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Disable the "Show saved password"

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Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 8/7/09 9:25 AM
Now when you are talking about this about passwords...
Please disable the "show saved passwords"-thing/button. Cause actually, even if u have your own laptop, friends, and other will sometime use u:r computer, and I feel very "unsecure" because of that people can see ALL off my passwords just by clicking the Wrench>Options>Personal stuff>Show saved passwords.
(I have the Swedesh Version, so the menus doesnt need to be litterary as I wrote them down...)

If this has a purpose, Then why not making a "mayor" password to show all saved passwords?

Re: Disable the "Show saved password" dwight.stegall 8/7/09 10:23 AM
Stop friends prying eyes. You have to be the Administrator of the computer you are using for the following to work. Password protect (don't use a name or number your friends know) your user account on your computer to keep them out. Then set up a second 'Friends and Other Weirdos' account for them to use. Then install Chrome in this new account and they won't be spying on you anymore. Until someone invents 'GOOD' friends, complicated and long passwords are all you have to protect your privacy. The best of friends love to play pranks on you and this way you can stop them. :)
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" johnny86 9/30/09 8:18 AM
But I don't want to create another account, I just want to password protect the part where Chrome shows the passwords! Like Firefox does!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" topherdp 10/1/09 6:39 AM
I absolutely and complete agree that this option needs to either be completely disabled, or at least password protected itself.  I personally vote for removing this "feature."  I know of NO other application or system that will ever show passwords.  Passwords should always be encrypted or at the very least hidden by stars.  I just found this in Chrome today, and I'm going to have to quit Chrome (which I love) or at least disable password saving (which I also love).  Google Chrome: PLEASE get rid of this huge security flaw.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 10/2/09 9:25 AM
Now do u think that someone from the developers are watching these kind of threads?
How do I report such a "bug"?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" topherdp 10/2/09 12:11 PM
I'm not sure if they monitor or not, at the time this was the only way I could find to report a bug.  I've since found the "Report bug or broken website..." option within Chrome itself.  I submitted this page with my original post.  Hopefully that will get it sent as a "Google Chrome is misbehaving" bug.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 10/4/09 12:21 PM
Ok, Hope they whatch it =/
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" QQFarmer 10/4/09 4:44 PM
We definitely need a master password to protect our precious passwords. Google, can you hear me?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Bapabooiee 10/4/09 6:18 PM
If it offers anything, here's what a Google employee said to me regarding this issue:

"We realize it's been a long standing topic of conversation but there are some nuances in the situation that make it a little tricky. A master password could help with perceived security. But if someone stole your computer or hacked it and really wanted to get to your passwords, they are probably skilled enough to get to your passwords despite having a master password. 

Also, the passwords are stored in Windows encrypted storage so if your computer has password protection, then the passwords are protected by that too.

I think we're open to exploring all ideas/possible ways to address user's concerns about visible passwords but haven't yet found a good enough solution."
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 10/5/09 10:50 PM
Well, that is if the passwords HAS a Master password. but now it havent, so if your computer is stolen by a 10 years old or by an old guy, and not a hacker, even he/she can see you passwords...
And I for example use google chrome 99% of my time @ the web. This meens that I store exactly EVERY password from every site in chrome...
I would suggest you to remove that function completly, till you find a good soultion for this...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Rohela 10/6/09 2:21 AM
hey its a nice feature.. in any case you forget password you can find from chrome.. For security just password protect that TAB.. in that case this will show passwords of sites if you entered right one for chrome...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" onlyrey 2/22/10 9:36 AM
Agree that the "Show Password" option should be protected, regardless of who is the OS system administrator.  Most people don't have their computers password protected.  If you use Chrome and somebody steals your computer, they would just go to the "show password" option and have at it.  This is one reason many might stop using or consider never using Chrome.  Fix this as this is a big vulnerability (even if it is an open door to human engineering).
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" lollopop 3/17/10 1:24 AM
I consider to back to Opera if Chrome can not solve this problem in this 30 days time. This 'feature' is really annoying.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 3/17/10 2:42 AM
Well, I've heard of bugs becoming features for many, but in this case this meant-to-be-feature becomes a bug for me =P
When are the Developers gonna say something? =O =/
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 3/17/10 4:19 AM
Firefox has this feature. It does have an option to password protect it, but I believe it is not turned on by default.

