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Removing the download bar?

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Removing the download bar? Vaskes 8/23/09 10:38 AM
I find the download bar to be extremely annoying, especially when I'm saving pictures. And I was (unpleasantly) surprised when I found out that I can't turn it off. There's the "x" button, of course, but I want the bar not to appear at all. I've read other people complain about that as well and I think there should be an option making it possible to disable the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? dwight.stegall 8/23/09 10:42 AM
you're stuck with it
Re: Removing the download bar? 3xl4x 8/23/09 11:34 AM
I think chrome should be more configurable, the argument against on this forum and the forum this spawned from was "simplicity", so an extra configuration button in options would add extra clutter (Personally I think this mostly occurred when it was an option to turn off any advertising/tracking functionality which conflicts with privacy, but maybe thats just me being cynical) .

Currently we have a duplicated button in wrench/options/personal stuff... the clear browsing data button, that option is also directly on the wrench menu aswell (which I think is where it should be... more cynical - I bet when one of them is removed the more prominent/easily accessible one will go).

My suggestion - Remove the clear browsing data button from wrench/options/personal stuff, (leaving that option on wrench), and replace with an advanced button for such suggestions as Vaskes. Or better still, have auto clean out of history when the browser closes as firefox does, put that in the afforementioned advanced button aswell (yes I know I am helping google to hide privacy stuff but at least like firefox we would then have the option while not in incognito mode), freeing up the slot on the wrench icon for whatever... "Toggle javascript On/Off" for untrusted sites, or "Block all plugins (Flash) saving LSO's" for instance :)

@Vaskes  - I think the reason for it being that way is until you click yes, the download is confined in the tabs sandbox, the pop up is prominent and persistant to remind you of the potential security risk letting it loose on your machine from out of the wild world web, maybe a timed pop-up configurable by the user would be better before it pops-down again.
Re: Removing the download bar? Klaas 9/2/09 9:03 PM
Indead the download bar is extremely annoying..
Re: Removing the download bar? bnbaz 9/9/09 12:52 AM
I agree, Chrome should have a function to auto-close the download bar and one to fully disable it.
Re: Removing the download bar? regalZA 9/23/09 12:30 PM
I just want the download bar to be localized to the tab in which the download originated. It used to be like that, but in Chrome 3 it seems to have become global. A very annoying move in my opinion. I find the download bar annoying, during browsing, but useful to check up on. If it's only in one tab you can simply go back to that tab to check up on it, and browse in other tabs undisturbed. Or open download links in new tabs so they don't clutter up your current one.

Again, this is how it used to be, so the change is HIGHLY frustrating.
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 9/23/09 12:39 PM
I love the Download bar. I can't live without it.
Re: Removing the download bar? Cnekmp 9/30/09 10:50 AM
Yes, there must be a choice. Download bar at the bottom of ALL PAGES is VERY ANNOYING. Hope it'll be fixed asap.
Re: Removing the download bar? ats002 10/1/09 10:30 PM
we do need an option to turn on/off the download bar per our wish.. indeed its annoying!
Re: Removing the download bar? zephyrjk 10/6/09 8:43 AM
It's indeed very annoying.
Though, I don't mind the global download bar as much as the fact that old downloads cannot be removed from it.
Re: Removing the download bar? Tergulath 10/6/09 4:10 PM
+1 automatically clear these filetypes option. You should be given an option of what file types stay on the bar and want will autohide. Also gives an option to rid of the download arrow animation which slows down the user interface. The Chrome devs need to look at download statusbar addon for firefox to get an idea how the settings should work. I've included a pic of its settings
Re: Removing the download bar? Nefarious.Bshenkd 10/6/09 10:40 PM
Agreed, the download bar popping up at the bottom of every page is the only thing I absolutely hate about Chrome. Saving a bunch of pictures (without DTA) takes two times longer than it should.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bradley.Bird 10/14/09 2:27 PM
I would like to second this... well actually add to the overwhelming demand for this. Features like the download status bar would be great or just letting us disable the download bar. I also find it very annoying that the download bar does not, by default, show download speed - just time left and amount downloaded.
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 10/14/09 3:12 PM
Here are some more interesting discussions on this subject:
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 10/17/09 6:22 AM
I found it really convenient having the download bar localised only on the tab it originated from, its so easy to switch tabs in Chrome, Google should be playing to its strengths, not trying to imitate other browsers features or extensions.

I vote to change the download bar back to localised tabs, it doesn't take up screen 'real estate' on your other tabs, it doesn't show all the recent downloads (whether you want them to be shown or not) and most of all it gives Chrome users a quick and intuitive way to check on their download(s). Some of the other changes i can live with because of the speed increases, this, (after months now) is still continuing to annoy me. Though i do like how torrents don't bring up the download bar ;)
Re: Removing the download bar? elliottback 10/18/09 9:53 AM
Why do we need a download bar?  If I don't ctrl-j to look at my downloads, don't waste my screen space.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 10/20/09 8:51 AM
There are a few reasons the download bar remains for every tab.

1) You can drag a file from the download bar to the "choose file" button of a web-based upload form. By keeping the download bar visible for all tabs, it is possible to download a file from one site, then switch over to the tab of an upload form, then drag the file to upload.

2) Once you initiate a download, you can close that tab and the download will continue. Closing the tab does not necessarily mean you no longer want to monitor the progress of the download.

3) You can initiate simultaneous downloads from different tabs. All downloads should be visible on the download bar, not just each download corresponding with different tabs.

Aside from this, I agree that there should be a keyboard shortcut to get rid of the download bar... or even an auto-hide (after a short time-out) option...

Maybe there could be a PIN icon next to the close icon. By default, the pin icon can be activated, meaning the download bar stays there. For those who want it to auto-hide, you just click the pin icon to deactivate it. When in this mode, initiating a download should display the download bar briefly... then cause it to auto-hide. If you want it to hide immediately, you just click the close button. If you don't want it to hide, just click the pin icon to keep it pinned.

Re: Removing the download bar? regalZA 10/20/09 8:57 AM
1) That's not a feature I often use, and seeing as how the bar used to be localized, it shouldn't be difficult to allow the user to choose which option suits them best.

2) Initiating a download does not necessarily mean you want to monitor that download on all other tabs either. I'm not saying this is true for everyone, but you should be able to turn it off or make it operate like it used to.

3) I don't think all downloads should be visible on the download bar. It get's cluttered very quickly making the download summary page (ctrl+j) much more useful. Again this is personal preference, but it was how it used to operate, and we should have the option of changing it back.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 10/20/09 9:08 AM
I think that's backwards though BIGELLOW, you don't always need to drag files from the bar, and downloads have always continued when you closed the tab, but users do always need screen space for browsing.. Maybe a small bar the height of the download bar but only at the side of the screen appears on each page when you have active/recently completed downloads? This bar would serve kind of like the pin you talked about, clicking it opens up the full download bar on each page, clicking it again limits it to the download tab only, this would provide the features of having the bar on every page without the clutter it also gives.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 10/23/09 3:41 PM
That's actually pretty easy megalopaven, download a zip or rar file and click the small bar on the right of the download, from there choose 'Always open files of this type'.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 10/23/09 4:04 PM
Automatic deletion is never good, the amount of times i've looked for a zip file to send to someone in the past and not been able to find it as its been automatically deleted. Having a record of my zip and rar downloads is very handy as they're already compressed and ideal to send to friends or re-upload.

Really? I find it useful having the torrent files in my downloads, it means i can send torrents to my friends quickly without finding wherever i got the torrent from.

It sounds like your download management is poor, do you not check up on your files regularly? Most good torrent clients also offer a 'delete.torrent' file if the files really annoy you.
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 10/25/09 12:39 AM
I dont mind the send to trash, it allows me to retrieve backups of files ive lost, atleast untill i empty the trash, its not like your CPU has an extreemly small hd? although maybe it does, and this option would help, but i believe there is a way to make all deleted files be 'permanently' bypassing the recycle bin every time

I would really love the ability to close the downloads bar. hell i dont even see the need for one, but heres a SUGGESTION
how about having a downloads folder (that appears next to 'other bookmarks') this folders icon, would show the total progress of ALL current downloads so if you have 1 5mb file done, and 2 2.5mb files still in download, it would say (Downloads: 50%)
once this folder is clicked, all of the downloads would be shown (with their individual %, and the little options triangle)

I already use "--show-extensions-on-top" to get rid of the extension bar, since i only have 2 items on it.. getting rid of the downloads bar, would save even more room

(oh for full screen mode, put the adress bar, where tabs are, all full screen needs is back/forward, address-bar, and that arrow thing at the end of it, along with minimize/close/expand)

When i browse, i save pictures, and webpages frequently , so having the downloads bar is far more annoying to me, than its worth for its drag/drop functionality
Re: Removing the download bar? europlatus 10/27/09 11:02 AM
Three options in the settings would be nice:
- Never show download bar
- Hide after downloads complete
- Hide after file opened
Re: Removing the download bar? troicinet 10/27/09 7:51 PM
I browsed to this page using Firefox.  Why? Because I will not use Chrome until Google offers an option to auto-hide or disable the download bar.  I also agree that the arrow animation is a waste of resources as well.
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 11/5/09 9:55 AM
"I browsed to this page using Firefox.  Why? Because I will not use Chrome until Google offers an option to auto-hide or disable the download bar.  I also agree that the arrow animation is a waste of resources as well."

Lawl People are way to extreme, hating a browser for a single feature or lack of, isnt very practical. (assuming the lack of said feature, doesnt greatly impare browsing)
This feature is a annoyance to SOME, and to others the greatest thing since the wheel...

Some people use things like this as an excuse not to use something, they focus on a single feature they dislike, compared to the 100 other features that are 'better'

"that the arrow animation is a waste of resources as well."
Even if it does waste some resources, chrome is still quite a bit quicker than other browsers, so the fact they wasted a little something here or there shouldnt have to do with your choice. although I do agree they could make the downloads bar minimize instantly, rather than playing a closing animation. Windows has many options for optimal preformance, that arnt the default. Chrome should keep it how it is, but enable some preformance options somewhere... (aka all features should be disableable, and if possible, a preformance rank could be added, to show what features are more cpu heavy than others, for users to choose what features to use easier)
Re: Removing the download bar? dillon.larry 11/5/09 12:54 PM
I'd like to see a way to change esoteric functions like Firefox has with about:config.  This keeps the GUI clean yet provides a easy way to change less-used "features".
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 11/6/09 2:05 PM

Then why are you here in the Google Chrome help forum? It sounds to me like you enjoy Firefox and dislike Chrome, so you must be sticking with Firefox. What would a happy Firefox user be doing in the help forum for Google Chrome?

Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 11/6/09 3:55 PM

I appreciate your involvement with the community. If you would like the make a suggestion for Chrome, the proper place is here:

The thread you posted to was someone who didn't like the current download bar functionality and was either seeking assistance (in case there was a way to do what was asked) or to suggest it be changed. A helpful response would be to assist, or to chime in with support. Instead, the only real feedback you gave was essentially that Firefox is superior and that Chrome needs to copy Firefox to be worth it.

Even if I agreed, I would still think that the response wasn't very helpful... at least, when it comes to a help forum.

While the download bar may be absolutely critical to some (such as yourself)... for me, the most critical thing is speed. I used to be a Firefox fanatic until I spent most of my time seeking out third-party tools to make Firefox load faster. I did find one, but it also used a lot of system resources and increased my computer's boot up time. It seems that it actually ran Firefox, but kept it hidden. Upon running Firefox, it would just unhide the Firefox that had been loaded all along. Maybe this is an oversimplification. Perhaps it pre-loaded certain libraries. In any case, it was only a half-solution.

When Chrome came along, it solved all of my problems. It loads many many times faster than Firefox on a few machines I use. Do I doubt that there is a machine configuration out there which loads Firefox rather quickly? I'm sure this must be the case, but it's not a machine configuration I own.

So, I use Chrome because of the speed. You use Firefox because of the download bar (among other things, I presume.)

It's no more helpful to the original poster for me to say "Sure, you don't like the download bar in Chrome, but Chrome loads fast!" than it would be for you to say "Sure, you don't like the download bar in Chrome, so use Firefox!"

I believe the Chrome download bar should either auto-hide... or have a keyboard shortcut to remove. I would rather the Chrome developers not try copying Firefox, because when everyone just copies, we never learn about a new method that might end up being superior. So, I would rather they experiment and head in their own direction so that we have the opportunity of choice, and not just a bunch of clones.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 11/6/09 9:25 PM
I share your views on browsing speed BIGELLOW, i used to use firefox as it was the de facto best browser, but switched to chrome and up until the recent change haven't looked back. Because its not just about speed for me, its about clarity and aesthetics also, i love the HUGE amount of screen space i get with chrome, which is why the download bar itself is so important to me, because that bar doubles the amount of space the interface takes up and i am honestly not happy with that. On the note of speed though, the download bar is seeming very sluggish recently, i will choose to download a file and its typically a good 5-6 seconds of which i can do nothing while it initiates the download, chrome just locks up, i can't switch tabs or anything. I'm wondering if its just me and my large downloads folder with hundreds of files or if this is something others are experiencing?

I honestly believe the past solution where the download bar would stay on the tab in which you downloaded the file was the best possible solution, i don't think bars should auto hide, the whole point of the bar is to inform users and remind them that their download is complete. And pressing a key to remove it is just akin to clicking the x on the download bar, its not a real solution that i should have to deal with every time i download something. I hate firefox's download window, i always have, so i don't suggest Google even looks to them for a solution, they had one already.
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 11/12/09 11:01 AM
"pressing a key to remove" is similar to pushing the X, but pushing the X takes more time, and requires movement of the mouse...
I think it should have a default key, but i also believe it should  have a key to disable it , similar to ctrl+b for hiding bookmarks bar...

