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Proxy Settings Warlord0 11/24/08 9:37 AM
Please give users the option to use different proxy settings other than those shared by IE.

For different reasons I use both IE & FF but have different uses for each.  IE uses a proxy, FF doesn't.  I'd also like to set Chrome to NOT use a proxy, but don't get that luxury if IE is set to use one :(
Re: Proxy Settings BjornB 11/26/08 4:07 PM
I discovered that you can add "--proxy-server=" to the shortcut. That circumvents the IE/windows proxy.
But of course this should just be in the preferences, like in FF.

This solution does not seem to work in incognito mode however.  Weird.  :(
Re: Proxy Settings Warlord0 12/2/08 2:40 PM
Well found.  I'll be trying that out in the office tomorrow!

Then all I have to do is get the stupid combo box (Vista x64) issue sorted!

Many thanks.
Re: Proxy Settings Warlord0 12/19/08 4:27 PM
Edit the shortcut (right click properties) and add it after the chrome.exe in target


C:\Users\warlord\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --proxy-server=

Job done!
Re: Proxy Settings astraliser 12/19/08 6:29 PM
Thanks, but Windows won't accept it.

It throws an error when I click apply or OK saying:

 'C:\Documents and Settings\me\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome --proxy-server=' specified in the Target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct.

Did you get this error?

I'm on Win XP Pro SP2 if that helps

Please advise
Re: Proxy Settings Warlord0 12/20/08 3:28 AM
Try " quotes around the chrome.exe

"C:\Documents and Settings\me\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --proxy-server=
Re: Proxy Settings astraliser 12/20/08 3:37 AM
Thanks....It allowed me to enter that....

But now it still using the IE Proxy settings.... This is so frustrating.


For the love of God?
For God sake?
I don't believe in God, but I'm hoping the above might help those that do become inspired to help fix this problem....
Re: Proxy Settings D S 12/30/08 9:06 PM
I have the same problem. Would love if chrome came up with its own proxy settings. better yet, if it allowed easier proxy switching, just like FF add-ons.
Re: Proxy Settings dimmyr 1/5/09 1:52 PM
Bjornb, I have the same problem, Chrome does not use the proxy as specified in the switch "--proxy" if the switch --incognito is used.
Re: Proxy Settings craigt44 1/7/09 3:34 AM
Same problem here... I can use the --proxy switch which gets me to external pages but then I can't access Intranet pages... if I turn the proxy off then of course I can get to Intranet pages but not Internet pages! (def need better proxy handling in Chrome so it's possible to add exclusions for certain domains... aka FF and be independent of IE).
Re: Proxy Settings zugurudumba 1/12/09 11:58 PM
Hello everyone!

Someone reported this ( ) on the Chromium bugtracker. However, the Chromium team does not wish to fix it:

"Chrome uses Windows' proxy settings. We won't be changing that so this is Won't Fix."

They are accepting patches for more flexibility in the "--proxy-server=" command-line argument, but they won't change anything about the GUI. So people constantly used to switching proxies are screwed or have to resort to inelegant alternatives like creating PAC files, etc.

The best course of action, if we want to see this happen, is to write to Google and let them know we want this feature in Chrome. I did so, you can do it too:
Re: Proxy Settings astraliser 1/13/09 3:22 PM
Thanks for that zuguru I have submitted the feedback form as well now. I think they should at least make the proxy switching add-in available if they refuse to add functionality to the standard install.
Re: Proxy Settings ncarani 1/23/09 11:03 AM
Its frustrating having to change the proxy settings every so often... isn't there an easier way of dealing with this like Mozilla FF. Is Google planning to do something on this front to help its users??
Re: Proxy Settings Darice 5/27/09 6:56 PM
I really can't believe that Google has let themselves down here. I can't use Chrome (and I want to), because I use 1 proxy for internal use, and a different proxy for external or internet access. This means I use Firefox for internet access as it's has very flexible proxy settings.
Re: Proxy Settings nasenmann 6/12/09 1:14 AM
the "--proxy-sever=" -option works fine for me, however there should be a possibility to bypass the proxy for certain ip-adresses like localhost. does anybody know if there exist further switches in order to bybass the proxy defined by like "--proxy-sever="?
Re: Proxy Settings Jayasimhan 10/28/09 1:46 PM
The proxy settings that Chrome uses is the Internet Options settings for Windows and not IE. IE merely has a shortcut to the Windows Internet settings control panel module. I think thats a right approach to take for Chrome not to use its own proxy, since a larger % of users don't need different proxies for each browser. Infact most users don't use multiple browsers regularly.

