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Transparency aperseghin 11/12/09 12:36 AM
The chrome window should offer transparency. i currently use a third party tool to manage window transparency but a partialy transparent window would be great .

Google Chrome (Official Build 30555)
Operating System:windows 7
Re: Transparency aperseghin 11/27/09 10:53 PM
nobody agrees?
Re: Transparency outrenoir 1/16/11 2:27 PM
Agreed, esp. for tracing images on web-based drawing platforms.
Re: Transparency briandotcom0 1/17/11 5:45 PM
Re: Transparency aperseghin 1/17/11 7:25 PM
well thats 2.. if i get like a million more, maybe they will listen
Re: Transparency 8anonimo8 1/19/11 3:09 AM
I disagree; that's completely pointless.