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Address Bar drop down history

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Address Bar drop down history Arshdeep Singh 2/4/09 11:25 AM
Just like in IE or Firefox, it would be great to have one drop down next to address bar showing the history of the sites I had visited earlier. As of now, I need to open a new tab, then go to history and the look out for one.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Bapabooiee 2/4/09 11:54 AM
btw, you can press Ctrl+H to bring-up the History page right away. Or hit the Wrench menu >> History.

But I agree, it would be nice if there was a way to access it in the current tab. While it's not that big of a deal for me at all, I'd still appreciate it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Silverkat 2/18/09 3:03 AM
Also, if you want to see a list of pages you have been too within that current tab, click and hold down on the back button, and a list of pages will pop up.
Re: Address Bar drop down history RyanCasburn 2/24/09 5:09 PM
If you go to the New tab page in the bottom right hand corner there is a recently closed tab block.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Beez415 5/4/09 4:27 AM
i was just about to post a question to this... i like google chrome and i thought it had all the features that made it perfect but when i started getting bored and wanted to look at previous sites from before i was looking for a dropdown menu of links like IE/firefox and much to my dismay... there isn't. WHAT!??? please add this or else i'm done with google chrome.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Beez415 5/4/09 4:29 AM
none of the replies helped in this page.... you people are not getting it. i don't want to see a history page of every specific link/page i've been to... if you ever use IE there is a drop down address bar that shows all the visited sites in the past week... plus the recently closed tab links in the bottom right only displays 3 and shows only a few visited sites in 1 day only... think again stupid
Re: Address Bar drop down history Arshdeep Singh 5/4/09 4:59 AM
This feature has not been implemented yet. I have tried exploring all the add ons, questions, etc but havent gotten anything to solve this problem.
You may would laugh but since after using Chrome for 2-3 months continously, I have adjusted to this fact.
Re: Address Bar drop down history spidercrown 5/14/09 2:13 AM
hmm was looking way to enable the drop down bar, and found this. Sorry Chrome, i'l hit the uninstall after this post. Sayorana.
Re: Address Bar drop down history zzZoiDzz 5/27/09 6:05 PM
I hate to say this but Beez415 is right although rude.  Its not about workarounds at all and i would think GOOGLE of all people in the world would get this.  Its about TIME and convenience, i want to be able to click ONE TIME and go where i want to go....i dont want to click three times to do something i normally can do in half a second in any other browser.  I dont want to have to load the ebay page and then do a search, i want a toolbar at the top with ebay in the list so that  i can search ebay from wherever i am and instantly.  Comon guys, this is common sense stuff when it comes to making software.  Why would i want todo something in three clicks that i can do in one normally?  How many google employee use Chrome i wonder? for all the extra screen real estate and neat features it amazes me that they would leave off something that they must know without a doubt will just piss off the users.  Its just dumb honestly....
Re: Address Bar drop down history RyanCasburn 5/30/09 12:19 PM
Just like Arshdeep Singh said you just adjust to that fact like any other annoying thing and you get over it. If you try Chrome for a couple of months you will adjust to it.
Plus it will probably never come from Google since it will take up screen real estate but it will eventually come as an add-in.  
Re: Address Bar drop down history Elkrim 7/13/09 9:14 AM
Seems like the sensible thing, since they let you search sites like Youtube by typing in 'y' and then pressing tab, is that they should let you type in 'h' and press tab to do a search of your history.  I was actually quite surprised when it didn't work.
Re: Address Bar drop down history DunceCap 7/26/09 6:07 AM
This is a show stopper  for me which is unfortunate as I like everything else about the browser
Re: Address Bar drop down history dream-weaver 8/7/09 11:23 AM
This feature is desperately needed. This browser is great in almost any other way, but feels awkward without this feature.
Please implement it as an option in the next release!
Re: Address Bar drop down history nonprofitorg 8/10/09 3:53 PM
IE gets this right.  FF not so much - its dropdown doesnt display RECENT history, which is what is handy.  Chrome unfortunately fails in this regard.
Re: Address Bar drop down history ianp2000 9/28/09 3:32 AM
PLEASE PLEASE add a drop down next to address bar showing the history of the sites I had visited earlier or most regularly. This feature would make Chrome just about PERFECT.
Re: Address Bar drop down history rasanchezd 10/1/09 7:17 PM
I am testing Chrome today and not having this feature is definitely a show stopper. Going back to FF until then.
Re: Address Bar drop down history imolgen 10/1/09 8:24 PM
This feature is needed if you're going to convert people from IE and FF.  I don't use it myself but many, many people do.  My friend was using my computer a few days ago and didn't like that it wasn't there.
Re: Address Bar drop down history chaddaniels 10/4/09 1:24 AM
I've been using Chrome for months and have been loving it.  I've been trying to get my wife to switch over from FF but she has refused to do so.  Today she finally told me why.  Its because Chrome does not have this single feature.
Re: Address Bar drop down history roamerz 10/5/09 10:06 PM
This is similar to folders in gmail. a very simple matter to implement, a feature that many users correctly want. my guess is that they consider the feature 'bad form' and are trying to force users to create bookmarks. On the flip side it is their product and their choice but it will keep me from using it as my main browser.. I like my bad habits - I worked hard to get them.
Re: Address Bar drop down history jeff1270 10/8/09 9:19 PM
No drop down address bar?  Seems like a nice enough browser but I'm not going to go hunting for the pages I use most.  I dont want more bookmark bars, history buttons or tricks to get to what was such a simple and useful feature.  
Sorry, i'll stick with Firefox till there is an option for this.
Re: Address Bar drop down history papethova 10/21/09 8:05 PM
This is the only thing keeping me from using this browser
Re: Address Bar drop down history Idz21 10/25/09 3:19 AM
I'm adding myself to this bandwagon.  I need the drop down address bar.  There are many times when I'm relaxing on my bed and only using the mouse to browse.  Now I need to get up and put both of my hands on the keyboard just so I can get to my most visited sites.  I want to be able to just click the drop down and select my sites without using anything but the index finger on one hand.  Google, come on guys, lets make this happen please.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Ramirez 10/27/09 12:30 PM
I installed chrome a while back and uninstalled it when i realized there was no drop down address bar. I just installed it again to see if it had been added. I suppose I will uninstalled again and check back later. I would really like to use this browser since I like the other features.