I do hate how the downloads bar basically doubles the UI size for chrome, although they have improved apon its size, it still needs a disablable hotkey/option
Re: Removing the download bar? roarindustries 11/25/09 9:54 AM
It sucks. More control required, simple as that.
Re: Removing the download bar? fireshaper 11/28/09 9:16 PM
I agree that we should have a keymapping that allows us to close the download bar, when I'm downloading a lot of pics I don't want that bar taking up screen space.That's why I use Chrome instead of other alternatives.
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 12/3/09 10:29 PM
Another vote to kill the download bar!!

AND, I bet that the Google developers  don't even read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a finished project ----- they don't care anymore!
AND, why can't I  use the "Google Toolbar" on "Google Chrome"????
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 12/3/09 11:40 PM
It's not a finished project by a long shot. If you are brave enough to subscribe to the developer channel, there are new builds just about every week. Updates are being made daily to Chrome.

And the reason you can't use the "Google Toolbar" on Chrome is because it's not needed. Here are features of Google Toolbar:

Search: This already works in Chrome's combo address/search bar.

Access websites with a single click: You can just turn on Chrome's bookmarks bar and remove the name of bookmarks which have recognizable favicons.

SideWiki: There is a bookmarklet which works well with Chrome. An extension to add this to the toolbar is in the works.

Bookmarks shared across computers: Chrome can automatically sync your bookmarks into Google Docs, then to other Chrome installs on other machines. So, this is a moot point. Unless, of course, you want your bookmarks also to be synced to non-Chrome browsers. In this case, the Google Toolbar will likely start syncing its bookmarks with Google Docs as well, making the existing "bookmarks" functionality obsolete.

Spell-check: This is built into Chrome.

Translate websites: There is a bookmarklet, but an extension is also under development.

Form auto-fill: This is certainly a missing feature, but is likely to either be integrated directly into Chrome, or will be possible with an extension.

You have to realize that the Google Toolbar was Google's way to improve "other" browsers. Now that they have their own browser, they don't need to use a "toolbar" to improve their browser, they only need to build the functionality into Chrome, which is mostly what they have been doing... either directly, or in the form of an optional extension.

At the moment, in my Chrome install, I have a Google Wave notifier, which tells me if I have any unread Waves... a Gmail notifier, which tells me how many unread emails I have... a Google Tasks extension, which gives me quick access to my tasks stored in the cloud... the Aviary extension, which allows me to take a screen capture, automatically load it into the Aviary system, which lets me add to the screen capture online and save and share the results... a Google Reader notifier, showing me how many unread posts I have... then I have about 20 icons across the top, each which lead to my most visited sites. When I add a bookmark at home, at work I now have that same bookmark in Chrome... when I add a bookmark at work, I now have that same bookmark at home. If I am at someone else's computer, I can visit Google Docs and browser through my bookmarks or search through them.

Chrome also supports user scripts (think greasemonkey)...

So, with all of this... asking for just "Google Toolbar" misses the point of Chrome.

Finally, though Google employees to scour these forums, if you really want to get your request seen by the developers on Chrome (who aren't just Google employees, since Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project)... you could just add it to the issues list for Chromium. However, in the case of the download bar, this is already on the list and has already been prioritized.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 12/3/09 11:47 PM
I think 'form auto-fill' is already part of chrome, i barely type my info into registration pages any more.

Unless you mean the data is already in the boxes when you load up the page, instead of selecting the form and choosing the appropriate entry (which is definitely in chrome already) But that seems like a security flaw to me, i know listing the possible options isn't any more secure, but i like that step, it serves as validation and verification for data entry.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 12/3/09 11:54 PM
Right. I was referring to Google Toolbar's auto-fill feature, not the auto-complete feature of the browser which Chrome already has (and even IE has).

The benefit of the auto-fill feature in Chrome is if you have 3 or 4 different addresses you use to fill out address forms, you can just pick the address and wham, all fields are filled. With auto-complete, you have to start typing in each field to get the appropriate one to appear, or must pick from the few options available and make sure you're picking the ones which match.

Also, in auto-fill in Google Toolbar, you can store credit card information and use this to auto-fill credit card fields.

Does it pose a security risk? Sure. However, some people choose less security for more convenience. If you are the only user of your PC which is sitting in your home and secured behind your Windows login and password... if someone breaks into your home... or a guest hacks into your computer... you've got much bigger problems than the fact someone will now be able to auto-fill your address into a form.

...but you're right, forms these days are shrinking. Having login forms auto-fill (which Chrome supports) already takes care of the majority of the need... and if you only have an address or two you use, it only takes a few seconds to get that form filled out at a new store. I would still like to see the full auto-fill to be implemented in Chrome nonetheless... either directly, or as a user-script or extension.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 12/3/09 11:58 PM
Ahhh, yes i remember now, that was pretty useful actually, i would like to see that introduced intro chrome.
Re: Removing the download bar? abadarac 1/11/10 8:42 AM
+1. Would love to be able to eliminate the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 1/11/10 11:15 PM
I'm so tired of people telling what I should or should not like in my browser...
I hate the Download Bar, my opinion, that's it!
Oh yeah, I like the toolbar too!
(unknown) 1/18/10 4:09 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 1/24/10 11:08 PM
guys.. constructive criticism... If you are disatisfied with something, just tell them, why and possibly how to make it better, so many times I hear people say "This is a deal breaker" when 1 little thing doesnt go there way..., The thing is no browser is perfect, and they all have flaws.... if you like one better, use it... Chrome is in early stages... Im sure in time it will have abilitys to disable/adjust almost every feature.. The download manager alone, definently shouldnt be a deal breaker... seeing as even with it up, chromes UI takes less than ffox's
Re: Removing the download bar? hillary.gilmore 1/25/10 6:52 AM
You CAN remove the download bar BUT only by clearing all downloads in your browser history.  

If you are using a Mac, on the menu bar go to "Window", then click "Downloads" and "Clear all" and the download bar disappears.  

There should be a different way to do this though because I would prefer to archive my downloads so I can reference them quickly when needed. But I found this to be somewhat helpful and the only workaround right now.

Hope this helps!
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 1/25/10 7:29 AM
...OR a keyboard shortcut to hide the download bar.

Re: Removing the download bar? rosschn 1/25/10 8:22 AM
I very agree!!! Google Chrome project team MUST release some APIs of triggering the 3rd download managers. So that the other download managers like Thunder Download Manager, Flashget Download Manager, Orbit Download Manager, and so on.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 1/25/10 9:10 AM
How about "Download to Google Docs"?

Or would a new term need to be coined? Perhaps "Sideload to Google Docs"?

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 1/25/10 10:05 AM
Haha, I guess this is why we have the download bar as it is, the Chrome Dev. team must be just as stumped as we are on how to approach this.
So people, how about this? IDEA 1

A small icon in the bottom left corner that comes up when a download is finished. You can click this icon and the normal download bar will slide out of it, so it takes up less screen space while providing a notification on each tab that the download is finished.

Pros: Takes up less screen space
Unobtrusive Icon
Only pops up when a download has been completed.
Notifies all tabs when a download is completed.

Does not show progress of downloads
May be too small to be noticed?
No indication as to what type of file was downloaded.
No key to close it, the full bar must be opened before it will disappear. (though this could be rectified)
Only works for one download at a time?

Or, IDEA 2 which is similar.
This solution shows the type of file being downloaded and its progress in place of a generic download icon at the cost of a slightly larger box.

Shows download progress
Shows type icon of file
More noticeable than a smaller icon
Takes up less screen space than the whole download bar

Takes up a little bit more space than a smaller icon
(as above)
No key to close it, the full bar must be opened before it will disappear. (though this could be rectified)
Only works for one download at a time?

Now some stuff to think about:
When downloading an exe, does it extend out automatically like the current implementation?
How would it interfere with the 'status' bar?  (the thing that says 'waiting for your')

What does everyone think?
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 1/25/10 10:29 AM
The dev team isn't stumped. This is just low priority in the grand scheme of things.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 1/25/10 10:29 AM
While i'm not sure how that fits into this thread BIGELLOW i do agree with the idea, i've just set up my bookmark sync and would love to download files the same way. It would be great to use at work or university or on friends computers, just 'download' a file to Google Docs and be reminded of the download on return to your main pc (in the download bar?) to re-download it there.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 1/25/10 10:32 AM
Yeah. It would also be nice to be able to have different file types to be automatically downloaded into specific folders.

As it is now, if I don't want to be prompted each time, every file I download goes into a single folder.

I would prefer images go to a specific folder (which, perhaps, Picasa monitors for synching with Picasa Web Albums)... EXEs go into another folder... (free) MP3s into another... etc...

Re: Removing the download bar? maxxarcher 1/25/10 3:36 PM
Yes, make the bar optional, as it gets espcially annoying when downloading a vast number of files. Chrome's performance may even benefit from this, as it doesn't need to update the bar AND the running animations on it.

I'll just press CTRL-J if I really need to know my download statistics.

@ BIGELLOW, you can disable the prompt by unchecking "Ask where to save...." on the "Under the hood" tab of the options dialog.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 1/25/10 5:32 PM

Thanks, but I think you misunderstood my message.

Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 1/28/10 4:08 AM
I suggested this feature a while back (duno if itl take), but for now, chrome has no such features... I would agree with you, that a browser should be able to open, extract, and delete a .zip archive, automatically (along with .rar, .7zip, and a few others), even if I personally prefer to keep a copy of most the zipped files I download (so i dont have to worry about accidentally editing/overwriting the origionals), although now im only on a 20gb hardrive,  so Ill probably end up deleting all those zips sometime real soon..
Re: Removing the download bar? MeTuLHeD 2/1/10 8:19 AM
BIGELLOW wrote: The dev team isn't stumped. This is just low priority in the grand scheme of things.

Alrighty then. Good to know that they care so much about what has to be one of THE most complained about issues with's total LACK of download functionality. I've truly lost track at this point of the sheer volume of support threads about the utterly dysfunctional download bar/lack of download extensions. Yet the dev team has better things to do than respond to their user base. Too bad for us I guess.

It actually reminds me of the new tab/homepage issue that so many complained about early on. Dev team reaction? None. It finally came down to a third party making an extension which addressed the problem.

So here's a suggestion. How about the dev team release enough code so that someone else can create a proper download manager? Then we'll all stop complaining.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 2/1/10 8:47 AM

I'd be interested in seeing some of the statistical figures which lead to your conclusion of "THE most complained about issues with Chrome".

It's also worth pointing out that there is a publicly accessible issue system for Chrome found here:

If an issue which has already been entered is important to you, you should star it. This is a "vote" to have the issue fixed. If the issue does not already exist, you can report it. This is open for the whole world to see and use and is what the developers directly use to prioritize issues.

Looking at it now, the top ten issues as reported by users of Chrome are:

1) Automatic Integrated Windows Authentication
2) Print Preview Option
3) Profile/Login support
4) Smooth Scrolling
5) Mouse Gesture Support
6) Being able to "run" an online file without having the physically save the executable into a permanent folder first
7) Checkbox and scrollbar arrow bug
8) Integration with Google Bookmarks
9) Ability to disable plugins using UI
10) Separate proxy support

I'm not seeing the download bar being a huge priority when compared to the top ten issues starred by users. Digging deeper, it's not even in the top 70. Somewhere around #78 / #79, there is a mention of the download shelf being too "tall".

So, if by stating that "THE most complained about issues with Chrome" means it is in the top 100, then you are correct. It is in the top 100. However, according to users, there are at least 70 other things which are more important. If you'd like to see this to be higher on the priority list, you have to convince your fellow users that it is more important then the other 70 items. If you happen to have programming experience, a better bet would be to contribute some code of your own. This is the benefit (and the downfall) of open source software. It only moves as quickly as the community driving it.

Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 2/4/10 1:01 AM
Google chrome is nowhere near a finished project... you would agree with me, if you took even 5 mins to check out the chromium site... there adding new stuff every day. It just takes a lot of time to get all the features ready. I have a question for you, would you rather the chrome team, be reading every message posted on their boards, not leaving any time to actually do anything about it. although a little acknowledgement from staff never hurts, as long as its a brief "That feature is on our to-do list" or something.
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 2/4/10 10:18 PM
How hard could it possibly be to REMOVE something!!?!??!?
It's not a re-write of the entire framework,  It is only turning a notification banner OFF!
Get rid of it, PLEASE....PLEASE....PLEASE....
and BL-T, PLEASE stop flaming and/or disrespecting people that merely giving their input... it comes across as ARROGANCE & serves no purpose

Strength & Honor
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 2/5/10 2:52 PM
apologies if it sounded arrogant..
but it is true, that theres no need to make them read something again and again, just in a little bit different wording...., if you agree with something simply +1 their post with the "Did you find this answer helpful?" Feature
Its somewhat true that disabling a feature doesn't take all that much programming, but the chrome team would also have to write a button under options, as most of chrome users probably find the downloads bar useful. I for one do, when im only downloading occasional files, but when i go on my mass downloading sprees, i find it more of an annoyance than its worth. I figure, when the chrome team plans to remove it, they will do it right (not remove, but auto hide, and add an alternative, like a folder stored in other bookmarks, that holds all the downloads, or maybe just on its own, with an option to either; lock open while downloads, lock shut, lock shut, after 5 or more downloads have been innitiated this session). In my current scenario, I would only like the downloads bar to open with my ocational downloads.
@Google chrome is nowhere near a finished....... , I was talking to the last guy on page 1(who said it was finished, and chrome team didnt care anymore), although i thought i was on page 2, and his post was recent.
Re: Removing the download bar? brianj.byui 2/8/10 1:35 PM
Why can't someone just make an extension that manages the downloads independently??
Re: Removing the download bar? brianj.byui 2/8/10 1:36 PM
(unknown) 2/9/10 1:11 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Removing the download bar? hshifan 2/9/10 9:29 PM
Another vote to have a option to disable download bar!
Re: Removing the download bar? Bakhru 2/16/10 2:00 PM
one more vote.. please provide an option to disable download bar..
Re: Removing the download bar? Najki 2/22/10 8:23 AM
I also agree, there should be an option in the settings to auto-close the download bar when the downloads are completed. This is a standard feature in IE and Firefox.
Re: Removing the download bar? amgra77 2/23/10 12:31 PM
+1 Get rid of the download bar once it is done downloading.
Re: Removing the download bar? Richy-P 2/25/10 1:35 AM
I have to jump in on the 'downlaod bar' issues, It is for me a previous user of Firefox a HUGE annoyance. everything else about chrome seems to excel beyond my expectations, but the moment i save a funny picture or download a game patch BLAM! that damned annoying grey bar sits there taunting me! the BEST download bar EVER was one i found as a Firefox extention; it would upon the download starting open a small and unobtrusive sliding 'progress bar' at the bottom of the FF window, it would through use of colours show how fast my DL was going, and I love visual cue's that save me having to read fiddly little numbers. then when complete it would politely flash and give me time to open it from the bar, then the completed download would disappear and the bar would go away automatically. This was perfect operation of a download bar it can be found here >

I suggest that as good as Google chrome is, It REALLY needs to sort out the damn download bar. Please for the love of Kahless get this sorted!
Re: Removing the download bar? Shwanton 2/25/10 10:36 AM
Please have option to auto-hide download bar. The worst feature of safari has crept into Chrome!
Re: Removing the download bar? romieyo 2/26/10 8:52 AM
I made it an issue.  To bring this to google's attention post this everywhere a thread like this is or on every computer you visit to make it priority #1, because it really does need to be fixed.  I'm just sick of this, so I decided it's time to do something about it that google will actually notice.  Please do your part and participate if you want this feature to have a hide option, so we all don't have to look at that bar and even if you don't need it, please upstar it, because alot of use do want it gone and it won't be hurting you since the option to keep it will still be available.  I would post java code to get rid of it, but it really isn't adding much more code.  It's a pretty simple concept, especially for their whole team to do and I don't know what kind of code they use.  Thank you.  Every star counts!
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 2/26/10 9:26 PM
so your plan is to drown out all other topics just because you think this one is more important?
chrome is being worked on at a fairly fast pace... the more people post, the more time they spend reading the forum, the less time they have for coding...
drowning other topics is not the solution.

Everyone feel free to set this topic to priority 1 on your computer, if you feel it warrants it. but running around to other computers just to 'cheat' the system into thinking more people want this fixed, is a bad idea (even if it gets you what you want, its making the true top issue have to wait (the one that validly has more people concerned about it)
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 2/26/10 10:49 PM
Who are these people that are so ARROGANT that they think they can dictate what is a MAJOR annoyance to a LOT of other people?!?!
Googling this issue, it is apparent that THIS is one of the MOST complained about issues about Chrome, over a long period of time...!
It does not appear to be something that is equal to re-inventing the wheel...
I have stopped using Chrome entirely because the Bar, drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't you think that it might just be EASIER to bring it to the attention of the decision-makers and have them turn off the switch for the "Download Bar"?
Maybe the thousands of posts, might simply, stop!

Maybe you should STOP from telling other people that is important to them!!!
Ya' think...?
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 2/26/10 11:32 PM

Wow, man. You must feel REALLY embarrassed right now. And I mean REALLY EMBARRASSED.

"Who are these people that are so ARROGANT that they think they can dictate what is a MAJOR annoyance to a LOT of other people?!?!"

Those people would be "the people" who actually vote for issues. The "voting" can be seen here:

That is the very PUBLIC issue system for the OPEN SOURCE Chromium project (which creates Chrome).

In that issue system, if an issue is important to you, you STAR the issue. The issues with the most STARS are considered HIGH PRIORITY.

So, looking at that list (I sorted it by priority for you, in the link)...I'm not seeing a request to remove the download bar in the top 50... I gave up looking.

So, nobody is "telling other people what is important to them"... "the people" are making it known all by themselves by the issues they submit and the issues they star.

I would trust the semi-scientific approach of "wisdom of the crowds" through a "voting mechanism" to determine priority of the people, rather than your pseudo-scientific method of "googling and counting posts of others". Don't you feel a little silly for posting what you did? I mean, just a tiny bit?

Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 2/27/10 2:51 AM
Man you just wasted 20 minutes of your life that have absolutely NO meaning or of any importance to me, at all....

Or, I guess of NO importance to anybody else that cares about this annoying feature..
You just have totally misunderstood the issue entirely; this is exhibited by your irrelevant, rambling and unintelligible posts... which really just seem to be an attempt to make people think that you are smart...  :-)


Thank you, Mister B. Level2 Chrome EXPERT!!  I bow down to your infinitely more powerful Google Knowledge!!!!
  G'Nite Sweetheart.

ps: and Embarrassed??  Naaahhhh!

Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 2/27/10 8:59 AM

I understand the issue. I'm one of the ones who voted to have the issue resolved originally. All I'm saying is Google alone doesn't develop Chrome. The open source programmers of the Chromium Project do. If the programmers spent all of their time trying to gauge user opinion on the Internet, they'd never get any real work done. So, instead, there is an issue system (this isn't the issue system). When you want features or discover a bug, you add it to the issue list. If it already exists in the issue list, you star the existing one. The ones with the most stars get worked on first.

So, you brought more attention to the issue, yes. But the issue won't get done sooner by having "more attention"... it just needs more votes. Twelve-year-olds have come and gone over the months shouting in ALL CAPS, telling Google that they will use a rival browser... will tell everyone to post about the problem... that they will tell their friends and their friends' friends not to use Chrome... and all other manner of hissy fits. Still, the issue remains low priority due to lack of stars.

So, you may think something is being "accomplished" here by whining lots, but I say to you that the evidence is otherwise. The only thing you're doing is making people think that the only ones concerned about this issue are 12-year-olds trying to start grass-roots campaigns. This will only serve to LESSEN the priority. If that is your goal, then congratulations.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 2/27/10 11:08 AM
What's with all the SEEMINGLY RANDOM capitalisation of OCCASIONAL words? Does it put more EMPHASIS on key terms or is it some SECRET MESSAGE requiring you to read between THE lines?

But really, someone link to a thread/system where I can flag this and I will, I will not however do it 6 times on 6 different accounts because that's stupid, the point of flagging issues in such a way is to prioritise issues based on user demand. Simulating demand will only hurt in the long term when the system gets scrapped because a few users are gaming it.

To summarise my view on this download bar issue:
The download bar is huge, and it won't go away. :C

Also, i've noticed pages will sometimes have a gap where the download bar usually is, this annoys me as it's completely pointless and still taking up space. And theres no way to 'close' the space.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 2/27/10 11:16 AM
Nevermind. Found it, it's funny to me to see a feature complaint in a bug report format...

I starred it as i think the download bar needs to be worked on, but i'm not sure completely disabling it forever is the solution. Some kind of auto hide or a reduction is size would be my ideal fix.
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 2/27/10 5:12 PM
Bigellow, don't you have anything better to do than harass people on the forums...

Get a life!
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 2/27/10 10:24 PM
By the way, the way downloads are handled and are displayed is being reworked. It is currently a work in progress.

(unknown) 2/28/10 8:03 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 2/28/10 3:02 PM
I think all of these ideas are great, but it's very much off topic from the original post. The original post simply asked for a way to disable the download bar entirely... follow-up "answers" have been suggesting more features.

For what it's worth, here is the "issue" which pertains to the download bar auto-hiding:

(unknown) 2/28/10 3:08 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Removing the download bar? Peesch 3/15/10 4:13 PM
This is easily the stupidest thing about Chrome. We'll get rid of menus to clear up space, but don't mind the fat, useless monster that pops up on the bottom of the window every time you download something.

Also annoying: There are some file types (PDFs, for example) that I almost always just want to open right away. Why do I have to select a download location every time? Just put it in a temp and open the flippin thing. Come on, Google. Let's be efficient. What good is shaving miliseconds off java or startup if you add steps to my workflow?
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/15/10 7:28 PM
There's a Chrome Extension which will allow PDFs to not only open up directly, but to use Google Docs to render the PDFs, opening the PDFs faster than native PDF clients often will.

It's called "Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)".

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 3/16/10 11:10 AM
What do you mean by 'Why do I have to select a download location every time?'? My PDFs download to my download folder and open automatically.
I don't agree with 'temp' folders, my downloads serves as a perfectly adequate 'temp' folder, allowing me to sort and organise as i see fit and giving me a history of all the files i've download, so if i ever need *that presentation on x* i can find it on my laptop, wherever i am, without worrying about internet access or finding the webpage again.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/16/10 3:37 PM

And if everyone were exactly like you, designing things would be simple and would require very little feedback. Unfortunately, there are thousands (if not millions) of other users who aren't you... who each have their own ways of doing things and expect applications to behave in different ways.

For instance, there might be an individual who is very organized and downloads everything to a specific folder and only downloads particular "keeper" items. This individual might also view a lot of PDFs online, but doesn't consider these to be "keeper" items any more than all of the HTML pages one visits throughout the day.

So, to end up with a folder full of "keeper" items and "trash" items means this individual has to go through a sequence of spring cleaning on a regular basis to keep things clean.

Now maybe this isn't you. Maybe you just download anything and everything and keep it all and don't concern yourself much with files or cleanliness or organization. But a person of a different type might, so for this individual, the functionality that works for you causes a headache for them.

I personally think the download feature could be made a whole lot more advanced than it currently is. Rather than just arbitrarily dumping everything into a single folder, there's a lot of room for innovation here that the development team has clearly determined is low priority, which is unfortunate.

In the meantime, applications like MoveOut might be beneficial to some.

You can create filters for different types of files and it can move these files around based on your preferences. This way, you can keep your main download folder clean of temporary junk. Of course, this doesn't help if SOME PDFs are keepers... and OTHER PDFs are not. For me, I personally use the Chrome Extension I mentioned previously... for PDFs I wish to download, I use the download link... otherwise, I just click the link and view it using Google Docs' PDF viewer.

Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 3/17/10 10:38 AM
Hold on, I have my own organisational system that i did not describe, because i do not expect programs to be tailored exactly to my will without due regard for anyone else's system. Oh wait, we're on the same page, so why do you need to call me out?

The organisational system people use is almost irrelevant, its how the browser integrates with that system that matters. In this case yes, chrome downloading everything and not allowing for some types of files to be opened INSTEAD of downloaded is inconvenient for some (myself included sometimes.) But the benefit to the 9/10 users who don't take time to organise their files (having all their files, ever, in one place) outweighs that of the few who have been moving files around since the beginning (the files being in the 'right' place.)

You can just use the methods described by BIGELLOW for your PDF needs, and just delete files you don't want permanently but want to look at once right after you open them.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/17/10 11:03 AM

I only called you out due to this one statement:

"What do you mean by 'Why do I have to select a download location every time?'? My PDFs download to my download folder and open automatically."

It was just a tad too ignorant to be useful. It's like saying, "What do you mean, 'My house is drafty?' MY house is just fine!"

Rather than accepting that someone else's use of the application results in a different user experience, you just dismissed it as if to say your own experience is the only one that matters.

Also, Chrome was not designed for the "9/10 users". If it were, it'd be just like IE.

Re: Removing the download bar? Lady Isludis 3/22/10 12:52 PM
It might be convenient for getting at stuff I want to open right away, but for the most part it's EXTREMELY annoying having it pop up for every single picture. Being a designer I need a clean workspace with no distractions. It's even worse with a large monitor. It just sticks out that much more. At LEAST give the user the option to do what they want with it. I know some people like it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get the CHOICE.

I like the ideas of...

The option to disable it
Disabling it for selected file types which the user can select
Keyboard toggling or it hides when left alone for a length of time (also set by the user)
Re: Removing the download bar? Brodster85 4/2/10 10:51 AM
Didn't read the thread just wanna say this.

Give us a keyboard shortcut to close the download bar, simple.
Re: Removing the download bar? Andrew Swift 4/12/10 2:19 AM
Windows keyboard shortcut to get rid of the download bar in Chrome (make the download bar disappear in Chrome):

Control-J · Tab · Tab · Enter · Control-W
Re: Removing the download bar? Richy-P 4/12/10 2:33 AM
re: Andrew Swift... seriously? up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A, select, start? is that all it takes? on a more serious note, I see NO reason to have it auto hide upon completion or shortly after (30 seconds?) to allow 'access' to the file I still believe my previous response is a fair and simple way to deal with it however.
Re: Removing the download bar? Andrew Swift 4/12/10 2:53 AM
The shortcut just a temporary measure. I totally agree that this is a serious flaw in an otherwise great browser.
Re: Removing the download bar? eLincoln 4/12/10 10:27 PM
A lot of people has bee annoyed, design a button to disable/enable it will not be a question to Google group.
Re: Removing the download bar? effr 4/14/10 10:01 AM
Couldn't agree more w the general sentiment: Let us control this bar! Anytime I save a picture, extra step, dl pdf, extra step, torrent, extra step, you get the idea: It adds up. Insult to injury it's a dang tiny little x.

still the best browser out there by far :)
Re: Removing the download bar? klundtasaur 4/16/10 10:47 AM
Please, PLEASE make this happen! Or maybe an "autohide" when all the DL's are complete? Make it go away! Also, why does it resize the window when it opens? It shouldn't need to change the way a windows is displayed--it should be part of the existing space allotted to the browser.
Re: Removing the download bar? Paultx 4/19/10 10:02 AM
AFAIK no other browser shows such a thing like a box saying "Your picture has been saved" or stuff after you right-click and ask to save an image file. I think it's OK to show the download bar for other file types, but for saving images we don't need that at all!
Re: Removing the download bar? prophetvisionary 4/20/10 7:51 AM
Re: Removing the download bar? prophetvisionary 4/20/10 7:52 AM
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 4/20/10 8:38 AM

Google Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project.

