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Can't disable omnibox autocomplete

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Can't disable omnibox autocomplete dudemanbrah 11/6/11 9:00 AM
I see that many people have complained about this and it's yet to be fixed. Why isn't there an option to turn off autocomplete? I'll type the letter "a" into the omnibox and Chrome suggests some word that starts with "a" and immediately searches for it. I don't want or need this functionality and if there was an option to disable it I wouldn't be switching back to Firefox right now.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete †Tommy G.† 11/6/11 4:27 PM
To stop instant search>Wrench icon>options>Basic tab>uncheck> Enable Instant for faster searching.  As for the omnibox autocomplete, you can't disable it.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete jmccaffrey77 2/15/12 8:07 PM
Seriously, this has got to be the most annoying feature that you can't disable!!! I ditched Chrome for that reason more than a year ago, then thought I'd try it again, but there is still no option to Disable Auto-Complete in the Address bar.  Is it just something they are incapable of doing, or what?  What happened to choice?  All the pages I need to go to are bookmarked.  If I want to go somewhere not bookmarked, I type the URL.  If I think I may be back to that site, I bookmark it.  I do not want anything to appear in the address bar EXCEPT WHAT I TYPE.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete CalMack 4/20/12 8:42 AM
The option is there now, at least on the PC version.
Click the Tools Wrench icon > Settings > Under the Bonnet > under Privacy, uncheck   'Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar'.  Then, still under Privacy, click the 'Clear browsing data' button.  change 'the past hour' to 'the beginning of time' and check 'Clear saved auto-fill form data' (whether this affects it I do not know) and click the button 'Clear browsing data' to run the task.  Close the browser and open it up again (don't know if this is necessary but I do it anyway) and that should work.
I had done the first part and found it was still autocompleting so I guessed the stored data must still be causing it to autocomplete.
It is annoying when you've typed in a phrase eg. 'cinema times manchester' and later you just want 'cinema'.  Hopefully this should work, otherwise check if the browser is up to date.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete Marek Omasta 6/27/12 12:40 PM
This doesn't solve the problem.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete Marek Omasta 6/27/12 12:41 PM
Exactly, I'd like to stop using FF and switch back to Chrome - it's more stable.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete staticfive 7/23/12 7:50 PM
@†Dragontatt† This is not a solution.  We still want autocomplete, but making decisions FOR us that we haven't selected is absoludicrous.  

My suggestion:

Sure, inline autocomplete all you want, but god dammit, submit what I SELECTED, not what you suggested.  Why should I have to hit delete before searching for exactly what I typed?

Case in point: look at my attachment. Clearly what I was trying to say.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete devbrent 10/17/12 9:37 AM
Chrome is completely unusable in it's current state. NEVER default to anything but what I type unless i take action like pressing the right arrow, down arrow, or clicking on the suggested text.

E.G. search-what-you-typed should be 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 relevant if the chrome devs don't get our drift yet.

about:omnibox for "oracle enter"

Search        search-suggest        1350        oracle enterprise manager,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Search        search-what-you-typed        901        oracle enter,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Search        navsuggest        900
Search        search-suggest        750        oracle enterprise linux,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete JamesHillyer 11/15/12 8:35 PM
@Devbrent, I totally agree, how the f**k was this not implemented in the first place!
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete Andrew Sharicz 12/19/12 4:12 PM
I have the same problem as well, between the history results which can't be turned off despite all the things i have disabled, the suggestions then conspire with the history results to continually take me to some recent page I have visited or a search result I didn't intend.

I did find, if you use a different search provider it fixes the issue, no instant, no stupid history suggestions. I use Bing as default provider in Chrome, problem solved.

Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete coronaboomboom 12/21/12 9:51 AM
I wish people would quit posting the response about unchecking the two options for search prediction. This isn't about that -- it's about turning off the omnibox autocompletion, utterly. There are dozens of complaints about this over the years, but for some reason Google has said they won't allow the autocomplete feature to be turned off. One has to wonder why. But it's surely annoying, and I don't think anybody is suggesting having autocomplete on as the out-of-the-box default is a bad thing. Most users don't mess with the more detailed settings anyway. But there certainly seems to be a lot of us who find this "feature" to be a real negative in the Chrome user experience.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete NewWorldMan 12/21/12 10:50 AM
Try the Fauxbar extension.

It greatly improves on the Omnibox IMO. I'm not sure whether it solves all of the problems discussed above but it is highly customisable. I haven't tweaked the options as I'm not in Chrome that much. But I see that it has an auto-assist option that can be tweaked, e.g., can be disabled. You can set it to dynamically replace Omnibox functionality by typing f + space in the Chrome address bar. Or it can be set so that opening a new tab sets focus to Fauxbar's address/search.
Re: Can't disable omnibox autocomplete Jim Orozco 2/3/13 10:44 AM
didnt do anything but give another address bar and even when selecting 'dont do anything' it still autopop's both its own and chromes bar.