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Google translate Totally 12/13/08 6:09 PM
Can we have this feature integrated into the browser itself, so whenever users visit to a web page that is in a foreign language we could hit a command like CTRL+ALT+T and have it translated into the user's default language.2008-12-18

fixed sloppy grammar/some clarification

Can we have this feature integrated into the Chrome browser itself, so whenever users visit a web page that is in a foreign language a user could hit a command like CTRL+ALT+T and have the web page translated into the user's default language.

Re: Google translate oldboy 12/14/08 2:09 PM
It's not an answer but simply the same question advanced by "Totally".    Pls may some moderator supply us with an answer ?  Thanks.

Re: Google translate Preston Hamlin 12/14/08 4:28 PM
I seem to remember a TRANSLATE PAGE feature somewhere from Internet Explorer provided by Google. It would translate the entire page you were viewing.
I think I got it to work outside of Google Translate, as an option in my right-click menu. Cannot remember how to do it anymore.
Re: Google translate oldboy 12/15/08 10:49 AM
Thanks, pal.
Point is that in CHROME we don't have the  "Google Bar"  which provided for translating single words, auto-filling, getting to "News" instantly, and a lot of other features which either I've not yet found or are not there at all.
Weird that Google might have omitted such a tool in this otherwise commendably fast browser.
Let's hope that some moderator is looking to these posts and give us some help.

Re: Google translate japk 3/15/09 5:05 PM
I also would like to have the TRANSLATE function. I works beautifully on IE. It actually will translate not only the page, but the whole website   with one click. It would seem that since it was provided by Google that Chrome would have the option.
Re: Google translate oldboy 3/16/09 1:33 PM

I don't know if you've noticed that on top of Gmail page, after : "Calendar, Documents, Photo..." there is : "more"     From here you get a list at the end of which you'll find : "even more", then a page of choices among which you'll notice the "Translate" tab.   Though is meant for translating a page, it works for the translation of a single word as well.
If you care to go ahead and roam the links, you'll find Google saying that it is not necessary to click upon a word to have it translated : just pass the mouse arrow on it.
Beautiful  !  Exactly what you and I -and certainly somebody else-  are looking for.
Near the couple of tese lines there is small box :"Download Google Toolbar".
Oh my !  here we are !!!
And here there is the ultimate mock : Google saying that its toolbar is available for IE and Firefox only !
Hell !  And NOT for its OWN browser ?

Bye japk ........
Re: Google translate Mark8t Team 3/29/09 11:29 AM
Just use the below bookmarklet

Re: Google translate oldboy 3/30/09 10:40 AM
To mark8t Team.

Thanks.   The link is valid.  It generates quite a lot of pages related to  "translate" , but it appears that none of them is fit for the use I mentioned on 3/16/09, i.e. having a single word translated from English in one's own language just by passing the mouse on it.    You'll certainly remember that this feature was available on the Google Toolbar.  As a matter of fact, if I go browsing with IE 8  -where that Toolbar is available-  I still get that kind of service.   As I said, am wondering why CHROME has left out the Google Toolbar.
Re: Google translate Shawn (Googler) 3/30/09 11:22 AM
Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback. We're working on extension support which would allow for the development of such features. :)

Re: Google translate oldboy 3/30/09 11:30 AM
Wow !   Google is Google, and Shawn is its prophet !

Now I got my confidence in Google again .....

Re: Google translate Optimus Prime 10/18/09 9:36 AM
till the extension is available like all others i use the following:
Re: Google translate Nhaisma 11/10/09 8:36 PM
May I also suggest a feature where you can select text off a page and have it translated. (possibly through a right click option).

I know this is a small feature for a new browser but it feels like would be like a Firefox add-on (a feature Google Chrome should have)
Re: Google translate WundaVa 12/1/09 6:33 AM
The *bookmarklet* is not a link.  It translates an entire web page.
In Chrome, first view the bookmarks bar then right-click it and choose Add page...
Name it what you want then copy/paste this into the URL box:

For easy access, highlight Bookmarks Bar in the lower box before clicking okay and the bookmarklet link will appear in the bar.
Open a web page that you want translated then click the bookmark.  Google will then try to automatically translate the page.
You may have to manually select that language(s) that you want translated to/from.

[credit: Mark8t Team, 3/30/09]

This is essentially the same "plugin" provided by

For single-word translations, you could for now add a bookmark such as|en|word
and manually replace "word" with what you want translated...

