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Where are my Favorites?

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Where are my Favorites? Joshua.Saunders.2 10/18/09 1:00 PM
I have already loaded my favorites into Google chrome now how to i go to them why isn't there a favorites button anywhere how do i go to my favorites they have already been loaded in but how do i get to them?
Re: Where are my Favorites? Dejan1024 10/18/09 2:23 PM
In Chrome, bookmarks are called Favorites. Check out the link in my reference to learn how to use bookmarks in Chrome.
Re: Where are my Favorites? QQFarmer 10/18/09 3:34 PM
Press Ctrl+B to show the Bookmarks bar if it's not there already. If you haven't used Chrome before, there should be a folder on the far right end of the Bookmarks bar named "Other bookmarks", click that. Click the folder named "Imported from IE". Click the other folders if there are any. All your imported bookmarks should be in these folders. 

Re: Where are my Favorites? deepbevel 11/3/09 9:15 AM
I can't even believe this. How could they have designed this browser with no favorites button? You can add faves and import them from I.E. but you can't access them from a button on the browser?
Re: Where are my Favorites? segfault 11/3/09 9:24 AM
The "Other bookmarks" button acts like a menu.  Just think of it as your Favorites menu.
Re: Where are my Favorites? montymahan 12/29/09 5:46 PM
This is a pretty basic design flaw guys.  Favorites are the one button or menu that I use when I'm using the internet, and I use it *all* the time.  I shouldn't have to hit control-anything to get to it, It should be right out in the open and easy to get to.  I'll give it about one more week to see if this gets fixed.  If not then I'm going back to Internet Explorer.
Re: Where are my Favorites? geridler 1/4/10 11:51 AM
Right, I use this all the time, "on the fly" so to speak. It's really basic stuff. I have them organized to quickly and securely access the pages I want. I can't understand how Google with all of its talent would miss this basic.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Odile216 1/5/10 12:20 PM
I use the same websites over and over again, so I too am very disappointed by the hidden, multi-step bookmarks.  I'll have to get used to it because I like being able to Ctrl+ to make characters bigger when my eyes get tired, and I like the speed of Chrome because I'm serving overseas and the bandwidth isn't the best. Another alternative is to start typing the name of the website.  Chrome fills in with a menu of choices.  I'll have to learn the first letters of my favorites, but that shouldn't take long.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Holten 1/5/10 4:28 PM
It's like QQFarmer says. The bookmarks are on the bar, guys. The Ctrl-B is for showing (and dismissing) the bookmarks bar, but you can easily keep it open forever, and it remembers your choice from session to session. It also shows in the New Tab screen. (Ctrl-T or the plus button.)

Besides, you can enter the bookmark manager Ctrl-Shift-B (or the wrench button) for rearranging the favorites to be more immediately accessible. A really good tip for that is trying to shorten the labels of the bookmarks on the bookmark bar, so you can fit more icons into it. And if you can recognise them by icon alone, then edit the bookmark label and delete it altogether.
Re: Where are my Favorites? zzbottom 1/9/10 7:43 AM
at Odile216...

You can also hold down Control and turn the mouse wheel to make text larger (and smaller).  This feature is available in a lot apps.
Re: Where are my Favorites? NebrFord 2/6/10 8:44 AM
I have to agree with the dislike of no Favorites on one Toolbar.  I use a Netbook a lot and it doesn't have a lot of real estate to work with so things should be compacted.  Two other things-Why can't I organize the Ctrl-B bookmark list and Why won't the Ctrl-Shift-B window resize?  Favorites are pushed off the bottom and I can't get to them on this 10-inch screen. So far, still liking Firefox a lot better.
Re: Where are my Favorites? JZL1 2/12/10 8:16 AM
This is an UNBELIEVABLE flaw design.
Re: Where are my Favorites? NClady 2/14/10 11:36 AM
I want to pull my thinning hair out!  My very nerd genius son puts this GoogleChrome on my computer and all my favorites and toolbar buttons I like and am used to using are gone and there is no help even with these so called nerdy comments.  I went step by step according to some of the above suggestions and still all I was able to do was put one empty folder on the toolbox.  There is no way to import what was on Internet Explorer toolbar icon buttons.  It was hard enough to explain the IE toolbar to my Aphasia brother (stroke victim) .  He could just go to the star which was favorites and I had the google icon as first and the yahoo icon second so he could get his email.  I already had to go to the old MSN homepage because he simply was lost with Google being the homepage..  It messed with his brain so badly he had to go rest.  Such strain on the brain could actually cause him to have another stroke. A highly intelligent yet stroke victim  gives you an idea of the amount of time, effort, and strain on the brain of the average worker in a place of business having to transition any new changes.  This is a major transition when everything you are used to is missing.....SINCE INTERNET EXPLORER  IS THE PRIMARY EXPLORER BAR THEY SHOULD SHOW SOMEONE SCREEN SHOTS OF THE CHANGES AND HOW TO ACCESS THE NEW CHANGES.  