Letting other people have access to your PC has other security risks including but not limited to
they can see the passwords to your saved sites
they can log in to your saved sites (eg emails)
they can look at your internet history
they can download "dodgy" stuff
they can look at your porn collection
they can read your letters to your girlfriend that you didn't want your wife to see.

this feature would only help you on the first one.
I don't let people use my PC unless I'm watching what they are doing.

Basic IT security folks....
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 3/17/10 10:12 AM
@Cave_troll: Well, you are right, but the browser cant protect me from people watching my mails, downloading things, looking in my porn colletion and so on. But with while you are saying this I can say:

>>By surfing the web without encryption you are exposed to following risks:
>>* Hackers on the net can steal your Bank-account login-information
>>* Your neighbour can see what you are doing trough the network
>>* [....]
>>If your bank fixes a secure connection between you and their site it only fixes the first Security issue...

Get my point?

And well, if the Chrome-developers make it as an option to have a Master Pass, or to not have it, it would just be fine for people like you, and for people like me! =D

I know that sometimes my english gets crapy, so sorry, and tell me to explain if I couldn't make myself clear =P
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 3/18/10 2:21 AM

one of my banks asks for 3 random characters from my password, the other one uses drop down menus to select 3 random numbers from my PIN. Both of these mean that i can never save the password for my online banking, and protects against keyloggers.
Even if i could i would never press "save password" on any system that let me in to my online banking, even if it was protected by a 128 bit AES encryption system.

As for "surfing the net without encryption" we're not talking about that we're talking about hiding the passwords you've saved.
Chrome supports encrypted browsing as well as the next browser.

Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mahnas92 3/18/10 4:18 AM
Well, I wasn't speaking about saving passwords in that example, If you type your password manually on an unsecure connection to your bank, there is tools that can "snap" up your account details/passwords... I just made up another scenario with other options than Browsers that save your passwords =P

And no, keyloggers are a tool on your local system and works (if activated properly) even if u are connected to an encrypted connection.
I'm speaking about wired connection.

But anyway, thats just offtopic now =P
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" oket 3/27/10 7:17 AM
@cave_troll  Ten seconds is all someone needs to get a look at that password list.  You say you are always watching someone when they are at your computer, the same is usually true for me.... but if I have to use the bathroom or the doorbell rings or the baby wakes up, I'm probably not going to tell that person who's looking for a actors name on the internet movie database to lock my computer, or that they can't use it until I'm back, nor anything of any likeness.  

Honestly, in that 2 minutes that I'm gone, if they login to my email, message boards or whatever sites I regularly use and surf around, it's not going to be a big issue.  People like us who watch certain people when they are using our computers often don't leave a lot of private info on internet sites or in emails.  If and when I receive that type of information in my inbox, I copy it to a more secure place and delete it from my email.  

The problem is CHROME "SHOWS" MY STORED PASSWORDS.  You have a list you posted of things that people have access to when they get access to your computer but you've failed to realize that by "SHOWING" the password, in that 10 seconds, someone now has access to "most" of your list when they "aren't" at your computer.  Now that 2 minute bathroom trip when someone could have browsed my email or other sites turns into a situation where they have all the time they desire search to find things that I may have missed.  The ability to see those passwords also gives them the ability to use my identity on any of those sites to do thing that may be illegal, immoral, etc.  They can see your GOOGLE DASHBOARD!!!!   Have you seen yours?     I logged in and saw mine and it was a huge wakeup call.  I still use google for everything I did before (Chrome is no longer my default browser, Firefox is again) and I removed a lot of personal information from the dashboard.

