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Google Chrome Is Slow!

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Google Chrome Is Slow! LimeAndPepper 1/31/09 2:51 PM
I thought Chrome was suppose to be fast?

It seems to be a lot slower than Firefox, as it takes a couple seconds resolving the host all the time. It is really annoying so I had to switch back to Firefox.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! stevenmc 2/1/09 10:51 AM
How to fix Resolving Host problem.

Step 1:
In Chrome, click the wrench icon, select "Options" then "Under the hood". Hit the button at the bottom that says "Reset to defaults".  

Step 2:
On the same screen, make sure "Use DNS pre-fetching" is un-checked.

Step 3:
On the same screen, scroll down and press the button that says "Change proxy settings".

Step 4:
This assumes you are on broadband (with a pen and paper, write down your current settings so you can back them up if things go wrong).  Click on "Lan Settings". Make sure "Automatically Detect Settings" is un-checked.  Click "Ok".

Step 5:
Go to the Window XP/Vista Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel).  Load up the "Network Connections".  

Step 6:
You will now see a list of the network cards and bridges on your computer.  Only one of these is used by your computer to connect to the internet.  For example, if you are using wireless internet you will only be using the wireless connection.  Right click on each other connection and select "disable". You should only have one enabled connection.

Step 7:
Restart your machine.  Turn it off and on again. This is a very important step.

Step 8:
Google Chrome will now be working fully.  If not, then clear your history and cache and restart the browser.

This worked for me.  It took me about 2 or 3 minutes in all, and made Chrome perfectly fast. No more "resolving host".
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! csapeti 6/4/09 3:07 AM
I have speed problems too with 2.x. Back then, 1.x worked fine on google sites (gmail, gdocs, ...) but now, 2.x is extremely slow. It takes nearly 1 second to move the cursor from cell to cell in spreadsheets. Even though I have an old P3-600 with 768MB RAM, Firefox works great on these sites too. Anyone?
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! bcubiaco 6/16/09 7:07 AM
I'm still having problems working with spreadsheets on Google Docs. The other types of documents are fine, but scrolling inside a spreadsheet is horribly slow. They work fine with Firefox.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! Abhidwivedi 6/16/09 10:40 AM
I m fully agree with my friends ; i like google for searching anything but chrome always makes me disappointed , Mozilla Firefox is much better then it. I have installed it 3rd time before this I have removed it 2 times due to its slow speed . Its really irritating friends when u r doing something and ur page is taking time to be loaded.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! k8ctt 6/29/09 6:25 PM
I am using Windows XP and my ISP is through AT&T Uverse. My current version of Chrome is  .
After removing and installing Chrome several times over the last month, I finally found stevenmc's post and did steps 1 thru 8 on my system today. It appears to be working.

My comparison browser is FireFox 3.0.11 , which has always been extremely fast. However, FireFox will continue to be my  #1 browser until I am assured that Chrome can handle the load ( I really like NOT looking at all those ads).

Note: AT&T Uverse does not support Google Chrome under it's new AT&T Remote Access website!
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! gmokhin 7/17/09 11:16 PM
This issue is extremely annoying. I have to switch my laptop connection from wireless to cable quite often. Then the problem with Chrome "Resolving host..." for ages reappears. I would not mind to disable one of the adapters, if it solved the issue, but unfortunately you are 100% right: "Step 7: Restart your machine.  Turn it off and on again. This is a very important step". It's just totally out of the question to have to restart Windows several times a day only to fix that issue. Please google guys do anything about this - other browsers don't have this issue.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! synaptic 8/13/09 4:03 AM
This won't be a problem for most users, but if you have a networked documents location (i.e. you save to \\SERVER\documents etc), Chrome defaults to \\SERVER\documents\Downloads as the downloads location and this was causing me hassle. I changed this to a local (C:) directory and the loading issue went away straight away!
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! ñlkjh 8/13/09 7:28 AM
Chrome used to be very fast, but lately it takes ages to open a new page and some more tame to load the content, something is very wrong with chrome, fix it please
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! CyberTourniquet 8/21/09 6:59 PM
Are we trying to say that Google Chrome sux?
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! nthawEE 9/19/09 3:17 AM
I think i resolved my issue with chrome. I changed DNS servers and it started loading pages like a charm. Before that it was simply slow when compared to ie8 or firefox.
Try looking for DNS server on the net. I used Comodo DNS.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! copyrightowner213 9/29/09 10:43 PM
chrome is too slow for me on big google docs spreadsheets -- so I have to keep using firefox..
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! Hapa 10/2/09 5:12 PM
reinstalled, configured in many ways possible... Google Chrome is shot... what happened???
((maybe Windows updated to contradict with google software due to the competition)) where is Google OS!!! xP can't wait
unless OS ends up like Chrome Browser...
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! joelseph 11/9/09 12:48 PM
For what it is worth, I installed the newest beta ( and it appears to work much better.  I know it's been a while and you all may have tried this but thought I would leave this for any new people that come across this thread...
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! bcubiaco 11/12/09 5:21 AM
I updated to (Beta Channel) and the slowdown on spreadsheets seems to be resolved.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! dennusdus 12/5/09 2:21 AM
For me, is still way too slow on spreadsheets!
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! Carotello 12/10/09 10:22 PM
Chrome is still by far the slowest web browser I have installed. I am so disappointed because I genuinely want to like it. It does not matter what page I go to, it's inevitably slower than Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. Anybody still experiencing this?
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! networkjas 12/11/09 7:35 AM
Chrome is terribaly slow until I Opened Developer -> Task manager and killed  'Shockware Flash Plugin' .
I know this isn`t desirable but chrome was giving me hard time .
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! fourier1861 12/13/09 12:13 PM
This has been frustrating me for months, but it seems to finally be fixed.  Instant page loads and event responses, compared to 6-7 seconds before.  Go to Tools | Options | Under the Hood | Change proxy settings | LAN Settings, then deselect "Automatically detect settings" checkbox.
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! PS140 12/31/09 2:26 AM
Re: Google Chrome Is Slow! a_p_a 1/9/10 2:59 AM
well I recently updated to windows 7 and chrome was acting very slow .someone suggested to install quicktime plugin .It really helped and now chrome is fast as before..........:)
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