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Chrome is not rendering websites correctly.

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Chrome is not rendering websites correctly. Psyghamn 3/23/11 5:50 PM
Google Chrome        10.0.648.151 (Official Build 78498)
WebKit        534.16 (branches/chromium/648@80788)
Operating System:  Mac OS X 10.6.7
Error Message: None
Extensions installed: Adblock 2.3.0 and Stubleupon
Last night my computer froze (I was playing Civilization IV and had accidentally covered the vent in the back of my macbook).  When I restarted and opened Chrome every page had various problems rendering.  Everything from images from one site being randomly reformatted and put off to the side of the Huffington Post main page to showing up as a vertical list of links and pictures.
Since this has happened I have updated to the latest OS (10.6.7)  and disabled both extensions.  This has not changed the rendering glitches.  Flash test says flash is working and javascript is enable.  I haven't tried a fresh install of Chrome yet, but safari and firefox are working normally.
Please help I can't go back to pressing tab to do a google sear when I open a new tab, since Chrome came out the pinky and ring finger on my right had have atrophied to the point of uselessness.
Re: Chrome is not rendering websites correctly. RedSox61 4/19/11 5:57 PM
have the same problem - but on vista
Re: Chrome is not rendering websites correctly. TheChosenOme 5/23/11 4:06 PM
I have the same problem in 7. Have installed and reinstalled. Still have the problem. My problem appeared when I first ran the Dell System Manager program (dcpsysmgr.exe) to give me maximum run time on my battery. I only have the problem with the scroll bars when it is NOT running. When it is running, everything is fine.