Why is the ability to see the passwords here anyhow?  I personally cannot think of one website that I visit that doesn't have the ability for me to retrieve my username and/or password if needed.  If a master password is too complicated a feature to implement, then remove the show password button.  The only reason we would need a list of sites Chrome remembers passwords for would be to remove certain sites that we no longer want our passwords to be saved on.  When  I ask my browser to save my password, I'm asking because I don't want to have to remember it or type it in when I visit a frequent site.  I'm not asking it to save to that I can quiz it later as to what that password was.  If I don't remember it, I'll go to that site and use their method of retrieval.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" jchiu09 4/13/10 1:26 PM
Yea, just because Firefox has this stupid feature, it doesn't mean it's a good idea.  Try to be better Google.  Why would you make it so easy for other people to see your passwords, and not only that, but ALL of your passwords?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" deflime 4/14/10 2:25 PM
I agree that it is an unusual "feature;" though it does give me a reality check about security on the internet. The odds of someone using your computer with the intent of checking your saved passwords in Chrome is extremely minute compared the lengthy vulnerabilities we all subject ourselves and our computer to on a regular basis.

I see a lot of people pretending like this feature is the end of the world in terms of security, you guys to need to wake up if you think this is a make or break security flaw in your day to day computer activities.

If you are concerned about anyone doing unauthorized activities on your computer you should definitely have it password protected through the OS, even the BIOS might interest you as well. ( I just use Windows 7 users, but I am considering using the Win7 Bitlocker software for added security).
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" WhipeOut 4/17/10 9:22 AM
How about Master Password protecting EACH not all of the passwords?
(I mean  putting passwords on passwords lol xD)
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" crozone 4/29/10 1:46 AM
I am currently at high school, so I have my computer on a lot, and have people around me a lot. If I turn around for 10 seconds, they can easily (and already have) access ALL of my passwords in seconds. What's more, Google Chrome stores all of it's passwords in a text file, in plain text! Now I am aware that Chrome encrypts this file with your user account, but that doesn't stop someone who is using your account from looking at it.

People are saying that the odds of being 'Hacked' via the internet are far greater than someone using this to steal your passwords. This is simply not true. Unless you are on an open network, people cannot easily intercept information of a wireless network. If you are using WEP, and they hack you (which is highly unlikely), it's still hard to gather usable packets that contain user names and passwords. Hackers do not magically "Intercept" information over the internet. If you are connected to a secure website, that has any reasonable security system, and are using a good password, hacking your password is very, very hard. Over 90% of all stolen passwords are gathered trough social engineering, ie a fake email asking you to verify your user name and password.

Even if a master password isn't the most secure option for locking away your passwords, a person will still need a considerable amount of time to get your passwords, and it's much better than nothing.  Please Google, do something about that button!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 4/29/10 2:04 AM
I've had a look at the password file. On my PC the username is readable, but the passwords are not stored in plain text.

If my PC was that physically insecure that anyone can get on it that easily, i wouldn't store any passwords even if the browser had a master password.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Breatnac 5/6/10 4:26 AM
I find Master Password very useful on Firefox, they only reason that I do not use Chrome for my default browser is that insecurity of the "Show Saved Passwords" option.

What were they thinking?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" TrinityAlex 6/28/10 2:18 PM
I was just browsing through settings in chrome, cause it started working a bit strange (selecting from drop down boxes resulted in something other than the selected item), and found this *** ***** ***** - now that's not nice -
Why in the WORLD would I want to SEE a remembered password ?!  ALL websites have the recover password function do they not ?
If someone had my computer for - 5 minutes, probably he could send 2-3 e-mails, post 4-5 messages on some forum, etc...
but because of that st**** button - in that window of opportunity one can just go to his computer, and make all sorts of pranks (for example change my passwords for some sites - sites which involve money I might add)

I really liked to use chrome to remember passwords...  

