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How do I minimize tabs?

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How do I minimize tabs? I-the lonely servent 8/25/09 1:12 AM
Is there a minimize tab option in Chrome?

I feel it is EXPTREMELY needed.

Re: How do I minimize tabs? dwight.stegall 8/25/09 1:45 AM
Re: How do I minimize tabs? caver_tim 8/25/09 8:02 AM
You can minimize the container window for the 4 tabs you've got open. If you don't want to view one of those tabs, click on one of the others.
You could always drag the tab off into its own window and then minimize it, but i've really no idea why you'd want to do this.
Re: How do I minimize tabs? flipfoot 8/19/10 5:07 AM
there should definitely be a way to minimize a tab in the window - to the bottom stat bar like downloads
Re: How do I minimize tabs? caver_tim 8/20/10 3:31 AM
what does thisĀ achieve?
You'll have move a tab at the to of the screen to a button at the bottom of the screen
Re: How do I minimize tabs? scottis 3/9/11 2:47 PM
If you're using Vista, the following response will solve the problem.

Look for the Google Chome icon on your desktop. If it is not on your desktop, then you need to find it in whatever folder it is residing. You can search for it via:

Left click on the Windows Icon on the bottom left of your screen
----> Select Computer
----> Type "Google Chrome" in the top right search bar

The next step is the important one:

---> RIGHT CLICK on the google chrome icon
---> select "properties" (should be the last option)
---> Select the "Compatibility" tab
----> Under "Compatibility mode" select from the drop down menu "Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1)"
----> Make sure that this box is selected "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
----> Select "Apply" in the bottom right of the window
----> Select "OK"

Quit out of all your google chrome windows and restart the program as normal.

Re: How do I minimize tabs? I-the lonely servent 3/9/11 9:25 PM
I don't get it Scottis.

Could you please tell us what will happen when I follow these steps.

My original querry was how to minimize a browsing tab in Google Chrome inside the browser window. i.e. I want individual tabs to be minimize/mazimizable. I think this is a feature request at the moment, and I neither have the time nor the energy to figure out where else to post it.

I'll leave it for the Brightest-in-the-species Google employees to find this post out.