I believe what "oldboy" is referring to on 3/31/09 is the IE Accelerator.  Correct?
Re: Google translate galbaras 12/15/09 4:03 PM
That's nearly the right answer, as it limits the source language.  A better one might be:


This, of course, works great if the source website uses proper encoding practices.  I've tested on a few sites in different languages and it seems to work OK.
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 3/4/10 11:02 AM
Hey everybody,

A language translation feature now comes built in to the Beta channel version of Google Chrome.  Google Chrome will automatically detect when the content on a page is not in your default language and drop down a menu bar to ask whether you want to translate the page.

On Beta, you can turn off translation on a language by language and site by site basis.  When you visit a French site, for example, and the translation bar pops up, go to the right side of the bar and select Options > Never translate French or Options > Never translate this site

The option to disable the translation bar completely is currently only available on the nightly builds of Chromium.  When the feature is ready, it will graduate to the Dev (developer) and Beta channels of Google Chrome.  If you don't want to see the translation bar at all, you can download the Stable version of Google Chrome, which does not have the translate feature yet.

Re: Google translate Class Records 3/8/10 8:17 AM
When will the Translation feature be available for the Chrome Mac version? We are looking forward to this feature.

Why are Mac users are always the last in line? :(
Re: Google translate chromeuserhk 3/12/10 6:41 AM
we need google toolbar in chrome ,please add it to chrome,ok?
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 3/16/10 4:19 PM
Hey Class Records, don't worry--the translation feature for Mac is on its way!
Re: Google translate Clazza 3/19/10 6:40 PM
If I go to a website where there is only, say, 10 percent of the text in a different language, I don't get asked for the page to be translated.
Also, if I put the URL of a forum in the google translate page, I can't log in to the forum. It comes up with 'invalid token'. I tried it on a few different forums, so then there are some things that cam only be seen by members of the forum. i.e. If there was some derogatory comments in a chat box in a different language, I would like to know what was said sometimes and you need to log in to find out.
Re: Google translate p2x909 3/21/10 11:57 AM
I think that I agree with the opening poster.  I think that in addition to the automatic function, there should be an easy to use manually activated page translator, which could be activated or deactivated at will, either with a keyboard shortcut or a single mouseclick on a button on the toolbar up at the top of the browser.

Of course, the button would need to be optional, placed there by the user only if they want it there.  I think that Chrome is uncluttered, but I'd like "Advanced Options" or "Extra Options" to be available whenever I need them
Re: Google translate ard sur 3/21/10 7:10 PM
Hallo ,
seen the new translation service and must say it is easy to use and translation quality reasonably good (as good as you may expect from a computer translation)

Thanks for this.
automatic detect the web page language and automatic translates into my standard language english.

now I want my daughter show an English web-page into her language Thai; I have seen Thai language is included!
I can not find a way how to do this  ??
When the English page comes on the screen, I am missing this language "pop-up", in which you can specify the languages for the translation. (that is the bad thing from automatic things !)
As I am living in a multi language environment where some people use this PC, I am looking for a button, toolbar, menu button, right mouse click , coded key-strokes or so that I on request can have the translation bar and make my own choice for translations.
{too much automatic things are limiting the usefulness of these improvements}

hope you can explain , which buttons to push for a on request translation setting.
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 3/22/10 11:42 AM
Hi everybody, thanks for the feedback. If you'd like to be able to translate a page with the click of a button, download the Google Translate extension from the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. The link is in my references.

Let me know if this helps!

Re: Google translate Falete 3/22/10 1:05 PM
Just a suggestion. Not everyBody speaks just one language. It's a bit anoying if I speak 2 or more languages and for every page I visit that is not in the same language that my google chrome installations I have to say Please don't tranlate...

I think it could be related to the list of languages you can add on Font and language Options.

Re: Google translate Clazza 3/22/10 7:27 PM
That is great Blair. The only thing is it won't translate text in a chatbox. The rest is perfect I reckon.
Re: Google translate netsharc 3/26/10 11:49 PM
This feature is turning me off Chrome... what the hell sort of program keeps nagging you about its feature, at least show it once and if the user says "Go away", at least the user knows that the feature is there, but don't keep showing me a bar that takes away focus from the page and needs 2 clicks to get rid of! I even said "don't translate this language" and it still freaking shows up!

