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Restore last session

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Restore last session Moustafa ZA 12/5/08 7:56 PM
I think it will be really helpful if chrome automatically restores last sessions if your system crashed or accidentally shutdown, just like the firefox.
Re: Restore last session Demonkunga 12/5/08 8:59 PM
It does.
Re: Restore last session Moustafa ZA 12/6/08 6:16 AM
Yesterday, I was using it and the power went off and when I it came back and started my PC it didn't restore last sessions.
Re: Restore last session deepikaur 4/17/14 3:08 PM
Moustafa ZA - Chrome does restore your last sessions. I've had my system crash a few times, or have accidently closed my browser only to open Chrome again and have everything restored. Make sure your settings are correct. If you're not quite sure how to, follow these steps:

Click the Chrome Menu in the upper right corner.
Go to "Settings."
Under "On Startup," select "continue where you left off"

Try and test it out. Open a few sites in different tabs, close your browser, and open Chrome again. The tabs should all be restored.
Re: Restore last session crysty.b 1/12/09 11:30 AM
While i agree that Chrome does a pretty decent job of keeping track of sessions - completely restoring crashed ones on demand, and having the option to "restore the pages that were last open"... i have a few minutes ago tried to "close group" my two chrome windows of some 10+ tabs each. When i tried to reopen Chrome, it remembered only one of the windows. Presumably the one that got closed down last.

One work-around is to drag all the tabs into a single window and close that, but it's a PITA. And i don't enjoy having half of my session lost just because i was lazy. Now i'm supposed to lose lots more time going through my recent history and selecting the sites that i had left open... :-<
Re: Restore last session 808pants 9/29/09 3:19 PM
I'm about to have to shut down in order to get some software to work properly, and am dreading this.  I've got 12 windows open, comprising roughly a hundred tabs total.  With Firefox, re-opening ALL of these was not a problem (though enough other stuff had gone sour with FF to drive me here, obviously).

I wish Google were not so ADHD as to - for all appearances - abandon projects like Chrome.  When basics like this get ignored for months or years (even more basically, I could mention the issue that password-storage just plain doesn't work), it doesn't endear users like matter HOW free the software is.  I'm wondering if it's time to go see how my former favorite is doing - still hanging and crashing regularly?
Re: Restore last session 808pants 10/20/09 11:28 AM
I stumbled upon a random method to restore all windows and tabs when necessary to restart - not sure why this works, but it's done so for me twice...and I have to say the reason I needed to exit Chrome to begin with is that it suddenly started processing e v e r y t h i n g   r  e  a  l  l  y   s   l   o   w   l   y . . .:
Go to task manager
Select "processes" tab
sort by "Mem Usage" (if your operating conditions are like mine, there will be a "chrome.exe" process at top of list that's far higher than all other chrome.exe instances)
select that topmost instance of chrome.exe
right-click to select "end process", and confirm (while saying a short prayer)
observe that ALL chrome processes then drop out like... a toilet flushing...

gulp & restart Chrome
click 'yes' on the "restore previous" button (IF it asks...this happened to me only once)
watch as all windows and tabs re-open as before

I can't say I have exhaustively tested's worked twice in the last 24 hours, though.
Re: Restore last session 1kenthomas 1/8/10 5:16 PM
Unfortunately (despite the above),  Chrome does not work nearly like Firefox-- at this point it restores only on some (crash) events,  and you cannot control the restoration ("on demand");  and if you accidentally type a web address in the bar,  for instance,  the option to restore a crashed is gone.  Pretty crappy user interaction design.
Re: Restore last session reikred 1/26/10 11:04 AM
Some of you may have seen the yellow message bar that Chrome displays near the  top of the first page after re-starting  a crashed session. It says something to the effect of

"Chrome did not shut down properly. Click to restore previously accessed page"

The PROBLEM is that this message only lasts for 1-2 seconds, and most often disappears before I get a chance to click it.  If I am quick enough, then it works and restores what I had. If I am too slow, then I get just the default home page and all of the state of the browser is lost. If I quit again, it will now remember that I had ONE page open. No good!

This is a bad bug. I have seen it in every version of chrome I have run so far, and I am currently on version 4.0.253 on 64b linux.
Re: Restore last session geardoid 2/12/10 8:59 AM
The method of killing the largest instance of Chrome, mentioned by 808pants back in October works well if you are sure to get the right instance. Sorting by Mem usage didn't help me on one occasion, because with so many processes it was hard to find; but simply sorting on Process name works: nail the one using the most memory.  Then when you reopen Chrome you are ready and expecting that yellow banner, so the few seconds it appears are enough.

I recommend closing Chrome this way every time as a habit, because too often I've closed it 'normally' with ctrl-F4 or the red X and lost many tabs irretrievably (History doesn't really help because some of the tabs were open for many days). And watch out for those MS automatic updates restarting the computer, unless you specify in the System Properties (right-click My Computer) at the Automatic Updates tab to NOT to install automatically.

Finally, I find the Web-slice Gallery that opens at a new tab more an irritant than a help because it reflects TOO sensitively the last stuff you opened at one of its ULRS. There should be an option to make some of these URLS permanent images, like visible bookmarks (Opera does, and I think Firefox now). But it looks like the new Extensions by Feedly may do the trick (anyone using that?)
Re: Restore last session 808pants 2/12/10 9:07 AM
Been using an extension called FreshStart (it's a session manager) that seems to work well - not sure when it came out, but it has worked consistently for a couple of weeks now.  (surprising that Google didn't initially release Chrome with this type of feature - was pretty obviously vital to anyone who used FF...)
Re: Restore last session Miki800 3/26/10 5:19 PM
currently - the way the built in session "Restore" works as described here,


specifically I have the fact that if I launch google chrome, it was crushed before so now I see the restore option popping up
(even thought I chose for windows to always be restored when I re-open chrome)

and I was lets say more then 5-10 seconds

the restore button disappears and I have no way to get the information back again other then going through the history.
Re: Restore last session tommo123 5/10/10 12:47 AM
agreed, after posting on these groups to get a basic thing like being able to choose an install directory working, i then find that the 2nd day of using chrome, it looses my session and all my extensions stop working.

nice.  chrome should have 'alpha' stamped all over it to stop people wasting their time
Re: Restore last session handsomeorlandoman 8/8/10 1:00 PM
Hello everyone,
I am having a similar problem, only that when Google Chrome crashes (without my computer crashing, thank heaven) I receive a message saying: "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed! Restart now?"  I click OK.  When Google Chrome gets back on its wheels, it says:  "Google Chrome didn't shut down correctly.  To reopen the pages you had open, click Restore."  Now what? I click on restore, and all that happens is that the message goes back up and acts as if I have clicked on the dismiss (or X) button.

Please help me.  I am running Google Chrome 5.0.375.125, and I have a Windows XP computer.  Crashes happen most often when I close all incognito windows and return to browsing normally.  This does not happen on either of my Windows 7 computers.  Any help?  This is starting to get annoying!  This didn't start happening until almost a month ago.
Re: Restore last session BBS7 9/10/10 3:48 PM
This is think I hate most on Chrome.
Re: Restore last session 808pants 9/10/10 4:13 PM
try an extension like Freshstart - I generally have good session recovery using that.
Re: Restore last session alan2102 10/8/10 1:29 PM
Not being able to access tab/window session data is a terrible fault, a deal-killer for me. Bye-bye, Chrome.
Re: Restore last session cosmofilia 10/30/10 6:41 AM
In the event that Chrome crashes, and you don't click the Restore button before it disappears, you can still recover your lost session if you act quickly enough.  Go to the New Tab page (type chrome:newtab in the address bar) and at the bottom in the "Recently closed" list you will hopefully see an item called "XX tabs", e.g. 15 tabs.  Click it to reopen your lost tabs.  This worked for me under Chrome 7.0.517.41

Of course, you should already have enabled "Reopen the pages that were open last" in Chrome Options as described in deepikaur's answer.
Re: Restore last session _CEO 11/17/10 2:11 PM


FIX THE BUG!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Restore last session SoreThumb 11/17/10 3:24 PM
Google Chrome does not save lost tabs in between Chrome updates.

Ergo, if Chrome crashes on me, and then applies an update, the new version does not have the lost tabs, or any session record.
Re: Restore last session goocan 11/18/10 10:29 AM
It appears that at least one of my preferences had been reset, perhaps with an update (now at 7.0.517.44).  When I restarted, there were no tabs in the recently closed list.  I checked, and sure enough the startup option had been set back to "open home page", rather than "reopen the pages that were last open" as it had been.
Re: Restore last session digloo2 11/30/10 4:52 PM
Chrome needs an option to let you RESTORE LAST SESSION in the OPTIONS area.

I've got Skype and it puts some silly extension in the browser. I dont' even know what it does.  But it crashes now and then; when it does, Chrome shows a yellow banner at the top of every single tab window.   They're really annoying and unnecessary IMHO.

I just opened Chrome after rebooting and wanted to restore my last session, but this yellow banner appeared that looked exactly like the one that's displayed when the Skype addon crashes, so I closed it.  But it apparently was the RESTORE SESSION option.  It wasn't that clear.