If you are a programmer and you think you can work with a group of other programmers and you can fix this yourself, just get involved with the open source Chromium project.

Re: Removing the download bar? morph3k 4/27/10 9:26 PM
I agree this really needs to be removed and have a download button to the left of refresh to have a small pop up similar to firefox to show your downloads
Re: Removing the download bar? Schrei 4/29/10 9:10 AM
Omg. Why is this taking so long. Cant somebody just crack it and I dont care what you do with it. You can delete it for ever as far as Im concerned.
Re: Removing the download bar? hiramm 5/1/10 1:09 AM
Another vote to make the download bar optional. And auto-hiding.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 5/1/10 1:11 AM
"crack it"? It's open source. Just change the bits of code you don't like and run your own build.

Re: Removing the download bar? Schrei 5/2/10 6:33 AM
Re: Removing the download bar? Tobias Beer 5/5/10 10:03 AM
Sorry for the language but that download bar is one heck of an annoying bitch.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bloogle 5/7/10 2:26 AM
For fuck's sake make a damn hotkey for it already.
Re: Removing the download bar? hellooutthere 5/9/10 3:34 AM
It gets so annoying I switch back to IE after a while.  That's ANNOYING !!!
Re: Removing the download bar? tommo123 5/12/10 4:58 AM
come on google, or whoever - fix this stupid bug.  

don't  pull an apple and try to make out like it's a feature ffs!
Re: Removing the download bar? Yojimb0 5/24/10 4:35 PM
Come on Google, get with it.  This is the only negative feature in an otherwise awesome browsing experience, you have to add an option to auto hide or simply remove the download bar... It's been wayyyy too long.
Re: Removing the download bar? BloodyT 5/25/10 7:22 AM
@yojimb0 theres always more than 1 negative feature XD, and there always will be (atleast negative to some people), and im sure if you looked real hard you could find something else you didnt like about chrome, or felt they could have done better..
but yea.. FIX THIS CHROME!
Re: Removing the download bar? Polyarchy 6/2/10 8:34 PM
It's obtrusive and should be highly customizable. If anything, it needs to be tweaked in the way that it should take up less space on your screen when it shows up.
Re: Removing the download bar? gumgumok 6/7/10 4:16 AM
Just because of the unconfigurable download bar, i am about to switch another browser. It is really annoying.
Re: Removing the download bar? FormerGogleFan 6/13/10 12:13 PM
Face it, chrome is not for IT professionals, its for the mass of morons out there - its supposed to have no features at all. And it hasn't. Mission accomplished.
Re: Removing the download bar? langman 6/14/10 9:25 PM
i hate download bar too
google mush have solution for it
Re: Removing the download bar? kahmeal 6/17/10 2:39 PM
Another vote here for mimicking the DownloadStatusBar extension in Firefox. Single handedly the best implementation of a simple download interface I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Automatic removal of file types is a MUST for those often downloaded files like images/torrents. The current Chrome download manager is the only problem with Chrome as far as I am concerned.
Re: Removing the download bar? ncognito8 6/30/10 8:11 PM
I agree with europlatus:
Three options in the settings would be nice:
- Never show download bar
- Hide after downloads complete
- Hide after file opened

I find it annoying that I am unable to disable the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyanTimes 7/1/10 3:30 AM
I miss the download bar only opening on the tab it was opened from. Yeh sure it didn't work for some files, like images or multi-part zip files. But it seemed so intuitive to me.
Re: Removing the download bar? kashifnoorani 7/3/10 7:44 PM
Re: Removing the download bar? Darsain 7/6/10 11:53 AM
Suggestion: No bar, info about download, nor adding to downloads log if I'm downloading images. (Can be turned on in options)

For everything else: Right next to the settings icon (where you've just merged 2 icons into 1) add an icon for downloads. This icon will be always visible, with changing states =>

Blue: inactive state. after click, the new tab with downloads log will open.
Blue with green dot: new files downloaded. after click, the new tab with downloads log with highlighted new downloads will open.
Green progress: files downloading. after click, the new tab with downloads log with progress will open.

Illustration: (just a quick mockup)

Downloading bar should be disabled by default, with option to turn it on for crazy people.

Anything else is annoying as hell, so come on devs. This request is here for almost a year, and it is one of the most hated "features" of chrome. Do something about it already.
Re: Removing the download bar? Manthe 7/10/10 10:46 AM
Just in case Google is monitoring this thread - I HATE the way the DL Bar functions in Chrome (Mac) as well!! PLEASE listen to the users!
Re: Removing the download bar? noseysob 7/29/10 3:55 AM
Got to find a way to get rid of it. I'm really truly trying to learn to like Chrome but until there's a way to get rid of that sucker I'll have to stick to Firefox.
Re: Removing the download bar? FnASkippy 7/29/10 4:06 AM
Well. I agree that the download bar is crap.
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 7/29/10 1:13 PM
jhcrikey.. as much a google empire groupie as i be.. an as much as i'm tempted of late to finally forego firefox for its last 2-3 yrs of ever more bloat and cpu cycle egg frying abuses and missteps..

gotta say.. as a rapid fire 98% keyboard pc operator.. CHROME SUCKS! in actuality as a browser it's tad bit faster in some ways than firefox for granted.. but NOT IF ONE IS FORCED to revert to 6x slower mouse input &/or navigations..

i was utterly offended that ffx's #1 feature.. FAYT.. wasnt even considered in chrome?.. extentions offered get 80% close to true no mouse required FAYT... but misses the boat still sadly..

simply amazing.. kinda like android devs digressing to iOS4 LOL... pfft..
Re: Removing the download bar? Mace the Ace 8/3/10 11:07 AM
I agree! The download bar needs some more options.
Especially, an On/Off and automatic turn-off after X time.

If they don't fix this problem, I will choice another browser that DOES make me happy!
Re: Removing the download bar? cuerposinorganos 8/10/10 10:18 AM
Please allow us to disable the screen real estate munching download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? RyCubi 8/12/10 10:11 AM
I love Chrome but the download bar is my pet peeve.  Especially when on sites that adjust height dynamically.  Google please add the option to hide the download bar permanently.  I understand some users love it but I'm not one of those users and there's plenty of us who have major problems with it.  I'm a developer and would rather deal with something LESS INTRUSIVE than the download bar.  FireFox's download manager sucks too.  I like the way Internet Explorer doesn't try to "manage" downloads for you. I guess IE has SOME good qualities
Re: Removing the download bar? mercury12 8/17/10 1:33 AM
Please can somebody develop an extension for this problem???
This bar is helpful after the first 10 seconds of download.
But it is annoying to click X after each download!!
Re: Removing the download bar? dwmcfadden 8/20/10 12:21 PM
This could be such a great browser if they gave the ability to stop the download bar from appearing - come on Google please listen to people and add options.
Re: Removing the download bar? wunksta 8/26/10 3:20 PM
How has this not been addressed yet? I love chrome but I HATE that download bar. All I ask is that we are given the OPTION to hide or have it remain on screen or otherwise, based on our own preference. It doesn't need to be a "there or isn't there" option.

Please Google, fix this or someone make an extension.
Re: Removing the download bar? kyoden 8/31/10 9:59 AM
Please add an option to allow the download bar to never come up.
On a second note, is there and extension that is able to do this?
Re: Removing the download bar? Blair (Googler) 8/31/10 4:49 PM
Hey everybody,

We're working on adding this feature. You can follow our progress by starring the issue here.

Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/6/10 3:53 PM
With all due respect Blair, I read the entire bug report and it's obvious that Sky is close minded about the solution.  Google is not working on adding this feature.  The overwhelming majority of people want an OPTION and Sky's solution is not the answer.  Blair, I'd ask you to figuratively punch sky in the mouth for us but I wont do that... I don't want to invite actual violence or break any forum rules.  Thank you,
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/6/10 6:14 PM

That was really mature, Bodak.

As for the solution being worked on, the download bar will be able to be modified and controlled via extensions. As a result, there will be various options. So, how is this not an "OPTION"?

Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/12/10 8:51 PM

The original issue post consisted of a vast majority who wanted an option available for the issue and a couple that were satisfied with the current setup.  Although mention of opening the option up to extensions was said, it was just a reference to another, completely separate bug.  The post being referenced by Blair as "we are working on it" actually ended with the leader saying, paraphrased, "I've heard enough so I'm closing the case".  Post 57 referenced the code implementation decided upon.  Post 66 referenced another bug, which you are quoting.  Please don't confuse other readers by implying that "opening up to extensions" was the results of the issue referenced by Blair.  

If read in its entirety, the leaders' own opinions were biased against the majority of the participants (comment 57 for example, in which he incorporated a solution that 40 other comments previously had contradictions with.  Comment 59, he reasserts his point, which has already been established as a minority (read:2) view).

When taken in its entirety, the overall feel was "you guys just don't get it."  (Comments 75 and 76 show that I'm not alone in this thinking).  If your statement of opening the option up to extensions is the official, conclusive response, then fine...  The only problems I would see in that situation are poor communication.  If you read it again though, you will notice that the original comment, along with the 40 other participants, and the countless others who starred the issue, never actually received a response.

So, I'm not entirely sure how my post was immature.  Sarcasm?  Frustration? Sure, those are there... The leaders response to this issue is to do nothing and reassert an unpopular view despite the overwhelming majority.  If the "other bug" results in opening up the download manager up to extensions, then this issue will hopefully work itself out with some enterprising individual doing the work.  The leader should at least have the decency to tell its users straight out as opposed to just closing the comments because he/she doesn't like the fact that their view is not the popular one.  This is simply another example of bad leadership, and thus my "figurative" example earlier, which is a characterization of an individuals frustration over a situation which they know better of, but are powerless to do something about... you obviously mistook that for immaturity however.  I'm sorry that I wasn't clear enough in my previous post and hopefully this shows my intent a bit better.

Bottom line: the buck has been passed to another bug.  Hopefully that one takes care of it.  Until then, enjoy the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/12/10 9:01 PM
I didn't mean to imply that the solution is a direct result of the particular issue... but once something is opened up to something like extensions, then many solutions can then flow forth. So, opening something up to extensions is the equivalent of making various options available. For instance, if some want the download bar to be turned off entirely, and others want the download bar to appear, but be smaller... and still others want the download bar to behave differently or have additional options within it... or have keyboard shortcuts... all of these suggestions or complaints can be solved en mass by simply opening up the download bar to control by extensions. Extensions are a lot easier to write than, say, committing code changes to the open source Chromium project.

The part of your post which was immature was "I'd ask you to figuratively punch sky in the mouth for us". Figurative violence is still violence. And simply saying "I'd ask xxxxx, but I won't." is just passive aggressive, which is immature.

Name-calling is also immature, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you read my name too quickly to notice you turned it into something else.

Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/17/10 9:42 AM

First of all, "@Bigfellow" was a typo.  I didn't read thoroughly your name and that was my mistake, so for that, I sincerely apologize.

Websters definition of figurative: "2 a: expressing one thing in terms normally denoting another with which it may be regarded as analogous : Metaphorical."  Your statement of "figurative violence is still violence" is incorrect.

If you read my last post, the end of the next to last paragraph explained this.  People are frustrated with not only the fact that their voices are not being heard, but also the fact that we are left with no viable options to voice our frustrations.  Please re-read the original referenced bug before you misinterpret me.  

Now that I've been responsible for taking this way off topic, let me attempt to bring it back.  If the fix is coming as an opening of extensions to the download manager, then thats the bug that needs to be referenced so that anyone who has an opinion on the matter may openly and freely voice it.  The bug that blair referenced is closed to comments and never fully addressed the issue in the first place, it simply made a suggestion that wasn't popular and then alluded to another bug.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/17/10 12:59 PM

Ok, you're right. Figurative violence is not precisely the same thing as violence. What I meant to convey is that violence is bad and figurative violence is also bad. So, they are both bad. It's like talking about "figurative hatred", then suggesting it isn't hatred. It is, but just figuratively. Playing word games is no excuse for what is still being conveyed or implied. Rudeness is rudeness, no matter how it is sliced.

Here is what you said: "Blair, I'd ask you to figuratively punch sky in the mouth for us but I wont do that... I don't want to invite actual violence or break any forum rules."

You can play the technicality game all day and say, "Well, I didn't TECHNICALLY invite actual violence... and I didn't TECHNICALLY say PUNCH, I said FIGURATIVELY PUNCH, which is way different." But, at the end of the day, your words when read created a violent mental image and this is exactly what you must have meant to convey. If this is not what you had meant, then you would have never typed the words "punch" and "face" in the same sentence.

But, you're right... these bugs are definitely a test of patience. Some lose their patience much sooner than others. I'm surprised you're still using Chrome.

Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/19/10 10:46 AM
Google Chrome is a great product.  So is the Flock browser, which is also based on Chromium (now).  Flock at least kept the coding intact for the bookmark pull down button option ("--bookmark-menu" program argument), unlike what Chrome did between versions 5 and 6.  

Reading through the bugs and how people interact shows that Google has the same faults that any large corporation has, which in this case I was referring to having some leaders with an "I know best" attitude, instead of listening to the user base.  Anyone with enough experience will know that someone in a leadership position has to factor in information that someone else may not realize, but that is no excuse to blow people off and ignore proper communication, more importantly when people are taking time out of their lives to voice their opinion about a product they are not required to use.

The Chrome user base made a request, they discussed it, came up with positive suggestions and things were looking up until the designated developer came in to the mix, disagreed, and proceeded with different code despite everyone else's suggestions.  When people voiced their disagreements, he closed the comments.  I do not consider that "working on the problem".

Back to off topic, obviously I hit some sort of chord of frustration with you by using the figurative statement in my original post.  If you want to continue defending your claim that someone is immature simply because of your misinterpretation of a figurative statement, then I'll leave characterizations and symbolism for somewhere else where people properly understand such things.  I do find it interesting that you're so sure about the intent of someone else based on your belief that 2 particular words in a sentence can only be interpreted in a single possible way and then move forward to condemning them.  

Again, back to topic: The answer to the question of removing the download bar is still a "no".
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/19/10 11:39 AM

Except, the same thing happens with individuals and small groups. I don't think this is a "large corporation" thing... it's a "group trying to accomplish something in particular" thing.

Even in the beginning of Twitter, when it might have been a handful of people working on it, if some early users had said "We want more than 140 characters!" it would have been resisted because this is exactly what Twitter was all about. The goal of some projects isn't to just copy all of the other projects out there. Likewise, if every project gave all users exactly what they want, all of these projects would be exactly the same. There'd be no diversity.

The more Facebook becomes more like Twitter... and Twitter becomes more like Facebook... etc... then the diversity of choices just starts dwindling, and the users start yearning for another new player to enter the market, to give something different.

More and more people keep asking Chrome to have features that Firefox has... and to do the things Firefox is willing to do... why do we need another Firefox? If Firefox is the best, then it is still an option. Chrome came into being with specific goals in mind. Speed and simplicity were at the root of it all. As people continue asking for more and more options, the simplicity starts diminishing. As people continue asking for more and more features, the speed starts diminishing. Eventually, there will be a need for a new browser to enter the market, to focus on speed and simplicity. Chrome was supposed to be that browser. Nobody needs a Firefox with a Chrome logo.

As for the download bar... how can you say that the "removing of the download bar is still a 'no'" when giving it control via extensions will make this possible?

I'd ask someone to figuratively punch you in the throat for everyone in the forum that may or may not like you, but I wont do that, because I am figuratively better than you. I don't want to actually suggest that you're immature, I just want to figuratively invite someone else to suggest that you may or may not be mature.

I wouldn't want to play the same figuratively immature game you play, because I would then be figuratively stooping to your level. So, I won't... because I may or may not be figuratively better than you. I would suggest to someone else that you may or may not be 12 years old... either physically, or perhaps you are only figuratively 12.

In any case, you're absolutely right. It's all OK when it's figurative.

Figuratively speaking.

Re: Removing the download bar? egoddi 9/19/10 11:49 AM
I'd like only active downloads to appear in a popup like the one for searching (ctrl+f). Once the downloads are finished it should autohide or reduce to a button that will open the download tab.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/20/10 4:34 PM

If you look at the Dev channel, the code has been implemented to hide the download bar <only after> the user has opened up whatever downloads have been clicked, which is exactly what Sky said he would do, <despite> what other users requested.  

The code is done.  Your earlier point about code being harder to edit for the open source project over opening it to extensions is moot.  Heck, Sky had the code done half way through the bug post if you actually read it.  Sky did reference another bug when he mentioned extensions... have you read the other bug?  Do you know what the referenced bug is about?  It has nothing to do with the issue at hand on these 4 pages of people's request.

By definition, "we are working on it" is not referencing a closed bug report for which code has already been implemented.  You keep referencing the ability to adjust by the use of extensions, which would be great, but I question where you got that idea from in the first place, because I haven't seen any official mention of that being the case.  Have any links that state what your claiming to be the case?  Please share them so that I may direct my energy where it might still have a chance as opposed to a closed bug. If that was the official answer, then Blair would have referenced that instead.  Even Sky's mention of the other bug was vague at best, since it has to do with another subject in the first place... yes, the end result <might> affect this issue a long while from now, but that bug will not get resolved until the original topic it referred to is resolved, therefore, it is not about "removing the download bar".

People are requesting a simpler product, unlike what Firefox has to offer (your example).  You claim that "speed and simplicity is at the root of it all", yet you're the one arguing against a simpler interface.  How is having to constantly close a pop-up that takes up a quarter of my screen real estate keeping it simple... or fast for that matter?

You said "It's a group trying to accomplish something in particular thing".  People want to not worry about an extra feature that's not liked.  People want a nagging feature removed.  People want a simpler experience.  People want the product to be more usable, not more bloated.  You on the other hand want a download bar pop-up to stay the way it is because otherwise "we would have another firefox".  The corporate part of it is that (1) person implemented code... and (1) person is arguing for it... while (240) others do not agree.  If it was a "people" thing, this pop-up bar would have been gone roughly 10 months ago and we would have the simpler browser the rest of us want.

Please post actual references to where Google is implementing code to open up the removal of the download bar through extensions so that other users, including myself, may voice their opinion where somewhere will actually listen, instead of wasting their time with people that throw temper tantrums.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/20/10 5:52 PM

Yes, I know Sky put that code in place. In my view, it was a "quick fix" to make 3% of the people happy while everyone else waits impatiently for the better solution.

I'll have to check around for a link, but I specifically recall a Chromium developer stating that the ultimate goal is to have the download bar completely controllable via extensions, this way everyone can have the download bar act a different way and look a different way and be capable of doing different things, simply by installing different extensions. I assumed (incorrectly) that you had also read about this. I'll seek out the link.

I'm not sure where you got your information about what *I* want. I don't want the download bar to stay the way it is. The way the download bar acts is my biggest gripe about Chrome. This is why I visit these threads, because it is an issue which is important to me. I can't stand having to close the bar every time I download something (especially if I am downloading many small things over a period of time.) Having it close when I open a file is nice, but gets nowhere near solving the larger problem. I've suggested a keyboard shortcut (at least) so that I don't have to reach for the mouse every time. However, once I read that they'd give full control via extensions (again, I'll look for the link), I was satisfied. Just knowing that there is a solution in the pipeline that will make my concerns a moot point is enough for me. I can be patient about it in the meantime. (Unless it takes another year or two.)

So, I'm not sure how I am asking for something more complex. If they solve this by adding a bunch of checkboxes in the options dialog, it WILL make it more complex. That's why I thought that implementing a solution via extensions is a graceful long-term solution. Those who want different behavior can install the corresponding extension. If someone comes up with a better solution, they can create an extension. For those who like it just the way it is, they can stay away from these types of extensions.

Anyway, I'll look for that link and will post it here. Thanks.

Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/20/10 5:57 PM
So, in the following link:

There is this comment by Sky:

Comment 66 by project member sky@chromium.orgAug 26, 2010
Allow extensions to change this behavior is a good idea. Bug 12133 covers this (among other things).

This leads to this issue:

Where a huge discussion is taking place in regards to opening up an API so that extensions that integrate with the download manager within Chrome.

Re: Removing the download bar? Bodak 9/20/10 8:22 PM
If you read my post above, dated 9/12, 8 days ago, you will see that the 5th sentence of the first paragraph referenced Comment 66, which you just brought up.  I read it and referenced both the links you just posted 8 days before you, yet you accuse me of not reading.  The problem here is that we're both reading the same thing and coming to different conclusions.  

I'm basing interpretation of the discussion as a whole, not just an individual comment taken out of context.  Sky as much as admitted he didn't agree with removing the download bar.  He may have mentioned it was a good idea to open the feature to extensions and therefore referenced a bug that talked about this (and he quotes "among other things"), but he was placed in charge of the issue and his solution was code, already implemented, that does not remove the download bar.  He did not say anything along the lines of "the issue has been moved to this bug".  Instead, he implemented his code.  He did this based on his perception of what was best despite 240 stars to the contrary, and then closed comments when he noticed that people didn't agree with him.  Do you fully believe that Google's position, given these facts, is that the issue still needs looking at?  Considering every other bug thats still open, not to mention whatever other goals they have planned, do you think Sky will revisit this issue?  Do you believe that Blair referenced a closed bug not realizing it was already closed and coded?

I've read that post in it's entirety and I've also already read, as I've referenced above in days past, the second bug "where a huge discussion is taking place in regards...".  In there, I read material that only indirectly addresses issues with removing the download bar... in other words, it puts the issue of removing the download bar in the background because the issue is about download managers, a much broader issue.

I'm sorry, but we'll have to disagree on the issue of simplicity.  I believe adding a checkbox, even 3, is a simpler solution than having to search through an extensions gallery, hoping that someone's brand new download manager happens to have the option, "among other things", to remove the download bar... and then cross my fingers that they didn't code something else weird just because the coder liked it.  I would rather not have to piggy back some code into the browser, something else to load, to solve something that, I see now we would agree on is a waste of space and, based on the majority view, a bad idea in the first place.  In other words, I want a browser that works right, not one that I have to add stuff to make it do what I need.  That's Firefox.  The concept is that if all but (2) people want something, then we should probably listen to the all... and so you know, the (2) people I'm referencing are Sky and one other poster in the original bug, around post 40-something, that said everything was fine.

Our difference is that I do not believe that Google is still listening to the issue of removing the download bar.  From Sky's perspective, the issue is closed, done, and he's no longer listening.  He fixed it by implementing his code.  Maybe the only hope left is through a new download manager as an extension made by someone else in the future, but that's not an official Google position.  They are saying our product is just right the way it is and if someone else wants to mess with it, go for it.  However, this contradicts what we all are asking for, as the stars in the post would show.  

I wouldn't want someone else who happens into this forum to believe that Google is "working" on it, which is what Blair said.  I believe that Blair referencing a closed bug as "we're work(ing) on this" is misleading and should be clarified.  I believe Sky ignoring the user-base and later giving us the hand by sending us somewhere else after he implemented code to the contrary of what users were requesting is wrong.  When the pressure mounted in response, he closed comments.  I believe that last one is bad character, but I don't know everything behind the scenes on that particular one.

Thus, my original post claiming that Google is not working on the issue and my belief that Sky's solution is not the answer and one that's extremely closed minded.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 9/20/10 9:39 PM

You're right. Instead of accusing you of not reading, I should have only accused you of being pessimistic. You're right. We're both reading the same thing and coming to different conclusions. Mine is an optimistic hopeful one. Yours is a pessimistic defeatist one. Neither is right nor wrong, they just disagree with each other. I'm OK with that.

You keep saying Sky has "closed the issue". Maybe you believe Sky closed the issue figuratively. However, as far as the Chromium issue system is concerned, the issue is still open. Its status is "Started". Sky's explanation for closing the comments was that there were already a representative number of comments. In other words, everyone has had their say. Every other comment was just reiterating, repeating, or rewording an already existing comment. So, I agree that it would have been a waste of time to keep reading the same thing over and over again. Maybe you believe, secretly, that Sky has given up and has ulterior motives. Maybe you're right. I choose not to believe that.

Issue 12133 is also still open and available to be worked on.

You're right... we probably have a different view of what simplicity is. For me, I view it as the "out of the box" version of the browser. Out of the box, it should have only the bare minimum required by a browser. Everything else should be an add-on. To you, simplicity seems to be about finding the features you're interested in. So, bundling these features with the "out of the box" browser, then having a large options page to turn on/off features is your ideal solution. That sounds like Firefox and IE to me. I'm not sure why we need another browser like that. Firefox and IE are pretty good. However, the bloat that they come with "out of the box" means they take longer to install and longer to load and longer to update. I was attracted to Chrome by the fact that it had very little. I had to retrain my brain how to use a web browser because Chrome was unlike any other web browser. Once my brain was retrained, everything else out there is bloat. The idea of turning Chrome into one of those other browsers makes me feel like we need to start all over again.

Of course, I won't lie... I'm a programmer... so, I may be coming at this from a different point of view than you. To me, I'd prefer Sky (and others) leave out their clever programming as much as possible and, instead, open up the APIs so that I can program in the solution I want, nothing more and nothing less. Sure, I could contribute to the open source Chromium project, but then I'd have to work towards a common goal to get my features committed. Instead, I'd rather customize my own experience with extensions that I can write. I can still share them with the community, and they can use them or not, but primarily anything I might write will be for my own use.

Really, only time will tell whether you are right or I am right... or there is some other reality somewhere in-between. In the meantime, I think that everything that has been said has already been said.