Re: Where are my Favorites? BAIYYINAH HAMEED 2/17/10 5:49 AM
IT IS AN ABBERATION AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Where are my Favorites? BAIYYINAH HAMEED 2/17/10 5:57 AM
Re: Where are my Favorites? BAIYYINAH HAMEED 2/17/10 5:57 AM
Re: Where are my Favorites? annawhocropsalot 3/9/10 7:59 AM
"imported from IE" does not appear in my other bookmarks, even after I've exported from IE and imported to Chrome. Help! (When I imported, it did say that it's importing, but it doesn't show up.)
Re: Where are my Favorites? annawhocropsalot 3/9/10 8:36 AM
I figured it out! Go to Tools<Options<go to the tab Personal Stuff<Import Data.
Re: Where are my Favorites? jard1052 4/23/10 1:49 PM
were is my favories in google chrome
Re: Where are my Favorites? William Brown 4/24/10 10:00 AM
While speed and simplicity may be Chrome's underlying goal, I think it must be understood that there's a point where too much simplicity becomes complexity.  

Look at programs written in the "Apple paradigm."  Everything is done by menus or a bazillion keyboard shortcuts.  What's wrong with speed buttons?  The same thing holds true with Chrome.  If a user has to go looking in a dozen different places to find where the hell the bookmarks went, and then can't find a history dropdown next to the the Back button...well, most users will discard the browser and say, "the hell with it.  I'm going back to IE."  

The only reason I'm even looking into this browser is because of FF's poor performance under Win 7.  I thought Chrome might be the answer, especially because of its multi-thread model.  Unfortunately until it gets friendlier it's more of a hindrance than a help.  

I DID find that there's an extension called Bookmark Tree which is a little rough around the edges but at least it's useful for finding a few bookmarks.
Re: Where are my Favorites? chrissilkey 5/9/10 10:48 AM
Ctrl B cool and thanks for info!!

Now for other oddity, my newly added extensions disappeared. No biggy, but where'd they go???
Re: Where are my Favorites? PachoMan 6/9/10 5:55 PM
Yeah! What the heck? Google did a weird job of importing my favorites. They're all messed up, meaning, not in order. They're all over the place in "other bookmarks."
Re: Where are my Favorites? bpp503 7/15/10 2:52 PM
Hey tried tool bar <Options<go to the tab Personal Stuff<Import Data. still nothing by by google
Re: Where are my Favorites? rc56313 7/20/10 8:19 PM
The first time I tried Chrome & I couldn't find the bookmarks, I told them to stick it.  With the help from this page, I'll give it another try.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Gwyneth_Bee 8/5/10 3:27 PM

Just be aware that the extension was not developed by Google.


Re: Where are my Favorites? الصاعقة 8/7/10 5:45 AM

egy man
Re: Where are my Favorites? rcdavis 8/9/10 10:33 PM
I came to this link because I could not believe that the Google browser would not have an exposed, one-click favorites bar.  I am in utter disbelief that a company like Google doesn't get it.  People use a browser to go to their favorite sites, and they don't like multiple clicking to find a mess of links.  No favorites bar?  I came here thinking Google Chrome was going to be my new browser, once I figured out how to get my favorites up.  Nope, they will be hidden under a rock.  I don't care to aggravate my carpal tunnel syndrome by having the streamlined simplicity of multiple clicks.  Chrome is such a simple interface that it is - inconvenient and a pain in the behind.  Hey, maybe Google could make their own extension for favorites, for those people who want the simplicity to simply click and go.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Dejan1024 8/10/10 3:04 AM
@rcdavis: Google's idea was more like "type and go".
Once you set up your favorites, it will be easy to get to them, by simply typing a couple of characters in the address bar. It takes very little time get used to it and when you do you will get to your favorite sites way faster than looking for them and clicking.
Re: Where are my Favorites? QQFarmer 8/11/10 12:29 PM
@Gwyneth_Bee, that's a great bookmark extension you recommended. Thanks a lot. Now I can make the Bookmarks Bar disappear. That's priceless. ^_^
Re: Where are my Favorites? Chris Willson 9/4/10 12:48 AM
type and go has nothing on one click favourites, SURELY google can see this?!?
Re: Where are my Favorites? Rupert Picante 9/9/10 4:25 PM

With a bookmarks button I can get to a site with two clicks.
Or I can click in the address bar, then start typing and then click on the link I want.

A menu button is much faster and could be used in addition to the slow way you suggest.
So, thank you very little for your contribution.