- p
Re: Address Bar drop down history HyBry 12/2/09 3:22 PM
This also a showstopper for me at least for now.
bookmarks are fine but I do not like that they take up screen real estate and I find that drop down list in FF with most used sites is a great addition. I use them often and know the URLs very well which is another reason I do not wish to bookmark them. As someone mentioned if you are only browsing using a mouse then this is required.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Ryan.Kell 12/2/09 3:42 PM
I don't see why the lack of a drop-down bar for history has people's panties in a twist! Hitting CTRL + H brings up your recent history in a new tab as opposed to a drop-down bar. I hated those old, clunky bars on the side of the page, and always found myself expanding them so that I could see more of the URL. Google Chrome has it right.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Niwashi 12/2/09 4:06 PM
CTRL+H doesn't really do what's wanted here.  It takes up a separate tab when the goal is to open a site in the current tab.

And as for extra bars cluttering the screen, it doesn't really need a whole bar of its own, just a button (or maybe a shortcut keyword like we use for choosing between search engines).  The selected item should show up in the address bar that's already there, and the choices to select from can show up under it like the suggested sites already do.  This is, after all, just another way of suggesting likely sites.
Re: Address Bar drop down history bobknight27 12/8/09 10:58 AM
The thing is: some people (like myself) don't want to have to type anything...sometimes it's more convenient to just leave your hand on the mouse, and click the drop-down menu...just implement it (maybe make it a preference setting so that those who don't want it, don't have to have it) and everyone will be happy. Ok google?!?
Re: Address Bar drop down history Ryan.Kell 12/8/09 11:04 AM
I guess that makes sense. I like your idea, bobknight27.
Re: Address Bar drop down history servid1984 12/19/09 3:26 AM
Completely agree. I won't be using Chrome till it is added.

Same with adding a dedicated drop down arrow next to the "back" button to see the history.

It would be so easy for Google to add it as an option checkbox in the settings.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Bapabooiee 12/19/09 9:59 AM
@servid: Don't expect those features in Chrome. Ever.

As I've said many times before, Chrome is a browser of what I call minimal elegance. Meaning, the goal of the browser is to encapsulate a powerful feature-set in a very minimal, streamlined UI - nothing that is paramount to the core browsing experience will not be implemented. Even those "(very) nice to have" things, such as a dedicated drop-down arrow, or even a master password.

This is where extensions come-in, though, as they will be able to provide functionality that the core part of Chrome can't (or more accurately, won't) do.

Anyway, I'd suggest just getting used to using a combination of the omnibox, the History page, and the "Recently closed" section on the New Tab page. But I'd mostly suggest using the omnibox, as it's a very powerful tool, and it also searches through your history, making it ideal to find the pages you've been to.