I wish there was another way to restore a session otherwise.
Re: Restore last session jakecolly 12/22/10 6:13 PM
Ok I started reading this thread optimistically but I'm wondering if any of you NOOBS have ever heard of 'bookmarking' sites instead of demanding your browser remember them for you. You can even press: Ctrl+Shift+D to save together all 50 of those tabs into a convenient concept know as a 'folder'.
Re: Restore last session J.F.K. 1/1/11 1:24 PM
Hey jakecolly, that's not the point.  Since FF and IE allow restoring crashed sessions, i.e. has become a "standard", Chrome should too.  Besides, no one wants to fill up the bookmarks with a ton of pages.  And that's not always the best solution for keeping tabs/browsers open.
Re: Restore last session abajan 2/3/11 1:03 PM
By default, when Chrome opens it should show all of the tabs of the previous session, regardless of whether it crashed during the previous session or not. That's how my Firefox browser works. I can't remember if Firefox works like that by default or if I had to choose a setting but there certainly ought to be a simple way to make Chrome do that too.
Re: Restore last session luckync 3/30/11 5:15 PM
I know at least one scenario when chrome totaly anable to restore session, it's when user try to open new instance of chrome, while closing previous and it's really annoying that chrome didn't store at least few last sessions and doesn't give any chance to choose what tabs need to be restored.
Re: Restore last session patelneel1 3/30/11 7:47 PM
THey should make restore session for the browser it would be really helpful for CHROME users

SO if we accidentally close it so we can get back to last session
Re: Restore last session ReluctantUser 6/15/11 3:34 PM
1.  The power just died and came back on.
2.  Chrome did not present a session restore button at all.  It has never done so for me.
3.  I do not want Chrome to always restore my previous session.  I want it to do so when the browser closes unexpectedly, and only then.  It does not take a genius to realize that the option to restore the previous session upon browser start is wholly insufficient.
4.  Furthermore, I often am typing in long javascript boxes, and browse forums.  There is no way to recover my typed text, and going into history to find which page I was reading isn't the point.
Re: Restore last session limitlesspotentialau 6/19/11 6:48 PM
Alternatively you can recover the web pages from Browsing History.
Re: Restore last session edson adao 7/13/11 1:47 AM
Re: Restore last session master_chef 7/28/11 11:51 AM
this is how i had my google chrome set...restore last pages
suddenly, today it is  no longer working...i have checked the settings and they have not changed...
i am running windows 7, does anyone have a solution to this?
Re: Restore last session Alin 7/28/11 9:41 PM
thanks. i forgot about this!
Re: Restore last session SviFi 8/11/11 2:04 AM
Internet Explorer used to have much worse session restore. Now in IE9 they have much better one than in Chrome! In past two weeks Chrome did not offer to restore session at all after computer unexpectedly shut down. Internet Explorer on the other hand did recover every time. Shame to be behind Internet Explorer.

To sum up all comments I think there are two most important points for Chrome Developers to take out of this:

1) Session Restore does not work every time, function should be improved so that it can restore in 100% of cases, like in newest IE & Firefox.

2) There should be possibility to trigger Session Restore function even after you started browsing again (now even if it does remember session and offers to restore, if you type some address before restoring OR launch Chrome by pressing a link in Outlook E-mail, the possibility to restore is gone).

Quick resolution: keep "Recover previous session" button to remain permanently on new tab menu or in Wrench menu.

More innovative resolution: keep all sessions for the past few days, or week (let users set how long they want to keep their sessions), so that you could open closed sessions menu and choose which one to recover.
Re: Restore last session DemiImp 8/21/11 4:18 AM
I think SviFi has a pretty good answer.  The "Reopen pages that were open last" option is not reliable.  If it's checked, why would EVER give me the option to restore the previous session/tabs after a crash?  This was more forgivable in the past, but we are at chrome 13 here.  And you (google) are trying to make chrome a viable OS replacement.  I understand crashes aren't always preventable, but reopening the last tabs is completely in your realm and should behave as it is described in the options.

Seriously, the bar that pops up at the top of the screen is quite easily miss-able (I've missed it before and have lost all tabs because I entered a web address before clicking the button).  It's bad user interface, and you know it.
Re: Restore last session 09KR0058 8/25/11 7:43 AM
Just got burned really bad by this bug.  I have been testing Chrome for about a week and had been impressed until I came to the realization that this restore functionality does not work.

Shut down normally yesterday.  Booted up today, and when I started Chrome, I only got one window with its 10 tabs.  For the past week, I've had two windows in Chrome, the other with about 8 tabs.  These are sites I use every day.  Now I will have to go back and dig through history to get everything back where it was.

I only came to Chrome due to the horrendous performance of the latest iterations of Firefox and the container.exe issue.  I may have to go back and revisit FF again.  At least it would always open the windows/tabs from the previous session.  Chrome can't even do that reliably.
Re: Restore last session AmFlyer 8/26/11 6:32 PM
If you have the Click&Clean extension and want it to "clean" your browsing history when you close your current Chrome session, then it will also delete your open tabs from the previous session.  So if you know you will want these tabs open for your next session, then you will have to click on Cancel when the Click&Clean window appears after you close Chrome.  Then the next time you open Chrome, your previous open tabs will appear.
Re: Restore last session Valera.GV 9/11/11 1:14 AM
I usually have the restore session after crash. But today with last Chrome (13.0.782.220)  after crash chrome opened with blank page and didn't suggest to restore :( It's the big bug for Google!!
Re: Restore last session Valera.GV 9/11/11 1:31 AM
Add: (–restore-last-session didn't help. Serious crash)
Re: Restore last session hat23 9/13/11 4:35 PM
Go to Customize, New Tab. Then in the new tab window under "Recently Closed" there should be a link that will open the tabs you lost.
Re: Restore last session SirLaughsAlot 9/19/11 4:59 PM
For those who didn't have the browser unexpectedly close on them, but found that a window or so wasn't restored in the next launch of Chrome, you shouldn't have to dig through your history. On the New Tab page, the "Recently closed" section lists the last 7 windows (and the tabs in each) that you closed.
Re: Restore last session grownup 9/27/11 12:32 PM
Here is another session restore problem:

If I have a lot of tabs open and accidentally start another instance of Chrome, it is very sad event if I close the instance full of tabs first and then close the second tabless instance. When I restart Chrome it only remembers the tabless instance and there is no way to restore the tab-full instance. FireFox lets you do this. The ctrl-T trick only displays a few old tabs to open, and the History function is minor help since some of the tabs can be even months old. Who wants to dig through all of that history for something that should be so easily restored? Can't chrome have a recent session roll-back? This is reason enough (loss of a lot of work) to use FireFox.

I have been frustrated enough by this to leave behind the other good things about Chrome.
Re: Restore last session danedral 10/6/11 11:13 PM
My PC just crashed and i lost all my tabs in 3 chrome browsers that where open. That where sites that i use everyday now have to go troug history and reopen eatch page manuely damn...

Btw when i need to restart pc by myself i learned a way to preserve all sesions. I would go and close all 3 chrome browsers and then restart pc. When pc is back up i open chrome and in "recently closed" there are 3 browsers with all the tabs i head. But that dont work when my pc crashes unexpectedly. :(
Re: Restore last session Petar Natzin 10/28/11 12:22 PM
And why not creating a menu item "restore last browsing session"? It would be very very helpful! Firefox has it, and I have been using it constantly! For example - Chrome just installed an update, and I lost my whole session with more than 50 open tabs, and there is no way to get them back - if this was Firefox, I would just go to Menu - Restore last browsing session, and that's it! So please consider creating such a menu item...
Re: Restore last session BirdOPrey5 11/2/11 11:08 AM
Losing all my tabs pen, like 30, is my biggest problem with Chrome, not sure how much I can take it,,, "Recently Closed" list was useless because I never close those tabs.
Re: Restore last session GryMor 11/23/11 4:31 PM

The pages I want to restore aren't in the 'Recently closed' list. The pages that are in that list are ones that were closed several hours before the power died. The ones I want to restore are long lived ajax applications that have been running for weeks. Previously chrome has displayed the crash restore bar, this time it didn't. Looking at history isn't useful as history (unlike the crash restore) is missing the hashtag for the current state of the apps, and the apps aren't in recently closed as they were never actually closed.
Re: Restore last session gugbutts 12/15/11 11:42 AM

Ditto.  It only ever shows 1 page of tabs. I normally operate with 3. For now, I've just made 3 folders in my bookmarks...pg1...pg2...pg3... and have all of the pages that I normally keep open there.  This helps to some degree but it does no good for running various pages and searches that aren't 'everyday' links for me.
Seems like google could easily do something about this.
Re: Restore last session spud000 12/27/11 1:33 AM
I'm using Session Buddy to workaround this bug. There should be a lot of other session managers for Chrome, which fits any user's needs. Go to Chrome's extensions and find your favorite session manager.
Re: Restore last session MadAboutMozart 1/1/12 8:06 PM
Just accidentally lost browsing session - menu item to restore would have been nice.  IE and Firefox have it - why not Google Chrome?
Re: Restore last session SviFi 1/2/12 1:59 AM
Guys, poke4532 gave best answer and it seems like it was unnoticed.
If you came here after having lost all your open tabs in Chrome, here is the way to get them back.
Worked 100% for me. Sometimes I had to do it twice for some reason, but it works.

