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Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings

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Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings hines57 3/24/10 7:33 PM
When normally browsing the web, an even when I came to the Google Chrome page, I will often get a "security alert" telling me that Windows has detected such and such and needs my permission to install some sort of security tool.  I have a Mac.  Also, I will go to a page and a new tab will open with the url or, and then that page will redirect to something completely different.

For others to best assist you in troubleshooting scenarios, please also provide the following:
Google Chrome version 5.0.307.11
Operating System: Mac OSX 10.6.2
URLs (if applicable):,
Error Message: none
Extensions installed: error occurred before extensions were installed.  Installed AdBlock 1.3.45 hoping it would stop this issue.  It didn't. Also I have Beautify Facebook, Downloads, Google Mail Checker, History Button, InvisibleHand, JoinTabs, Send From Gmail, Turn off the Lights and Woot!
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings lovelyritaann 3/24/10 10:49 PM
I really hope someone answers this soon. I have the same problem; however, thinking it was something that was on my computer, I reformatted it and re-installed my operating system, etc. and it is still happening! It is so annoying! If it is Google Chrome, then I guess I will have to start using Explorer again and that would not be good!
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings hines57 3/25/10 8:06 AM
I have also heard of it occurring on Firefox...
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings hines57 3/25/10 3:41 PM
I got a new one today:  Someone should do something about whoever's spamming google's name
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings Biohazard 3/26/10 11:23 PM
I have the same exact problem , though I use windows , It happens in all my browsers . firefox , chrome , and IE . im not sure about opera though . I've nuked my computer a few times and reinstalled , same problem ... quite annoying even while adblock plus is running . anti virus aren't picking up anything . And every cpu in the house is doing it to.Even my main machine that is specifically for Banking purposes .  

The only temporary solution I found is using "noScript" add on in firefox. Though its almost as annoying as this bug/glitch/virus or whatever this is , it still stop the site from popping up and giving fake security messages.

Someone needs to fix this Asap though , very bothersome .
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings tmobley007 4/1/10 5:55 PM
Same problem here and I have also re-formatted the hard drive multiple times.  This is one pesky problem!  My anti-virus has done nothing...
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings redcbs 4/4/10 12:24 PM
Try resetting your router, could've been hijacked.  Which accounts for why all of your browsers do it and reformatting does nothing:
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings hines57 4/4/10 1:16 PM
What are the odds of this happening on four different routers in two states?
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings NGoden 4/5/10 7:42 AM
The problem IS with the router!

I've spend the last two weeks trying to find a solution for this annoying problem after every computer on my network started doing the same thing.
I couldn't find a solution, but it seemed a little odd to me that this exact same thing was happening on different OS, different browsers, and that it had spread to my whole network.
After resetting my router to factory default settings, everything works fine!!!
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings redcbs 4/5/10 8:00 AM
hines, quite a bit.  If you do some research, you'll find this is a very common problem.  The interwebs dont care about state lines, or international lines for that matter :)  Push the reset button and change your login info to something stronger.
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings hines57 4/10/10 11:47 AM
The problem is NOT the router.  I deleted EVERY folder on my computer (mac) with Google's name, including a strange one under "Brakepad", and reinstalled Chrome...and no pop ups!  Weird!
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings wallyrsc 9/4/10 8:05 PM
Looks like this is a UNIVERSAL problem. I'm in Utah (another State). I reset the router. I even hooked up a NEW and different brand router from what I have alwas had. I called my server and asked for help there. they said " yes we have had complains too..." WTF They did not seem very upset until I told them I intended to switch servers, " We will certainly look into that" YEAH,RIGHT !This is a problem with Google Chrome, Firefox and IE. A site called "VideoCop" kept popping up so I searched the location and found it is located in Slovenia. Slovenia for crying out loud. Has anyone been able to get to the bottom of this anoying problem??
Re: Annoying Pop-up and Tab Openings mdimarcohammond 5/15/11 8:15 AM
I just got my mac in April.  I put Chrome on it as well as Safari & Firefox.  I have had no problem with the later two.  However with Chrome I got a message that I had been infected with a virus.  The "messenger"  said they were from  Apple and to open a  called  MacProtetor.  It looked very much like a Apple/Mac program.  I feel really stupid now because I should have called someone or researched it.  It kept popping up with this alert.  I down loaded it.  I had to give it my password.  After that pornography started popping up - immediately.  I knew I screwed up. I made calls to Apple and to a high school mac tech (in Maine the kids have macs - it's a State program).  This is all the things I did to get rid of it:

I went into my files & tried to delete it, but it would not turn off.   It kept saying it could not be deleted.  I put it in the Trash but the trash couldn't be emptied, because the program/virus, again, was still "on".  I was told to turn my computer off & see if that worked.  I think that did seem to work.  But then it came back.  I deleted Chrome & did the same thing over again. Also, it was recommended that I try the free virus protection program in the Apple Store Apps. offers - "Virus Barrier".   This didn't find anything at that point.  Then I think I tried to reload Chrome, because I wanted to use Chrome!  - I have a mac & virus protection right?   The bug came back.   I upgraded to the paid virus protection program, "Virus Barrier Plus" for $10.   I didn't even try to remove it before I did this program, so I could see what the program found.  The program found it & then you click on repair.   I went in after to search for files related to MacProtector - which I did find and I guess these weren't considered dangerous?  I opened all off the files to check them (to see why they weren't dangerous - they looked benign, not porn, but?) and deleted; trashed; turned off computer....  
  There is another program by the same company called, "Washing Machine".  It will clean out all cookies, cashe, bookmarks and designated files.  That was on sale for I think $6.  I used that.  My system was clear!  This took me hours!  I'm not a techy.  There is 2 upgrades for the virus programs that "Virus Barrier" offers.  I think I will get the highest one since I run the mac windows program.  I researched the program and it is considered a good program for mac. Since this has happened I don't want to wait for future attacks or infect my windows friends (mac's can pass a virus even if it doesn't effect our computer).  The mac/apple guy told me not to beat myself up, but I did feel like I should have known better.  He said a lot of people have fallen for this "MacProtector" bug.