But for it to be more effective, you'd need to change the amount of drop-down items, as just five of them isn't usually very meaningful. To change it, right-click your Chrome shortcut, go to Properties, and in the first textbox change it so it looks something like this:

"" --omnibox-popup-count=20 

Or at least, something similar to your liking. Do that, and get to used to using the omnibox, and I'm sure you'll find it very damn powerful & useful tool for searching your History. Nay, it's a pretty damn good tool for doing nearly everything in your browser =]
Re: Address Bar drop down history Frankli 12/20/09 11:59 AM
I want to have a drop down arrow. Google, listen to us.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Enkyl 1/1/10 10:08 AM
What the hell is an omnibox. Just put the drop down menu, it's not rocket science, not for google at least..
Re: Address Bar drop down history batvette 1/2/10 2:17 AM
As others have said this business about being able to easily pull up the sites recently visited is flat out a deal breaker, it's one of the most used navigation features in IE for me. I also don't like the difficulty in accessing bookmarks. I see a couple of replies suggesting I can just "get used to it" or "get over it". No thank you, I gave it a try and will GET IT OFF my computer. This is why we have choices in life, don't you GET IT? (big smiley) This feature may not be important to you but it is to us. Obviously Google didn't do the research here.
Re: Address Bar drop down history KitKatPattyWack 1/5/10 7:54 PM
Why would I press extra buttons and shift through lists of every page I've been to lately when I can just click an arrow on Firefox and get what I need? Firefox makes it easy to check up on all the sites I visit all the time without having to look through bookmarks or even having to type anything.

Sorry Chrome, I love the look and I hear it's fast, but I was too uncomfortable without my drop down menu. Oh well, back to Firefox!
Re: Address Bar drop down history GhotiAndChips 1/5/10 8:15 PM
I use the drop down bar constantly. Chrome is just not worth getting used to not having it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history coyoteman 1/12/10 8:17 AM
I just installed Chrome and will be removing it in less than 1 hour due to this issue. Thanks for wasting my time google.
Re: Address Bar drop down history bsdphp 1/13/10 5:25 AM
They integrated the history into the back button which is so so at best.  You can hit shift and click then a menu pops up, but I decided to go another route.  I put "chrome://history" to the favorites just below the URL bar and it's kinda nice to see timestamps with it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history PJMichafner 1/13/10 6:38 PM
I was so excited to try Chrome, but there is no way I can use a browser without a dropdown address bar.  I don't care to use the history or bookmarks to naviagate, and I certainly don't want to open up a new tab to view an unnecessarily detailed history.  I don't understand the issues people raise about "cluttering the screen.'  How does a tiny little down arrow at the right end of my address bar clutter the screen?  

Google usually gets things so right, it's astounding that they get this so wrong.  Please Google, include the one feature that everyone uses in their browser.  I don't want to type anything or open new tabs or learn new tricks, I want a tiny arrow with a convenient dropdown menu.  I hope you do this soon.  Until then I'll be using FF.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Templeton Peck 1/14/10 12:58 AM
I've just installed Chrome and was dismayed to find I couldn't use the dropdown from the address bar.

However, I've just clicked on the 'Always show bookmarks bar' function within the spanner icon and have added my favourite sites to this bar and I think this may actually be better than the dropdown function.  I can now access my favourite sites with one click, which is quicker than going through the dropdown bar.

It's not ideal for going back to a non-bookmarked site which you've just been on but I don't think the dropdown in Firefox does this anyway.  To do this you can just click and hold on the history button, which is just as quick.  Only installed 10 minutes ago and was the first thing I noticed but think this is a decent solution or maybe even an improvement.  

