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Tablet Support DelJaRoo 10/20/09 8:32 AM
Using a tablet (touchscreen laptop) is normally beneficial to surfing the web.  A user can use a pen or finger as a mouse so one may easily aid quickly touch buttons, access menus, click hyperlinks, and even actively interact with Flash media.   A notable problem with this is that the user hrs no scroll wheel and using a scroll bur with a finger is very taxing.  Most web browsers support a "drag" function. This function allows a user to click and drag on a button-less area of a web page to scroll,  but this functions is not supported in Chrome  and scares away tablet users.
 Also,  tablet users often have a function called pen flicks". Pen flicks enables a user to make a quick on-screen motion to preform various functions including "back", "forward", "page up", "page down", "undo", "copy", and "paste." While Chrome does support pen flicks, it has a crusty habit of doubling the effects of a per flick motions so one can easily go back two pages or paste something twice.   This should be fixed.
Re: Tablet Support GhostCyber 10/22/09 10:31 PM
I tottaly agree, I just started using chrome, and my main laptop is a tablet with absolutely no keyboard.. then pen is the only pointing device. I Looove Chrome on my laptops, but and struggling to using it on that comp, every other comp it's awesome... I am  programmer though, and it is open source, so maybe I can fix this stuff myself and make all the tablet users out there an  awesome new internet explorer that everyone else is loving but them.. any help from google would be awesome though, it's a fucking 4 gig build and ... I am just one programmer... we shall see though, we shall see.

Re: Tablet Support GhostCyber 10/22/09 10:34 PM
oh, and I fergot to mention "Ink" supports not in there either, I am new to ink, but i'll try to see if I can get that one fixed too... these things are all ready in the windows sdk, I have no idea why google left them out. there browsers is SSO smartly designed and then they just leave out tablet support...

Re: Tablet Support TBrocc 3/26/10 5:40 PM
I'm having the same hesitation! My computer is a touch screen and I lose a lot of capability through Google Chrome. The browser seems great but I don't know that I'll make it my default if I can't use the functions on my computer. If there is a way to make it work I would switch in a heartbeat.
Re: Tablet Support barkermn02 2/11/11 3:03 AM
you have all ready stated that text but this is some thing that should be part of the browser not an extension to the browser.
Re: Tablet Support Skarv 2/11/11 3:21 AM
I most definitely agree that this should be fixed by Google. But until then, my extension serves as a band-aid. I managed to delete my original post, so I'll state it again:

The double flicks problem can be solved by Installing TipPopper: The Pen Flick settings in this installation replaces the flicks that triggers "double action" with normal ones.

To compensate for the lack of "Ink" support, install the TipPopper Chrome Extension, which brings up the Windows Text Input Panel (TIP) - the virtual keyboard - when touching (most) text input fields.

The TipPopper program itself removes the need to touch the Text Input Panel (TIP) icon after touching text input areas. When running TipPopper, the TIP will appear whenever you touch a text input area. The program also assigns a keyboard shortcut (Windows key + Enter) - downleft flick in the installation settings - to easily open/close the TIP (very useful in certain applications that don't show the TIP button when you click on a text box).