We can hope for extensions in the future that can do the work for the smaller subset of us who use multiple proxies [something similar to foxyproxy in FF]

On a lighter note, if you use a proxy in the Incognito mode you are not incognito.. are you? :)
Re: Proxy Settings lendvaip 11/23/09 6:56 AM
I am one of the small % of users who need different browsers with different proxy settings. This approach: "I think thats a right approach to take for Chrome not to use its own proxy, since a larger % of users don't need different proxies for each browser. Infact most users don't use multiple browsers regularly." is nonsense. WAKE UP GOOGLE! dev_Dudes @ Google, grab some coffee and a nice keyboard and include own proxy support, because without it, serious IT guys won't be using it anymore. This is only an advice for the next release.
Re: Proxy Settings watts_amattayou 12/11/09 11:44 AM
The given suggestion is more suited for setting an alternate proxy server. If you don't want to use ANY proxy server you can add this --no-proxy-server (add to the same spot in the shortcut). There are lots of fun little options you can change from the command line with chrome (like user-agent), take a look at the unicode strings in the executable if you want to see more.
Re: Proxy Settings kfreels 2/10/10 1:19 PM
Ah, here's something. I used --proxy-server= --incognito in the shortcut and I get an incognito mode that bypasses the proxy.
Re: Proxy Settings MathewHennessy 3/1/10 12:08 PM
LAME..  I use XFCE, and presumably there are folks using IceWM and Fluxbox that will never see a GNOME or KDE proxy setting app.

Please, Google, remove the suck, at least before 1.0...
Re: Proxy Settings zeekko 3/9/10 9:23 AM
Is it possible to run one instance of chorme with proxy enabled and one with proxy disabled?
Re: Proxy Settings Digital-Jedi 3/26/10 4:55 AM
How to configure a different proxy on Chrome from IE:
The method to solve the problem is below:
- right click the Google Chrome shortcut and, in the target field, add the needed extension (after the ") between one of the few proposed:

--proxy-bypass-urls=<comma separated list of urls>
--proxy-pac-url=<url> (insert your url instead of "<url>")
Re: Proxy Settings Corneil 4/1/10 4:41 AM
Please proxy an option like most other borwsers and applications:

*No Proxy
*System Proxy Settings
*Autodetect Proxy Settings
* Manual Proxy Settings (which includes all the specifics)

A plugin/extension that allows switching between proxies would be nice as well.
Re: Proxy Settings kev51773 4/1/10 10:39 AM
I really thought this would have been changed by now.
Whatever happened to the speed, simplicity, security mantra.
If some random virus/spyware changes your system proxy then Chrome is compromised too and there's no way to change it. Where's the security in that?
Way to go Google.
Re: Proxy Settings nikhil DBArch 4/18/10 10:23 PM
importantly, we need to use the correct format for the proxy settings, below worked for me on MacOS while using intranet socks proxy.

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --proxy-server=socks://

for other proxy protocols:


Hope this helps.

Re: Proxy Settings Darioush 6/4/10 7:29 PM
I find this just dumb.
Many applications (IM applications, file-sync applications, etc...) have the settings:
* Use system proxy
* Use no proxy
* Manual settings
Chrome needs these settings and shouldn't (confusingly) change the IE settings. This is most annoying considering that IE doesn't support SOCKS 5, however with switchy plugin, chrome can do it, but the other apps that exist will try to connect to the SOCKS 5 proxy as a SOCKS 4 one, which will obviously not work..
This is a bug, not a matter of convenience.
Re: Proxy Settings Simple guy 6/17/10 11:39 PM
If Chrome does not do anything our options are:
1) Give them the thumbs down and move back to FF.
2) Learn to create PAC files
3) Command line option: By the way, I do not know how this works if you do not want to specify a proxy.