Chrome was good for Javascript-heavy sites like GMail and Facebook, but Opera 10.51 has improved in these areas so I guess I'm ditching Chrome now.... job well done Google!
Re: Google translate syockit 3/28/10 8:31 AM
Blair, it seems the latest stable has the translation feature built in, but no option yet to disable it globally. Is it in either beta/dev builds?
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 3/29/10 10:53 AM
Hey guys,

We understand that many people want an option to disable the translation feature entirely.  This option is already available on the Developer channel version of Google Chrome, and we are working hard to make it available on the Stable and Beta versions soon.

For now, if you click on the Options menu in the translation bar, you can disable translation by site and by language.


Re: Google translate cinman 3/30/10 11:21 PM
I am using mac and chrome beta.please do your job quick and please put an option inside to close stupid translate option
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 3/31/10 3:43 PM
Hi everybody,

The option to disable the translation bar for all sites and languages is now available on Google Chrome Stable for Windows version Go to Tools > About Google Chrome to check your version number and update if necessary.

To disable the translation bar for all sites and languages, go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Translate and deselect the box next to "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read."

To disable the translation bar for a particular language or site, click Options on the right side of the bar and select either "Never translate this site" or "Never translate [this language]."

To re-enable the translation bar for a site you've previously blacklisted, you can use the following work-around. Note that this work-around requires you to change your preferences file. Changing this file incorrectly might cause you to lose your preferences, so only do this if you feel comfortable, and be sure to make the correct changes. Here are the steps:

1. Close Google Chrome.

2. Open the file C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences in Notepad (or your favorite text editor).

3. Look for the line starting with:
"translate_language_blacklist": [ ...

4. Remove the languages between the [ ]  for which you want to see the infobar again. To bring back the infobar for every language, simply replace that line with:
"translate_language_blacklist": [  ],

5. Save that file and restart Google Chrome.

Re: Google translate Syda 4/5/10 1:19 AM
How can i turn off this obtrusive feature on Chrome Macs? Im using 5.0.366.0 dev atm. This is really annoying feature.
Re: Google translate thealxndr 4/10/10 7:38 AM
@Syda simply go to Chrome / Preferences / Under The Hood and scroll at the bottom of the page and disable it there by unchecking the box in Web Content.
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 4/13/10 1:35 PM
Thanks thealxndr, that's right--you can disable automatic translation on a Mac by going to Preferences > Under the Hood > Web Content and unchecking the box for "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read."

Re: Google translate shuying 5/14/10 10:27 AM
why google chrome dun't have single word translate' function?
Re: Google translate oldboy 5/14/10 11:31 AM
Hi Shuying.

Congratulations : in a few words you've pointed out what I'm asking for since December 2008.
If you go to the beginning of this query, you'll find my first request and the follow up.

I suppose that what you're missing is what we get using MS browser  Internet Explorer.    Is that so ?

Awaiting a Google answer for their Chrome browser,  you can look for "Google Dictionary" and download it.  A small red icon in the upper white bar means that you've got it.      It's not bad, but it's still not convenient as IE is.

Re: Google translate Xi Cheng 7/22/10 7:24 PM
Google Translate general discussion group:
Re: Google translate ChessBoxer 8/13/10 6:50 PM
Hi all,

The site translator is fine but I would like to be able to, on a page that has only some text in a different language that I dont read, be able to:-
1) select that text
2) right click and translate

Others have requested this before me.

Re: Google translate ewerton89 9/2/10 6:35 AM

I have a suggestion... I'm not sure if anyone had alredy sad that.

But why don't you offer a shortcut to the translation tool? It's absolutly annoying that in every single webpage that I open the blue bar appears. For me the would be perfect if when open a webpage and feel the need to use the translate tool I could click in a botton or type a shortcut and a have it translated!

The way the functionality is presented the user has no controle over the system! what is no good for the experience...

Re: Google translate greenslime89 9/10/10 12:41 AM
I agree with ChessBoxer- an option to select a single word or sentence and translate it would be very helpful and elegant as well.

As someone interested in learning languages, I'd like Google be able to assist in the learning rather than just doing it for me. Being able to read some text in a non-native language and then only translating the sections that are troublesome would improve the efficiency of looking things up, and the rate of acquiring new words and phrases.

...And it would effect an image of Google helping humans spread language acquisition rather than simply acquiring all human languages and centralizing their translation in itself... like some huge, linguistic predator-brain. Image is important, you know.
Re: Google translate Caffe Macchiato 9/21/10 7:23 AM
How to re-enable the blacklist if one is using Chrome on mac?

