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Re: how do I find tools edit view dwight.stegall 6/12/09 7:17 PM
File/Edit/View etc has been removed from Chrome to save space. Read below.


A lot of Google Chrome's functions are hidden so the browser uses less screen space so that more of the page you are viewing will show on the screen.

In the upper-right corner of Chrome are two icons you can click on to access two menus. The Wrench Icon is what is nowmally called the Tools Menu in most other browseers. The Page Icon is what is normally called the Files Menu in most other browsers. But some of the functions are still hidden such as CTRL+O to open a file stored on your hard drive. Here is the Keyboard Shortcut page in the help pages.

Right-click the address bar then click on Manage search engines. In there you can add more search engines and set your default search engine.

In the Wrench Icon menu you will see Options. Click on that to set up Chrome the way you want it. If you don't see what you want it probably doesn't exist yet.

Left, middle mouse wheel click, and right clicking everything you see will help you learn Chrome much faster. Even do this to places you don't think will help. You might be surprised at what you will find.

Here is a very helpful site.

If you have questions about any Google-Related problems ask about them here.

Be the first person in the history of the world to read the help pages. Don't read them all. Just read the ones that pertain to your current problem. Then in your spare time you can scan through the others.

Download a fresh copy of Chrome. This is the stable version.

Here are two blogs that will help you.

Chromium Blog:

Chrome Blog:

Don't ask non-relevant questions in the forum. If your mouse is acting up or something else is going wrong go to the support web site for that item. No one knows their product better than they do. You'll get better and faster answers this way. Asking questions about Microsoft Windows in Google Chrome's forum is bad for you. People here can only guess what your problem is. Microsoft forums will know your answer. I'm just trying to make it easier for you to get the proper answers you are seeking.

Re: how do I find tools edit view bill0824 9/13/10 3:31 PM
Press the Alt key to restore the File Edit View etc. headings.