Chrome plugin and my PC's version of Flash are up to date, but Flash only works properly if the plugin is disabled and only the system version is enabled. What is going on? I would appreciate some help.
Re: Flash plugin not working. Daniel Hakimi 6/30/11 11:58 AM
I'm having a similar issue running 13.0.782.41 (beta-m). Most keys don't work. So far, the only one that I've seen work properly is the Esc key. Mouse works fine.
Re: Flash plugin not working. MrMojoRicin' 7/6/11 6:44 PM
Yep, it's getting to the point of my abandoning Google ALTOGETHER!  It's always crashing and there's no fix for my  I just completed my dream PC buildout at 36 yrs. of age and I'm ready to do some serious damage serving up fresh beatdowns for all the pwns out there via my Pi52500kSandybridge platform quad core, 16gb ULTRA HD DDR3, 1200W ThermalTake PSU, ASUS Sabretooth MB w/ArmourPlate heast diss/MILSPEC hotrodded with Corsair's CPU Cooler/Radiator non-refil always chilling the proc(S), LOL!!!  and to wrap it all up, a very nicely dersigned Thermaltake DOKKON ATX Mid-case with pretty led's and lovely green neon.

So, I got all this expensive stuff, ready to pounce and what do I get for my troubles??  Browser finikyness/permission-loving-certificate spewing-always presenting bug after God forsaken bug, I'm through w/Google, cancelling my gmnail account and taking everything back to MS and LIVE! services and apps.  Anywayz, why would I want to support Google's interests in corrupting our already, been hella-corrupted, sorry excuse for a federal government in the first place????  Good luck to all you who are experiencing the Flash problem which the previous posters and myself are concerned about.

Re: Flash plugin not working. CArmistead 7/10/11 4:06 AM
The plugin isn't working for me, either, using 12.0.742.112. When I go to Adobe's site to try to download Adobe Digital Editions, I can't do so using Chrome because I get a message informing me that the content requires Flash. When I follow the link to download Flash, I'm informed that it's already built in to Chrome, so I can't download it, either (unless, of course, I disable it - I checked, and it is not disabled).

I'm not a developer, so I really don't want to follow the instructions for disabling the built in version and installing a new version. This is a clean build of Windows 7-64bit, less than 12 hours old, but the same problem was happening before I rebuilt the PC - I just thought it was part of the overall cruftiness.

I'm rather worried that I'm the fourth user posting about a problem with the native Chrome Flash over a 12 day period, and there's been no official response. Is that standard? I'm not even using a beta release of the browser!
Re: Flash plugin not working. atomic1fire 7/10/11 12:46 PM
If you have a second copy of flash installed, disable chrome's flash and use that one, see if it works.

Re: Flash plugin not working. CArmistead 7/10/11 1:00 PM
I don't have a second copy of Flash installed, because I'd have to disable Chrome's Flash to do so. I have not disabled the native Flash.

To be clear, I know HOW to disable Chrome's flash, and I have read the instructions from Adobe on installing another copy of Flash if I absolutely must do so.

I just want to know why Chrome's Flash isn't working. I'd also like to know why Google's personnel aren't responding to user requests for support on this issue.

Thank you for your response.
Re: Flash plugin not working. thetha 7/12/11 3:10 AM
Flash not working here too! Why cant you implement flash! I have to use mozilla oder iexplorer for flash websites!!!
Re: Flash plugin not working. adamprato 7/16/11 7:52 PM
I have the same issue on the CR-48. Did you try holding down the alt-key to get the arrow keys working? This seems to work for me.
Re: Flash plugin not working. thetha 8/7/11 5:29 AM
Flash not working, i only can click one on a flash element then its over with clicking!
Now I cannot print! i have the newst chrome 13.0.782.107 m
It might be sound like a crazy idea BUT could you please stop updating chrome every week and first beta try options!
I am not a beta tester!!!!
Re: Flash plugin not working. thetha 8/7/11 5:30 AM
One other thing i would like to add! I guess google is trying to force html5! Thats why flash is not supported
Re: Flash plugin not working. willbee1046 11/18/11 6:34 PM
Install plug-in button not working
Does google have the time or care to fix it?
If not I'll go back to FIREFOX

Re: Flash plugin not working. CSIMasala5 11/27/11 12:34 AM
I am having issues with plugins the pop up box is telling me to install plugin yet when I click on to it it does nothing. then I click onto download and my computer tells me flash adobe and java are already on my system yet i keep getting the pop up box and nothing is happening can't get into certain sites because of it.
Re: Flash plugin not working. willbee1046 11/27/11 7:48 PM
If you can find a small Skype icon in the upper right corner (near the wrench icon for tools), then right click it and delete or uninstall it, (I can't remember which).

Exit Chrome and restart Chrome.

That Skype icon was the problem.

Re: Flash plugin not working. snyper20 12/2/11 8:47 PM
I can confirm that willbee1046 is CORRECT.  The issue is Skype's Click to Call feature that gets installed into chrome.  I removed it and all my flash movies are working perfectly again!
Re: Flash plugin not working. stuboy 12/7/11 3:43 PM
I had this problem, I solved it by disabling the in built pluging that comes with Chrome and enabling the other