1. Close Chrome!
2. Go to Cache folder as is demonstrated in the link*.
3. Go to properties on that folder, Previous Versions tab.
4. Look up a restore-point to restore, most of the time it will be the most recent one, however if you did use Chrome after bad crush with some new tabs, it could have created a new restore point and in that case you would need to restore the one before. One hint to look up the right one is also by it's size, since most of the time we want to recover tabs when we had lots of them, it will probably have rather large in size (next to every restore point it shows its size). You can go for first big one if one of the most recent ones isn't recovering tabs. The nice thing is that you can normally restore even if you have been using Chrome for several days after the crash. As long as there is a restore point still in place that was made before the crash.

*The link with screenshots:

It's a workaround of course, but it works. Relies on Windows Backup function, which is on by default on such cache folders.

Good luck restoring tabs! :-)
Re: Restore last session crysty.b 1/3/12 4:10 PM
@SviFi : That's part of the operating system, not something that Chrome can do anything about. If i'm on XP / Linux, or i have System Restore points turned off it CANNOT possibly work.

I agree with your earlier suggestions ("keep [visibly!] all sessions for the past few days, or week; let users set how long they want to keep their sessions"), only a bit more flexible: 1. Let users also save and load session states on demand. 2. Allow for an alternate numerical limit instead of (or in addition to) a timeframe.
Re: Restore last session chromefancanada 1/25/12 7:59 PM
Completely agree, we need a better restore tabs feature.
Re: Restore last session GotMyMuchness 2/9/12 11:37 PM
********************************* Here's the Answer! ****************************************

Open a new Tab (as the first tab automatically goes to your home page).

At the VERY BOTTOM click 'Recently Closed' and all your previous pages will open.


Re: Restore last session illuminatifire 2/20/12 1:47 PM
There is also a option that restores the last window closed even after a restart.  I recently had to upgrade chrome, the restart with last session always worked, so I closed my window. When I restart an empty window with a blank tab opened.

TO SOLVE THIS, I right clicked on the top of the window bar where the tabs sit, and I clicked reopen closed window. My previous window, with all my tabs were restored, I was able to open 2 previous windows. I hope this helps.
Re: Restore last session gamedad 4/2/12 1:30 AM
Nice one Pants! I was chasing my tail trying to find out what to do to stop this evil bug...your solution worked perfectly!
Thank you!! :)

Folks: A little tweak to Pant's routine...I would do it in this order:
1. Open task manager (either ctrl, alt, del or start, run, in the run field type "taskmgr.exe" and press 'enter' on the keyboard)
2. Click the 'Processes' tab, then click 'Image Name' (this makes it alphabetical), now locate and 'End Process' on anything Google.
Now fire Google Chrome up and it should work fine! :)
Thanks again 808Pants!

Re: Restore last session prasad3130 5/5/12 5:17 PM

Your suggestion worked. Although the first time it didn't show "XX tabs", I didn't give up but tried by typing chrome:newtab in address bar again and voila it showed "XX tabs" under recently closed. I clicked it and it opened all my tabs.

Re: Restore last session prasad3130 5/5/12 5:19 PM
Btw, I had similar problem as 'handsomeorlandomanLevel' post, and cosmofilia's suggestion worked for me.
Re: Restore last session fedupofchrome 5/25/12 1:24 AM
This is still the case in 2012..Google, I think you don't really care about your users, if after 2years you don't care to find a solution to this issue. Im off Chrome man! this is ridiculous, I cant stand this anymore. Just lost all my tabs after a force update by Chrome and no way of restoring them.
Re: Restore last session azhannnnnnnnnnnnn 5/26/12 8:53 AM
Apparently Chrome does not restore tabs between updates. That is a simple fix if the boneheads at google would get over their acute ADHD and focus on fine tuning all the projects they start. Don't even get me started on what a bad fucking product google voice is.
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Re: Restore last session Runin 5/31/12 8:56 AM
I have all the settings correct and on most times I open Chrome and everything is restored, but often enough I restart my computer and Chrome starts up empty.
This is very annoying...
Anyone knows the reason for that (my account is synced and I use Chrome for Android as well).
Re: Restore last session azhannnnnnnnnnnnn 5/31/12 9:06 AM
There may be a number of reasons for this. The most frequent culprit seems to be Chrome's inability to restore sessions following updates. So if you see that colored arrow by the wrench (maybe you can't see it on Android, I have no idea), expect to not find a restored session after the next restart.
Re: Restore last session dung_h2 6/1/12 9:01 AM
ya me 2 since i updated manually chrome to ver 19. im planning to degrade to 18. Or r there any guys using any add-on which support this function?
Re: Restore last session Runin 6/1/12 11:36 AM
I guess it has something to do with immature versions...
I'm running 20.0.1132.21 beta-m  
Re: Restore last session Pete222 6/13/12 5:51 AM
There is no "OPTIONS" selection. Stop placing this fix, because its not a fix.
Re: Restore last session neverforever 6/13/12 11:01 AM
It is really annoying. when Windows has update, chrome cant restore my previous tabs after restarting my computer.
Re: Restore last session spaxes 6/13/12 12:57 PM
Exactly! My computer restarted with windows update and i have the "continue where i left off" clicked on and STILL my tabs go missing. I wish there was a simpler way to have the speed of chrome and resilience of firefox alltogether.
Re: Restore last session Setemz 6/14/12 6:01 AM
This is my first group here. I had the same problem, where Windows updated then I lost all my tabs. I hate this feature of windows.

The problem I have is: why are none of the Closed Tabs in the history file?

That is crazy. So I can't manually restore them?

Re: Restore last session bbbat 6/14/12 11:48 AM
Windows7 updated, and I lost all tabs.  I hate this "feature" of CHROME.  All other browsers handle Windows7 updates just fine.

My settings say  On Startup: Continue Where I Left Off.  But Chrome fails.  

No automatic restore.  No question asking if I need to restore.  No item in the "wrench" menu for restore.  No Nothing.

Re: Restore last session SunnyMuffins 6/14/12 3:51 PM
You can. Just open up chrome and...oh, 2008...No wonder. I guess they took your idea into consideration!
Re: Restore last session d3d 6/15/12 12:39 PM
Tab restore does not work anymore. But Firefox can do it.
Re: Restore last session Bashar . 6/16/12 11:11 AM
I had the same issue and was so damn frustrated when my OS crashed and I had more than 4 windows opened and each one of them had 10-30 tabs opened

my only solution was to go to history and click on all links which was there all the way till yesterday and 'hopefully' I managed to get all my died tabs opened.

Re: Restore last session cwinhall 6/18/12 10:34 AM
Same thing happened to me, windows 7 automatically updated and restarted my laptop. It opened up chrome again when it loaded back in to windows, however it lost all my previous tabs and also lost the option to restore them.

Useful. -.-'

Re: Restore last session howtozed 6/23/12 3:13 AM
Not working with me
Re: Restore last session babsie16 7/2/12 8:33 AM
It is not Options, it is Settings. I do have restore under Startup, but sometimes
it just doesn't restore.
Re: Restore last session demondmoy 7/3/12 10:23 PM
To bring the last session press CTRL+SHIFT+T simultaneously and your last window will popup.

courtesy of

Re: Restore last session BartoszMilewski 7/8/12 12:14 PM
This will only restore your last closed tab. Not a good idea if you lost a whole bunch of tabs.

I'm really surprised that nobody from Google gives a damn about this problem since at least 2008 (the first post in this thread). It can mean only one thing: Chrome is a dead product. I'm switching to IE.

Re: Restore last session Ros 7/8/12 12:28 PM
If I close Chrome shortly before (properly) shutting down my computer, next time I open it, it claims to have been shut down improperly and doesn't automatically restore the previous session.  Like most people (I assume!) I haven't time to hab
Ng around for several minutes twiddling my thumbs between closing my browser and closing my computer.

Given how long this problem has persisted unresolved, it would be REALLY NICE if Google would please address the issue

Re: Restore last session CallMeLaNN 7/9/12 8:28 PM
@GotMyMuchness, That is not totally about restores last sessions, it only open last closed tabs. Purposely closed by me and only have about 10 latest closed tabs. This is about when Chrome or Windows it self crash. and to recover all OPENED windows and tabs is not really works in Chrome. Try power off your PC few times and see how many you can recover previous session!
Re: Restore last session CallMeLaNN 7/9/12 8:53 PM
Until today, it still happened to me!
I like Chrome because of the speed and memory management but I think this is last time I lost 2 Chrome windows and bout 20 tabs each. All opened tabs are valuables information pending action for me to be implemented in my project.

All my hours, days and even weeks of research gone just because of Chrome cannot restore my last session. It happened after the Laptop battery suddenly didn't touching very well and lost of power.

Opening Chrome is simply opening my home page, Google Search in A tab and that's it. All gone. It still happened today in the latest Chrome 20.0.x.

I think my Firefox still preserve my tabs and the same session because I still have my tabs from the last year even though I use it once a week. It still preserve the session after so many times of windows crash and Firefox update.