Well I see its been a year since this was discussed, I see you guys think you are better than the rest of us. Its really that hard to put an option to this function is it not ?

Chrome was a nice browser, clean, pretty ok looking, tidily organized favorites... I used to open Microsoft's browser with some sites because of some compatibility issues ... well now ... compatibility problems, password problem ... time to say goodbye :)  and try something different.

Google, keep up the good work :)
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" TrinityAlex 6/28/10 2:30 PM
pff, found a solution... add an extension

Hmph, the best thing you ever did Google, was add the possibility for extensions, though you are strong headed I will overlook it this time :P
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" alistairas 8/26/10 1:45 AM
Just found the 'show password' feature in Chrome settings myself and agree with many others in this discussion that there is simply no practical application or user-need for it.  Just because you CAN add the button, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Time to take it off.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 8/26/10 2:29 AM
no there is an absolute need for it.
You may not need it, but i find it very useful
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" clarsendotnet 9/25/10 9:04 AM
Basically, if you have a computer like a laptop or netbook, that you may take away from your house, you can't save passwords in chrome.  If you do, and you loose your computer, you should assume that somebody, who has enough information to return your computer but doesn't, knows all of your passwords.  

I think the people who need this feature, should just do something equally insecure like writing it down on a piece of paper.  Or you could just tell people you know and trust and then ask them later when you forget.  There are lots of insecure solutions for you.  

What is odd to me is that by default Chrome is set up to make all users vulnerable, even if they do care about the security of all of their online accounts.  Strange call.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" clarsendotnet 9/25/10 9:09 AM
Honestly, the more I consider it. I probably shouldn't let browsers save my passwords anywhere.  It's convenient, but so are snackables.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Keplaffintech 10/5/10 5:26 AM
Please disable this absolute garbage feature!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" wr1234 10/15/10 11:54 AM
please DISABLE showing passwords
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" downoteof 10/18/10 8:51 PM
i just started testing out chrome not too long ago (firefox fan) because i use all of google's other products. i honestly didn't know about this "feature" until my friend told me one of my passwords and i freaked out and forced him to tell me how he found it. i use passwords that are a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and sometimes alt code symbols (like "õ" and "œ") which would be impossible for someone to find out without a keylogger or a lot of time on their hands hacking my computer physically.

i didn't even realize i had saved a site, but it shouldn't of been a big deal if the stupid browser encrypts the data. this is an absolute nightmare of an idea, and i see no justification in it, especially by default. sure, it will be nice for overbearing parents or nosey siblings, but for GOOGLE to have a feature like this is just nuts. i love google, but i am going to have to stick with firefox. at least firefox is truly open source, has better add-ons (extensions), and is at least a tiny bit more conscious of security (and doesn't eat my RAM like a kid with a pez dispenser).
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" daniel1988 10/19/10 12:09 PM
I must agree with what downoteof said.

Let's say this: there are some friends and "friends" at my place. When I go the the toilette, market, whatever for a few minutes, I can have my  GoogleMe, facebook, twitter password stolen. As many of you, I don't want my inboxes to be checked later by my "friends". It's not nice for someone to track you without your allowance...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" deflime 10/19/10 12:53 PM
One point just occurred to me, though I regularly gush and recommend Chrome to friends and family, I cannot recommend it to be installed in an office. I have just blown my mind imagining a company having Chrome their main browser for their employee computers, it would be way to easy to exploit this feature by someone working for this company. This is a pretty stupid feature and easily repairable, I am willing to manage it at home with my Win7 user password, but that type of privacy violation extends well beyond what any company would be willing to put up with to preserve the integrity of their information and employees. I would outright tell people NOT to use Chrome in a business setting. And that just seems like a preposterous thing that I have to do.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" zzz_zzz_zzz 10/23/10 11:23 AM
Just a users are in panic! You are always allowed to lock you comp when away or NA! Use it and don't panic any more!
Best wishes
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Esp1ngard4 10/26/10 2:52 PM
I am an avid user of Google, and love it!
But really... what were they thinking with this kind of feuture?!