Oh, I've just noticed you can do this in Firefox too.  I really should explore these browsers more!  Either way, I hope my 'solution' is of use.
Re: Address Bar drop down history egwill 1/21/10 10:21 AM
I'm on a Mac and tried switching from Safari to Chrome for a week; now I'm switching back.  The show-stopper was that I just couldn't stand having to load the History page to access recently-visited pages.  There needs to be a menu somewhere.  I don't care where.  It could be in the History menu where it belongs (currently the History menu shows most-visited pages, which is stupid since the list is essentially identical to my toolbar bookmarks).  It could be in an icon next to the "Other Bookmarks" item in the Toolbar.  It could be in the "back" button popup (i.e. replace the "show full history" item with a submenu).  It could be over near the omnibox somewhere like other people seem to want.  Whatever.  But having it in a page instead of a menu is not acceptable--it wastes too many clicks.
Re: Address Bar drop down history wholesalehouses1 2/3/10 7:13 AM
My work around...Put a History button in the Bar.  Also...You can use the back arrow top left.
Just click and hold.
Re: Address Bar drop down history indez 2/11/10 4:50 AM
You guys should use the extension I created which gives you a popup of your recent history (one click):
Re: Address Bar drop down history seraph1m 2/21/10 3:01 AM
I agree with  Templeton Peck....the bookmark list is just as functional, click for click, if all I want to do is access a list of regular sites. I think, probably, that is what most users use that drop down list for. It took me a while to get used to using the history functions to access pages that I had been to recently.... it did feel more long winded than I.E...but, after using Chrome for a few months now... it just feels normal now.
Re: Address Bar drop down history vistal 3/1/10 11:36 AM
Yes plz add the Simple drop down menu like firefox with the 5-6 most popular sites you go to and allow Yahoo bookmark add on to work.Its these 2 options that are stopping me form using Chrome. Its fast better then firefox.
Re: Address Bar drop down history prinas 3/19/10 8:58 PM
I agree with vistal. For me, the only show-stopper to take chrome is drop down bar like firefox or IE.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Niwashi 3/20/10 10:27 AM
I don't want it to have my most popular sites that I go to a lot.  Those ones I already have bookmarks for anyway, plus they also tend to show up on the new tab page.  What the history dropdown of most other browsers offers that Chrome is currently missing is an easy way to get to pages I don't go to regularly, so don't have bookmarked, but which I was just at the other day and want to continue what I was doing there.  I want recent history in a simple dropdown, regardless of whether those are sites I visit a lot or not.

Thanks indez, I'll check out that extension.  It looks helpful.
Re: Address Bar drop down history kelgar 3/25/10 11:21 PM
Just drag the history link from a new tab page to the Bookmark bar.  Easy.
Re: Address Bar drop down history egwill 3/30/10 4:12 PM
indez: not bad.  It's still two clicks to open a recent item (one to open the menu and one to select the recent history item) instead of the single click-drag-release to access an item in a real menu, but I guess that's not too big a deal.  But why does it open the history item in a new tab instead of the current tab?  That would be desired behavior if I command-clicked the history item, but not if I regular-click it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Snowboardz 4/13/10 1:26 PM

Just click and hold the arrow, and there is your dropdown.

I like it better than the firefox and opera but more people need to know about it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history JiveTurkey 4/13/10 9:08 PM

Indez's link is exactly what everyone is looking for.
I dunno if there's a way to point this out but a lot of people are pulling their hair out about this. The whole missing pull down menu bothered be too. I got google chrome tonight and found the extension pretty fast.
Though I agree with most, this should come standard.
Re: Address Bar drop down history raheemshahzad 5/4/10 1:21 AM
No worries !

There is a chrome extension.  Just go to

and you are all set...
Re: Address Bar drop down history williaminmd 5/4/10 6:28 AM
I don't have problem with the history. 3 clicks only. As one user said you use the browser and adjust. As far as I'm concerned I wanted more screen real estate and Chrome does this by eliminating the otherwise decorative aesthetics of the other browsers. Please don't make some weird sidebar that is more annoying then anything else. Don't pander to the trivial complainers. Chrome is all of what you need and speed and is NOT the other browsers. If they are doing what they need then they should use IE or Firefox. Ill use Chrome. Thank you
Re: Address Bar drop down history J03M4N 5/21/10 11:27 AM
Thanks for the Extension Indez, but it doesn't work like firefox, so for me it is basically useless. The firefox dropdown mostly shows ONLY addresses that I have manually typed into the box. I wish Chrome would do this, but since it doesn't, and the annoying way it won't behave with the task bar properly, it's back to Firefox for me.
Re: Address Bar drop down history pepe123 5/25/10 12:20 PM
I recently install chrome. Found no drop down -> unistall.
Re: Address Bar drop down history MacTotem 6/8/10 11:11 AM
indez, thanks for the extension, but it disappears in the latest beta of Chrome.

HistorySubmenus is the best for Firefox ( and I wish it would be implemented for Chrome. It is basically the same History scheme as in Safari.

I like Chrome a lot, but this History problem is really a dealbreaker for me.
Re: Address Bar drop down history zantonijevic 7/30/10 3:09 PM
I love the look and I hear it's fast, but I was too uncomfortable without my drop down menu. Back to Opera!
Re: Address Bar drop down history duggadan 8/17/10 12:00 PM
its going nowhere without a drop down history ,this is a long established feature in browsers that you cant live without. sorry chrome is no use to me ,back to firefox. disturbing that its not being added ,nobody is listening
Re: Address Bar drop down history duneriderLTR450 8/18/10 12:58 PM
not having the drop down button sucks.........uninstalling
Re: Address Bar drop down history jamzi 8/21/10 1:57 PM
Same here. Clicking the back button and holding it to get to your history sucks, as the moment you close the browser it is empty next time, unlike IE that still shows everything.