The only way to restore is RIGHT after start up from crash, purposely open the Chrome, wish for the session restore to comeout and quickly click it. However this is not 100% working. If you have pending Chrome update, you will only have newly updated Chrome with new session, all gone. back to Firefox.

Re: Restore last session Toddawe 7/11/12 7:00 AM
Yes, I got fed up with the missing session restore feature on Chrome.  I just went back to Firefox, too.

How can such a large internet services company be so blind to client demands?  Shades of Microsoft.

Re: Restore last session Razarzaberry 8/2/12 1:51 AM
I sense someone is fapping.
Re: Restore last session Tbbhoiorg 8/5/12 10:01 PM
Re: Restore last session The unL33T 8/7/12 5:06 PM
How about if I had tabs open and my computer no longer turns on.  I have a backup of everything on the drive.  Anyone know how I can recover whatever tabs I had open?  In Firefox I just need to copy a certain file (which holds the session data) to my new machine.  I don't remember what I had open when it crashed since that was like a month ago, but I'd like to know!
Re: Restore last session Kaz__ 8/8/12 4:28 PM
I know this was posted like two years ago... but you totally just made my life. Thank you! you Officially saved 64 tabs that didn't restore properly for me (including the many many many pages I save in the back and forward buttons that cant be brought back through manually opening the history). So, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Re: Restore last session nickchrome 8/17/12 4:38 AM
i found an easy way to restore the previous session if you do not have that option checked in the settings. i m not sure if it is applicable for all scenarios though. this is what i have found to have worked always when i ended up losing the entire session of chrome.

when you open chrome browser to start a new session and see the dash board (the page that will display recent and most commonly viewed pages before you type anything in the address bar), in the bottom right, you will find two options: recently closed (which should be a like pull down menu) and web store. If you click on the small arrow that is next to recently closed link, you will find there "14 tabs" ranked as the most recently closed window (if the original session when  chrome ended abruptly had 14 open windows at that instant) -- selecting this option seems to do the same thing as restore previous session.

hope it helps.

Re: Restore last session grover12 9/2/12 12:40 AM
I clicked the wrench icon, but no 'options' to be found.
Re: Restore last session deanharrison94 9/2/12 7:27 PM
I do not want to f*cking reset my browser startup settings just to restore my last session. The point of having such a function is is you close your window by accident, Why the f*ck do they not have the option to just restore your last session. Better yet why don't they warn you before you close 5 tabs?

F*ck this i'm back to firefox

Re: Restore last session fischche 9/4/12 11:14 AM
IF YOU WANT TO FIND your tabs that you was SURFING and ''restore last session'' didnt appear - > JUST GO TO THE HISTORY YOU WILL FIND THEM THERE <3 PEACE.
Re: Restore last session Carpe Diem! 9/15/12 2:13 PM
Everyone, thanks for sharing. Using W7 & Chrome 21.0.1180.89. The bug where only one window opens instead of all I just closed is annoying as can be, c'mon Google please look at Firefox... However this solution actually works well, even though not as automated as with Firefox:
1. With several Chrome windows open, each with a few tabs, right-click Close all windows.
2. Reopen Chrome - only one window will be restored.
3. Open a new Chrome window (not tab). Bottom right click Recently closed. There's a list not only with closed pages but also 'XX tabs'. I start from top and click eg. '12 tabs'. That previous window with 12 tabs is now restored.
Start over from 3 and click next 'XX tabs' under Recently closed, eg. '8 tabs'. Etc...
Re: Restore last session Suhail Qadir Mir 10/10/12 2:13 AM
Right click on the google chrome icon and go to properties.
In the properties go to the shortcut tab.
After going to Shortcut tab go to “Target” field, position your cursor at the end of the line (after chrome.exe) and add a space and type “-restore-last-session” without the double quotes.
Re: Restore last session BalthCat 11/16/12 9:51 PM
That's not practical if some of your windows have been open for days.
Re: Restore last session BalthCat 11/16/12 9:54 PM
My response was supposed to be to fischche but apparently this doesn't have any threading despite having reply options on each post.
Re: Restore last session The unL33T 11/17/12 8:15 AM
This only works if you actually close Chrome intentionally.  If there is a software crash your your computer crashes, they do not show up in Recently Closed like they do on Firefox.

There are, however, extensions that will periodically back up your open tabs so you can restore them.

Re: Restore last session WOLFCLAN 11/24/12 7:34 AM
I clicked wrong thing trying to restore my spotify.
(unknown) 11/27/12 7:53 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session RaneyG 11/27/12 7:59 PM
Well this is very old thread and it keep popping out in google's garbage results-set everywhere without any solution or kinda old tricks. So I thought of replying here.

So its indeed a problem with Chrome, whether your system crashes or you force shutdown or you just hard reboot chrome wont restore the last session and tabs because it creates a new one as current session.

It just happened with me on chrome 23.0.1271.64M and googling did not really help me much.

But I was able to recover my tabs and here is what I did.

kill your Chrome via task manager

go to %AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

rename "Current Session" to "Current Session.old"
rename "Current Tabs" to "Current Tabs.old"

Then rename

"Last session" to "Current Session"  &
"Last Tabs" to "Current Tabs"

Restart Chrome and there you go !!

Re: Restore last session Go2AttorneyGeneral 12/2/12 7:49 AM
Yes! This is why I don't use Chrome much - they have a crappy system over all. You have to be logged into Chrome to get your last session restored.

I don't want to have to log into anything else - I have enough of that all day.

Sometimes it will offer you to restore - but not usually - I HATE CHROME!

There's been too many times I was on a site & Chrome wouldn't allow a function on the site to display - then I have to go over the firefox.

Chrome has a lot of work to do to be useful - instead of frustrating.

Re: Restore last session Umayr 12/6/12 11:59 PM
there's no wrench in the upper right corder, neither there's any 'Options' tab
Re: Restore last session Bob123456789123 12/16/12 5:46 PM
You're not understanding.  THAT is the problem.  The option to continue where I left off was enabled - and it didn't work.

And apparently google has nothing in place to retrieve old tabs if that function fails to work.  Firefox does.  I would think for something that important, there would be a fail safe.

Re: Restore last session ZachreyNM 12/16/12 7:35 PM
I have the same problem. When Windows 7, which for some mysterious reason, does not tell me when the battery is low and simply cuts power without sleeping or hibernating (upsetting beyond measure), EVERYTHING CRASHES!

I plug-in to power and restart Chrome and keep forgetting to prepare to pounce on the Restore button which lasts for ONLY 1.3 SECONDS!!!!! Which launches me into, yet, another screaming fit! Because I was so stupid AND my reflexes were not fast enough to get to the button in time with cheap track pad. Surely there must be a way to make the button last longer or have the user dismiss the option if they don't want it.

Are the programmers sadists? This is really cruel for Autism Spectrum Disorder victims who already have enough anxiety to deal with.

Please do something about this or tell us an alternative wy t restore session! PLEASE HELP!

Re: Restore last session Mortoc 12/20/12 9:03 AM

Install an extension called Session Buddy. It will appear towards the top righ of your screen as a small rounded corner square. This enables you to go and retrieve previous session and even save a set of tabs for future use

Re: Restore last session ZachreyNM 12/20/12 9:41 AM
Thanks for the Session Buddy extension. Sounds like a good thing! Here is how I was able to restore my previous session:

1) disable "New Tab Redirect" extension
2) open a new tab
3) click on the "Recently closed" pop up menu
4) If you have not closed and re-opened Chrome, there should be a list of recently closed tabs and then another thingie at the top that says "12 tabs" or "5 tabs" or something like that depending on how many tabs you had open when chrome or windows crashed or when your battery decided to suddenly call it quits due to the crappy defaults in Windows 7 power mgmt control panel.
5) click on that thingie!!!

A new window should pop up with all your tabs from your previous session!


Re: Restore last session Ilari Parkkunen 1/8/13 8:12 AM
I hate this Google. Due to system crash the computer booted and without even touching Chome it offered to restore session. In a delicate situation I did not want to restore anything yet. That's when another system crash booted me again. This time Chrome opened the empty starting page and trying Restore did not open anything. I had lost my 20 tabs and the research of the day was gone. FIX THIS NOW! Windows 7 32-bit.
Re: Restore last session Heidi Jensen 1/14/13 8:18 AM
Thanks so much 808!!  I got the freshstart and it works perfectly (to restore "lost" sessions)    Thanks a million for posting :)
Re: Restore last session Ilari Parkkunen 1/14/13 9:10 AM
What, you solved this puzzle?
Re: Restore last session Heidi Jensen 1/14/13 12:45 PM
Hey, yeah man! I accessed

from my chrome browser, and there was a super convenient button saying "add to chrome" in the top right corner. Poof, added.  Then a Freshshart session manager
button appears in the top right corner of the browser that you gotta click on to activate crash recovery. Took like a minute and a half, works great!  :)

Re: Restore last session AnnPh 1/17/13 10:46 AM
To restore pages or tabs on google chrome:

1)Click on the top right 3 horizontal lines symbol
2)Go to 'settings'
3)Go to 'On start up'
4)Click on continue 'continue where i left off'

Re: Restore last session Ikelos 1/26/13 5:54 AM
Hey, I've come to this thread many times, so I'm replying simply for those who read this in the future. (and quite possibly even myself ;)

If you open a new window and accidentally miss the restore prompt, loosing all your previous tabs, ctrl-shift-t, which usually just restores the last tab, will actually restore your whole last session.

