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preferences not working

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preferences not working erinu 4/19/11 7:37 PM
I just installed Chrome yesterday so wanted to customize it. When I click the wrench to access the preferences menu, a new tab opens but it's entirely blank. I can't figure out how to access the preferences window and actually make changes.

Re: preferences not working ghoward 4/20/11 1:01 AM
You can type the following into the address bar to access the options:


But if you are not seeing anything when you click the Wrench, I suggest you re-install Chrome as it's works ok for me.
What version of Chrome are you using?
Re: preferences not working Platypusteph 4/28/11 3:19 PM
I'm having the same problem...
Re: preferences not working pennyweb 5/23/11 2:40 AM
same problem, even after reinstalling.