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Chrome for Blackberry

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Chrome for Blackberry sjmars0x 2/21/09 1:36 PM
Does any one know if Google is planning on expanding their browser to the Blackberry, since they've already done such a great job with Maps and Sync? The current BB browser is weak when it comes to function and the only other "good" option I've found is Opera Mini and it is EXTREMELY bulky and slow.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry ferrousjack 6/10/09 6:55 PM
This is the only component missing.  My BB is great, but the browser is so preposterously underpowered.  If Chrome (or any decent browser) was on the BB I would probably never have to use another Microsoft product again.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry dannyknappy 7/25/09 12:15 PM
I hope we get a Chrome for Blackberry soon !  In the meantime Opera mini is a big improvement over the Blackberry browser.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry sjmars0x 7/25/09 12:29 PM
Oh absolutely Opera is a huge improvement. However, it tends to lag in response to keystrokes, so navigating to a page takes an unnecessary length of time.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry HakanS 8/4/09 4:12 AM
I'm still waiting chrome for blackberry. Does anybody know any fresh information?
I cannot find any new info for bb...
Re: Chrome for Blackberry y.o. 11/9/09 3:26 PM
Also try the Bolt 1.5 browser (by BitStream), as an alternative to Opera Mini.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry WEBenet 11/18/09 10:01 AM
Don't look for a BlackBerry version of Chrome to make any greater difference than Opera Mini and Bolt, which offer only slight improvements over the BB browser. Neither of these browsers can handle DHTML drop-down navigation menus (used by most websites) on a BB platform--Safari can on iPhone; so can browsers running under Windows Mobile Pro (Samsung). The BB browser and all browsers running on the BB platform are sadly outclassed, and there are no indications this is going to change before next summer, when RIM said it plans to unveil a browser that can compete with Safari.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry Tatgirl29 11/18/09 5:34 PM
I plan to get a Blackberry or iphone in the spring when I am due for my upgrade.  Right now I am using MotoQ9h and would love to see Google Chrome as a mobile browser for all phones.  Right now, I use Opera for Mobile.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry GLjw 11/27/09 4:30 AM
I read that mozilla announced that it is unlikely that they will launch Firefox for Mobile on the BB given its lack of OS capabilites. I assume this is the same for Google Chrome. Best bet maybe for a new version of Opera Mini?
Re: Chrome for Blackberry timtim192 12/18/09 1:14 PM
The new Opera Mini 5 (currently in beta) is really a step up from the old one.  I would suggest this to a friend.  It introduces tabbed browsing in a mobile browser (and they did it right).  Everything is very fast, nice and FREE!

Tested on Blackberry Storm 9530.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry dhilancowboys 2/27/10 5:42 AM
The verizon bb  browser is actually quite fast!
But i still wish they would make chrome for it!!!!
Re: Chrome for Blackberry liz226 3/27/10 11:45 AM
Opera mini (both 4.2 and 5.0) are riddled with issues for the bb curve 8530 (curve2) to the point that it's nearly unusable. Firefox isn't planning on making the jump to the bb platform, so Chrome is seriously needed! Please add bb chrome to the google mobile options!
Re: Chrome for Blackberry RAnderson42 7/12/10 10:39 AM
I just tested the Opera Mini V. 5 browser on my BB and it works fine for what I need. I am able to view what I would call the text only version of the Google Calendar and even add events using the Quick Add feature. Of course, it's not as pretty as the graphical version on the computer and there are limitations, but it's good enough and the performance is adequate.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry siddharthh 7/24/10 5:43 AM
Has anyone seen or tried Bolt? Apparently it is quite good. May I shall give it a try
Re: Chrome for Blackberry BigSwigHoss 9/11/10 2:20 AM
Re: Chrome for Blackberry WEBenet 9/12/10 6:14 PM
UZard Web ( is the only mobile web browser for BlackBerry that I have used that could handle  DHTML drop-down menus competently and capably. IE couldn't. Opera couldn't. Chrome couldn't. and Bolt couldn't.

UZard also surpassed IE in correctly displaying the formatting on my office web page ( Amazing! I had never heard of UZard until now. Thanks.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry natia_tpr 10/29/10 7:07 AM
There's Opera mini browser for all kinds of phones i got BlackBerry myself and opera works pretty good in it it's same as chrome
Re: Chrome for Blackberry WEBenet 10/29/10 8:54 AM
Opera--Been there, did that. UZARD is by far the best mobile browser I've tried so far. I only wish IE was as good. It still can't handle DHTML or even a lot of simple HTML formatting. For a browser that shows the same thing on your phone that you see on your desktop, UZARD is the current gold standard. See
Re: Chrome for Blackberry Letbetterink 11/2/10 9:32 AM
I've been using Bolt, which works well with flash.  The major drawback is zoom.  The text can often be so small I cannot read it.  If I want to read news or articles, I use "column view" in the standard browser, and I can actually read the text.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry Dave Hendrix 2/19/11 12:00 PM
A new version of Bolt was released this week - it isn't a homerun or anything but improves on the existing one and is much more usable on the BB Torch - Rim still had better get their act together - if MS, Android or Apple ever get corporate email to take hold, Blackberry is done for.
Re: Chrome for Blackberry silverspiderpig5 5/21/11 11:20 AM
Guys, buy and android phone. Really?
Re: Chrome for Blackberry BigSwigHoss 6/11/11 3:03 PM
Well I'll say this I went from a blackberry storm2 to the the iPhone 4 and I couldn't be happier. I just wish I would have done this sooner. The iPhone4 has to be the best phone out there. Android is good but the iPhone blows it away when it comes to the display well from what I seen so far. The evo looks real foggy but back to thread topic. Google chrome? Not even concerned about it anymore. L8er losers..(Jk)
Re: Chrome for Blackberry kiam333 9/1/11 3:47 AM
guys pls help i downloaded bolt and uzard and niether is opening, it gives me an error message that reads socket error diconnected. pls try again later (required radio is not active)
Re: Chrome for Blackberry kiam333 9/1/11 3:50 AM
WEBenet” pls maybe you will be able to assist with my problem..
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