Re: Restore last session The unL33T 1/29/13 3:34 PM
Well I came here to ask if it works even if Chrome crashes out as opposed to if you close it.  Normally when Chrome crashes the tabs are gone.  Well, Chrome crashed right when I was trying to ask and this time when I started it back up it popped up a message saying Chrome crashed and asked me if I wanted to restore.  I've never seen this before so it must've been added in an update.

I've got Version 24.0.1312.56 m, now.

Re: Restore last session Go2AttorneyGeneral 1/29/13 4:53 PM
What a JOKE - this does nothing - just like Chrome. I've had this setting like this for months.

What's even better - is on the occasion that the "chrome didn't shut down properly "restore" button does come up - when you click on it - NOTHING!!!!!!!

Yep - you gotta love Chrome.

I only use it out of necessity, but now I have a second computer - thank GOD I'm not stuck with Chrome anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Restore last session Go2AttorneyGeneral 1/29/13 5:07 PM
You will see that occasionally - it just depends on how Chrome is feeling at that moment
Re: Restore last session Go2AttorneyGeneral 1/29/13 5:10 PM
Google is too busy sifting through your e-mails, listening to your phone conversations & selling the data they capture to be concerned with the rest of this stuff.

Oh - and forking over information on any of us, at any time, for any reason, when the commie feds come askin'.

Yeah - it's the same old thing - "so much to do, so little time".

Re: Restore last session The unL33T 1/29/13 6:14 PM
Oh I see.  This is the first I've seen it.

Why didn't you just install Firefox on both computers?  I just use Chrome when I don't want to open all my Firefox tabs but it's still annoying when it suddenly crashes or something and I lose all the tabs I had open for that session.

Re: Restore last session Susie Bonham-Craig 1/30/13 10:45 AM
What 'wrench'?  Have they changed this?  Cannot locate except perhaps having to go through entire history, but that doesn't always display a particular page I was on.  Thanks!
Re: Restore last session archels 2/20/13 11:14 PM
Hi, sorry for reviving this old thread, but it's one of the top Google hits and this may help someone in the future (it helped me).

If you accidently closed Chrome and want to restore the tabs you had open, simply launch:

chrome --restore-last-session

Re: Restore last session DJ lallijatt 2/21/13 3:55 AM
this url is sooo fucking stupid add
i cant remove it
i cant find it in my computer and in google chrome add on
but its still working
it changing my settings, defeat serch engine
i change many times, but after automatic everything change
Re: Restore last session The unL33T 2/21/13 4:55 AM
Not sure if anyone else noticed but now if my Chrome (or whole machine) crashes unexpectedly I get a popup when I open Chrome telling me it shut down improperly and asks if I would like to open my old tabs.  Looks like Google addressed the issue.
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 3/3/13 2:16 AM

I am seriously suffering from this issue.  Because Chrome runs so bloated it crashes often (I have a lot of tabs open).  When it crashes if I click okay and it runs again if I do not hit the "Restore" button within the few 10 seconds it shows then I am screwed and lose all my tabs.  WHY is it timing out?  How can I make the restore button stay till I click it away or choose to restore by pressing it?  I do not understand the logic in this.

Re: Restore last session Josh Potter 3/5/13 6:34 AM
Seconding this.  I'm about to switch back to firefox.  This is unacceptable.
Re: Restore last session Eric Fortier 3/10/13 12:28 PM
Uh, yea. Except that half my sessions disappear as if they never existed.

So to summarize: No, chrome does not restore all your sessions, even if the settings are correct, despite what developers will claim.

The code is faulty. And I'll be using firefox until it's fixed.

Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 3/14/13 11:39 AM
I have a work-around solution for you people.
I found an extension called "Session Buddy".
It will record and save your last session automatically.  After the crash click on the session buddy icon then the last session on the left then click the restore icon.  A new browser page will open exactly as it was when you crashed.  It will even include pinned tabs.  Then just close the original useless window.

Remember to install session buddy first...

~ Merlin

Re: Restore last session Susie Bonham-Craig 3/14/13 12:10 PM
Thanks Merlin!
Re: Restore last session Tyson Macdonald 3/26/13 11:17 AM
It's hard to believe that this problem still exists after 3 additional years.
I just witnessed this very bug, and none of the options I've found enable me to restore the complete session.

Might this be a problem with browser extensions?

Re: Restore last session Josh Potter 3/26/13 11:31 AM
Session buddy seems to work fine for with chrome crashes and can't restore.
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 3/26/13 1:15 PM
Tyson, I am not surprised.  We are sheep to Google.  They have been known to blow off bugs and products often.  I suspect they do not even realize this is a problem for us or care.  For the moment our only work around is Session buddy.  And it does a fine job of saving us.  
Re: Restore last session k9mama27 4/6/13 7:59 AM
@cosmofilia, YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENIUS!!! THANK YOU!! I never knew this and you saved a lot of headache and time! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

On Saturday, October 30, 2010 9:41:33 AM UTC-4, cosmofilia wrote:
> In the event that Chrome crashes, and you don't click the Restore button before it disappears, you can still recover your lost session if you act quickly enough.  Go to the New Tab page (type chrome:newtab in the address bar) and at the bottom in the "Recently closed" list you will hopefully see an item called "XX tabs", e.g. 15 tabs.  Click it to reopen your lost tabs.  This worked for me under Chrome 7.0.517.41
> Of course, you should already have enabled "Reopen the pages that were open last" in Chrome Options as described in deepikaur's answer.

Re: Restore last session W David ortiz 5/2/13 8:48 AM
I like DEEPIKAUR'S answer but I didn't see "options" like he mentions. Instead I went to the settings on the upper right hand corner, clicked on settings, and "on start up" like DEEPIKAUR mentions you click "where I left off". That should do it.
Re: Restore last session billmasi 5/15/13 5:14 AM
If *nothing* else works, there's an easy restore:

simply right click on a tab and go to "Reopen closed tab."

Chrome will open groups of tabs or whole pages.  One or two "reopen closed tab" should have you back to your previous session.

Re: Restore last session RochPoet 6/19/13 6:29 PM
This article is out of date. There is no longer an Options / On Startup selection.
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 6/19/13 9:04 PM
Just use SessionBuddy.  The program does exactly what you need and more.  Once it is run you can restore any previous session by clicking the icon on the bar and selecting it.
Re: Restore last session Gauravjeet Singh 6/27/13 4:36 AM
Actually it is a bit different. I don't know whether you used a newer or an older version. Here are the steps:

1. Click the top right button to customize and control Google chrome.
2. Click Settings.
3. In the "On startup" menu, click the radio button which says "Continue where I left off".
4. Close chrome and open it again.
5. That's it. Your session will be back.

Re: Restore last session Gauravjeet Singh 6/27/13 4:42 AM
Re: Restore last session pcullum 6/27/13 1:42 PM
On Friday, 5 December 2008 22:56:28 UTC-5, Moustafa ZA  wrote:
> I think it will be really helpful if chrome automatically restores last sessions if your system crashed or accidentally shutdown, just like the firefox.

It's 5 years later and still no solution. When you restart, there's a message bar with a clickable box, but if you do anything else before clicking, you've lost your chance because the message bar goes away. This can be improved with a durable message bar (that stays open until the user closes it) to reopen all the windows that crashed (preferable, since o[pen a lot of windows can slow a machine; I delay it as long as possible), or a setting to automatically re-open them upon restart.

Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 6/27/13 4:39 PM

@pcullum - It is true that google is ignoring this like a lot of the other issues.  However this issue is solved by using the "SessionBuddy" extension.  It is free and will totally solve all your problems.  It will let you restore your last session at will, or parts of it, or save it for later, or choose from any of your previous sessions.

Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 6/27/13 5:29 PM
@Gauravjeet Singh - That is not the problem or a solution.  The problem is after a crash it puts the "restore" button up for a very short time or some times not at all and then you lose everything.  It does not help if you have that option enabled.  I have to turn that option off for my clients because it confuses them when they click a link in outlook and their last 10 pages open with it.
Re: Restore last session cory Dowd 7/8/13 8:15 AM
(unknown) 7/12/13 1:10 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session John0 7/13/13 1:03 PM
Where Firefox has "Restore last windows and tabs" in the History taskbar menu, Chrome has this feature on the bottom right of the "New Tab" window under "Recently Closed".
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 7/13/13 1:29 PM
I am not sure what your point is John.  The issue is that on occasion after a crash when you open Chrome the "Restore last session" button vanishes after a few seconds.  Or on occasion does not come up at all.  Or if you have restore last session enabled in the settings some times it does not.  And then it is all over.  There is no easy way to pick up where you left off.  For over a year now the simple request of having a menu option to restore last session or actually having  the "Restore Last Session" button after a crash made NOT to vanish after a few seconds.   We have worked around this by using the "Session Buddy" plugin.  But really Google should have handled this themselves a very long time ago.  ("Always looking forward never looking back").  Many of us do not like the "New Tab" window and do not use it.  When I open a new tab I am going to do one of two things, go to "" or use CTRL-L to type in where I want to be.  So I always start with duckduckgo.  Or my clients who prefer the start page.

