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Please bring back the title bar!!

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Please bring back the title bar!! ruudboek 12/7/10 11:46 AM
Could please make it possible to bring the title bar back again?

I can no longer use my advanced launcher application (office bar):

I'm still using firefox because of that.
Advanced Launcher uses the title bar space, like many other applications do, such as the excellent Freebie Notes:
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! sbrecht 12/9/10 6:35 PM
VERY much agree with this one... there is no room at the top of the screen now for collapsed applications like WinAmp, Trillian Chat Windows, etc.  No longer using Chrome because it just became a  huge pain.  Back to Firefox.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! chuckh1958 12/23/10 5:55 AM
How many requests for something as basic as a title bar does it take for someone at google to listen? In ubuntu I can still get a normal title bar. Why not in Windows?
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! ruudboek 12/23/10 8:03 AM
In fact, having no title bar in windows is even worse, it is a violation of windows standards.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Deffender 12/23/10 8:38 AM
A "violation of windows standards" is almost a black hole creating oxymoron.  There are Standards with a capital S and then there is windows.  IE is not Standards compliant.  Windows is not Standards compliant (from it's inception it undermined the open standards IBM had set out for the x86 architecture).  So to say the windows has a standard and that it needs to be followed because the monopoly on bad software design should continue is a joke at worst and a hilarious misunderstanding at best. 

I catch the scent of satire on your comment so don't get me wrong, but if you were serious please seek the EFF's help at

I am very sad that you felt like Chrome was not fulfilling your needs for ease of use. Could you recommend a way to improve this "collapsed application" problem?  Thanks!


Re: Please bring back the title bar!! ruudboek 12/23/10 12:51 PM
@ Deffender,

i'm not going into a discussion about whether windows violates other standards or not, that is not what this topic is about.
Just look at the facts, in windows, the title bar has a clear purpose.
If you violate the title bar conventions, things no longer function as they were intended.

If this concerned just another application OK, but we're talking about a browser, which to me is the most important application on a OS. So i expect Google Chrome to at least give me the option to follow general windows conventions.

See also:
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Deffender 12/23/10 1:57 PM

I agree there was a convention for title bars that was developed in the 70's that has been in use for almost 40 years and that it did serve a purpose.  I also agree that when things change, sometimes old tech gets broken. I hope we can be clear about something though, the title bar was never meant to be used in the ways your initial post described.  Those are 'hacks' with a little h.  Programs that re-purpose a function that has long been outdated. 

Let me say that a little differently: The functions that you no longer have access to without the title bar are a clear indication that a title bar no longer serves its intended purpose.  Enter things like alaunch that give you more and new functions in it's place. Google chose to not include an outdated hold over from the likes of DOS and win 3.1.  I'm sure you would be able to find an extension to fit your needs or perhaps you could request one?

Re: Please bring back the title bar!! ruudboek 12/23/10 4:19 PM
Would you call the microsoft office shotcut bar a "hack" then?
Or what about the microsoft language bars, it is very common for the japanese language bar to be available on in the title bar area? It is still there even in office 2010!

I recently even came across a bar for you to enable or disable wifi or bleutooth on a HP laptop.

Outdated, i don't think so!
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! vasa1 12/23/10 7:10 PM
I think it is naïve to expect all browsers to offer the same functions. I think we need to accept that Chrome is "different". Bringing up analogies and comparisons is useful to the extent of pointing out something that is unintentionally excluded or included.

If I understand correctly, and Deffender will correct me here ;), Chrome wants to be an almost invisible (in terms of hogging real estate on our screens) gateway to the internet that is fast and secure. Having no title bar and the transient, much hated, status bubble instead of a permanent status bar are two easy ways of giving us, the users, more screen space. (Now, if only they could provide a transient dropdown menu (patent granted to Apple!) for bookmarks instead of the bar, I'd consider using bookmarklets.)

Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Deffender 12/23/10 8:39 PM

You are right about the design being part of egregiously leaving a title bar out in the cold.  But there is more to it than that.

Menu depth and click time.  These two phrases should be wielded like a butcher's knife on the chopping block of "the ugly gray bar at the top of the window."  Menu depth is the idea that to get to the function you want you must click 4 or 6 times.  Each click then has a "click time."  The amount of effort, focus and time it takes to move your pointer and re-enact that age old ritual of changing a setting = click time.

If i have to focus on 5 point of contact to change one setting and what should take 2 or 3 seconds take 30 or 45 seconds that is 10x the time and 5x the trouble (in focus).  Chrome wants to show  you that your browser can be that fast and that easy.  Yes, this will take some getting used to. :)

All in all I'm sure the functions of alaunch became part of the original poster's routine and that adjusting or changing that may have a cost in effort.  I appreciate that and want him to know that I am not trying to take anything away from his plight.  This is change in the making.  Chrome is new and fluid.  All we have to do is move an idea in the right direction or to the right people and everything we want we can make.  The old solution might work, but I'm sure we can do better.

Re: Please bring back the title bar!! misterso 1/12/11 3:22 PM
Yes! I absolutely rely on the title bar.
I use an application that allows for vi navigation between pages, 'j' and 'k' keys.
We're talking data sets that have time lapse data samples across many iterations (pages).
When doing so, the title bar in Firefox allows me to see which page I'm on as I page through using 'j' and 'k'.
In Chrome, there isn't a quick and easy way to see which page I'm currently on, as I move back and forth with 'j' and 'k'.