Re: Google translate jennferberres100 10/22/10 3:54 PM
i cant its getting a new tab
Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 11/12/10 11:47 AM
Hey guys,

You can now re-enable any language you've blacklisted by right-clicking on a page in that language and clicking "Translate." This will translate the page and remove the blacklist for the infobar.

Re: Google translate Blair (Googler) 2/1/11 12:01 PM
Hi everybody,

To disable the translation bar for all sites and languages, go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Translate and de-select the box next to Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read.

To disable the translation bar for a particular language or site, click Options on the right side of the bar when it appears and select either Never translate this site or Never translate [this language].

To re-enable the translation bar for a site or language you've previously blacklisted, simply right-click on the page and select Translate to [your language].

Please see our help article on the translation bar in my references.

Re: Google translate adamacula 3/28/11 11:33 AM
I totally agree with Totally, we should have a feature where we can prompt google to translate rather than google recognizing a page or language. Maybe a translate bar at the bottom where the inspect elements bar goes, or even a keyboard shortcut like Totally suggested. There is Ctrl+T for new tab,would it not be easy enough to bring up a translate feature, with ctrl+shift+T or something?
Re: Google translate bomberan 5/12/11 5:54 PM
i just found out how to translate a site
- Go to chrome store search "translate" and install free extension... Now you can translate it any language you want!
Hope this help! cuz i don't know english alot
Re: Google translate sternresearch 5/12/11 7:46 PM

From:Detect language▼To:English▼Translate text or webpagE
Re: Google translate MrRamin 7/6/11 12:35 PM
All I need is to highlight text within a page and right click on it and having a choice of translation.  This is the only thing I miss about "Internet Explorer" since I started using "Google Chrome".
Re: Google translate SuGOWAZA 8/6/11 4:10 PM
Omg I go to pages some time they dont auto translate, and ask me we need a button to were we can manually translate a page also. Till they dont get one im moving to Fire fox
Re: Google translate Clazza 8/6/11 10:22 PM
There is a button if you install the extension for Translate in Google Chrome
Re: Google translate Lodril 9/3/11 6:00 PM
Why is the option to not translate pages always gray-ed out and unselectable?  I like having the translation feature in general, but it keeps automatically translating Facebook from English into bad English, and will not allow me to instruct it otherwise.
Re: Google translate Erica1234567 9/26/11 7:31 AM
I accidentally blacklisted a Hebrew.  I tried to follow the instruction to "To re-enable the translation bar for a site or language you've previously blacklisted, simply right-click on the page and select Translate to [your language]".  But one every page in Hebrew the Translate to English is light grey and unselectable.  I tried to go here: Users/ericaweiss/Library/ApplicationSupport/Google/Chrome/Default
to fix it and remove the blacklist- but that didn't work either.  argh.
Re: Google translate lindsay3141 10/26/11 8:28 AM
My google chrome is also suddenly unable to translate Hebrew.  I never blacklisted any pages, but "translate to English" is greyed out for all Hebrew pages.
Re: Google translate matthewmacleod28 11/4/11 9:42 AM
again, there really needs be a keyboard shortcut that allows one to toggle back and forth between languages.  Thanks
Re: Google translate sternresearch 11/4/11 12:22 PM
google translate needs major imrovment in grammer as well ;for instance ;the word" soft "may describe not stiff  or as well soft drink = not heavy ;now translate it that way  to another language is ridicules, if that language grammar is " to call it" as it translates back to English "light drinks "!!!
Re: Google translate nauman655 12/13/11 11:54 PM
hi sir
plz it my folowing code is not work for transalte page in to urdu plz see it all
<!--function googleTranslateElementInit() {
  new google.translate.TranslateElement({
    pageLanguage: 'en',
    includedLanguages: 'ar,el,hi,ur',
    layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE
  }, 'google_translate_element');--> and inform me at
Re: Google translate sternresearch 12/14/11 6:01 AM
i wish this last post ;to be reposted in diffrent grammer ;for me to be understood
Re: Google translate sashebalchev 12/19/11 8:11 AM
Google, can you implement a tool that I get to choose what language I want the page to be translated, not only my page. For instance I want to see how a certain site would look like when it's translated in a certain language, so I can share it with people that know that particular language. I think it's a simple task, because limitations to only one language is very annoying. Thank you very much!
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