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Direct download of Chrome

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Direct download of Chrome FormerGogleFan 12/12/08 3:44 AM
Please provide a direct way of downloading the program, which does not insist on forcing the user to get a download center which sets up service on the machine etc etc, to download stuff along the way.

I wish to download *just* the program, and the full program and install that.
Re: Direct download of Chrome Youssef 12/13/08 10:55 AM
Re: Direct download of Chrome FormerGogleFan 12/14/08 2:16 AM
I didn't ask for a link. I said Google should provide one on their download page.
Re: Direct download of Chrome masterkoppa 12/14/08 6:36 AM
Why would this be needed anyway?
You want an offline installation?

If you need to install offline, why would you need a browser if you have no internet connection?
Re: Direct download of Chrome Critesjm 12/14/08 11:31 AM
Perhaps the computer will at some point be online, but he wants to be ready beforehand?

I was kind of hoping for this too because I've been doing tech support on my friend's laptop in the backseat of her car, which, unfortunately, has no internet connection. I wanted to install chrome for her since she's still stuck on IE6, which, as everyone should know by now, is entirely unacceptable. However, due to the lack of a full install executable, it could not be done.
Re: Direct download of Chrome JXL77 12/14/08 1:03 PM
On some computers the web setup won't start... it just closes without any debug message or windows being displayed.
Debugging such apps is a pain... so FormerGogleFan has a point... in case this fails!
Re: Direct download of Chrome leoninelives 12/14/08 1:14 PM
Youssef, thanks for the link.  This solved the problem I've had - the setup program would start but it wouldn't download anything.
Re: Direct download of Chrome joern 12/16/08 6:18 AM
@masterkoppa: "If you need to install offline, why would you need a browser if you have no internet connection?"

That is why I am so afraid of all currently implemented software: because people like you as those questions. Don't worry, you are not alone with your question!

I'd be happy if programmers would start to end making unnecessary and thatswhy senseless assumptions. Why do you think a car would be used for driving? Why? Maybe its used to get more attention, and others use it to live in it... Okay, that example is somewhat extreme, but why the hell should I need the internet, if I wanted just only look through my large amount of offline copies of very interesting information sites? I don't have always a direct and fast and cheap connection to the internet, but always I have my computer with a lot of information on disk.

I am sure: it will be a very important job to get a balance between online and offline. It will be necessary to find mechanisms to handle error-free copies of huge amounts of data and the data itself. By the way: of course some internet data is not only statically, but delivers its content by dynamic mechanisms. Thatswhy in some cases I use XAMPP to hold my data, and I think, virtualization machines would be a good base to make knowlede bases copyable in the future.

Of course, browsers are needed as well for offline usages.

And we all should hold the possibility to continue working offline - to be online not always, but only if really needed, that will be our possibility to get out of the danger of a future like described by Orwell...
Re: Direct download of Chrome Shawn (Googler) 1/9/09 2:40 PM
Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you all know that we now have an official standalone version of the Google Chrome installer (some may call it an 'offline' or 'direct' installer). If you're having trouble installing from, check out the link below to try this alternate installer.


Re: Direct download of Chrome est 1/9/09 11:26 PM
Re: Direct download of Chrome itskrish 1/29/09 3:05 AM
Re: Direct download of Chrome FormerGogleFan 7/7/09 3:08 PM
"If you need to install offline, why would you need a browser if you have no internet connection? "

I want one which is NOT bloat ware! Which does NOT install a ton if irrelevant crap. Which doesn't set up services in the system, and other almost malware junk.
Re: Direct download of Chrome FormerGogleFan 7/7/09 3:10 PM
And it seems they listened.
(I would have edited the post, but apparently this system doesn't allow  for editing
Re: Direct download of Chrome FormerGogleFan 7/7/09 5:14 PM
Turns out they haven't listened. That shit link from shawn still installs bloatware services and other junk. They should really get the finger out and make a portable version and not rely on hackers to do their job for them.

Well, their own fault, if they don't want people to use their rubbish,then so be it.
Re: Direct download of Chrome emmahobnob 8/6/09 7:08 AM
I wanted this becuase we work on an offline network for security reasons, but we still host internal webpages, and view other webpages as part of our work.
Re: Direct download of Chrome surftheair 10/7/09 9:14 PM
Re: Direct download of Chrome joern 10/8/09 1:43 AM
Sorry, whatever there is wrong with that address, for me it doesn't work.

But at least that is not the question - I am not interested to get an offline version of that browser by any hidden link - as long as the google people don't offer such a version of download alternatively, as long I am not interested in chrome and never will use it. As long we are living on different planets.