4)Is google really becoming another microsoft?
Re: Proxy Settings emeen 7/19/10 3:05 AM
you may also want to use a "chrome extension" for switching between different proxy servers on google chrome!
it is so easy to use and offers so many proxy server setting options:

"Proxy Switchy" is available for download at:
Re: Proxy Settings mclovin199 11/27/10 4:06 PM
I've found a way to do this. I'm not sure if this is part of a new update, but I've found a solution.
Go to:
Wrench icon (top right) >> Options >> Change Proxy Settings >> LAN Settings >> then uncheck the box that says " Use a proxy for your LAN" (your computer may be set to use automatic configuration, which blocks you from making manual changes. You can still edit boxes, but the change will not take effect. I dont know of any way to change this, but you can just delete the proxy settings completely. Under the check box, there will be info about the proxy. Click Advanced. Then delete all the information. NOTE: Write it down somewhere so that you can enter it later should you need it again.)
And you're done. This worked for me, hope it helps.
Re: Proxy Settings devnullius d 12/31/10 6:28 AM

Level 1
9 of 9 people found this answer helpful."

This tool indeed fixes the bug in Chrome / adds the functionality to Chrome to succesfully work with VPN connections WHEN you are experiencing problems like mentioned in these threads:

AND even further, although I just concluded 15 minutes ago that it was a WINDOWS problem preventing me from connecting, I now have solved the Windows problems by installing Proxy Switchy. Installed it for Chrome, and EVEN Internet Explorer now can safely browse WITH vpn support (as opposed to no connection possible).

I do not understand it, but here are my current settings that will make IE and Chrome work on a system that is messed up if you are connected through a system proxy or vpn :/

IE: Never dial a connection // LAN settings: ALL off, INCLUDING auto detect proxy settings.
Chrome: now uses IE settings tab! Chrome proxy settings are over-ruled by Proxy Switchy??
Proxy Switchy: just the defaults for the installation (so: manual configuration <empty> + use same protocol for all ON + NO proxy for VPN [OFF] / Dialup AND Monitor proxy changes ON + Quick Switch OFF).

Connections: Wifi or LAN AND VPN dial-up connections over wifi/lan.

Now I just connect windows to vpn, and all is well...

Thank you! 

