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"Waiting On Cache"

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"Waiting On Cache" crfrider 12/20/08 5:54 AM
I'm getting a "Waiting on Cache" message when using Earthlink's Web Mail. The pages never completly stop loading. Is this a bug and what can be done to resolve it ?
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Brynn 12/20/08 10:40 AM
That's exactly what is happening with Yahoo mail There is an earlier post about that and a suggestion if your technical how to resolve it I am not so haven't
Re: "Waiting On Cache" crfrider 12/21/08 5:16 AM
I deleted everything in my google cache folder and have'nt had the problem since.
Maybe that solved it.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" crfrider 12/22/08 7:21 AM
Well, The "waiting on cache" started happening again and getting a lot
of crashes. I do know all this started after updating a few days ago.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" skpabba 12/23/08 5:26 AM
Running into the same problem with multiple sites. YMail, NewsGator and the list only keeps growing day by day. Google has to do something before people start switching back to Firefox
Re: "Waiting On Cache" goot776 12/23/08 5:34 AM
Same problem. My father uses Yahoo Mail, and keeps getting the Waiting On Cache message, so much so that he told me he switched back to IE. I tried to fix it once by deleting the cache, but apparently it keeps coming back. Help!
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ronhyoung 12/23/08 6:06 AM
When I first saw Chrome and how quick it is and the simple interface I immediately started writing my PHP app for the Chrome browser look and feel.  I have one page that essentially reloads itself with different  "modes" so that I can display a record and then edit that same record with slight changes in the screen for edit fields.  Lately I have also started to get "Waiting on Cache" messages for code that works fine with Firefox and IE7.  This message starts after 3-4 iterations through this one script.  Its like the page caching gets confused.  I sure would like this issue fixed also.  It is not only a Yahoo mail problem...its happening with relatively simple home-grown LAMP apps.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" tiger32kw 12/23/08 9:04 PM
Deleting the cache folder worked perfectly for me.

C:\Documents and Settings\Kyle\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Replace "Kyle" with whatever your User Name is. Some of those are hidden folders.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" suicida 12/25/08 2:00 PM
I have the exact same problem with Facebook and a couple of other sites - the page never loads, just says "waiting for cache"... I've deleted cookies and cleared the cache but it didn't solve the problem. It was working fine until about an hour ago...
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Quatsch 12/26/08 8:41 AM
Yeah, I'm having the problem with facebook as well. Glad it's not just me.....this sucks...
Re: "Waiting On Cache" chanvincent92 12/26/08 9:32 AM
Yeah -.- it doesn't load facebook for me too ... I tried firefox and it works
Re: "Waiting On Cache" julius1973 12/27/08 1:50 AM
I am having the same problem loading any page from   Everything is fine on Firefox.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ameguazz 12/27/08 7:46 AM
Don't know if it could help, but i'm developing a website and i get this message, and the crash in loading my page, after i try to login to my reserved area.
Either the login is correct or wrong i get the sema result: it seems that the browser is no longer able to load any other page of the website. Emtying the cache didn't give me any result. I think it's something related to post / session variables
Re: "Waiting On Cache" nauthizzz 12/27/08 1:48 PM
I run into this problem on certain websites as well.  Not fun.  Definately something that should have been ironed out during "beta"
Re: "Waiting On Cache" TobiasChromeUser 12/30/08 6:52 AM
I am also so having same issue started recently too cannot login into Facebook not tried other sites yet but I suspect it is a widespread problem for many sites. I hope the problem is resolved soon or I am going back to FF3 too. I tried to delete the contents of the cache folder like suggested but had no effect.
I also tried cleaning browser data, cache etc from within Chrome itself still no joy. Have had a look around the internet for a solution so far no joy, in fact only mention of this problem has started in the past few days and there are more and more people with the same problem.
I hope there is a fix soon.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" rogerdpack 12/30/08 1:47 PM
I am also running into this problem.  Back to Firefox I guess.  And I love Chrome!
Re: "Waiting On Cache" rogerdpack 12/31/08 6:25 AM
Re: "Waiting On Cache" robert1234 12/31/08 1:14 PM
Man, what is wrong with google?  First, I can't upload photos from Picassa (sure it simply doesn't work, but google says nothing).  Now I download chrome, but I just get a blank screen with "waiting for ________....."  in the lower left.     Pages never appear.  I switch to FireFox, no problem.  Back to Chrome....nothing.  I've even rebooted several times and re-installed chrome.