Without having this ability ... I'm forced to go back to Firefox.

PLEASE GOOGLE give us the option of having a title bar!
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! e-Patient Dave 2 3/21/11 1:43 PM
As I said on another thread, I have two specific, tangible, *Google based* reasons for wanting the title bar.

1. Without it, below the first screenful I can't see the subject line of a Gmail thread. Hello?

2. Google is pretty adamant about the Title tag - if I'm responsible for my company's sites (as I once was), I'd have to use a different browser to keep tabs on whether my team is doing the right stuff.

But hey, isn't Chrome open source?  Maybe I'm confusing it with something else.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! AusKiwi 8/20/11 5:58 PM
How about Google adopts an intelligent, user-friendly solution like Firefox, and allow users the option of choosing whether they want a title bar or not? By all means make the no-title bar option the default, if Google really feels that Chrome is better used in that way, but have an option in the settings to display a narrow title bar above the tabs (like the one in Firefox), that way everyone will be happy...
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Ichinisan 8/31/11 8:33 AM
The Windows 7 AeroSnap feature is inhibited by Chrome's non-standard UI. I want to grab the title bar of a maximized window and drag it onto my other monitor, but I can't! I have a lot of tabs open and there's nowhere left to grab. Instead, I need to carefully focus-in on the tiny "Restore" button before I can drag my Window. Even when it's no longer maximized, the area above the tabs is too small to drag easily...especially on a high-resolution display.

I frequently use accessibility shortcuts with my left hand while rapidly right-clicking the title bars of various windows (N - Minimize, R - Restore, X - Maxmimize, C - Close). Of course, you can't do this if Chrome is maximized and you have too many tabs open. Ugh.

On a side note, sometimes I need to close multiple tabs and I'm on a system that doesn't allow me to middle-click. I try to save time by not focusing on tiny little "x" buttons. With almost every other browser, I can right-click tabs and hit the letter C to close. SURPRISE! It doesn't work in Chrome. I end-up using Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab repeatedly with Ctrl+F4 to get the tabs closed. It's such a simple fix for any UI designer, but Chrome ignores accessibility keys in MANY places.

Aside from the accessibility issues, a title bar also provides sorely-missing INFORMATION and users should have the option to display it. If a user chooses to have a system-standard titlebar, the area to the right of your tabs can work like it does in Firefox (double-click in the empty space to create a new tab.

I understand the reasoning for having a minimal interface and I don't mind a bit that there's no titlebar by default. At least give Windows users the OPTION for a system-standard titlebar, just as Chrome does for Linux users.

Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Nan00k 9/11/11 10:09 AM
Aaanyway, hate to interrupt a non-relevant discussion, but this guy in another thread nails it:

This is annoying me as well - it considerably degrades Chrome's usability:

For example when reading a discussion forum, I often open multiple unread threads on separate tabs, after which I start reading and closing them one by one. But because Chrome does not show the title of the page, I won't know the context of the discussion (the tabs are automatically scrolled to the first unread message), so every time I enter a different topic on a new tab, I need to (1) locate the currently open tab with my eyes, (2) move my mouse over the tab bar, (3) hold the mouse still for a couple of seconds, (4) read the title, (5) move the mouse away, (6) move my eyes to the post I was about to read. On the other hand, if the title would always be visible, then the same operation would be many times faster: (1) move my eyes to the title bar, (2) read the title, (3) move my eyes to the post I was about to read.
Same with gmail: no subject.

This is basic UI; at least give us an option.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Shai Hulud 12/23/11 1:41 AM
"I understand the reasoning for having a minimal interface and I don't mind a bit that there's no titlebar by default. At least give Windows users the OPTION for a system-standard titlebar, just as Chrome does for Linux users."


I dont mind the missing title bar, but I can fully understand the requests to at least having the option to display it.

Why is it possible in Linux?
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! etacarinae 1/3/12 11:17 PM
"Why is it possible in Linux?"

I also would like an answer to this, Google. Why does linux have the option but Windows does not?
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! hansemannen 1/14/12 8:09 AM
I totally agree, why isn't it possible to have an option for showing the title bar or not?? I always use winamp with "always on top" above the title bar.. really annoying that the option is not there for such a great browser. Going back to firefox until this is fixed.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Randall Bart 1/26/12 3:35 PM
This has been over a year now.  Is there a fix?  I have been using Chrome more, because it is usually faster than Firefox, but if I have several tabs open, Firefox tells me what tab I am in, while Chrome does not.  This makes Chrome unusable by those who need to know which page they are viewing.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! normalo 2/11/12 4:19 PM
Some people (academics, researchers, people who work withe complex named HTML docs...) simply still NEED to see the full title of the webpage they're on at a glance.

Geeky knick-knack like gaining 25 px free space in height is fine, but should NOT be set as a standard.
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! TigerKnee 3/11/12 7:08 PM
(unknown) 4/3/12 6:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Please bring back the title bar!! Evans Turner 4/3/12 6:01 AM
You didn't ^ the post. I did just now.
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