Have installed chrome 3 times now........and about to uninstall it for the third time.

It's rubbish.
Re: Address Bar drop down history IXIRanch 8/31/10 7:33 PM
I just tried chrome again today.

Still no drop down, ya gotta be kidding me? Does microsoft have a patent on it or something? The url drop down bar listing the recents like internet explorer has got to be step 1 in browser design, there has to be a legitimate reason they aren't putting it in.

If it is just an oversight, it sure is a big one, as chrome is getting uninstalled right now because of it. Kinda liked the speed, but the url drop down like IE has is a huge deal breaker.... A big strikeout if this is intentional.
Re: Address Bar drop down history SadieDammit 9/2/10 8:46 AM
You can drag your most visited sites to the toolbar for one click access.  You may have to "allow" this in your settings, but it worked for me.  I have a bunch of links right there under the address bar.   It's better than nothing.
Re: Address Bar drop down history hdayejr 9/19/10 11:44 AM
I agree, I miss the dropdown. Firefox was good for many years, but lately it's become a memory hog(even with 2 gb memory here). Everything is performing much better. I'm gonna stay with this for a bit and hopefully Google listens and add some features we want. I don't know why people are uninstalling this great browser
Re: Address Bar drop down history hdayejr 9/19/10 11:48 AM
Also, use the Speed Dial add on. It's better in this, you can have 12 buttons instead of 9 (in Firefox)
Re: Address Bar drop down history Phil66 9/20/10 10:32 AM
I personally would like to see a list of recent "non www" entries, ie; searches the same as what happens in the Google toolbar drop down menu. I find this more useful than the history.
Re: Address Bar drop down history adamfitch 9/26/10 6:05 AM
I think user wont see drop down ever. Why, because it is not supported in the chrome model. Google can not change their chrome basic plan/model based on just one wish/feature. In other words, you need speed, you compromise on some features. If you need every thing, you will get the same speed as you get at using IE or FF.
Re: Address Bar drop down history QueT 9/29/10 8:04 AM
I just downloaded GC. I'm loving it so far. I agree with most, the only thing missing is the history drop down. You'll never know how much you miss something until it's gone :(
Re: Address Bar drop down history Brianary 10/14/10 9:18 AM
Why doesn't the Most Visited / Recently Closed gallery on new tabs work for any of you? You can pin stuff there, you know.
Re: Address Bar drop down history ldvg 10/22/10 11:05 AM
I'd like to make a request as well for a drop down history bar. They want to make the UI streamlined and simple, but requiring the user to either click 3 more times or type is not making it any more efficient.
Re: Address Bar drop down history hdayejr 10/22/10 11:20 AM
Well Ld, Adam wants to be hateful and say Google isn't going to change for us, so forget it. He must work for the company and sounds like a first class jackass imho
Re: Address Bar drop down history imolgen 10/22/10 12:17 PM
Use 'Alt-D' or F6, type the first letter of the website that you recently visited and away you go.  It's a much quicker way of browsing.  When I browse, I normally have one hand on the mouse/mousepad, and the other on the keyboard.  Learn a couple of shortcuts and it'll make your Chrome (or any other browser) experience much better.  I still would hope that Google will add the drop-down arrow thing if that'll get more people using Chrome.  But I also think that people are remarkably quick at giving up on things without making a tiny bit of effort into learning how to use them properly.  Chrome - both in terms of loading pages and in terms of opening, managing and manipulating pages/tabs - is far speedier than anything else out there IMO.
Re: Address Bar drop down history mo8mml 11/1/10 3:21 PM
Thanks heaps Indez, well done & generous!

As for Google & Bapabooiee your arrogance is (almost) unbelievable!
Re: Address Bar drop down history hdayejr 11/1/10 3:25 PM
@mo8, who is Bapabooiee? There isn't anybody by that name in the thread
Re: Address Bar drop down history NReagan 12/2/10 1:19 PM

HUGE THANKS for providing a link to an add on that solved the problem!
Re: Address Bar drop down history Cyberz 12/14/10 2:22 AM
I agree with most of the ppl here. Drop down history is a must have... I want to access my most viewed pages quick.. FF dose this excellent. why not chrome?

and that recent history isn't good enough.

Other then this Its an amazing browser....
Re: Address Bar drop down history azijerdi 12/19/10 7:30 AM
Missing URL history drop down. I was totally surprised when I found out that the url drop down is not there and you can not activate it.
I thought I finally I found the Perfect Browser with CHROME. Now I am disappointed.

