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Viewing the Google Chrome cache

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Viewing the Google Chrome cache jeremyhowell 7/29/09 12:28 PM
How do I view pages from the Google cache, like when you view pages in offline mode in all other respectable browsers?

Need this info as soon as possible.


~ Jeremy
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache Bapabooiee 7/29/09 1:05 PM
Google Chrome, currently, doesn't have an Offline Mode like other browsers do. It makes me very *sadface* =[

If you want to see what files are in your cache, type in "about:cache" into your address bar.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache jeremyhowell 7/29/09 4:51 PM
How do I find out which file in the Chrome cache folder it is, or open it as an HTML document displaying the cached page?

Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache Bapabooiee 7/29/09 5:00 PM
Dude, like I said, just type-in "about:cache" into the address bar to find what files are cached.

Type in one of the following into your address bar in Windows Explorer, depending on your operating system to get to the director Chrome keeps its cache in.

On Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
On Windows Vista: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

Take heed, as, Chrome doesn't cache its files like Internet Explorer does, so the cache files look different -- but indeed, that is where the cache files are kept.

And I think I already answered your question about viewing cached items as an HTML document, as well.

Anyway, Offline Mode is used for viewing cached webpages/content offline. IE and Firefox both have this feature, but Chrome doesn't. So you can't view cached webpages at all in Chrome.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache jeremyhowell 7/29/09 5:07 PM
A whole lot of binary code is not exactly what I would call viewing the page, but thanks anyway, it down't matter anymore, as the page I was trying to find in the cache had been updated to contain the new broken version of the page, so I can't get retrieve the lost page anyway. And concerning not being able to view cached pages at all, I had luck changing the files in the cached folder to .htm extensions, in which most of them where all fully-functional web pages in perfect working condition. :-/

Thanks anyway.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache baban68 4/11/10 10:40 AM
This is not true. We can see the cache offline also. Even chrome has the facility to do so,

here's the catch.

D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\User Data\Default\Cache

In explorer, go to details and you'll have sites in details.

Say, you have downloaded a file from youtube.

In cache, find the higher one such as 7890.

That's your file. Copy and paste in the folder of your choice and rename it with .flv.

You're done.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache pauloya 6/6/10 6:37 AM
Take a look at about:cache, guess what page you want to see, notice the time in GMT, convert the time and find the file on the cache directory, copy the file, add the extension ".htm" and see the file on the browser.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache dudester341 6/11/11 4:47 AM
More and More I'm finding reasons to NOT use chrome and to stick with Firefox.  Offline file viewing is one big reason, the other is finding that I have to use IE or Firefox to view pages without errors.
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache Negeen E. 10/2/15 12:45 AM
Hey Internet Folk!!

Like Bapabooiee said there is no offline cached version of Chrome, but if you install an extension like Pocket you can save things to be viewed offline!

If you have a totally different question, start a new thread so someone from the Chrome team can help you!

Happy interneting :)
Re: Viewing the Google Chrome cache DontSailBackwards 10/21/15 5:23 PM