I think some of us just feel that it would be nice if google read their own forums.  Especially ones that have been active since 2008.
Re: Restore last session John0 7/13/13 10:10 PM
The point is that the menu/option for tab recovery isn't in the wrench menu or settings menu, but rather at the bottom of the 'New Tab' window. The recovery option is available in Chrome; you don't have to modify startup settings.
Re: Restore last session Kabir Khanna 7/18/13 6:56 PM
Just open a new tab when Chrome opens then right click on bar select "reopen closed window". It works only after 3 seconds of opening a new tab.
Re: Restore last session Kabir Khanna 7/18/13 7:01 PM
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 7/18/13 7:06 PM
That has nothing to do with this thread Kabir.  This is about restoring the last session after a crash.
Re: Restore last session mynaturalwellness 7/18/13 7:06 PM
Me too!!
Re: Restore last session Ramiro V. 7/23/13 6:00 AM
Re: Restore last session Tiago Dias 8/14/13 2:43 AM
Wow feature.

Currently (Version 28.0.1500.95 m) it's
Settings > On Startup > Continue where I left off

Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 8/14/13 10:26 AM
Thanks, but by the time one finds this answer - and when I say "time," I mean A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG F'ING TIME - then what gets restored is not the pages you WANTED, but all the frustrating pages and effort you went to to simply find what the "restore pages" button, were it easily available, would have provided.

There's a new special partition in hell for google designers.

Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 8/14/13 10:27 AM
That popup only happens when you don't need it, is my experience.
Re: Restore last session Ankan Lahiri 8/31/13 3:23 AM
First go to "Chrome" settings and then "On Startup" menu select "Continue where I left off" and thats all you will need to restore your previous session! :-)
Re: Restore last session DamianC 9/2/13 7:41 AM
This seems to have restored 5 days of tabs and windows in Chrome.
Re: Restore last session DamianC 9/2/13 8:02 AM
Sorry, I forget that after 25 years of threaded forums, Google does not follow the 'norm'. Wayyyy back someone posted this solution for basically manually pulling the tabs even after missing the .1 sec 'RESTORE' FROM CRASH.

But I was able to recover my tabs and here is what I did.
    - kill your Chrome via task manager
    - go to \Users\%username\%AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
    - rename "Current Session" to "Current Session.old"
    - rename "Current Tabs" to "Current Tabs.old"
    - Then rename
         -- "Last session" to "Current Session"  &
         -- "Last Tabs" to "Current Tabs"
    - Restart Chrome and there you go !!

This worked after CTRL-SHIFT-T would not (no response for even the 1st tab), and after Right Click on new tab and selecting 'restore' was greyed out. Of course I already had the Settings|'On Startup|Continue where I left off' selected long ago to no avail.

No if we could only get Google from crashing in the 1st place.

Re: Restore last session weeeezzll 9/3/13 4:36 AM
Instead of clicking the close button at the top right, use the Exit menu option and it will close and remember (if you have that feature turned on) all tabs on all windows.  I regularly have 3-4 windows with 2-3 different Chrome user logins and 30-40 tabs.  I just use the exit menu option and never loose any tabs.
Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 9/3/13 7:19 AM
OH!  THANK YOU!!! I have NEVER been able to understand why I get the message "Chrome didn't shut down correctly."  FINALLY!  An explanation!  Heaven forbid THEIR message should have included something saying what "correct" shutdown entails!  You're the hero of the day, fo' sho'.
Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 9/3/13 7:23 AM
Very helpful tip, thank you!  It took me a while to find what you mean; I'd never have realized that right-clicking on what looks like empty space would bring up some Chrome options.  For anyone else who wonders - you right-click on the little blank button that would give you a new tab had you left-clicked on it.
Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 9/3/13 7:29 AM
very helpful and not nearly so complex as other options.... thank you!
Re: Restore last session weeeezzll 9/3/13 10:08 AM
You can also Exit by clicking on the little icon on the top right with three bars on it and select Exit from the menu that pops up...
Re: Restore last session ildarksadykov 9/3/13 4:09 PM
As illuminatifire said Chrome is keeping your session even it is closed accidentally or manually: right click on tabs line (on top) and click on "Reopen closed tab" (or Ctrl+Shift+T) as MANY TIMES you need to pull out your session. After restarting windows and opening a few tabs I was still able to open my last session with about 50 tabs.
Re: Restore last session Liz122986 9/5/13 12:32 AM
I do not see "options" in my menu bar sorry i'd have to say this doesn't work
(unknown) 9/14/13 5:23 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session joe_right 9/14/13 5:24 PM
Oh com'on seriously, use your head, if options isn't there then it's probably 'settings' they're basically the same thing in this circumstance. Or just think 'where would I find that option if 'options' doesn't exist?' obviously in settings.
Re: Restore last session Liz122986 9/14/13 5:35 PM
Well yea that's common sense which I do carry a lot of.. I still did not find a way to restore my previous session. Great use of words on a form though!!! (jerk)
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 9/16/13 12:07 PM
It would be nice if google payed attention to their user community and actually fixed this so it worked well.  But in the mean time just install the extension called "Session Buddy".  It runs thin, will give you complete control over your last sessions, and it will allow you to restore all your tabs and windows in a click of a button.  As well if you have a page messing you up you can use it to selectively open or remove tabs.
Re: Restore last session Aaquib Khan 9/19/13 2:22 AM
Please help how to do it
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 9/19/13 11:42 AM
Just search the extension section of the google store for "Session Buddy" and install it.  Then there is an icon that shows up in the icon area.  Click on it and hover over the icons in that they will tell you what they do.  One will restore all the windows from a session.  You can choose your previous sessions on the left.
Re: Restore last session Su Zan 9/21/13 8:48 AM
I don't have 'options' under menu.  I have 'settings' and 'tools'.  My 4 groups of pages are not coming up after I had to turn off my computer because it froze.  It was on for several days sraight.
Re: Restore last session Carl Lefrançois 9/25/13 9:05 AM
the problem with this is that many web pages are used to break into people's computers.  because of programming bugs or security holes, web pages can let someone have control over your computer, steal your passwords, and so on.

this is a real threat which you can read more about online if you don't believe me :)  a lot of the time, the hack is done by making the target program crash.  

if a web browser automatically executes all the pages that were open the last time it crashed (or even makes it easy for the user to do that) then the hackers are very happy if you use that web browser.

SOLUTION: for people who work with a lot of tabs, chrome helps you do your work: open all the tabs you need, then press ctrl-shift-D and save all the tabs (the session) at once into a bookmark folder.  then, any time you want that session back you can use the bookmark manager and right-click on that folder.  you will find options to open all those bookmarks with one click and get your session back.

this method is not a big security hole and does allow someone who regularly wants the same 100 tabs to quickly open their work session.  of course, you need to remember to add new sites you open to the bookmark folder, but in that case you are "saving your work" and we should all do that regularly ;)

HTH -- people don't bash technology, research a solution to your problem.  i found this solution today.

Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 9/25/13 2:59 PM
Carl, what an awesome contribution. Thank you so much for the explanation/warning, as well as the shortcut!
Re: Restore last session Su Zan 9/25/13 3:17 PM
Thanks, Carl.  That was helpful about the Ctrl+shift+D.  That was what I needed.
Re: Restore last session geraldine miller 10/14/13 8:11 AM
Every time I close my session the tabs like: news,g.mail, facebook, etc. are gone. I'd like them to stay on the bar above my screen.
Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 10/14/13 6:00 PM
Hi Geraldine,

The bar above is part of chrome, so it goes away when you close your session. There's one workaround you might try, which is to change your settings so that when you open chrome, all the tabs you had open come back; and then put a shortcut to chrome on the bar below, where it says "Links."

To make that shortcut, just go to a page you'd like to always open, like google search or gmail, then click and drag the little icon to the left of the address down to your Links bar.  

To change your settings so all your recent tabs open, go to the top right corner in Chrome where you see the three horizontal bars.  Click on that, then go down to "Settings." Go to the second item called "On Startup," and check the circle that says "continue where I left off."

Hope this helps.

Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 10/14/13 6:03 PM
I forgot to add:  

So this way you have a two-step process to see all the tabs again. After you've closed chrome but then want to go back to one of the pages you had open, first click on the link you just  made at the bottom of your screen; then chrome will open with all your tabs again.