GOOGLE PLEASE IMPLEMENT THIS and make it optional.
Re: Address Bar drop down history babpacih 12/20/10 12:05 PM
Deal breaker.
the dropdown menu is the most important feature of any browser. its been a key feature on every browser i've used since i started using the internet. easy access to all your top sites with one click.
how did google miss this obvious flaw?
ill keep chrome around to test sites im developing, but thats it.

Re: Address Bar drop down history Idz21 12/20/10 12:10 PM
babitch - your response is just like everyone else that blindly responds to this post.  Chrome purposely removed the drop down.  They use a different method which is a preview starter window.  This window show you the top 8 sites you visit which you can click on on.  Once you actually use Chrome for a little while you totally forget about the drop-down and get used to the new way of browsing which.
Re: Address Bar drop down history jamzi 12/20/10 2:56 PM
and get used to the new way of browsing....LOL.....nobody asks for a new way
of browsing, just a faster browser. I used Chrome for a little while, long
enough to piss me off and uninstall it. ;-)
Re: Address Bar drop down history Cyberz 12/20/10 10:26 PM
Back to FF then.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Neosano 1/12/11 11:09 AM
Firefox 4 is going to be even faster than this Chrome :)
moving back to it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history sonnys 1/19/11 7:54 PM
Uggggh,. I hate no dropdown.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Zeaks 2/8/11 10:35 PM
Yeah, I see no reason to use chrome, it looks nice and it's fast. But Firefox just has too much on it atm with extensions and no dropdown history in Chrome? Wow seriously, I came on here to find info on where it was and to find out it's not a feature amazes me. Going back to FF...again
Re: Address Bar drop down history nard1dog 2/14/11 7:43 PM
Screw all of you! I tried to like Google Chrome, but I think it's really bogus of them to not implement this simple function.
Re: Address Bar drop down history nard1dog 2/14/11 7:44 PM
going back to Firefox
Re: Address Bar drop down history TFactor2 2/15/11 12:13 PM
Re: Address Bar drop down history AndyHall 2/16/11 4:30 AM
TFactor2 found it! But go here instead:
unless you prefer to learn russian first.
Re: Address Bar drop down history anon.zamaraev 3/19/11 6:28 AM
I know some people who are really unhappy without this drop down.
This extension that many people has shared above
is in fact customizable!

If you click the second left icon (next to question mark) you can actually choose a lot of things (such as what you want to see - recent history, recent closed tabs, recent bookmarks, most visited sites - and how many of them and their order of appearance, whether you want to search from it or see date).
You can even choose a classical drop down look!

Give it a try! I know, this is not ideal, but definitely worth a look.
Re: Address Bar drop down history djmarty 3/25/11 12:02 PM
For cryin' out loud. JUST FIX THIS!
Re: Address Bar drop down history EvanVanVan 4/25/11 5:42 PM
It's not even just being able to quickly access the history, search the history, or jump to pages you've been to in this browsing session with the back button... It would be nice if it worked similar to firefox where just typing part of the name/url/etc. and it would finish it with the address of the page you're looking for... All the time I try typing in something very intuitive into the address bar of a site I've just recently been to and all that comes up are search results, it can be very frustrating...

It sort of works...It works if you type the exact name of the site you're trying to lookup but if you mistype the name (leave a word out) it can't match up the page in you're history you're looking for...This being a GOOGLE search bar the search of the history should be much, much better...And when you start typing a url rather then a name, the possible matches that show up in the drop down menu should use some type of algorithm to order them by a mix of importance (how many times you've visited that page) and by how often recently you've last visit that page...basically it should function more like FF...
Re: Address Bar drop down history Toby71 5/20/11 4:26 AM
If it had a drop down menu i would use Chrome.
Re: Address Bar drop down history FixManTx 5/21/11 10:11 AM
I've been a FF user for years. I'm used to having the drop-down in the address bar which has all my most-frequented sites in it, takes me half a second to click the drop-down and select the site I want to go to. BAM I'm off and running. All those silly "workarounds" for Chrome take many times longer and several more mouse clicks. Way too clunky for what is supposed to be a "fast" browser. Yeah it loads slightly faster than FF or IE but not enough to put up with this nonsense. Also the lack of addons for Chrome are a big strike against it.