I think that Google should do at least to things:

1.Explain what was the reason for implementing this crazy feature (at least from my point of view)
2. And if their reasons are not strong enough they definetly should remove it, unless they want to start to see a mass move from chrome to firefox or other browser.

Personally I would start email my friends and family to be aware of this lack of security from chrome.

Just to make a point here:
If I let my pc five minutes on my desk at the library (which I do frequently, I would never be shure if my passwords are still only with me, it takes only 30 seconds to retrieve them all)

Please reconsider changing this system...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 10/27/10 12:52 AM
Esp, if you leave your PC alone for 5 mins you also don't know if someone has had a root around and read your interesting documents, your gallery of "special photos", that bank statement you saved a few months ago, sent a few emails etc. non of which would be protected by a browser master password.
a master password may help with people stealing your passwords, but ultimately you need to supply physical security of your PC and lock it while you're away.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" zzz_zzz_zzz 10/27/10 9:32 AM
Is anybody know about ability to lock a comp while away?
What is the reason not to use  Chome option 'Never save password' and use lock comp?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" jason.schoenbrun 1/30/11 7:28 AM
This discussion is absurd. There should be no discussion. I, and apparently many other people, simply don't want friends to be able to sit at our computer and see our passwords with minimal effort. Don't try to justify that there are greater dangers. We already use encrypted connections with the sites that use those passwords, and we understand that hacker friends with physical access can always get our passwords.

We simply are sufficiently uncomfortable with the prospect of a non-hacker friend being *able* to see all our passwords in plaintext with no effort. Don't tell us to get new friends or anything. Just fix this "feature"! I cannot use password saving in a browser with this problem. Which makes Chrome a whole lot less good for my needs.

Anyway, what in the world is the purpose of showing the password in the first place? Don't you collect usage statistics - how often is it actually used? Every site with a password has a secure password recovery feature.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 1/31/11 3:44 AM
some of them don't and some of them can't reply in the time i need to be able to find the password on my laptop and then log in from my desktop.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" KyleD 2/7/11 6:34 AM
Just remove the feature google, there shouldn't even be an argument.  What's the benefit?  The only thing I can think of is if you have it saved so long that you forget what it is, so you can remind yourself.  But, even then, what's the point, just go to the website and get a password reminder sent to you.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" viperdream26 3/8/11 12:00 PM
Indeed, at minimum....please allow an option to remove the ability to "SHOW PASSWORD".
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Twan81 3/10/11 8:57 AM
We CAN do something about it!

If we all use the "Report an issue" option in Chrome (in menu under "Help") and send the people from Google a complaint about this, we stand a good chance that it will be fixed with a future version.

I just filed my complaint...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Psais 3/26/11 1:00 AM
Just know about this feature today and just sneak out the gmail passwords of 3 friends (lol, I am really a bad person). And since I'm aware of this, I'm also really concerned about my own passwords. From now on, I can never leave my laptop alone for any second :(, which is so frustrating.

Google Chrome team, hope you guys are reading this! Please do something about this bug (disable it or having a master password - like what people have been discussing here), or else I'm very sure a whole lot of people will turn away from Chrome to the new Firefox. Actually when typing this I'm seriously considering that option...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" element 5/19/11 5:51 PM
This thread started in 2009 and it took me until mid-2011 to realize it's still not changed. I liked using Chrome.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Excalibur_ 5/30/11 11:17 AM
This is a very serious security issue, involving minimal effort to allow someone who has physical access to a computer to have complete access and passwords of the owner. Here's a scenario to graphically describe this idiotic feature and the problems it poses. You are working on some stuff, you have lots of windows open, you get a phone call, and go out with a friend to dinner. You and your friend come back to the house. Unfortunately you unwisely chose Taco Bell and need to use the restroom for the next 15 minutes. Your friend asks if they can check their email on your computer while they wait for you... THEY NOW HAVE EVERYTHING!