Best for ALL in Twenty Eleven!


~~~ ~~~

Cuisvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore persevare 
All spelling mistakes are my own and may only be distributed under the GNU General Public License! - (© 95-1 by Coredump; 2-10 by DevNullius)

Re: Proxy Settings gileet84 1/10/11 7:20 AM
The solution to the can't connect to proxy server is this, click the wrench icon on the top right of chrome web browser, then options, under the hood, change proxy settings, advanced, reset. This should help.
Re: Proxy Settings VipSaran 1/19/11 1:06 AM
Proxy Switchy is not an actual "proxy engine". It just changes the Internet Explorer proxy settings, so that messes the settings for everything else on the PC while you're using Chrome.
Re: Proxy Settings Undeniable 1/19/11 12:38 PM
I had problems with accessing Chrome after I installed a HP Photosmart Printer Driver.  I followed devnullius d's advice and have also removed Norton. Since I can't access Chrome I can't download the extension. However when I access the Options and check under the hood, it shows the wireless connection being disconnected but I'm online in other browsers.

I'm in the process of removing all HP applications/programs.  

I can still access Safari and IE but Chrome is my usual browser so everything is saved there. =(
Re: Proxy Settings mynameischak 3/3/11 5:58 AM
ProxySwitchy STILL updated the IE settings, WTF why is this even an issue.  Keeping me from using Chrome at work, where I do most of my browsing.  I like to keep my work stuff relegated to corporate IE and everything else I tunnel via a squid proxy on a different box (they don't need to know what I look at).  Going to keep using FF.  WTG Google.
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 3/3/11 6:32 AM
if you call the "IE proxy" the "windows proxy" it all makes more sense.
Now the question is "why does Firefox ignore the windows proxy settings? How can corporate system configure things if they need to configure FF and the windows proxy settings?"

Safari also uses the "windows proxy settings" so if you want to insult Google for using them you also need to insult Apple :-)
Re: Proxy Settings fbtgo 3/29/11 7:03 PM
Firefox DOES NOT ignore windows proxy settings by default. Unless you manually set it to something else, and this is the more elegant solution. Instead of the retarded Chrome style setting, you open up the proxy setting in Chrome, and you'd expect it to ONLY set the proxy for Chrome. But instead it sets the proxy FOR THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 3/30/11 12:59 AM
Again you appear to be saying that, google, microsoft and apple and probably some others all retarded for using the windows proxy settings.
Still never mind eh...
I'll go back to using Open Office which "surprise surprise" uses the same Network printers as Word. Which retard though of that !?
Re: Proxy Settings Corneil 3/30/11 1:49 AM
The middle road is probably options similar to Firefox where you can choose 'None', 'Automatic', 'System Settings' with button to launch like it does currently, 'Override' which provides options local to Chrome.
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 3/30/11 3:05 AM
Cormeil> possibly but i  think that chrome is designed to be as simple as possible
There are not a huge number of people who want to be able to run one browser in one proxy and another browser in another proxy. To add this feature would mean not just an option box to "use system default proxy" but then another half page to define whatever proxy you want instead.

I have access to three proxies at work and to be frank its rare that I want to use anything other than the one with the least filtering. If i ever want to use two at once i run the system default in Chrome and another one in FireFox.
Re: Proxy Settings Mostafa Shahverdy 3/30/11 3:08 AM
@cave_troll : but I think there are a huge number of people that use IM messengers, and does NOT want use proxy for it ( being slow )
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 3/30/11 3:19 AM
sorry my background is working on a corporate proxy system where there is no internet access without using the proxy.
I assume  you're using a proxy to bypass something like "you can only watch this TV channel if you're in New Zealand" or "this the is the People's Republic of Censorstan and you can't look at this politically corrupt website ''"
Re: Proxy Settings jmar 3/31/11 6:17 PM
Well, I have a related, but different problem. I use my laptop at work and at home. Work has a proxy server; home does not. So, I wrote a couple of scripts that change the registry settings to enable / disable use of the proxy.  All's well (IE and everything else I use work fine).

FYI, put this in a file and open it with regedit. It will disable proxy use:

[file contents]
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]
[end of file contents]

To enable, use "ProxyEnable"=dword:00000001

Anyways, the first time I run Chrome after running one these scripts, Chrome doesn't know about it. To fix this I have to bring up the Options dialog and click "Change Proxy Settings" That's it. All I have to do is bring up the system Internet Settings dialog; I don't have to change a thing. All I do is close it again and now Chrome gets it. (BTW, the new webpage Options dialog just makes this more agonizing because I now have to tab to a new page before I get to "Change Proxy Settings.")