Give me a standard address bar with drop-down and a Google search box next to it and I'm happy. Good bye Chrome.
Re: Address Bar drop down history smilepak 5/23/11 7:04 PM
I agree with everyone here. the dropdown on address bar is what stop me from using chrome full time and stick with firefox
Re: Address Bar drop down history ozy123 6/10/11 8:42 AM
Yep. Please, please add this. I've been using firefox because of this problem but google docs works so much better with chrome so I want to use it.
Re: Address Bar drop down history iagpconce 7/6/11 8:42 AM
ok here it's the dropdown list.... The Extension is called Dropdown List of Most Visited Links from the Chrome webstore
Re: Address Bar drop down history ldvg 7/13/11 8:20 AM
Why a 3rd party developer had to add this feature I do not know, but his works great so far. Just add it Google?! wtf
Re: Address Bar drop down history Warlock4lb 8/19/11 8:26 AM
Think i found the solution.  If you right click over the back button a drop down menu will appear showing your last browsing history.  Hope it helps.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Doomsy2006 9/9/11 8:29 AM
If you need the drop down arrow back you will need to install it from this site:

Its Free.....this is not the same one to show all history via drop down.  This is the normal recent activity drop down.

Hope This Helps!!!!
Re: Address Bar drop down history youngexplorer 9/25/11 10:03 PM
It's 2011, about 4 versions and this problem is not resolved yet, no solution, no work-around. I seriously doubt this is a technical issue that those talented engineer in Google give up after 2 years. I have a theory to explain why.

- If the address bar list the history, user will go to that page directly, google gets nothing.
- If the address bar become a search in google, google will get that hit.

This address bar (I refuse to use the term Omnibox) behavior make user do at least twice the work
Old fashion:
- type for the link, enter to go to site.
Google way:
- type for search, click on result (if it's found in first page), if it's unpopular website, good luck.
- Open history, type for search history (if not recent), click on result.

Google has always been known for increasing speed, productivity of users - clean and simple.  This is a move opposite of that, please change.

Please make this answer useful so our voice can be heard.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Ordin 10/10/11 12:33 PM
i can't imagine why they don't have this installed yet.  I have tried several times to use Chrome but just can't deal with not having is the MOST USED FUNCTION for me personally.  Sure there are ways to go around it, installing add ons, typing in the address bar, using the history, etc.  THE POINT is that to make things easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Why in the name of all that is holy, would I start typing in the address bar instead of making 2 clicks onthe drop down bar!!!!!!!!!!   EVERY other browser application has this function, it just boggles the mind :\
Re: Address Bar drop down history Toni (Googler) 12/7/11 4:00 PM
Hi everyone, 

Thanks for your feedback about this! When you type in Chrome's address bar, we already do list sites from your browsing history that match what you're typing (amongst search suggestions, bookmarks, etc). The New Tab Page also displays your "most visited" sites. The combination of these two is our answer to a dropdown of recently visited URLs. 

If you're finding that sites you visit frequently don't show up in your address bar though, that is a separate issue. Please start new threads so that these can be investigated separately. Note that if you clear your browsing history often, that may be the reason. 

Re: Address Bar drop down history TADontAsk 12/8/11 6:39 AM
Really appreciate the response Toni, but for me personally, I'd MUCH rather have a drop down list rather than the current option. I don't always want to open a new tab. Sometimes I want to go to a new site from my current page, and maybe I can't remember a site when I'm trying to type in the name, and the browser history is too long to try and find it. This is actually the main (only?) reason Chrome isn't my preferred browser.
Re: Address Bar drop down history lululunacy 12/8/11 10:07 AM
Toni -

I think you and Google are missing the basic point - there is a feature, standard on other browsers, that is highly desired by your End Users, and for some unknown reason, Google has decided to dig its heels in, put its fingers in its ears and yell "Lalalalalalalalalal!" while we all try and tell you what we want, and that's just not cool.  There's dozens of various search language out there for this issue - each with pages of discussion like this thread making it pretty evident that your CLIENTS are trying to tell you something

The method of typing in the name of where we want to go is ineffective as it also pulls up any misspellings of websites and any similarly spelled websites and we have to weed through them all to get to the one we want.  Frankly the New Tab Page is clunky and I made iGoogle the default for any new pages as soon as I started with Chrome.  And opening the full browser history in order to access a single site - a site I don't need to search for - is ridiculous.  

I understand that Google is attempting to make its product different from the other browsers by offering (or not offering) certain features but you guys already do that by giving us a superior product in both speed and connectivity to other major websites and applications.  You don't need to arbitrarily remove proven functions just to be different.