Re: "Waiting On Cache" netman 1/2/09 9:29 AM
I had the issue with Yahoo Mail and the waiting on cache message.  I finally just reinstalled Chrome and now can see my message content in email.  I have a feeling it will come back though.  Hopefully in an update this will be fixed.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" spirtire 1/3/09 10:05 AM
Close Google Chrome.

Delete all files in folder C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache where 'user' is name you login Windows.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" saxman1215 1/5/09 3:35 PM
where do I find the "cache" to clear on Windows Vista?  I can't seem to locate the darn thing.  Thanks.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" matthewjb 1/6/09 12:54 AM
I can force pages to load with this problem by replacing http:// with https:// -  however for facebook this fix is of very limited use as you'd have to change it for every page you wanted to go on.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" megawavez 1/6/09 9:04 AM
I got this error, cleared out my cache and then it came back.  Any other suggestions?  Chrome by far is the fastest browser out there.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Simon D. Internets 1/6/09 12:00 PM
Hi all,

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Rogerdpack shared the correct link to the bug list (I've hyperlinked it below).

It's not the greatest workaround, but in the meantime you should be able to resolve the issue by closing all Chrome windows (fully closing the browser) and starting it up again.

If you open the link below, you'll see all the gory details. On this page, clicking the little star next to the "Issue" title will vote for the bug. That's the best way to you to say "me too" to the issue.

Re: "Waiting On Cache" Raylon 1/7/09 8:47 AM
I am having the cache problem, or waiting on Admanager problem but it seems intermittent. First I tried to close Chrome and restart and that did not work. Then I deleted all the files that were not in active use in the cache folder and now I cannot even load yahoo mail! I get an error message "Ooops. Yahoo! Mail can't load
Loading Yahoo! Mail failed due to a client side error"

This is definitely broken and I do NOT recommend deleting those cache files, it only made things worse for me. I restored these files and I can see my inbox and messages, but the messages still won't open.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Simon D. Internets 1/7/09 1:02 PM
Hi Raylon -- you might be able to sort things out by uninstalling then reinstalling. I'm not sure why closing and reopening the browser didn't work for you, maybe all Chrome processes didn't close completely?

Let us know if reinstalling helped, and whether you continue to see the "waiting for cache" message.

Re: "Waiting On Cache" Raylon 1/9/09 6:56 AM
Well I wiped out a bunch of yahoo and admanager cookies. Then I closed Chrome and checked my task list and found 2 processes running; GooleUpdater.exe and chrome.exe - I killed both of them and then restarted Chrome. Ymail seems to be functioning normally again.

I didn't think that Chrome would still be running a process after I closed it, as it is not prone to crashing. And since I don't reboot often it's probably been stuck there all week. If the issue returns so will I :)
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Brynn 1/9/09 4:36 PM
release seems to have sorted the problem for me so far anyway
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ronhyoung 1/9/09 6:38 PM
So where do I get this new version?  When I saw Brynn's post I immediately shut down IE and did an update of Chrome and got version!
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Raylon 1/12/09 7:30 AM
Well my fix didn't work for long. I can't be constantly re-booting Chrome or deleting cookies just to keep my mail working. I'd love to know when there is a real fix for this problem. I also am at version

I think the problem is that a process called Googleupdate.exe always launches itself and resides on my process list. That, in effect, keeps Chrome from fully refreshing even when it restarts. I think I'm going to block the usage of this program for the time being and see how Ymail works in Chrome.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" teccie 1/12/09 12:36 PM
I have the problem regularly with Yahoo mail and a few other web 2.0 sites.  When I go to the same sites in an incognito window (ctrl + shift + N), that usually resolves it.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Simon D. Internets 1/13/09 8:14 AM
Hi all --

It seems there are compatibility issues with Yahoo! mail; we're investigating to see what we can do.Thanks everyone for helping troubleshoot this issue.

Hi Raylon -- too bad that fix didn't stick! I had my fingers crossed... To clarify, the GoogleUpdate.exe process wouldn't prevent Chrome.exe processes from closing -- normally. If you notice something different, we'll definitely want to investigate.