Please fix it...
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Dr_Samuels 5/30/11 11:38 AM
...and then to top it all off you find out Taco Bell fired the chihuahua.  And if that wasn't bad enough, you get angry at yourself for leaving your pc wide open.

OH well, sometimes a lesson learn the hard way is the best way.
(get new friends also)

!Viva LePepe !
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" saltzman.mike 6/19/11 1:04 PM
Looks like I have no choice but to remove password saving. That really blows. Googles response of "a good hacker could get your master password anyway" is mind blowing. Thats like saying, well a good thief could crowbar open your door so we are going to leave the door unlocked and also all the windows wide open. Instead of just being worried about a thief who is a hacker now I just need to worry regardless of who has my computer because a 4 year old could get my passwords without any trouble.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" QQFarmer 6/19/11 5:57 PM
2 and half years ago I said the best solution is LastPass, which now works flawlessly  with Google Chrome. 2 and half years later I would say exactly the same thing: Stop waiting and install LastPass.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" XZY 8/25/11 2:31 AM
This is ridiculous. Never using chrome again.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 8/25/11 7:14 AM
I think Google's response is really "If you leave your PC alone, or in the hands of someone else, then their being able to see you passwords is probably the least of your problems. Even if your passwords were hidden then they can still read all your emails, browse your documents, surf the web in your name etc. Really the best solution is to not let other people you don't trust use your PC."

If you think that adding a "master password" or not displaying your saved passwords means that you can safely lend your PC to other people while its logged in as you, then I invite you to lend me  your PC to see what I can see.

If we're talking a house analogy, then it seems that lots of people want to have a party and invite a lot of people over.
Then let the people use their telephone, while keeping their passport in the kitchen drawer, hard porn mags on a shelf in a living room and a stash of cannabis in the bedroom BUT make sure that their credit card was safely locked away in a safe. After all if their credit card is in a safe then everything will be ok ! 

You're welcome to install yourself a safe (lastpass extension) in your new house (chrome web browser) to protect your credit cards (passwords) but don't invite random people to come in without a key (operating system password) and search through your bookcase / bedroom (files / disk) all while demanding that the builders should have installed this safe for you.

You should be worried about who has access to your computer. Leaving your computer alone and unlocked is a disciplinary offence in the organisations I have worked for. Maybe Google have a similar policy in their work place ?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" cobraman156 9/3/11 8:50 PM
I am pretty sure everyone has lent their computer to a friend for a minute. Google just needs to add a password or take away that "feature" completely.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" nbrabant 9/30/11 10:44 AM
darn. I guess for some reason now the 'show password' option is removed so I cannot see my own passwords. That was the nice thing about firefox, being able to see yr passwords. Why does software always have to block everything. Just throw it all open, no security set whatsover. People with unreliable friends then just have to set the security options rather than making it difficult for everybody else
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" onlyrey 9/30/11 11:01 AM

You can still see your passwords.  Just hover over the "*****************" and a "SHOW" button will show up on the right side.  I think what people in this thread asked was not that the option of saving passwords and viewing them was removed.  People were asking for a master password that one could use to mask all passwords.
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" roadrunner09 10/7/11 5:50 PM
Yeah just realized they added that too! I don't like this one bit. Please google change it!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" jt3498734 10/22/11 5:26 AM
Absolutely appalling that anyone can reveal my saved passwords just by clicking on a few buttons. MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. Seriously google, wtf?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" aadi kanger 10/28/11 9:28 AM
i m aadi kanger my password is chang plz tell me my new password
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" jt3498734 11/6/11 1:38 PM
So basically anyone who uses my laptop can, in about 3 clicks, find all my passwords. That's not smart is it??!?!?!?!?!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" caver_tim 11/6/11 1:49 PM
you need to maintain physical security of  your laptop.
lock it or log out when  you're not using it. 