Re: Removing the download bar? ijverig 9/23/10 10:09 AM
actually, in the beggining of this week when I closed tabs the download bar went away too...
but just for a short time: I've updated Chrome and now the download bar again annoyes me...

perhaps a sign of hope! :-)
Re: Removing the download bar? shiz 10/9/10 7:18 PM
please add an option to close the download bar 5 seconds after a download is complete.
Re: Removing the download bar? opal sky 10/20/10 11:58 PM
"Requiring the user to click "x" dozens or hundreds of times a day, at the cost of a significant chunk of screen real estate, does not strike me as a minor issue.  Listening to the feedback of users, here and on other forums, is simply essential for good design."
Re: Removing the download bar? .02-cents 10/21/10 11:01 PM
With each new Chrome upgrade I hope for this feature, but am always sorely disappointed.  Would a 60 second timer option be too much to add?  Would it make Chrome too heavy?  I think the passive restoration of all that screen real estate is well worth it.
Re: Removing the download bar? mercury12 10/21/10 11:16 PM
@bigellow @bodak
as far as i understand, developers don't want to add this feature, because it diminishes simlicity, right?
but can download bar closed with a timer by using an extension?
or developers also prevents this issue?
Re: Removing the download bar? karbinkopy 10/26/10 4:48 PM
I've just started using Chrome. I usually use Firefox, but wanted to try something new. All in all Chrome seems good except for the stupid download bar that you can't disable. I find it exceedingly annoying to the point that unless an option to remove it is forthcoming through an extension or by further development I will move to using Opera instead. I have starred the issue, but it looks like it's almost a year since Issue 27797 was opened and nothing has been done. That smacks of how Microsoft does things.
Re: Removing the download bar? bootski 11/1/10 8:13 PM
something has to be done to allow this bar to be automatically removed.

i dont care if its a 1s timer, open the api to allow customization to it or just an option to disable it (my fav.).  this is the shittiest "feature" in chrome.
Re: Removing the download bar? noseysob 11/2/10 12:11 AM
So when will be brought up to par with Firefox? If you guys can't fix it maybe you could ask someone at Mozilla to help since it is a a major bug. Right now my Firefox is messed up so I'm using Chrome in the meantime but with such old bugs still not fixed I'll be forced to go back to Firefox. I WANT to like Chrome... how about a little help?
Re: Removing the download bar? arkham_razors 11/2/10 7:56 AM
I love the speed and clean look of Chrome.  It needs to be more configurable.  For me, it's all about maximizing browser space, and ease of use.  The download bar, when not needed, is a big waste of space and a distraction.

Also, hitting "ALT" to show the bookmarks toolbar (like Firefox) is much easier on the fingers (and faster) than hitting CTR-SHIFT-B.

I guess I'll wait until these issues are addressed before I switch from Firefox.  I have a feeling when Firefox 4 comes out of beta (with the vastly superior tab-on-top model) I might not have to switch at all.
Re: Removing the download bar? tzutis 11/16/10 2:26 AM
I use Chrome on my Netbook where screen real-estate is already quite small.

I love the download TAB but the BAR takes up too much space and I wish there was an option to disable it.
Re: Removing the download bar? SweStars 12/11/10 3:28 PM
To me the download bar (at the bottom) automaticly dissappears, but that goes only for .torrent files tho.
I guess its' because the program (uTorrent) executes the .torrent file as soon as it gets downloaded.
Re: Removing the download bar? mercury12 12/12/10 2:58 AM
After downloading the file, file name appears on download bar.
(Possibly after version 8)
If you click on the file and open it, than filename disappears from the download bar automatically.
Re: Removing the download bar? Carrozza 12/13/10 5:29 AM
As many already stated this is one of the last issues to get fixed to make people switch from Firefox to Chrome.
Vertical real estate is precious, don't waste it with horizontal bars!
Re: Removing the download bar? Yojimb0 12/14/10 3:45 PM
@Blair (Googler)  Hey, you posted that you guys were going to address this issue back at the end of August... Since then, it appears that my Chrome has been updated (I'm noticing some new buttons in the settings dropdown.)  Did this ever get resolved? Is there an extension to fix this now? If so, what is it?

Personally, I find it odd that I'd have to install an extension to do something so basic.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 12/14/10 5:08 PM

According to the link that Blair posted:

This issue is currently "started" and is flagged for milestone 10.

So, I'd expect to see a solution within the next 6 weeks in the canary build of Chrome, likely to make its way to the dev channel 4-6 weeks later, then to the stable build 4-6 weeks after that. So, if you're talking about the stable build of Chrome, an improved download shelf (likely with options) should be available around April/May of 2011.

Re: Removing the download bar? Infinus 12/15/10 8:48 PM
Suggestion: Remove download bar completely. Replace functionality with a "download" (singular) tab, this tab appears when a download starts and is only for that specific file download only. The tab's title strip would contain a progress indicator (either circular or bar) and the favicon would be something representing download (maybe a downward pointing arrow, etc) alternately the favicon could be the system's default icon for the file type being downloaded, though I think it would be best to have a down arrow. As multiple files are being downloaded there will be multiple download tabs created... but as they finish, they begin to clump together and look more like the traditional unified "downloads" tab. This tab can be set to autoclose after a short delay once downloads are complete.

What do you guys think?
Re: Removing the download bar? par larsson 12/18/10 6:42 PM
thank you for working on this minor but irritating issue.
Re: Removing the download bar? bootski 12/21/10 10:36 PM
something has to be done about this. it's beyond annoying to have it appear across all tabs and not disappear unless i open the file.
Re: Removing the download bar? NickedAsy 12/25/10 7:35 AM
Nice that we've finally a response from a Google employee after more than a year of this issue being initially posted. This feature will really do wonders especially for small screen users like me on a netbook or equivalent.

Else hopefully someone in able to come up with an alternative solution in the extension section.
Re: Removing the download bar? Caseyo42 12/26/10 3:30 AM
I just press the X on the download bar the hit Ctrl + J when I want to check on my downloads, hope that works for you :)
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 12/30/10 6:10 AM
honestly seems silly to build chrome browser proj google empire... then leave it to wither &/or dependent on unpaid / donation volunteer community to FINISH CHROME to MINimum quality levels / features for the end users / market share?

me google empire evangelism is on hold for now sadly..
Re: Removing the download bar? Mortik 1/9/11 11:59 AM
It's not exactly what you are looking for but at least someone is trying to help us and could possible solve this issue in the future:
Re: Removing the download bar? Andrew Swift 1/13/11 11:15 AM
Proof that it could have been otherwise: the status bar of Chrome (at least the Mac version) does a nice job of appearing when needed and disappearing afterward.

My only gripe with the status bar is that in Google Reader, it pops UP and therefore covers the "Next Item" button. For any entry that contains an ad, either I have to wait for the ad to load or I have to click on the thin sliver of the next button that is still visible. Not easy when you've had a few too many.

It would have been nice if the status bar was BELOW the window like the download bar. It would be nice if the download bar DISAPPEARED like the status bar.

Or maybe combine them into a magic docking bar... (stares dreamily at the wall)...
Re: Removing the download bar? dlb 1/17/11 7:01 AM
-add keyboard shortcut to toggle the download bar
-only show download bar in the tab where download started
Re: Removing the download bar? bradyoung01 1/23/11 3:14 AM
no brainer: move the download bar to the side of the screen, instead of the bottom!

most websites have empty space on left and right, but vertical space is too valuable.
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 1/23/11 11:16 AM
here's another 'no brainer'.. /fail
Re: Removing the download bar? bkord123 1/23/11 4:57 PM
Add me to the growing list. Give me the option to show or not show the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? markjoya 3/8/11 6:47 PM
Count me in. So annoying. I hope there's an option for the download bar. The worst part is in the Mac version of Chrome, the download bar appears below the browser which makes it taller and taller and taller every time you close the download bar then opening it.

Well, I guess this request will never happen. Google's support is just up to forums. No real person you can talk with. It's talking to answering machines.  Even AT&T is better at handling support.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/8/11 9:29 PM

AT&T doesn't make a web browser anymore.

Re: Removing the download bar? ntn870152 3/10/11 5:43 PM
so far no changes. goodbye Chrome forever
Re: Removing the download bar? Anon_61999 3/17/11 12:07 AM
Could use this feature. The download bar is really annoying and hogs space. Seems like it could be implemented quickly by someone on the Google Chrome team. Why it's been two years, and nothing on this issue, I cannot tell. Firefox 4 is calling me.
Re: Removing the download bar? Tergulath 3/17/11 6:51 PM
They need to take a page out of download statusbar where certain filetypes will disappear after 5 seconds. The chrome team philosophy overall doesn't make any sense. Print Preview, the ability to automatically clear out temp files when you download, and just basic common sense things. 
Re: Removing the download bar? justdep 3/18/11 10:05 AM
For what it's worth, you can close it with the keyboard by doing (in Windows)


Seems tedious, but if you do it a couple times, it becomes second nature.
Re: Removing the download bar? perrykveton 3/20/11 11:01 PM
Yet another loyal chrome user who would LOVE to see the downloads bar go! It adds an enormous amount of clutter, and removing it would be as easy as adding the same "remove home button" option in the preferences no?

Thanks google and keep up the good work!
Re: Removing the download bar? sdtsdt 3/31/11 6:56 AM
Ok, this has been an ongoing issue with so many people for over a year now.  GOOGLE IS NOT WORKING ON IT, THEY COULD CARE LESS.  You will like it and that final.  Google is becoming the next Microsoft.  "We know what you want and how you should do it and that is all you will get."

Tell the truth Google, you have no plans to fix it because thats how YOU want it.
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 3/31/11 7:39 AM
JUST realized last 3 days since i upgraded my distro, opensuse, from 11.3 to 11.4 that includes:

Name: google-chrome-beta
Version: 11.0.696.16-78799
Arch: x86_64


i can run firefox for hours without s l o w i n g  d o w n  & reaching for a mouse.. chrome? noway! i can accomplish about 30% of the fast time saving keyboard navigations &/or controls that i can in ffx..

suffice 2say.. chrome is made for grannies n mouse dependents.. NOT FAST PROFESSIONAL RESEARCHERS OR SMB BUSINESS OWNERS..
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/31/11 8:30 AM
The reason "Google" is so unresponsive to the requests (demands) set forth in this thread is because Chrome is simply derived from the open source project Chromium. With Chromium, there is an issue system with (mostly) responsive developers (not necessarily employees of Google) who are busy hacking away on the source code. So, complaining to Google is (mostly) barking up the wrong tree.
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 3/31/11 8:58 AM

hmmm.. you describe this as if onus falls on end users mate LOL.. methinks.. even as evangelistic fan of 98% of google empire output.. the fault falls squarely on google.. period.. chromium goals or no.. imho ;]]
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/31/11 9:07 AM

I think you misunderstood. I'm not saying the onus falls on end users. I'm saying the onus falls on the Chromium developers.

Re: Removing the download bar? sdtsdt 3/31/11 4:10 PM
It's GOOGLE Chrome is it not?  Sounds a lot like passing the buck to me.  If Google said, fix it, it would get fixed.  They don't WANT to fix it.  They don't care.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 3/31/11 11:29 PM
Well, yes. They have 1000 they want done. They have enough developers to get 100 things done. That item might be 101. It's life.

I'm sure there might be another browser with exactly what you're looking for.

Re: Removing the download bar? adita 4/1/11 12:03 AM
Of course, it's a matter of priorities. But, users will should be a priority in this case. Otherwise, why bother making another browser after all? We have plenty of browsers made by the will of company X and company Y.
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 4/1/11 12:24 AM
Precisely. So, if you look at the order the USERS have set the priorities:

So, they still need to tackle user priorities 1 through 3 before they can get to 4. In the meantime, significant bugs (such as those which cause crashes) will still take priority over features.

Re: Removing the download bar? ntn870152 4/5/11 10:38 PM
i only want 4)
Re: Removing the download bar? yensama 4/18/11 7:49 PM
>We're working on adding this feature. You can follow our progress by starring the issue here.

One year passed and still nothing?
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 4/18/11 8:55 PM
Just a few more years to go. Looking forward to it.


Re: Removing the download bar? Pushka Gib'en 4/20/11 10:56 PM
Please add this soon >__< **cry cry***

Chrome is amazing because it saves space/ real-estate/ pixels so you can see the whole web without worrying about the browser
(hooray totally 100% full screen ^__^ )

But then the download bar doesn't go away???
and it is pretty much useless???

i <3 you Google/Chrome ~ ~
Re: Removing the download bar? ca.eLA.Pasadena 4/21/11 7:47 AM
rofl.. @PushkaCom.. eh.. ahem.. firefox has been offering total full screen full browser realestate views for many many years now....
P L U S!!.. IT DOES NOT HAVE URL LOAD TAB POP-UP ABOVE!?!? STATUS BAR WHERE IT BELONGS OFTEN HIDING the very links one is attempting to FAYT find & or load & or examine neither.. Chrome still has many many firefox tricks & efficiencies to learn..
once again I'm HUGE google empire fan of most all they do.. but chrome? one of their weakest links product wise..
Re: Removing the download bar? trentreker 4/26/11 8:38 PM
can somebody make a browser that isn't a giant piece of shit any more? this thread is two years old for god's sake. get with the program, google and/or pull your collective head out of your collective ass.
Re: Removing the download bar? trb92110 4/27/11 7:31 PM
I switched to the new Opera browser... The only short-coming is a lack of translation...
Very stable and configurable! You can actually download themes/skins and downloads appear as a silent tab.
Teddy B

Strength & Honor
Re: Removing the download bar? Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII 4/27/11 8:28 PM
Download as a silent tab? Ewww... even worse.