Thanks again everyone,


Re: "Waiting On Cache" The2ndOne3 1/15/09 8:19 PM
Clear your cache (Options -> Clear Browsing Data), and restart your browser.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Warmenuf 1/16/09 5:01 AM
I first noticed this problem yesterday with my NY Times link:  I got the "waiting for cache" message and the page never loaded.  I used IE to read the Times yesterday.  Clearing the cache, stopping Chrome, then starting it again worked like a charm.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ij.synapse 1/16/09 3:07 PM
I am very fond of Google Chrome, but the "waiting on cache" error has destroyed my ability to use it. None of the fixes recommended here have made any difference -- deleting everything in the cache folder has done nothing, nor has using the Incognito version.  I have been forced back to Firefox. Hard to believe that Google isn't taking notice that this problem is afflicting a lot of users. And it isn't just an issue with Yahoo! mail.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" crazygravy 1/19/09 11:01 AM
I too am having this issue on many many sites. I tried clearing cache and cookies to no avail. I have now switched back to Firefox.
PS it was working fine; I think it arose with the last version release
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ßrandon 1/20/09 3:09 PM
I am a google fan... but the fact they wont seem to fix this is pissing me off. I have switch back to FF
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Raylon 1/22/09 11:36 AM
Chrome started out great, but as this issue has become so crippling, I hardly use it anymore. In fairness, even though Firefox works for !YMail, it does this constant refresh thing which is really annoying that Chrome never did. But until this is fixed, there is no point in my running 2 browsers at the same time, so I will be using the one that works for all the sites I frequent.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Pomax 1/24/09 3:53 AM
This isn't a Chrome error, strictly speaking, but a Chromium bug - the underlying engine that Chrome uses. You can be angry at Google for this as much as you like, but you really should be complaining about this on the Chromium bug tracker, at

Clearing your cache will not work if the webpage you're trying to load has some problem with its SSL certificate (invalid, transmitted in non standard form, what have you). Chromium is a lot stricter than most other browsers.

(which is why it won't load certain webpages with extended http header either. If you get a 302 error in Chrome when you try to access a webpage thatfirefox, opera or IE will open just fine: thank the people who made Chromium)
Re: "Waiting On Cache" nmae 1/27/09 1:33 AM
Update Chrome worked for me.. No need to clear Cache..
Without clearing cache, opening 9down took 2 seconds (loading stopped in 2 secs)
cleared cache, and 3 - 4 secs
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Simon D. Internets 2/2/09 10:31 AM
Hi nmae, 

Thanks for the update. Is anyone still seeing the issue with the very latest vsn?

Re: "Waiting On Cache" esweeney 2/6/09 6:39 PM
nope, no problems.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Raylon 3/5/09 10:17 AM
Wanted to report back. For the last couple weeks (apparently with the Chrome update) Yahoo mail is (thankfully) working normally.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ranjo 5/22/09 10:24 PM
I give up.  Going back to using firefox instead.....
Re: "Waiting On Cache" vo1234 6/22/09 4:03 AM
Still getting this problem when trying to download files.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" brballinger 10/18/09 11:38 AM
I get this often when trying to use facebook.  Facebook in general does not work well with Chrome (it gets the timeout issue a lot when trying to post messages to people's walls... the facebook chat is nearly unusable, etc.

Please fix this ASAP.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" rogerdpack 10/20/09 7:15 AM
which versions still show this?
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Daragh F 4/21/10 10:55 AM
Seeing it now with 5.0.375.9 dev, loading a PDF
Re: "Waiting On Cache" nelulazar 4/28/10 1:12 PM
CTRL + F5 refresh seems to fix "Waiting for cache..." error. It basically has to do with Chrome's incapacity to reuse some cached files like CSS or JavaScript (my assumption) or even PDF maybe as @daraghfi noted above, therefore the browser would need to receive new copies from the website's server.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" cyberkid81 2/2/11 8:43 PM
worked for me:

amazing...been bugging me for a while
Re: "Waiting On Cache" MsRachyH 3/19/11 1:49 AM
I cannot seem to fix this problem.

It seems that every 3 sites I visit will bug up Google chrome and give me the 'waiitng for cache' problem, and I will have to wait an hour for my cache to clear.

There seems to be no reccuring site that's causing this. I have tried every solution on the web, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have done EVERYTHING.