This will also prevent anyone (in about 3 clicks) from reading your emails, history, local files etc
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Username goes here 11/23/11 7:45 AM
Omg, that issue still haven't been solved?
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Ellysphant 1/17/12 9:13 PM
Okay for anyone wanting to know how to delete saved passwords with Google Chrome...
Personal stuff
Find where it says Passwords
click never ask to save passwords
manage passwords and click the x to delete all existing saved passwords (or just the ones you want to get rid of)
Hope this helped!
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" soupress 2/2/12 5:19 AM
Good news everyone! You can hide that blasted Show button!
Using the Custom.css user stylesheet. It appears that it works on the browser as well as the web.
(Firefox has two different stylesheets here - userChrome.css for browser stuff, and userContent.css for websites)

• First find the Custom.css file.

C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets\Custom.css on PC
~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/User\ StyleSheets/Custom.css on Mac
~/.config/chromium/Default/User\ StyleSheets/Custom.css on Ubuntu

• Then add this bit of CSS to hide the Show button from the Passwords window in Settings:

.password .password-button {display:none !important;}

That's it, it worked immediately for me, didn't even have to restart.

[Someone please help out in refining that CSS selector so that it works only under chrome://settings/. The way it's done now, it might accidentally hide a website's button if it matches the "password-button" class.]
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Username goes here 2/2/12 7:45 AM
The way I solved that was installing RoboForm Lite Web-Based chrome extension, then I copied all the logins to it, deleted everything from Chrome, and disabled the auto save password option, now everything is saved in RoboForm and it works just fine to me.
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Re: Disable the "Show saved password" DALEcz 5/16/12 10:10 AM
.password .password-button {display:none !important;}

This has worked for me earlier - but now in the Chrome version "19.0.1084.46 m" it is not working any more.
Pls any new solution?

Re: Disable the "Show saved password" fuuuuuu 8/23/12 10:47 AM
Sometimes i think that the people who develop chrome are retards or suffer from autism. Are they blind or they can't realize that this is a stupid option?

Can't you people make like a small window to prompt us to enter a master password before we can see the saved passwords? Or disable entirely the ability to see saved passwords... You think people are so stupid that they can't remember a master password?

Damn, i can't even believe it, that it's been 3 years and this silly thing isn't yet fixed.

A similar "fight" was with the "Other Bookmarks" folder, that cannot be deleted... another retarded thing...

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Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Sebastián D. 11/7/12 7:45 AM
I tried the CSS method. Went to the custom.css file but didn't worked.

So i did the following steps (I must confess i have no idea about web programming CSS etc etc, but it worked for me)

1) Went to the show button...right click --> Inspect Element.
2) Then saw that the name of the objects where it says the word "button" was: "list-inline-button".
3) So i replaced ".password-button" for ".list-inline-button"

old method: .password .password-button {display:none !important;}
new method: .password .list-inline-button {display:none !important;}

I guess any button with the same name (or whatever) won't appear on web pages, but it works well for the SHOW button of Google Chrome.


Re: Disable the "Show saved password" miltzi 12/9/12 4:20 AM
If anyone is interested, I made a small program that fixes this issue automatically (it removes the "Show" button in chrome settings).
Here's a download link:

I'm not sure if it will work with Windows XP but should work with all newer versions of windows including Windows 8. Please let me know if anyone tries it with XP and whether or not it works on it. :)


Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Mr.Vermaji 7/7/13 2:53 AM
hey where is wrench>options>personal stuff
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" Reymark Yncierto 9/11/13 6:32 AM
hello can you help me please I have some problem about may password in facebook i forgot my password how to recover my facebook password?  Please can you help me  to get it back my password in facebook  I needed to much, cause my all Important relatives are there and many files... please??
Re: Disable the "Show saved password" miltzi 9/11/13 7:11 AM
That has nothing to do with this topic. But you can click "forgot my password" and it will email you a password reset link.
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