Re: Removing the download bar? buckyalphabot 5/17/11 9:01 AM
download bar resizes my chrome window without permission. rogue processes that do things without permission aren't bugs, they're virii. end the tyranny. stop changing my window size without permission. and stop it last month!
Re: Removing the download bar? trannnsteven 5/17/11 4:02 PM
When is Google going to fix this? There should be an option to hide the download bar.
Re: Removing the download bar? laertis 5/18/11 5:00 AM
Ok the download bar is really annoying but somewhat helpful in order to see the download progress.
So what i suggest is to add a shortcut to close it, because what i find the most annoying of all is to
move my mouse down at the x button; really unproductive!
Re: Removing the download bar? downtabs 5/19/11 8:57 AM
The most annoying thing about it for me, is that when I click on the downloading file on the bar, to check "show in folder" I accidentally click twice and I end up canceling the download. If it's not going to go away, at least change it to a more friendly set up.
Re: Removing the download bar? Juan Pedro 5/21/11 8:37 AM
+1 here too. Remove or auto-hide or never open option please!
Re: Removing the download bar? Jonathan Pittsburgh 5/24/11 4:29 PM
How is there still no way to have the download bar automatically hide???????
Re: Removing the download bar? tessellated 5/27/11 9:10 PM
get rid of the dl bar with a keyboard shortcut


a kind of dirty hack that suits me
Re: Removing the download bar? drusillamiller 6/1/11 11:41 PM
please give us an option to disable this bar. it's very frustrating!
Re: Removing the download bar? Bigglesw0rth 6/7/11 6:44 PM
Does it seem to anyone else like Chrome is becoming stale and stalling, like its running out of gas? This suggestion, one that would take a few days tops of programming hours to implement and debug, is going on 2.5 years.

I understand their are bigger fish to fry. HTML5, haveing .0001s faster loading times in who-gives-a-crap website. Compatibility and security. But see, those things are suppose to be transparent. A given. What is done as a base for a great browsing experience. Almost nothing has changed for the common person browsing since around Chrome 6.

Your config page is ugly and not simplistic when you really want to change something.
Your skins page is a joke.
The browser seem to be hitching a ride on the engine of its user-made addons now.
STILL no bookmark dividers. (LOOK at your Wrench menu. DIVIDERS ARE USEFUL)

Whats going on guys? FireFox is stating to look good again. Fire up the engines and get innovating, because no one else in the browsing industry is standing still. GO !!
Re: Removing the download bar? __zpoley 6/8/11 12:24 AM
Just checking in here too. I thought this was coming soon.. Like quite a while ago. I think this might be one of the only things that annoys me with chrome. But I still love chrome :)
Re: Removing the download bar? xartion 6/8/11 10:15 AM
Almost 3 years later and this still isn't implemented....Looks like Firefox 5.0 is about to get a test drive from me.
Re: Removing the download bar? goorgle 6/12/11 2:36 AM
make option to disable this bar! please
Re: Removing the download bar? earplay 6/15/11 9:43 PM
Back to FF. The d/l bar is just too annoying. Plus, I'm suspicious of the lack of configurability. Too much control in the hands of the corporation. In a related vein, ask yourself how responsive is Google to their customers if they don't remove a long-standing, well-known, easy-to-remedy problem?

Adios, Chrome... FF, I'm back!
Re: Removing the download bar? RoseRodent 6/16/11 7:39 AM
Yeah seriously, this isn't fixed yet? I've searched all the extensions to see if someone has designed a "Make this stupid bar go away" extension but all there is to pick from is yet more options to make downloads even bigger and more annoying! When I download stuff I:
1. Do it on purpose
2. Know where I put it
3. Don't need a little report showing that I've done so!

This is the stupidest thing ever, make this annoying thing go away or I'm putting tape over the bottom of my monitor!
Re: Removing the download bar? Angry Machine 6/22/11 12:58 PM
Please remove this annoying bar or at least add on option for auto-hide !!!

Seriously it's 5 lines of code !!!

5 f**king lines !!!
Re: Removing the download bar? Angry Machine 6/22/11 1:00 PM
Oh damn it, I go back to FF 5.0.
Re: Removing the download bar? rubisco 6/22/11 10:42 PM
I think it's urgent issue to improve this!
Re: Removing the download bar? Jay Be 6/23/11 10:40 PM
+1 for option to auto-close the download bar, and +1 for option to disable the download bar altogether.  

Google, when your browser Chrome is neck and neck with the competition (Firefox), it's little things like this that can either make you the winner or the loser.

How many people need to request this before it's implemented?  As of this writing, there are SIX pages of people talking about this!
Re: Removing the download bar? jaxonave 7/1/11 12:56 PM
Just remove the download bar and/or create an option to hide it. It's that hard? I'm another person who now prefers not to use Chrome because of this annoying issue. Most other browsers give a person the option to hide something like this. Why doesn't Chrome?

Put it this way...Firefox is full of bugs and gets worse with each update - (I miss the good old days of FF 1.5 - the best browser and version ever created in my opinion). But I'm still using FF more then Chrome because I get less intrusions. Allow an option to hide the download bar and I'll go to Chrome and never look back. I bet I'm not in the minority in that way either, so don't go changing things just on my account. lol.

You want people to use your browser? Listen to them is my advice. My 2 cents..
Re: Removing the download bar? wpeng 7/5/11 2:23 PM
The amount of "features" (common functions) in Chrome is ludicrously minimal.  I just started using Chrome, thought it was pretty cool.  Now I'm changing my mind.  There are too many niggling issues with this browser.
Re: Removing the download bar? FormerGogleFan 7/8/11 6:36 AM
This is why Chrome is a browser - they constantly add stuff THEY want, never what the users want - more than 3 years to add this which should have taken then less than a day. Pathetic.

Re: Removing the download bar? interconnect 7/8/11 11:49 AM
I agree with this too.. I would love to have an option to auto-hide the downloads bar after a set number of seconds or something like that.  I would also REALLY love an option to remove downloads from the list once they've completed, but hey, first things first.
Re: Removing the download bar? Tergulath 7/9/11 3:03 AM
I guess google thinks its audience are grandmas who just want something basic. If your a power user then you will be annoyed quick how basic the core of this browser is. 
Re: Removing the download bar? rad1701 7/9/11 11:17 AM
Add me to the list of users who want the download bar to be configurable.  There is no need for it to be up all the time - especially on long downloads.  Pretty silly really.  Wish there was at least an extension for this.  I really get tired of clearing it all the time.
Re: Removing the download bar? NoUsernamesLeft 7/11/11 5:56 AM
+1   Download bar is very annoying, it should be configurable!
Re: Removing the download bar? Leego2 7/14/11 5:03 AM
Yeah!!! Agree with u man !! I SIMPLY CAN NOT bear this any more! Who has figured out sth like this? TOO MUCH ANNOYING !! PLEASE!!! Googlers, do sth. to stop it! Thanks!
Re: Removing the download bar? CBiggerstaff 7/18/11 6:27 AM
Add me to the list, download many pictures and this gets annoying very quickly.
Re: Removing the download bar? pschlag 7/20/11 10:50 AM
Add me to the list too.  I want the download bar to go away after a successful download.
Re: Removing the download bar? Sie_Deen 7/22/11 10:36 AM
Hi everyone,

Thank you for submitting your requests on the Downloads bar visibility, and the need for it to auto-hide, without needing to click or interact with the bar.  If you are interested in tracking this feature request, please see Ref[1].  

Sie Deen
Re: Removing the download bar? Chris Noto 7/22/11 6:24 PM
I've just read the start and the current "end" of this thread, and I've got to say, it sure sounds like a big F.U. from Google. Not encouraging at all. Why, oh, why would I want to "track(ing) this feature request," if the likelihood is that there will be another three years before anything really happens?
Re: Removing the download bar? hugecheerleaders 7/28/11 8:08 AM
i agree, the download bar is a nightmare.  i will probably switch to Firefox also.
Re: Removing the download bar? Liguo Kong 7/29/11 7:59 AM
I also find this issue annoying. I prefer a keyboard shortcut to switch it off.
Re: Removing the download bar? marc.l 8/10/11 12:19 AM
How in the hell has this still not been implemented. What an incredibly annoying UI feature. It's about the only thing keeping me from switching to Chrome from Firefox.
Re: Removing the download bar? ChromeUser321 8/10/11 12:39 AM
Make an option to select for what file types download bar should show up or should not show up. That way one could download images without download bar, but download applications with it.
Re: Removing the download bar? sprinklesvondoom 8/10/11 10:43 PM
Add me to the list. I was a die-hard Chrome user when it first came out, but switched back over to Firefox a year and a half ago because of little things like this. I'm now running both Firefox and Chrome, because there's a lot that Firefox still does better (the unintrusive downloads pop up in the corner being a very big one). I'm mostly only running Chrome because of 2 web-sites that work better on it. All of my other browsing is done on Firefox.
Re: Removing the download bar? Eekekeke 8/16/11 11:24 AM
Checking back to see if this has been solved yet. Obviously not, and I'm not surprised.

A while back I went through all the topics on this that I could find. One Google employee (can't find the URL anymore) noted that the reason the Download Bar *resizes* the browser window is to prevent hiding any of the content in the view. Ironically, this happens all the time when you install an extension and a big yellow bar hovers on the top of the view pane. So, really.. why?

And even with interaction, the browser window isn't always being resized back to the original size after closing the download bar. If you leave it open for a while or simply use other apps and come back later, it seems to forget the previous setting and voila: Google Chrome decides what size your browser window should be. This isn't the '90s anymore Google, where JavaScripts were constantly resizing your windows because others thought they knew better than the user how things should appear.
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 8/16/11 2:18 PM

Re: Removing the download bar? plopi 8/18/11 11:50 PM
Google does listen, sometimes.

There's an option in the latest Canary build to remove download bar.
More information here :
Re: Removing the download bar? Eekekeke 8/20/11 5:21 PM
Here's a way for Mac users to automate closing the Download Bar using a single keyboard shortcut, and optionally resizing the browser window back to a preferred size:
Re: Removing the download bar? Leego2 8/22/11 6:55 AM
Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was continuously beat by this damned thing! EXTREMELY ANNOYING !!!! OMG, Please remove it!!!!
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 8/25/11 9:48 PM
For you guys who have been waiting for the new Downloads Bar: install the latest Dev version of Chrome and enable the "New Downloads UI" feature at chrome://flags/.
Re: Removing the download bar? Eekekeke 8/26/11 3:47 AM
Re: Removing the download bar? Sie_Deen 8/30/11 1:00 PM
Thanks QQfarmer for sharing the update. 

Folks, please keep in mind that the new Downloads UI is still experimental and is still under development.  The feature that is under "chrome:flags" does not have a UI yet - this is still in development.  If you would like to follow the progress of this development, please star the public issue tracker in Ref[1] below.

Thank you for your patience.
Re: Removing the download bar? Angry Machine 9/7/11 2:09 AM
Ho god, I can no longer bear this fuckin download bar taking some space !

Can't you just add an auto-hide or something like that !

Damn it's such an easy thing to code !
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 9/7/11 6:05 AM
@Angry Machine, the new Downloads Bar UI is already implemented on the Dev build of Chrome. Go to chrome://flags/ to enable the feature.
Re: Removing the download bar? yensama 9/7/11 12:06 PM
I checked and searched for "New Downloads UI" but cant find it.
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 9/8/11 1:42 AM
@yensama, 4 simple steps:

1. Install the Dev version of Chrome:

2. Type chrome://flags into the address bar and Enter.

3. Find "New Downloads UI" towards the end of the list and enable it.

4. Press the "Relaunch" button on the bottom of the flags page.
Re: Removing the download bar? bradwww 9/17/11 3:35 AM
don't like the download bar - was looking for a keyboard shortcut to hide it - can't find one - please add a shortcut or auto-hide or turn it into an animated icon or something that does not cover content and require mouse usage.

i see there is a very long running project active project as wiki issues 27797 and 89922 to modify this - how do i "star" these wiki discussions? they have both been closed for comments.

hope to see this changed - quite annoying! thanks
Re: Removing the download bar? Baz1205 9/17/11 12:12 PM
Downloaded version 14 today and was gobsmacked to see it still hasn't been addressed! The download bar is still there.
Re: Removing the download bar? Synetech 9/26/11 6:20 PM
Yes, the download bar is horrible and pointless. Everything that the download shelf contains is already present in the Downloads Page and more.

Worse, when you are at a page and download a lot of little files (eg pictures, etc.), Chrome’s constant updating of the shelf sucks serious CPU cycles for each and every file, which causes the whole thing to slow to a crawl unless you are rich and have a ridiculously fast system (and even then…)

The devs have outright refused to allow users to disable the download shelf:

Their rationale is that they have not experienced any problems, but that is because they are not using slow systems like many users have, and they’re testing does not include typical user activities.
Re: Removing the download bar? bradwww 9/26/11 6:40 PM
why is a simple shortcut key added to the system to close it such a big deal? i don't care that it is there, just want to get rid of it with a key instead of requiring the mouse!
Re: Removing the download bar? stefanhajek 10/3/11 3:29 PM
Download bar blows!  I don't hate that it exists, but severely hate that I can't opt-out of having it.  It's close to becoming a dealbreaker.  With as large a complex as Google has become, why not any kind of foresight and why so few options for customization?  Pretty ridiculous that I had to actually download an add-on just to get the tab I opened to appear on top.  Chrome controlling your browsing experience...  huh.
Re: Removing the download bar? richardstevenhack 10/17/11 1:37 PM
Yup. Just started using Chrome, mostly to download images while Firefox has a serious bug in that regard. Then I notice this utterly stupid and pointless Download bar.

Seriously? Are ALL browser programmers on crack? Too much Jolt Cola during late night programming sessions?

The more I use browsers, the more I believe the whole Internet experience has become a disaster. Browsers are bloated, slow, buggy, poor user interface design, can't compete with desktop apps. The whole experience has become like using a color version of a mainframe green screen terminal circa 1975 with equally slow response time...