Long story short, has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas as to what causes this and how it might be fixed?
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 4/1/11 12:58 AM
jmar, you could always use one of the Proxy Switching Extensions.
They work very nices with just a click of the mouse.
Re: Proxy Settings loveboy.advait 4/3/11 12:52 AM
I tried all the solutions but none if them works.
as said above use of


i tried my best but doesn't work. my proxy server is and port is 9401. can anybody tell me right solution as IE is working
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 4/4/11 2:01 AM
loveboy. chrome uses the same widows proxy settings as IE. so if you get rid of any switches on the shortcut to start Chrome, you should be ok.
Re: Proxy Settings fbtgo 4/8/11 9:27 AM
@cave_troll, I agree there is not a huge number of people who want to run different proxy in different browsers (well I am one of those people). But what we are asking is not changing the default behavior at all, the average user would notice no change, and the default behavior in chrome would still be use the system default proxy.

What we are asking is an option, to NOT use the system default proxy, and use something independent of the system setting. It's perfectly ok to reserve this setting for advanced users, or even not show it at all in the preferences, but instead reserve it for somewhere hidden and just document it somewhere.  Currently, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do this in chrome, it's simply not in the code. Chrome CAN NOT use anything other than the system default proxy, and THIS is retarded.
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 4/8/11 12:47 PM
do you not think that the developers of Chrome actually thought about all this and decided one way or the other? Is it not a bit insulting to them to say that as this decision is retarded then presumably so must they be,
I suppose MS must be retarded as they give you no option to have a different proxy from the system

Chrome is a fast , secure,slimline,  simple browser. If you want so much configurability that you're buried under pages and pages of options in the options box then got and use firefox.

there are extensions for chrome that let you with two clicks change proxies. 
Re: Proxy Settings jmar 4/8/11 1:58 PM
I'm having a problem with Chrome properly recognizing the system (IE's) proxy settings. If I change the System Internet Properties setting to use or not use a proxy, then launch Chrome, Chrome will not recognize the setting until I pull up the Options dialog (now a web page) and then display the system settings dialog. I don't even have to look at the proxy part, all I have to do is view then close the dialog and Chrome now gets it.

This would seem to be a bug in Chrome. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not trying to switch between proxies, I just want Chrome to know when I want to use one or not (per the system settings). BTW, I'm not changing it while Chrome is running, I do this before running it.

Re: Proxy Settings fbtgo 4/12/11 7:03 AM
@cave_troll, it seems you are not understanding the issue here. I know and use the extension(switchy) that "let you with two clicks change proxies", this is NOT the issue here. The issue is once you do change the proxy, it changes the proxy for the entire operating system.

Given IE's historical close integration with the OS, there's no surprise here that MS would do such a thing. The surprise here is that Chrome would follow the same retarded practice, when there is already a clearly more elegant/smarter solution (firefox style settings).

I do wish I can just use Firefox, but there's this one Chrome extension that is vital to my gaming purpose, and it doesn't exist in Firefox. Otherwise, I'd abandon Chrome in a heartbeat.
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 4/12/11 7:18 AM
I do understand the issue. I'm just pointing out how I'd be offended at being called a retard for making a design choice of "lets make Chrome simple and sleek"

You may think that this is the most important thing in the world and would "only be a few lines of code" and "only an inch or two in the options dialog" . However there are a lot of things that are not in Chrome, they all have a few die hard fans that say "its only a few lines of code". All those "few lines" add up and if you implemented them all you'd end up with page after page in the options box.

One of the reasons I don't use FF any more is that I found it hard to find anything in the options box.
Re: Proxy Settings fbtgo 4/12/11 7:21 AM
@cave_troll, Read the infamous issue 266,

and try to understand the pain of 250+ people that cared enough to complain under this one thread, and plus other threads for example this one posted by THE developer of FoxyProxy:

