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Where is the "HOME" button?

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Where is the "HOME" button? Codeine 11/26/08 8:26 AM
Is there are Home button or is that something that still needs to be added to the program? I cant find it anywhere and I use it all the time in my other browser.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? Del 11/26/08 8:29 AM
It is the small picture of a House directly to the right of the refresh button and to the left of the star button, should be in the top left corner of your screen.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? Thrawn 11/26/08 9:05 AM
Go to Google Chrome's program options, (click the wrench and go to options) and then go to the "basics" tab.  Under the 'Home Page' section, make sure the check box next to "Show Home button on the toolbar" is checked.  From now on, there should be a picture of a house between the refresh button and the 'bookmark this page' button, That is the Home button.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? The Informationist 8/24/09 7:29 PM
It was a hidden piece, but thanks to the answer by Thrawn, it was an easy fix!
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? firstodd 9/16/09 2:03 AM
Should be on by default, no question about it.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? mdtiberio 8/26/10 2:36 PM
I wish I found this site sooner. It couldn't have been easier
to do what I wanted. Thank you.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? RenJac 9/4/10 8:12 PM
Thanks Thrawn :) That was helpful :)
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? nalani808 9/27/10 7:57 PM
It's under Preferences. It took me forever to find it too. Under preferences you can click Toolbar: show home button. You can also make personal changes to on the top left hand corner.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? Matey 12/17/10 2:18 PM
Thanks Thrawn.
my Chrome is homeless no more ! :-)

BTW I appreciate the fact that Chrome does not have a ToolBar , I wished all other Software developers/Mfgs out there would follow suit and would not stick their ugly/unnecessary/space wasting/annoying/memory-eating toolbars/logo/popups on our web browsers! Pretty soon we wont have any space left to surf!
(i.e anti-virus programs, yahoo, bing, etc, etc, etyc,...)
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? rollypolly 6/19/11 3:06 AM
Go here and vote for the home button as a feature request
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? online-usa 9/13/11 8:16 AM
For a real good home button, bookmark your homepage and place it in the bookmarks toolbar.  Rename it 'HOME'.  And there you have it.
Re: Where is the "HOME" button? dirtyjungleboy 12/6/11 5:16 PM
Thanks Trawn