The whole system needs to be rethought from the ground up.

Starting with at least TRYING to listen to users and dumping this stupid download bar...
Re: Removing the download bar? Synetech 10/18/11 10:45 AM
If you can use the latest version of Chrome or Chromium, then go to chrome://flags and enable the “new download interface”. I’m not sure exactly what that does other than to disable the download shelf. In my experience, it DRASTICALLY improves performance when downloading lots of little files.

Re: Removing the download bar? bradwww 10/19/11 9:52 AM
nice! i saw no UI at all to replace the shelf - which is ok with me, i can always check the download window if i need status info - THANKS!!!!
Re: Removing the download bar? n1tr0g3n 11/20/11 11:18 AM
I don't know why Google makes such bad decisions like these time and time again but it's apparent they don't care anyways or they wouldn't have done it in the first place. It doesn't take hundreds or even thousands of people to tell you that you screaming at the top of your lungs in a restaurant while sitting 10 feet from someone is going to be annoying, much like this feature which takes up a portion of your screen and cant be removed without several steps & having to do this multiple times a day if you download a lot o stuff. Ridiculous Google! I really wonder what Beta testers are for anyways? And did no one ever tell you guys from the beginning of Chromes introduction that a way to add which page you want opened when opening a new tab and a simple option for that? These are simple things that weren't over looked but simply had to be put there to annoy people. You guys take on too many projects at once instead of perfecting what you started so you end up with hundreds of half @rse products that kind of do the job.
Re: Removing the download bar? helenofdestroy 11/26/11 2:48 PM
Best answer - Blair (Googler) (Google Employee)
Hey everybody,
We're working on adding this feature. You can follow our progress by starring the issue here.

she said a year and 3 months ago.
maybe by 2015 it'll get worked out
Re: Removing the download bar? mwalsher 11/27/11 8:33 AM
@helenofdestroy, you are being a little too optimistic, they have already removed the vertical-tabs option that a lot of people wanted; I doubt they’ll care much for this one…

Either way, the issue linked to by Blair is now effectively closed, so you guys may want to check issue 89,922 ( There’s also issues 36,901 and 68,341, but those have already been shut down (after all, the Chrome devs know what’s best for us mere mortals).
Re: Removing the download bar? silicone 12/4/11 12:43 PM
My download bar is GONE and I NEED IT!! I can't 'keep' the .exe files I want to download because the bar doesn't come up to allow the confirmation of download. ALL YOU PEOPLE ASKING TO GET RID OF IT AND NOW IT'S A PROBLEM -- there is no setting to bring it back either
Re: Removing the download bar? mwalsher 12/4/11 1:16 PM
@silicone, your problem is completely unrelated. At some point, you selected to always run EXE files that you download, so now whenever you download one, it automatically runs. The download bar has nothing to do with it; the file is run whether you can see it or not (you don’t see it because the bar is hidden once the file is run, just like any other file).

To fix your problem, go to Wrench menu->Under the Hood->Clear auto-opening settings.
Re: Removing the download bar? VysetheTard 12/6/11 8:12 PM
Just get rid of the bar already, you fools. God damn, it can't be difficult.

Accept that the time and cash that went into its implementation was a waste, just like it was with that Google Instant and auto-fill crap you continue foisting on us, which we all disable and circumvent at every opportunity (such as by going to We're tired of our Chrome browser windows constantly getting obscured by bullshit that none of us asked for.
Re: Removing the download bar? scottjl 12/26/11 7:23 PM
jeeze google. people have been asking for years for a way to disable the bar. add me to the list. what is taking so long? the bar is obnoxious, resource hungry, and simply annoying! maybe you should take a page from the latest version of safari and see how it should be done!
Re: Removing the download bar? yensama 12/26/11 10:24 PM
Thank you. That fixed the problem. But I was wondering if there are things I should be concerned by applying this change? I mean using this New Downloads UI.
Re: Removing the download bar? PeoplesCar 12/27/11 7:14 PM
This is totally bogus.  Hey developers, I've got a little bit of a background in coding & UI design (for databases) and I'm telling you that A) It's not that difficult to give us a flag to disable this thing, and B) If your testing says it's "not a problem," you're obviously not testing Chrome the way a user would use it, and you're ignoring this thread.  I'm on a netbook and this bar easily takes 10% or more of my screen away from me every time it pops up, and if I'm downloading lots of little files like pictures it's a constant battle of me vs. the bar.

I'm going back to FireFox, someone wake me up when they give us an option to disable this foolishness.
Re: Removing the download bar? DirkGently1 12/28/11 1:48 AM
Downloads Bar and Downloads page need to be axed. They're awful features. IE6 handled downloads better ffs. A dialogue box for 'Open/Save' is all that's needed.
Re: Removing the download bar? Synetech 12/28/11 11:00 AM
@Dirk, the Downloads page should NOT be axed; it is necessary. File downloads are not the same as page visits, so they would not be in the main History. How else would you track down a file you downloaded a few months ago but since deleted, or began and cancelled a download so that you could have it in the record to download later, or other such scenarios?

A record of downloads definitely needs to be kept, but since the History page is slowly being fixed and improved while at the same time, the Downloads page is being ignored, it might be a good thing to *merge* the two.

Re: Removing the download bar? Prasadsteve 1/1/12 12:52 PM
I've been using Google Chrome for quite a while and found it useful too. But the most annoying thing happens when it comes to download a file from e-mails like yahoo. I doesn't give us an option to SAVE the file directly to the desired location. Instead it prompts to either open the file or SHOW IN THE FOLDER(Download Folder). Then the file has to be copied and pasted to the preferred location. Honestly I find it hard to understand the logic behind "SHOW IN THE FOLDER". Instead they can give users the option to save downloadable files directly to the desired location. Many times the copy of the file remains in the download folder as it could easily be forgotten to delete that file which may be confidential.

I wonder why they make things extremely complicated by giving users an unnecessary option. Why couldn't they make downloading simple and more importantly SAFE just like IE do. Suggestions Welcome.
Re: Removing the download bar? Synetech 1/1/12 2:07 PM
@Prasadsteve, go to Wrench->Options->Under the Hood->Downloads and check “Ask where to save each file”.

Re: Removing the download bar? algonkin 1/12/12 3:11 PM
Best answer - Blair (Googler) (Google Employee) Go to this answer
Hey everybody,

We're working on adding this feature. You can follow our progress by starring the issue here.


Hey Blair...are you still working on this? It's been over a year since you posted
Re: Removing the download bar? Angry Machine 1/13/12 4:37 PM
Still no fuckin auto-hide.

Devs are such morons, it's 5 fuckin lines of code.
Re: Removing the download bar? bryan.cfii 1/14/12 7:11 PM
Well, I can see by the dates of this discussion and the fact that this damn download bar is still at the bottom of my screen and there is no way to turn it off, that the people involved with chrome have done the usual nothing about it. Its all about the details guys??? We're trying to help.
Re: Removing the download bar? smallmediumlarger 1/17/12 1:37 AM
This in one of the only reasons I still use Firefox.  I can control the downloads window to my heart's content.  Chrome's downloads bar options is stuck in 1997.
Re: Removing the download bar? Angry Machine 2/10/12 4:52 AM
FU Devs
Re: Removing the download bar? seanbdavis 2/18/12 3:44 PM
This will be why in the long run chrome will fail after the hype is over with in a couple of years. No f'n user control. This issue is just one of many where the dev's think they know better then the users, just like Microsoft (can not disable or auto hide the download bar in IE either). Angry Machine is right it just a few line on code.
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 2/18/12 6:00 PM
Attention! Attention! Those who are still complaining about the Downloads Bar bugging them, try these steps to fix the problem:
Re: Removing the download bar? QQFarmer 2/18/12 6:27 PM
Another way to access the Flags page:

1. Type about:about in the Omnibox
2. Press Enter.
3. Locate the link for the Flags page in the list: chrome://flags
4. Click that link.
Re: Removing the download bar? Hierofantus 2/19/12 4:49 PM
@QQFarmer Thank you for your help kind sir. Now i am blessed with a google chrome without this annying pop up information. I wish you all best in life (i am not joking)!
Re: Removing the download bar? adrian.fedoreanu 2/20/12 9:01 AM
Go to chrome://flags and enable New Downloads UI (Disables the download shelf. Will show the new downloads UI as it is implemented).
Re: Removing the download bar? spacemanjupiter 4/7/12 10:02 AM
God this is so annoying and just amateurish on the part of the devs to not provide a way to disable the downloads bar. For one it takes up screen space of which chrome supposedly takes pride in, and second, this is a privacy issue. WhyTF would i want others using this computer to see everything i've downloaded just because i forget to X out the download bar every time i use the browser. I'll continue to use Firefox until the issue is taken care of.

Also, no 'view image' option?? RILLY? How annoying that I have to open up the image in a new tab to view it without webpage clutter around it.

Such simple but essential things here that I just can't believe are missing from a supposed quality web browser.

Re: Removing the download bar? ovalsquare 6/8/12 9:59 AM
You can go to chrome://flags/ and disable the download bar there. Works great apart from having no idea when the download is complete.

Would be nice to have it show until the download is completed, but nevertheless better than sticking around forever until you click on it (I use Alfred to launch/delete downloaded items).

Re: Removing the download bar? xartion 6/23/12 10:08 AM
They have now removed the "New Downloads UI" (in the latest Chromium builds) so we are again forced to have this intrusive bar pop up every time we download something. With no option to auto-hide it, of course.
Re: Removing the download bar? bryan.cfii 6/24/12 2:21 PM
(unknown) 6/25/12 10:43 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Removing the download bar? Kinfolk 6/25/12 10:49 AM
First time on Chrome today and may be my last come night fall! Yes, I concur Vaskes,  Download bar is useless --a FRICKIN PIECE OF CRAP !!!   I already know where I downloaded the frickin file too and I already saw the frickin file.  Google needs to GET RID OF IT!!!  Or at least let the user choose to remove it or delete the download bar.  Chrome is not all I expected.  Very disappointed in Google...  May go back to Firefox tonight.  
Re: Removing the download bar? quicksilva 7/4/12 8:42 PM
PROBLEMS continue with the horrible download bar.
using chrome 20.0.1132.47 m and enabling 'new downloads UI' the bar is gone BUT the downloads tab SHOULD OPEN AUTOMATICALLY so we can still observe our downloads. really google this is very easy to solve!
Re: Removing the download bar? quicksilva 7/4/12 8:53 PM
my temp solution was to add "chrome://downloads/" to the start up pages option along with my homepage.
Re: Removing the download bar? marktec 7/15/12 12:20 PM
Those reasons for the download bar are so very rarely used that it is not at all worth the screen space to insist we all have to have it. Please make it optional. I would have it off at least 99% of the time.

Thanks. :)

Re: Removing the download bar? marktec 7/15/12 12:22 PM
Perfect. :)
Re: Removing the download bar? marktec 7/15/12 12:31 PM
All hail QQFarmer! Thank you! :)
Re: Removing the download bar? peter0390 8/14/12 10:49 PM
I do agree.
Re: Removing the download bar? molex 8/16/12 8:10 PM
The utterly ridiculous and USELESS download bar is driving me NUTS.  There's simply no reason to have this idiotic thing stay open all the time.  

Simple options:

1.  On all the time (currently and inexplicably the default setting)
2.  Dismiss x seconds after last download completes.
3.  OFF all the time.

I don't need a frigging download bar at all, I download everything to my desktop, I know what's going on, I am not a bone-head internet newbie using a library computer.  Come on chrome, get real, this is ABSURD.

Re: Removing the download bar? kushiel 8/28/12 4:49 PM
Yes. The download bar sucks. And now it's back because for whatever reason, the flag "new downloads ui" is gone. @quicksilva - unfortunately, keeping the chrome://downloads/ open as a separate tab does not prevent the download bar from popping up upon new downloads. This might ruin Chrome for me. I don't want to switch back to Firefox, but dang, maybe I will.
Re: Removing the download bar? ZoNiiiii 9/27/12 12:53 AM
Still working on this?
Re: Removing the download bar? candycab candycab 9/28/12 6:57 PM
Please give us the option to remove it all together as it is extremly irritating.

Seperate issue but a full screen right click option or button is badly needed as well.

Thanks :)

Re: Removing the download bar? Bunnyslope 10/24/12 5:34 PM
"Always Clear Downloads" in the Chrome Store ( is the only option for now.

There used to be a flag (load chrome://flags/ in the browser bar) for New Downloads UI where you could disable the "download shelf" (their term). With the updates, it has disappeared.


BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Removing the download bar? tommo123 11/6/12 4:25 PM
oh god, why can't there be at least one non annoying browser?

IE is just plain awful
chromes basics dont' work - on restart, Reopen the pages that were opened last.  does it do it?  no!  i have to have a plugin for that.  then this download bar nonsense. add new things without getting the old to work. plus no install options
opera - 11.51 is fine - bar the damn auto stack which drives me crazy. the opera devs refuse to even give an option to disable it.  any ver newer just outright crashes.
firefox - tried it a month ago and the amount of plugins needed to match opera functionality is crazy = memory leaks. then there's the fact that even the usb install ver writes to your users dir.  opera doesn't -  total standalone folder.

anything else i haven't tried and see no need to.

can't one of these work properly ffs?
Re: Removing the download bar? Richard Ge 12/3/12 10:27 AM
i hope the dev team at least make a keyboard shortcut to close the download bar. closing the download bar the the only thing that's deterring me from an all-keyboard experience.
Re: Removing the download bar? claptonemd 12/11/12 7:40 AM
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