I quote: "I am the author of FoxyProxy. Back in Aug 2009, I made extensive comments about your design here", "Yet there was no response from you, and it appears as though all of my suggestions have been ignored. If the synchronous nature of my suggestions were a show-stopper, you still could have considered the other suggestions."
Re: Proxy Settings caver_tim 4/13/11 1:48 AM
thats a lot of file to read. Can you summarise it or is it mostly 250 people going "I want this NOW!!" ?

250 people out of the ?millions? that use Chrome?

Again, please read my post. I have no problem with you asking for a feature, I just feel you're a bit unkind for calling the decisions that have been made "retarded".
Re: Proxy Settings fbtgo 4/13/11 1:28 PM
@cavetroll, not everyone who had a problem with the proxy bug would go find the issue and complain at the chromium bugtracker, I think 99% of the people would just stop using chrome altogether, I am the unfortunate 1% that must use chrome for one of its privately developed extension that I rely on and doesn't exist in Firefox, otherwise I'd gladly join the other 99% and stop using chrome. I use chrome solely to use this one extension to visit one website, all my other browsing is done in Firefox.

Issue 266 is infamous because it is THE most commented issue ever BY FAR, and even the Chromium dev team acknowledge that issue 266 is one of the most popular feature request in their blog, I quote:

"The Proxy Extension API closes one of our most popular feature requests, allowing users to configure Chrome’s proxy settings via extensions. Proxies can be configured for the entire browser or independently for regular and incognito windows. Configuration options range from setting a single proxy server to installing remote or even local PAC scripts. A sample extension demonstrates these capabilities."

Issue 266 was raised in 2008, and it took them 3 years to add this basic functionality to Chrome. It is a very simple feature to implement, it is not that they can not do it, but it is their attitude that was the problem. Issue 266 was closed THREE times as a "wontfix" and the dev team arrogantly claimed that "they know better" and "this is an intentional design decision". It took us three years and 250+ user comments to convince them otherwise. So yes I think it's a bit retarded.
Re: Proxy Settings ANOTHER ANNOYED USER (But alteast it's not M$) 7/18/11 6:51 PM
So.. no go?

RE: "Retarded"

Perhaps "Stupid", "Foolish", "Ignorant", or... some other word or combination would be more suited??

I don't like the idea of 3rd party plugins.

Basically the same reason i didn't like some of the ones in FF.  not trust worthy.

There IS an issue with FF that is a "Won't Fix", that is the reason i started looking for alternatives to IE, and FF..  

But.. "Whatever".. seems to be the devs response to many useful/wanted/needed items.

From what i understand, this has been an issue since 1.0?

What version is out now?.. Hmm.. i am using 12.0.742.122,  and thought (without trying ANY of the .."solutions" if some issues were fixed or not.

I honestly can't tell from the threads I get. Some suggest there IS a fix / work around / what-have-you, but there is no mention that the issue is really solved.
Re: Proxy Settings ANOTHER ANNOYED USER (But alteast it's not M$) 7/18/11 6:52 PM
Almost forgot..

When I do use something, I like it to work.
mostly, just wandering and ..hmm.. interesting idea.. I'll go have meself a look see and.. huh?

Wow.. long time still be an issue.
Re: Proxy Settings tbullivant 9/7/11 1:00 AM
I use the same scenario, laptop for work and home use, proxy at work, no proxy at home.

change thy proxy settings in IE, Chrome doesn't realise the change until you open the settings via chrome and then close them.  slightly frustrating :(
Re: Proxy Settings lonnierenda 9/29/11 12:24 PM
I don't know if anyone else encountered this, but I was using XP and my office uses "Microsoft Firewall Client for ISA Server."  It looks like a computer with a group of blocks behind it with either a green arrow up (when it is on) or a red arrow down (when it is off).  If this is on, this will override your switches in the shortcut and use the available proxy server settings.  It took me forever to find that out.

Just to be clear, I never wanted chrome to work when I was on my work network.  So, I put in the switches (--no-proxy-server="" --incognito).  Chrome still could get out to the internet through my proxy server despite the switch.  It was not until I disabled the MS Firewall ISA that it stopped access the proxy server set in IE.

I should also note, that I did not experience any problem access local intranet sites by disabling the ISA.
Re: Proxy Settings sikahr 10/10/11 7:45 AM
Final answer to this is extension Proxy SwitchySharp:
which support indepent proxy settings for IE(system) and chrome ala switch proxy extensions for firefox.
Proxy switching via Proxy SwitchySharp dont mess with proxy settings for IE(system).
Re: Proxy Settings astraliser 12/16/08 4:52 PM
How exactly does this work? Where are you supposed to put --proxy-server=  ?????

In the Chrome shortcut properties somewhere? or in the web address bar? or somewhere else?
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