Can anyone please help me? I really do hate IE and I hate having to go back to it.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" eden.emory 3/20/11 8:51 AM
having the same problem, chrome works in incognito mode though for some reason but main browser just says "waiting for cache"
Re: "Waiting On Cache" marcosaccioly 4/1/11 6:46 AM
Same problem here. Eternally waiting for cache.

Not everyday, though. Switching to firefox 4 in the meantime.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Rakista 4/15/11 6:06 PM
11.x and 12.x same problem, thought it was DNS problem, wasn't.

Happens on Disqus, Gawker and Facebook.

Re: "Waiting On Cache" rmpbklyn1 4/22/11 10:17 AM
funny many say clear the cache..... hmmmm there are times you can't even close Chrome it hoses the PC, taking 100%. the only option at that point is to KILL at task manager.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Vanhyde 4/25/11 6:57 AM
there no point trying clearing the cache
it wont even complete the task, the thing happen its eat most your CPU resources

i hope this will fix soon :(
really enjoyed my time using chrome so far, before this
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Dukefrukem 5/4/11 10:46 AM
So is this a known issue with 11.x?

I get "waiting for cache" on EVERY new page I load. It's not specific to Facebook or ESPN.

My Vista 64 machine runs fine. I'm getting this issue on WIndows 7 Enterprise.

Chrome is my life on the internet. I hate all other browsers and now I'm forced to use FF. Please fix this soon.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Dukefrukem 5/20/11 9:23 AM
I was hoping Simon would come back and tell us this is a known issue and they're working on a fix.

This is only an issue on my Windows 7 machine(s). My XP and Vista machines run flawlessly.

Re: "Waiting On Cache" Ana Patrícia Almeida 6/1/11 5:22 AM
I'm having this problem since yesterday, with ALL the pages that I try to open...
I already cleared the cache and reinstalled chrome, but nothing works...
Plese, help me! I hate IE, and i have to use it now...

V 11.0.696.71
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Vanhyde 6/2/11 3:30 PM
try manually clearing your cache :D
its works for me

dont use built in cache empty-er from GC

how to manually clear a GC cache ? Google it :p
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Brettsp 6/6/11 8:45 AM
I'm having the same problem. It's too bad, I love chrome, but I guess I have to stop using it on this machine.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Gotcha-Bill 6/8/11 8:08 PM
I JUST had this issue.  Waiting on Cache in Chrome.  Open up ingocnito version and it works fine.  

There is a "stick" in the cache folder.

Normally you would go to the Tools/Clear Cache.  That won't work!

You need to find the Google/Chrome Cache
In Windows 7 you need to go to

Users/Your Name/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cache

Delete all the files in the Cache folder.  

Then - magically, Chrome will work when you restart it.

Good luck!
Re: "Waiting On Cache" rmpbklyn 6/20/11 7:50 AM
in regards to googleupdate.exe continually running:
close google chrome.
rename googleupdate.exe to  xgoogleupdate.exe    , to DISABLE
  , this way if you want to update all you need to do is rename back
Re: "Waiting On Cache" vruu 7/30/11 11:31 AM
I'm having this problem(& have had it for the past 5 months), it's quite annoying and I'm curious to know if anyone has found a solution?
Re: "Waiting On Cache" peterlp 8/2/11 2:13 PM
I fixed mine by opening an Incognito Window for Chrome (with chrome initially closed). Then a normal window opened just fine.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Mörre 8/26/11 11:16 AM
No, there are no "compat. issues with Yahoo Mail" (as someone here who identified as Google employee said), or any other site-dependent issues (excuses). For me, this message happens ONLY in "incognito mode", but for ALL websites. After opening the browser it does not load anything, for a couple of minutes the disk is very busy and the browser just waits doing nothing (but accepting input, just not loading anything), saying "Waiting for cache...".
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Mörre 8/26/11 11:20 AM
Oh and please stop saying "delete your cache files". That is NOT a solution - that is a workaround. A solution must come from Google. It can't even be hard, should be a half day to one day max. for one programmer to find a fix. But if all those people having the issue are satisfied with the workaround and don't continue to put pressure on they won't care. I know, I'm a developer working in a big company myself :) There's always so MUCH going on, an endless stream of issues, you don't pay attention to stuff where users seem to be happy to work around the issue, and focus on what your team perceives as more pressing issues.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" John D0e 8/26/11 11:32 AM
I've been having this issue as well lately. I'm going to manually try rm'ing cache to see if it works.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" peterlp 8/26/11 11:37 AM
Just ditch google's product and use Chromium. I am using both and can't see a difference.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" hdort 8/27/11 10:45 AM
I have this problem as well on Mac OSX Lion and the latest stable Chrome.

