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Roboform BJ2 7/9/09 4:14 PM
Chrome looks goo to me but without Roboform support its NOT for me!!!!!2009-07-09

Chrome looks good to me but without Roboform support its NOT for me!!!!!

Re: Roboform wár17 § 7/9/09 6:11 PM
Roboform needs to add an addin to Chrome for it to work.  At present the stable version does not have API to install addins.  The development version does have API for addins, but it is not very stable.

Be patient, and Chrome will be able to add addin soon.  
Re: Roboform 13dssg 7/9/09 7:08 PM
I'm with ya brother.  I love Chrome especially now more than ever since IE8 is loading slower due to some tab opening issue.  I am a fan of Roboform as well and really want the Chrome/Roboform comb.  If that happened I would completely uninstall and never use IE again!!!
Re: Roboform Larry MM 7/18/09 10:47 AM
I will make Chrome my default browser when it supports RoboForm.
Re: Roboform Mohamed Mansour 7/19/09 10:10 PM
It is upto RoboForm to create a Chrome extension that. So redirect the request to RoboForm to have extended Chrome support through Extensions.
Re: Roboform CFletch 9/26/09 7:07 PM
It's OK for google to say it's up to someone else (eg Roboform) to create an extension.  BUT - from the dearth of extensions and other add-ons for Chrome in comparison to Firefox, I would take it that Chrome has not made it that easy to do the extensions etc.

Don't misunderstand me - I love Chrome and would change in a moment if Roboform were available.  Chrome is extremely appealing but losing all my info from Roboform and all its usability simply stops me from changing over to Chrome as the default browser.  Too bad, cause it is generally very usable.
Re: Roboform wár17 § 10/1/09 12:45 AM
CFetch, it is easy to create extensions in Chrome. But developers may not bother until more users use Chrome.  Chrome has 5% of browser market, which Firefox has 25%
Re: Roboform luceDC 10/28/09 5:12 AM
The Roboorm website mentions Chrome as one of the browsers where Roboform would be compatible with. Anyone did this already ?

And : how does one install an addin in Chrome ?
Re: Roboform wár17 § 10/28/09 8:41 AM
The development version of Chrome has addin capability.
Re: Roboform SPDC 11/20/09 11:52 AM
Adding my voice as someone who wants this.

Note that I tried the "Chromium/Roboform" add-on but this did not work for me. Did I need to uninstall Chrome first?
Re: Roboform wár17 § 11/20/09 1:12 PM
It is best to do a clean install of Chrome development version.  So backup your bookmarks and uninstall old Chrome version first..
Re: Roboform js1212 3/26/10 7:45 PM
It's now 3/26/2010 and apparently this is still not resolved properly. I hope I'm wrong. But I'm using version (42199) of Chrome and Roboform is not visible in Chrome.
I'm looking for increased safety and if I can't use RF in Chrome then I will stay with RF in another browser.
Any suggestions, please.
Re: Roboform wár17 § 3/26/10 8:00 PM
Roboform now has an addon for Chrome
Re: Roboform itasca 6/29/10 5:55 PM
I'm like everyone else in this forum-- no Roboform-- no Chrome.  It's as simple as that and not negotiable in the least.
Re: Roboform wár17 § 6/29/10 6:19 PM
itasca, so you are going to use Chrome. As I posted before, there is a Roboform plugin for Chrome.
Re: Roboform alrvedro 7/23/10 9:21 PM
back to ie8 until roboform and chrome meet