Re: Restore last session Mary Ignatova 10/17/13 5:45 PM
Thanks! Your hack is really helpful!!!
Re: Restore last session Manuraj Bhatt 10/21/13 7:20 AM
u think correct and if u r using firefox dont switch to chrome! many features r absent in chrome with surfing problems too.
As a matter of satisfaction and userfriendlyness I feel firefox is best and chrome is not even half ofit.
Re: Restore last session Rhea Braun 10/29/13 5:42 PM
I recently had to restart my computer, and found that chrome didnt have the restore previous session window. I was freaking out, since i had like 50 tabs in three different windows. However, when i right clicked on a tab, there was an option for "reopen closed window". i clicked this, and one of my windows from the last session was restored. I did it again, and the next window was restored. That way, i was able to restore all of my windows that closed from the restart. this option turns into "restore closed tab" if you closed a tab or if the window only had one tab.
im not sure if it will always work, but it definitely saved me this time.
Re: Restore last session Ann Pettus 10/29/13 6:18 PM
@Rhea Braun, thank you, that's awesome!
Re: Restore last session RegularUser(notaguru) 11/2/13 8:49 AM
Who cares if Google Chorme didn't shut down correctly?
(unknown) 11/3/13 7:21 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Alison Stevens 11/4/13 5:56 PM
I have mine on the correct setting. Sometimes it restores the last session, and sometimes it doesn't. In my experience the system is unreliable.
Re: Restore last session Lo Sauer 11/13/13 7:49 AM
Indeed. I consider the UPPERCASING as sign of lingering frustration, - the same way I am feeling right now. Since in the past years[!!!] nothing in regard to restoring crashed-chrome sessions I will now make this a high priority matter, releasing an extension soon.

Meanwhile use:

Re: Restore last session Dennis Slipare 11/14/13 1:45 AM
I totally agree with you. The way it works now is just crazy and I don’t see any reason to continue using the Chrome browser!
Re: Restore last session Sir_MB 11/27/13 12:33 AM
Just go to History ->  Restore Last Session. You will find it as the first link.
(unknown) 11/28/13 3:43 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Sankar Ganesh 12/5/13 5:54 AM
Thanks Ann. Its been really a hectic task for me in a day to day task to open all my previous opened tabs one by one. Now its pretty cool to open all at once. Thank you very much for your post.
Re: Restore last session Mee iau 12/12/13 9:35 PM
Press down multiple times  Ctrl + shift + T

Windows and tabs will pop up as long as you didnt override them all ...

Re: Restore last session Mee iau 12/12/13 9:36 PM
ctrl shift T
Re: Restore last session Jayvan J. Santos 12/16/13 1:20 PM
That doesn't work if you closed the tab that had the restore button on it.
Re: Restore last session Tamilselvi 12/18/13 11:03 PM
The below option works to restore the last opened tabs when we close the window manually/ even it closes accidentally.

Settings->Options->On Startup-> Choose "Continue where I left off"

Re: Restore last session xxLou A 12/19/13 11:52 AM
I got to settings in upper right hand corner. no options found
this pc crashes whenever I open chrome sometimes just freezes up only on chrome.
had blue screen a minute ago and lost all my tabs.
cannot get them back at all since can't find them.
Chrome not that friendly but problematic
used 4 bars in right hand corner clicked settings
need help asap to get back to what I need to do
thank you for consideration
Re: Restore last session xxLou A 12/19/13 12:26 PM
still no option
but did the rest manually, but have to get rid of chrome. it really sucks
Re: Restore last session Tamilselvi 12/19/13 7:35 PM
May be the word Options is misleading here.

Try the following.

1. Click on the "3 horizontal bars" on the upper right hand corner of the Browser. (It will be just below the close button of the window).
2. Choose 'Settings' from the list
3. In the Settings window, the 'On startup' would be there as a second one (Below 'Sign In' setting).
4. This will have 3 options. Choose the second 'Continue where I left off'

All this settings are available on the latest version of Chrome. If you are not having the latest, you might have some different options.

Re: Restore last session Jayvan J. Santos 12/20/13 11:13 AM
There has to be a way to manually start the last session. I'm talking about the one that I lost. I already had this option filled out.
Re: Restore last session Jayvan J. Santos 12/20/13 11:22 AM
Ctrl + Shift + t doesn't open the last session only the last tabs.
(unknown) 12/20/13 11:49 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Jayvan J. Santos 12/20/13 11:50 AM
Forget it. I found the solution:

How to manually force Google Chrome's previous restore session:

Copy Chrome’s user data (%APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome (Windows), ~/.config/chromium/Default (Chromium, Linux), ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/ (Chrome) to a safe location before closing Chrome a second time. Or, optionally, copy Last Session and Last Tabs from %APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome to a safe location. Close Chrome once you’ve finished copying the appropriate files. If you’ve already closed Chrome, be absolutely certain that you copy these files before you restart the browser. Upon restart, Chrome will wipe any and all chances you have to recover from this accident.

Next, examine the contents of %APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default. Delete or rename the files Current Tabs and Current Session. Then, copy the Last Session and Last Tabs from the backup(s) you made, and rename those to Current Session and Current Tabs, but be mindful of the timestamps. They should match the date and time you last closed Chrome.

Restart Chrome, and it will return to your previous session that you've lost.

You're welcome.
Re: Restore last session Jayvan J. Santos 12/20/13 12:02 PM
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --restore-last-session
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --restore-last-session
where username is the username whose profile contains the Google Chrome installation.

To create a shortcut:
1. Copy the shortcut for Google Chrome and paste it on the desktop.
2. Rename the shortcut to Restore Last Session.
3. Right-click the new icon and select Properties.
4. In the Target textbox, go to the end of the path and after chrome.exe, insert a space and input the following:
5. Click OK.
Now you have a way to restore the last session, regardless of the way you have configured Google Chrome to startup.

This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
(unknown) 1/2/14 8:56 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Katie Anne Falletich 1/13/14 11:52 AM
So do I!!!
Re: Restore last session Paden Atkinson 1/16/14 6:15 PM
This does not work.
Re: Restore last session xxLou A 1/16/14 6:54 PM
it seems all my messages have been deleted for some reason.
but I see others that are more derogatory than any of mine were,

why doesn't chrome fix their problems?
or get someone who can
It's as simple as that
if you go to a new tab as soon as you see one missing and right click on it
it will ask if you want to restore closed tab and it will do so.
If you wait, close the browser and do anything in the meantime before doing that resotre the tab will be gone

Re: Restore last session Rosey Ra M 1/23/14 8:57 PM
Me too!!
Re: Restore last session ErictheACKACKTOR 2/2/14 9:38 PM
Thanks,  this works.
Re: Restore last session Christine Hale 2/4/14 4:15 AM
Restore tabs
Re: Restore last session Christine Hale 2/4/14 4:17 AM
Re: Restore last session Christine Hale 2/4/14 4:17 AM
Re: Restore last session Gangadhar Sunkara 2/5/14 3:48 AM
1.Press ALt+F.(or click on "customize and control" menu under close button)
2.Choose "Recent tabs".

there youwill get closed tabs.

Re: Restore last session superCT 2/8/14 7:29 PM
For the second time in a month Chrome has crashed on me, both times when I reopened I get the usual "Chrome didn't shut down properly" notice and the "restore last session" button. Both times I clicked it and have got NOTHING. Last time after hours of trying to work around it but I couldn't get anything to work, so I had to make my peace with the fact that I'd just lost about 30 tabs with important info on them. Yes, there's a history I could wade through but that doesn't help me because all it does is show me the tabs that I recently opened and then closed. I closed them because I was done with them! What I want is the history of all the tabs that were open before the crash. In many cases they are tabs that have been open for a month or more so there's no way I can trawl through my history of thousands of web pages in the last month, trying to jog my memory into remembering which are the ones that were actually open and important right before Chrome crashed. Many times I've quit Chrome and re-opened and it had all my pages there, but it seems when there's a crash the "restore last session" does nothing.

I've tried the Last Session and Last Tabs thing, copying them to another location, renaming them current, etc. And I opened it once after the crash, selected restore when given the option, it didn't do anything except show me the one Google homepage open, so I closed it and tried the last tabs thing - so I know I did it when the "last" tabs I had could only have been the ones I had open before it crashed, I did not open and close several times thus overwriting the file of last tabs - but renaming that file to current gave me nothing. It still just gave me the one Google page, and all other options for restore last tab, last window, etc, are either not present or grayed out. I also tried the right click "reopen window" option except right click is not showing me that option.

Does anyone have a workaround?  I'm on a Mac, not a PC. And I really need to reopen all those tabs, it was basically my to do list for life and work in the last month or so. This really sucks and I'm about to quit using Chrome, having this happen twice in one month is no good, it tells me when Chrome crashes it can't truly restore unlike Firefox, which yes, crashes all the time which is why I switched to Chrome, but it never, ever, once lost all my tabs. Multiple crashes with all my tabs intact is starting to look like a much better option than relatively few crashes, but no tabs restored.

Re: Restore last session philipjterry 3/2/14 6:31 AM
It seems like you have to around the houses to set it. By then its too late.

Chrome is the worst piece of software for saving time. 
Re: Restore last session LizGillispie 3/8/14 11:18 PM
On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 5:42:22 PM UTC-7, Rhea Braun wrote:
I recently had to restart my computer, and found that chrome didnt have the restore previous session window. I was freaking out, since i had like 50 tabs in three different windows. However, when i right clicked on a tab, there was an option for "reopen closed window". i clicked this, and one of my windows from the last session was restored. I did it again, and the next window was restored. That way, i was able to restore all of my windows that closed from the restart. this option turns into "restore closed tab" if you closed a tab or if the window only had one tab.
im not sure if it will always work, but it definitely saved me this time.