In the race to rule the Browser World, this drop down menu is a battle you can easily afford to lose and still win the war.
Re: Address Bar drop down history funkyblue 12/14/11 2:06 PM
At least there is the extension. It's the first thing I noticed when trying Chrome. Google tends to ignore users anyway. These forums are flooded with issues and no decent responses are offered. History importing from Firefox is still broken and falls on deaf ears...
Re: Address Bar drop down history Joggingon 12/18/11 3:00 PM
I tried this, but no drop down at the end of the address bar like IE or FireFox is too much of a negative issue for me to overcome.  Google is so good at Searching, I'm amazed that the browser lacks this feature.
Re: Address Bar drop down history toreymackenzie 12/18/11 10:00 PM
If you ask me, they really should add a drop-down button next to the address bar. I just started using Chrome, and I personally love it. Everything's better-quality. Every single website I go to. I am pleased with the browser, but the drop-down thing is just something I need. I don't like having to go through the history, and find whatever it is I'm looking for. It's annoying.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Gaargle 12/25/11 4:13 AM
People, jeez!  Just go here and click "add to Chrome" in the upper right corner.  Done!
Re: Address Bar drop down history vibhub 12/29/11 7:05 AM
I used and it works like a charm. But time google made this available as default installation.
Re: Address Bar drop down history sunlight111 1/5/12 2:34 AM
This is a nightmare. All we are asking for is a drop down list of typed URL's. These could also be deleted out of their order with IE. It meant that the main sites typed in can be revisited. What we dont want is a list of every flipping sub page looked at. No I do not remember the first letter of every URL I type.
It simple:
A drop down list of recently typed URL's please.
Also a block on every site trying to encourage joining a social web group, forum etc for posting what I had for lunch. That would be too much to ask for - as we all seem to have to be guided by what pre pubescent girls want.
Re: Address Bar drop down history raweber 1/6/12 5:46 AM
There are extensions that do this. I just installed two - This one: gives you your recent history, like IE in a drop-down. This one: gives you your most visited, like Firefox, in a drop-down. I'm going to work with them for a few days, but it may be like the bet of all worlds since now both IE-style and FF-style dropdowns are available at the click of a button.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Nesrie 1/20/12 5:24 PM
Google is missing the point. Sometimes I browse without ever touching the keyboard. I don't want to type search. I want to use my mouse to browse common sites that have NOTHING to do with searching, just scrolling through history. I won't use Chrome as a primary browser without it, and I haven't been either. I don't care about extensions... basic feature we're talking about here that is missing.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Interactive Dog 1/25/12 7:28 PM
Here is something you should try;

In Chrome: Right click on the tab > new tab > apps > in the search window type Recent History and install the app.  You can also customize it so you actually have more control over the address bar then you ever did in IE or FF.

Hope that helps...
Re: Address Bar drop down history SandeepKumarGupta 1/31/12 11:12 PM
I'v decided..........It's time to say Bye Bye CHROME and Welcome back FIREFOX.
Re: Address Bar drop down history ClitShaveRiot 2/2/12 11:45 PM
since this feature has been part of every browser I've ever used, it's omission from Chrome is a complete mystery to me and is infuriating ... I am still using FF as my main browser and because of this one little thing, I only use Chrome maybe once a month or so and then only when I absolutely have to

shame on you Google - you should be far ahead of FF by now ... what a waste of potential in this one

is there even an addon that corrects this?
Re: Address Bar drop down history dexstakker 2/17/12 3:45 PM
I wish they could just deal with the fact that people like a feature and add it. Instead it becomes a Jobs-ian argument of "You're better off without it".  And while we're at it throw back in menu support for windows. BE a windows program. Go change the world on some other OS where lost productivity might not matter.

"You're talking about slavery."
"Let's just say they'll be satisfied with less."
Re: Address Bar drop down history bondjr 3/27/12 7:15 PM
why would google not incorporate a dropdown? thats the only reason i cant fux with  chrome.
Re: Address Bar drop down history mclendening 5/7/12 6:34 PM
Chrome has an app for the drop down address bar:

It works great!

Michael Clendening

(unknown) 5/24/12 8:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Address Bar drop down history clutsic 6/21/12 7:45 AM
Thanks alot! You are awesome!
Re: Address Bar drop down history fano 10/28/12 8:45 AM
Same here. Is this till an issue in 2012? I cannot find a way that is equivalent to the drop down listbox FireFox and IE have. For me it is a total showstopper. If I cannot find anything that matches that, then I get rid of Chrome. Flabbergasting how they could miss such a basic feature and leave a product so clumsy. This is totally debilitating.
Re: Address Bar drop down history Jeff Black 3/18/13 5:16 AM
Re: Address Bar drop down history viwind 3/22/13 4:06 PM
This drop down wasn't vital until I moved to Chrome.  I took it for granted in Firefox and IE.  Chrome, I have to scan all history or type them in address bar.
Even when I type, it doesn't provide hint on the URLs.  This was a minor inconvenience to begin with but as time passes this feature feels like a major enhancement (of course, when done right that is.)
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