And currently I feel that google seems to drive more and more away from my point of view, far from an always held offline alternative - we are in a free world, have a nice travel! My way leads me to solutions, wich offer interaction and synchronization on the one side, but as well offline work on the other. As interesting it is to hold (encrypted) data within the net, I always also need the possibility to have a core of all that data available when being offline.
Re: Direct download of Chrome Somnang 11/23/09 3:34 PM
Shawn, the link you provide does not give Google Chrome v3 Offline Installer.  Please pass this message to the developer's team.  We need an off-line installer to install on a not-yet secured computer.  This is a process preferable by the IT people.  Before I connect the computer on-line, I need to secure it properly.  I hope this is a good enough reason for the developer's team to take it into consideration.
Re: Direct download of Chrome nutstojunkmail 11/25/09 3:53 AM
in addition to an actual standalone, offline installer they really need to provide version information, including fixes and known issues, on the download page, and also provide easy access to older versions, which people might want when they unwittingly install or are automatically updated to a latest version that is bug-ridden or incompatible with the user's specific configuration. It's somewhat unsettling how little respect Google seems to have these days for the end-user's intelligence. If they want to provide an "auto-installer for idiots" for people who might actually need it or just don't care, then fine, but give the rest of us, who know what we're doing, who wants to know what's being installed where on our machines, the choice. Don't treat us like we're morons.
Re: Direct download of Chrome happee 11/29/09 10:23 AM
I just came across this discussion.
I agree 101% with last poster above and with FormerGoogleFan
The reason why I ended up here is because I wanted to install Chrome under Wine as Google has not and official release or beta for Linux... as I am posting this, is done trough Firefox 3.5.5 runing under Wine cos' I need to run different browsers version to test compatibility, so I see no reason WHY I cannot install Chrome with wine... it keeps throwing the same error x08000 whatever...
Re: Direct download of Chrome happee 1/1/10 2:59 PM
Chrome finally available for Linux since few weeks ago.
Re: Direct download of Chrome adfunches 1/1/10 4:53 PM
Why will Google not DISCUSS a Chrome for 10.3? There are many of us who refuse to spend $ we don't have to buy new overpriced MACs, just to get overpriced 10.4, JUST to use Google Chrome ... Google needs to remember that we are legion & pissed that there's no version for THE REST OF US!
They must remember that we already HAVE alternatives; other companies dismissing a market segment quickly gave other companies a leg up competitively ...
Fits curiously with the creeping placement of Rupert Murdochs tainted touch on the Google News page ...
Re: Direct download of Chrome Ravikant Upadhyay 7/8/10 12:48 PM
Re: Direct download of Chrome InfamousJoeG 7/15/10 5:59 AM
Most corporations have a proxy server in place that will not allow the connection from the installer to Google to begin the download.  By having a standalone version to download, it doesn't look like your PC is trying to make rogue connections to random websites and, therefore, doesn't get blocked.
Re: Direct download of Chrome Harisankar 10/13/10 8:51 PM
Or try Comodo Dragon Internet Browser (based on Chromium)
Re: Direct download of Chrome vasa1 10/13/10 10:00 PM
@Hari: this is a forum for Google Chrome, not for Comodo. Are you advertising some other company's product here? What is the purpose of your post?
Re: Direct download of Chrome joern 10/13/10 10:45 PM
@vasa1: I think you are wrong. If you had given a look to this comodo page, an if you knew, what the first question of this thread was, then you wouldn't have asked this question. And, by the way, I don't believe, that Google at any time will understand the need for an offline installable browser, because its against their financial strategy. And if Harisankar not was, I wouldn't believe longer that this forum at any time delivers a solution answer to that ALMOST TWO YEARS OLD QUESTION above.

@Harisankar: Thanks for the hint to comodo, because this seems to be installable offline (not yet tried out myself, but it looks like that).
Re: Direct download of Chrome vasa1 10/13/10 11:53 PM
@joern, have you seen this?

I still believe that Harisankar's post is not relevant to the issue at hand.
Re: Direct download of Chrome joern 10/14/10 12:13 PM
@vasa1: Thanks for the link, especially the link if of a kind I was interested in, whereas, it was to be found also very early within >this< thread.

My position is the same as written here in August 2009 - I am not interested in products wich are not maintained official on a page easy to find. If Google would spend a link to a current standalone download at the page to the most current official release - that would be interesting for me. But they spend this version reachable indirectly, some people say, it was not the most current version, some others spend lots of links to anywhere - no, that is not what can be named a serious way.

Comodo has built a browser on the Open Source base Chromium, they maintain this as their product, that sounds for me interesting. Whereas Opera is a somewhat bigger project, so they have maybe more to loose when failing, and Opera is available for multiple platforms. More interested am I in Open Source projects, f.e. Chromium. If Chrome is not officially supported as standalone version, Chromium is - okay, have to build myself, but have a standalone version as result. Of course, there are lots of Chromium-based browsers maintained, like Iron, wich are provided as binaries, too. In the end I always come back to Firefox, platform-independent, official maintained by a serious group, and if one day very fast I needed an alternative browser, I keep Iron in my mind.

I believe, that the strategy of Google is to smudge the borders between the private and the commercial world, so it is somewhat awaited that they don't deliver an official and current standalone version.

What I need a browser for is mostly within the "intranet" on my laptop, wich consists of some well-working servers within virtual boxes, wich make it easy for me to switch between physical and virtual intranets, depending on where I'm currently working.
Re: Direct download of Chrome CoRE.marksman 8/1/11 5:38 AM
I would like the initial zip version of chrome that we can directly download and run just like that in windows.
The use being a portable chrome line FF Portable. And also i need to leave traces that i installed unwanted software in someone else system.
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