That solution worked best!  (The real BEST would be something like Firefox, where there's a menu option to restore previous session, but since we can't have something that easy....)

Carl's "solution" doesn't help me, since I don't necessarily want to permanently save those tabs.  If I did, I would.  But not 10 random forum threads and 8 IMDB pages.  I just wanna see them one more time.
Re: Restore last session LizGillispie 3/8/14 11:22 PM
Firefox has an option where if it crashed or was forced to quit in the previous session, you can manually select which pages to open or not reopen in the next session.  That would be a nice feature in chrome, and avoid it "automatically execut[ing] all the pages that were open the last time it crashed".  Because sometimes I only want to open half the windows that were open the previous session, or I know which ones were buggy, and want it to not open those.
Re: Restore last session whaleofthesea 3/9/14 9:40 PM
You know what I still like jakecolly's idea because it's better than having no plan.  
Re: Restore last session Graham Tritt 3/16/14 6:33 AM
I'd like to be able to restore tabs from the session before the crash. 
I had no option at the new startup . Now I have to search for 20 important tabs 
of around 2000 through 3 days of history, or lost 8 hours of work. 
Thanks for the notice of saving to a bookmarks folder, if I can open all with one click.

Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 3/16/14 4:17 PM
Buried deep in this thread I have mentioned several times to people to use the plugin "Session Buddy".  It will let you restore any previous session.. Pick and choose what tabs you want or all of them at once or any window that was open or all of them.  you can also save them to open later.  (:  Very powerful free extension.

~ Merlin
Re: Restore last session RuthClaire Weintraub 3/17/14 9:33 PM
I was surprised to discover that there's a tab, when I reopened Chrome, that has collected my prior sessions. I can click on the links in that tab and get to where I was. I had set my settings for "open where I last left off" but instead of doing that, it offered me that as a tabbed option. As if I had changed my mind about where I wanted to pick up on what I was doing. 

In realtime, though, I guess I was NOt exactly where I had been (in my head, anyway) so I find it OK that after I looked for it, I found it. It's within my learning curve (new OS, I'm newly running Windows 8.1 to which I reluctantly upgraded, following time spent with a new iMac and an older Apple, a G5 - there is no such thing as a perfect, paradisical one, any more than there can be a perfect automobile)
Re: Restore last session Cat ohoo 3/26/14 8:03 PM
Yes!!! Please
Re: Restore last session Singedrac 4/3/14 2:20 AM
actually a lot of times it doesn't work. like just now for me.
Re: Restore last session Seyedeh Sona Hosseini 4/7/14 2:20 PM
Re: Restore last session Baybe Lucas 4/10/14 3:36 AM
how to restore geogle chrome 
Re: Restore last session Sarah Dee 4/17/14 3:08 PM
Hi All,

This is a very old thread that doesn't contain the most updated information. If you have questions about restoring a previous session, please post in this new thread

Sarah D
Re: Restore last session xxLou A 4/17/14 3:43 PM
your right it's old and seems to continue to be older since it's an on going problem with this program.
another thing happens if you make chrome the default browser.
e.g. in Outlook your links in an e-mail will not work.
take the default out and they work again.
to many bugs for a program and google or whoever won't fix it
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 4/17/14 10:54 PM
@Sara - I am not sure how I got included in this thread as the original thread I subscribed to had several YEARS worth of posts requesting help with this issue.  The best we have been able to do after all these years is get a work-around.  I would like the original thread back as this thread seems to be a duplicate of that thread only this thread is in the MAC forum and this issue actually has nothing to do with Mac.  The original thread I believe was for the PC version of Chrome.  The original thread had many many valuable posts in it demonstrating googles policy of ignoring its users needs.  Another good example of that would be found in the thread about "Open files without download (save) them to the computer".  With all that aside I would like to address what you have written above..

In the below I apologize if something in Chrome has changed since I last personally went through this nightmare...
Please try your above directions in the following scenario...  

Open 40 tabs in 3 separate windows.

Crash out chrome with restore session turned off.  (I have to leave it off because clients who click a link if the link works because still have not fixed the outlook bug they expect the one window to open with the one page but instead get the last session.  You really should detect that.)

Wait 60 seconds or so.  You will notice for some dumb reason the "Restore Previous Session" button vanishes on its own pretty quickly.

Look for menu option to restore previous session... cannot find it???

Right click on tabs to try and open previously closed tab...  Is it grayed out??? oh darn!!!!

How do you get your tabs back?
Go install Session buddy for the next time and think about Sara every time you have to use it because the Google Chrome team has been ignoring the true intent of this thread since 2010 like many others.

Sara... We want a "Restore Previous Session" menu option.  And we should not have to bloat chrome and install a plugin that destroys our privacy because you will not make chrome capable of doing what it already is made to do.  And you should not be auto removing the "restore previous session" (or whatever it says) button after a crash.

That aside "Session Buddy" is a wonderful workaround for something we should not need a workaround for.

Thank you for taking the time to entertain my post and whining.  (:

~ Merlin

Re: Restore last session Jeremy Kenedy 4/18/14 3:52 AM
ctrl + shift + t
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 4/18/14 3:57 PM
@Jeremy, You have missed the spirit or intent of this thread.  And since Sarah seems to have deleted the original thread I can understand why.

This thread is about getting your tabs back AFTER Chrome has crashed and you have re-run it.  Quite simply for years we have been asking Google to make the  "Restore" Button not disappear after 5 seconds.  And also to give us a menu option to restore the tabs from the previous crashed session (what the button does).  CTRL-Shift-t only works during the existing session.  Once you crash out Chrome (try end-tasking it from task manager) you cannot get back to the previous sessions after 10 seconds.  Simply follow my directions above and you will understand what I am saying.

What Sarah has done is take a problem that we have been discussing and complaining about for years and made us start the process all over again.


Bring back the old thread and fix this problem please!!!!

~ Merlin
Re: Restore last session Desktop Masters (Merlin) 4/21/14 8:28 PM
@Sarah - BUMP!!!!
Re: Restore last session Jason Zynga 5/4/14 12:24 AM
Re: Restore last session xxLou A 5/4/14 7:03 AM
I think it's all ridiculous
why not fix the problem?
instead of creating another
chrome is not worth the bother
it actually is the worse browser available
thank you
(unknown) 5/5/14 7:01 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session hhifnawi 5/5/14 10:32 PM
You're correct but sometimes you lose it, like my laptop didn't crash r anything but I still lost my open tabs.

Change of topic a bit: and Chrome used to have this page (Recently closed tab) is that if you close a tab, you open a new tab and you can restore this lab page. Its not there anymore! :(
Re: Restore last session Shirley Bassey 5/6/14 1:39 PM
In the recent update to Chrome I've lost the ability to continue where I left off, despite this being set in settings, it always opens up with a previous session but not exactly the same tabs as before I clicked the cross top right, it always used to work until the recent update. Any clues?
(unknown) 5/7/14 7:12 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Executive 99 5/7/14 5:29 PM
HEY GOOGLE!  How about actually fixing this very simple and clear issue.  Make the button NOT vanish after 10 seconds.  It has only been YEARS since we have asked for this solution.  What is wrong with you?

Liyo Joy 5/15/14 12:53 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Restore last session Me Meson 5/25/14 3:17 PM
This worked. I don't see why you received a down arrow or whatever you call it. Thanks for the help. Yo.
Re: Restore last session Humility Consulting 6/7/14 12:18 AM
I just want to say this is my number one frustration with Chromium. This is 2014 not 1996. It's very very frustrating that session restore still does not work reliably. Crashes are annoying enough without losing browser tabs.
Re: Restore last session Negeen E. 9/1/15 11:22 AM
Hey Guys!

This info that Sarah posted on here over a year ago is still the best way to get your tabs and windows back after they are ‘x’ed out! Here’s the breakdown:

If you always want your previous tabs to open when you start Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Chrome Menu in the upper right corner
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under 'On startup', select 'Continue where you left off' 

If your Chrome crashed while you had tabs open and you need them back, then: 

  1. Open a new browser window.
  2. Find the yellow restoration message at the top of your window: "Google Chrome didn't shut down correctly. To reopen the pages you had open, click Restore.”
  3. Click Restore.

If you ‘x’ed out a tab and you didn’t mean to you can use the shortcut ‘ctrl 

+ shift + T’ on Windows or ‘command + shift + T’ for Mac 


In Chrome go to File > 'Reopen Closed Tab'

If you’re worried about your computer crashing and your open windows and tabs being lost then the Chrome extension Session Buddy which helps you quickly restore tabs and save different browser sessions might be a good fit for you! 

Happy interneting!

Re: Restore last session poke4532 7/28/11 11:03 PM Restores most of your bookmarks close to date but depends on when your computer accepts.
Re: Restore last session YoutubeFever Mania 2/3/14 2:45 PM
You need a billion likes!, is there a reason why Google hasn't fixed this halfassed feature? I'ts almost like they deliberately did this in order to make us all mad, since we all fucking well know they have the resources to do something about it, don't you think?.

That said, I think the real reason is that they are just this bunch of assholes who rejoice every time you accidentaly close your 87 tabs of the best porn you have ever found just before finally spree fapping. Your dick gets sad and theirs start to get hard. True story.

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