I have even uninstalled Chrome, delete the User/Library/Application Support/Google folder, installed Chrome again, and I have this problem right at the start when Chrome wants to load the "Welcome" page...

Is there anything else I could try? (Apart from using Safari, which is what I'm doing now?)

Re: "Waiting On Cache" FF-UK 9/17/11 3:35 PM
i am having the same problem, mac os x lion "waiting on cache..." for all if not all websites!
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Khronos 9/18/11 3:46 AM
I'm also having this problem. I tried clearing the cache in Google Chrome and then deleting %APPDATA%\..\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache however after launching Chrome, the second website I visit (Gmail with SSL enabled) I get 'Waiting on Cache'. Also I noticed that this error mostly occurs on Gmail only. Not sure if it's because it's an SSL website though.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Khronos 9/18/11 3:46 AM
Also I'm using Windows 7
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Mcollins756 9/22/11 12:00 PM
Win 7 64, same problem. I will delete cache but would be interested in seeing a reply from google.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" artkrz 9/27/11 7:21 AM
Hey google how many years we will wait for a fix !? Win 7 64bit , switched back to FF.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" neelyjohns 10/9/11 3:18 PM
This may seem odd, but I think it may have to do with Facebook and their new UI, I noticed that after this latest set of changes that I have been getting warnings from AVG that Chrome is using a lot cache and recommended closing chrome and restarting. I jsut deleted my cache folder, it had almost 2000 entries, does this seem like a lot? either way, clearing out cache didn't fix the problem for me, not did a system restore or an uninstall and reinstall.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" rijo ukkuru 10/19/11 11:20 PM
Hey Guys ..I had the same problem when the Google chrome status message shows "Waiting for Cache..." forever.

Here is how I solved it..

I closed google chrome completly and exited all browsing applications. Then I found one chrome process is still in Task manager...I tried killing the process and then start google chrome again. Then  it started working again..

Not sure what's the root cause of the problem..but these steps worked for me.
(unknown) 11/6/11 2:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: "Waiting On Cache" ptosky 11/13/11 1:36 AM
I've been having the exact same problem. Win7. Clearing the cache from inside Chrome will not work. The only thing that seems to work is manualy clearing the cashe but I am not sure how long it will work. I am really starting to get pissed off about this. I had to use IE... Please Google fix this permenately...
Re: "Waiting On Cache" 2pies 11/18/11 6:20 AM
Same for me on one of my computers - I clear the cache and the next website I go to loads instantly. After that, the Waiting for Cache appears again.

I'll switch back to Firefox on this computer.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" mckyan 11/26/11 7:13 PM
My chrome got this problem too. I need to clear cache everyday. I think I'll use Mozilla Firefox start from now, since it no need to clear cache everyday when i'm browsing net.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" maplemale 12/8/11 10:52 AM
Win 7 Pro. Same issue. This didn't always happen. Chrome ran fine for about 3 months from when I first installed it in July till some time in late Sept. Also, my XP Pro machine and a Vista machine (yuck) that I have at home aren't having this issue.

I'm just way to lazy and would rather ditch Chrome than try to trouble shoot this myself................. However, has anyone found a correlation to this and disabling/uninstalling Windows Search Indexer? That's the only change to my machine in the last few months that I can think of possibly causing this.

I'm more just curious than anything else. I won't enable windows search indexer. I'm not re-installing one piece of sh!tware so I can get another piece of sh!tware working.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" dmp1ce 1/17/12 2:02 PM
I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 and I had to delete my entire cache and profile ~/.cache/chromium and ~/.config/chromium for it to start working again.  I basically had to start over with a fresh Chromium configuration.
Re: "Waiting On Cache" Taylor5 1/23/12 2:55 PM
Hi guys,

If you're still having this problem, can you try dmp1ce's solution and let me know if that does the trick?

1) Delete your entire cache from your local data folder 
  • Windows XP%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
  • Windows Vista/ Windows 7%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache
2)Create a new user profile (see Reference 1)


Re: "Waiting On Cache" alainpothier 2/25/12 11:17 AM
Deleted the entire cache, profile and created a new profile but the "waiting for cache" error came back about a week later.
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