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speed dial gaurav shah 3/10/09 7:13 AM
how do i activate speed dial it seems the option has been hidden how to assign speed dial
Re: speed dial jpowel25 3/12/09 11:12 AM
if you're referring to chrome most visited page in which there are nine of your most visited sites...then just open a new tab and that should show the speed dial
Re: speed dial ArtConnal 5/22/09 12:54 PM
I don't think this is what user gaurav shah had in mind. I have the same question: SPEED DIAL is the most productive add-on I have seen in FireFox. This does not seem to be available in Chrome and is the only feature preventing me from using Chrome as my browser of choice!
Re: speed dial dwight.stegall 5/28/09 1:37 AM
No speed dial for chrome yet. Maybe there'll be an addon later.
Re: speed dial williamghenry 7/30/09 2:13 AM
I think Speed Dial in Firefox is the best Speed Dial by far. None of the other Speed Dials does anywhere near what Speed Dial in Firefox does.
Re: speed dial Dark.Jester 8/14/09 7:55 AM
Yes, I have to agree that Speed Dial is one of the most useful addon's I've ever seen for a brower, I've used it for firefox and Opera and really enjoyed them both. Does anyone know if there is a version for Chrome in the works?
Re: speed dial twnorman 8/28/09 8:18 AM
I'm not familiar with Speed Dial but I have been using Fast Dial in Firefox and would love to see it in Chrome.  I think Speed Dial and Fast Dial are similar and I agree it is probably the most useful and helpful addon in all of Firefox.  Please someone add it to Google Chrome and you can bet you will see an increase in users of Chrome.
Re: speed dial catwriter 10/13/09 6:58 PM
I will definitely use chrome when there is a fast dial add-on...
Re: speed dial paulbv 10/23/09 10:34 PM
Opera has Speed Dial for a very long time and is way better than firefox
Re: speed dial QProteus 11/4/09 8:06 AM
Although Opera's version of Speed Dial was first, it comes nowhere near the customization options of Firefox's version.
Re: speed dial QQFarmer 11/6/09 7:11 PM
Yeah Firefox's Speed Dial is just fantastic. I don't even dare to dream having something like that on Chrome....(⊙o⊙)…
Re: speed dial jaudouy 12/23/09 8:09 AM
Speed Dial is now available (at least under Chromium):
Re: speed dial QQFarmer 12/23/09 8:16 AM
Can you imagine how excited I was? O(∩_∩)O~ Let me help you with the link.
Re: speed dial Leithgooner 12/28/09 11:42 AM
Speed dial is not available for Mac version - any ideas when this will be available? First glances of Chrome look very nice (fast!).
but without a speed dial then Firefox will always be better
Re: speed dial Leithgooner 12/28/09 11:47 AM
...and it turns out no extensions are available for Mac users yet either.... get a grip!! How hard can this be? Get a move on..........
Re: speed dial Colonel Marksman 2/3/10 2:40 PM
How do you put links on the speed dial page?
Re: speed dial rmboransing 2/19/10 5:06 AM
when i delete browser data my speed dial is cleared.. T_T its also the only thing keeping me on firefox
Re: speed dial alien master 7/26/10 10:21 AM
Sorry  Folks..... THERE IS SPEED DIAL IN GOOGLE CHROME......  all you need to do is open your desired page by the

routine procedure (either in the address bar or by typing in the Google homepage...)  and press "ALT+A" ON IT. IT DISPLAYS A


for example, type   " "   in the address bar and press enter.... after the page is displayed, press "ALT+A"....

check via "CTRL+T"....
Re: speed dial katlen 12/2/10 7:25 PM

how do u ? download it ?  i really like it ?
Re: speed dial Sh00ter 12/17/10 6:15 AM
I have Speed Dial installed in Chrome. But for some reason, I am no longer able to PASTE into any of the fields like I could previously. And when I type info into the fields, it sometimes goes away. Any idea how to fix this?
Re: speed dial virae 4/2/11 2:00 AM
I'm developing new speeddial extension because I had similar problems as Sh00ter (lot of bugs, it seems it's not in a development anymore). The new one supports apps, has better bookmarks integration, more theming options, support for delicious bookmarks and lot of customization options. Have a look at, maybe you will like it.
Re: speed dial Dave C B 6/1/11 5:50 PM
I have to agree with a lot of the other posters that state that the lack of a similar Speed Dial in Chrome, like that in Firefox (which I really hate anymore, but thats another story) is what is keeping me from making the final jump to using just Chrome...what specifically is the issue of the Chrome Speed Dial vs the Firefox Speed Dial?...

Customization, and most importantly, the ability to have "tabbed" Speed Dials...For instance, a tab for my Daily Sites, a tab for my food/food blog sites, a tab for my DIY sites, etc...

From the developer of Speed Dial's blog, he had this to say:

I took the time to examine the browser’s files to see how feasible it would be to make an extension. I could see that the front end of their “DOM Inspector” is made with HTML and JS (found those files inside the “Resources” folder), but other than that, I saw that most of their functionality is implemented through DLL libraries, meaning that it will probably not be easy to develop extensions for it, if at all.

(the full post can be found at )

So it would appear that, at least at this point in time, there will not be a FireFox type of Speed Dial for Chrome...

Its too bad...
Re: speed dial Shin Chan123 6/13/11 10:40 PM
I love how all these people talk about "Speed Dial in Firefox" - as if Firefox didn't steal it from Opera, who originated the concept.  lol  Anyway, Chrome does have a speed dial extension now.
Re: speed dial Dave C B 6/14/11 5:46 AM
Yes, Chrome does have a Speed Dial now, but it still does not function like it Speed Dial in FF, where you have multiple tabs with speed dials in each tab...for instance, I have 1 tab for my daily sites, 1 tab for my shopping sites, etc, while, If I am not mistaken, you are limited to the number of tabs you can have under Chrome...

I personally was not aware that it originated in Opera, and I've only tried Opera once or twice over the years, but I will check it out and find out how the Speed Dial there functions...

Thanks for the Opera heads up!
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