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Start chrome with blank page

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Start chrome with blank page MiguelFerreira 9/9/10 7:11 PM
Google Chrome version: 6.0.472.55
OS: Windows 7 64 bits

When i first started using chrome, i was able to set it up, so that when i started chrome it opened a blank page; But since the last update, or the one before (i'm not sure), things changed: the first time i noticed it, was when i started chrome and it loaded the homepage..i checked the settings, and everything was like it was supposed to, but the application behaviour had changed..Now, the only way i can make chrome start with a blank page, is going to settings, and on the Homepage section select "Use the new tab page", but i lose my there a way to restore the previous behaviour?

(i tried, and it was like i had before, going to options and at "On Startup" select "open the following pages", and then leave the section empty, but its not working anymore)

Thank you in advance,

Miguel Ferreira
Re: Start chrome with blank page †Tommy G.† 9/9/10 7:17 PM
I think you have to type in about:blank where you left the page blank, for it to open a blank page.  Wow, that's a lot of blanks....
Re: Start chrome with blank page dwight.stegall 9/9/10 9:02 PM
Open the Options Panel > Basics Tab > On Startup > Click the radio  button next to "Open the following pages" > Click the ADD button. Where it asks for a URL type "about:blank" without the quotes. Then click ADD and then click OK to exit the Options Panel.
Re: Start chrome with blank page MiguelFerreira 9/10/10 7:06 AM
It's true that if you go to 'Options' > 'Basic' > 'On Startup' > 'Open the following pages' and then add 'about:blank', that chrome starts with an empty page, but still, it doesn't achieve the previous behaviour, because with these settings, on the address bar it will appear 'about:blank', and you have to delete it..Before, (or if you configure the 'Homepage' section to 'Use the new Tab page'), chrome would start with a blank page, and with nothing on the address bar, so you could start typing immediately the link of the page you wanted to go..I know that is a small detail, but to me it makes a big difference..

I was wondering if that behaviour could be defined again..

Thanks for the help guys!

Re: Start chrome with blank page varunmittal87 9/11/10 3:18 AM
Try to use this extension. It can solve some of your concerns in my opinion 
Re: Start chrome with blank page MiguelFerreira 9/11/10 7:12 AM
@varunmittal87 i knew this extension already from might be the last resort if i can't find a solution for this problem..Thank you for the help