This doesn't work for everyone:
To get the button, right-click on your Chrome launching shortcut, select Properties, and in the "target" field, add --bookmark-menu one space after the final chrome.exe

That used to work for me but not anymore.  
The link suggested above works for me. works for me.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Dejan1024 9/10/10 3:57 AM
Rupert, if you know exactly where in the menu each of your bookmarks are, then it could be faster to look for them in the menu. But I assumed that people are more likely to know how their bookmark is named than to know its position in the bookmarks menu. In that case, and if you have a lot of bookmarks, typing is faster than manually looking for it.

Besides, the "Other bookmarks" button is there if you want it, all you have to do is to show the bookmarks bar.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Rupert Picante 9/10/10 7:27 PM
The bookmarks bar is a waste of space.
The button is much faster for most.  

Two clicks: button, (scan down to where you know it is) site

Your method requires a click on the url bar, then typing a few characters - more if you have a lot of bookmarks and even more if you have many that have a similar name.  Then you have to scan down the list which is not as predictable as the bookmarks menu.  If you have recent searches that are similar it is confused further.    

I'm not sure why you are against a small button added to a bar, but in favor of an entire bar.    

Again, my point was you didn't offer help, you basically said to get used to it.
So, thank you very little.
Re: Where are my Favorites? c4ssey 9/11/10 9:02 AM
Hi, What is the new shortcut for showing/hidding the bookmars bar? I am pretty sure It's been Ctrl+B ..
Re: Where are my Favorites? Dejan1024 9/11/10 9:55 AM
It's Ctrl+Shift+B now.
Re: Where are my Favorites? c4ssey 9/11/10 10:00 AM
Yep, thanks buddy
Re: Where are my Favorites? Race Bannon 9/19/10 9:49 AM
I was able to enable the "Other Bookmarks" toolbar to appear on all my tabs by selecting to create a new tab. Click on the "+" where the page tabs appear at the top of the browser. At this point (on my system, I have an "Other Bookmarks" toolbar). If you have it, right-click on the "Other Bookmarks" icon and select "Always show bookmarks bar". If you don't have it, I can't help, I am Google Chrome newbie.
Re: Where are my Favorites? drenterprize 9/23/10 7:56 AM
Yes the missing link for Our Favorites is a flaw on Google's part and hopefully will be corrected in the future.  One way around that is to go to the start menu on your os and turn on favorites there.  Not the perfect fix, but it works.
Re: Where are my Favorites? cltguy81 10/26/10 12:35 PM
Why not just put menus google???? WHY god WHY!  It is such a fast browser, it's just so unorganized.  File, Favorites/Bookmarks, History, Tools/Setup/Options - drop down menus are what made GUI OS's work, why break something just to have to fix it?  A status bar at the bottom would be nice too!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Blair (Googler) 11/8/10 5:09 PM
Hey everybody,

"Favorites" are called "bookmarks" in Google Chrome. Hit Ctrl + Shift + B to show the bookmarks bar. Click on "Other bookmarks" at the far right of the bookmarks bar to see any bookmarks you imported from Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

To add a new bookmark, hit Ctrl + Shift + D, or click the star in the far right of the address bar, or drag a link to the bookmarks bar.

If you would prefer to use a bookmarks menu instead of a bookmarks bar, you can try the Chrome extension in reference [1] below.

An extension is something you install to add certain functionality to the browser. You can learn more from reference [2] below.

Re: Where are my Favorites? Ed Poor 1/10/11 1:17 PM
Blair, I think you missed the point of the question. What we want is to be able to CLICK on something to see our favorites ... instead of having to use the keyboard.

Joshua, click on the "Wrench" icon in the upper right corner. Then choose the Tools menu, and the "Always show bookmarks bar" command.

If I ever apply to work in Google tech support, I'll mention this problem. :-)
Re: Where are my Favorites? Uechi-Ryu 1/26/11 11:25 AM
Thankfully I had the common sense to create a System Restore point before installing Google Chrome!  What a complete and utter load of rubbish they have produced.  There is an old saying 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it'; if this is the standard of product they think is acceptable then Google would do well do learn that.

Despite the fact that I was appalled that the favourites button had been removed, I followed all the advice above and eventually managed to get the Bookmark bar to appear.  I have tried everything to work out a way of accessing my 'favourites' in the way I am used to and want to continue doing so but it is simply impossible.  Sure I managed to import them but it will NOT ALLOW me, the user, to put them in the order I had them and still want them!  I MUST have them sorted the way Google wants whether I like it or not!

Well I do not like it and I am not going to accept such shoddy products - even if it may be a millisecond faster etc etc.  Thanks to my forethought, my next step is to go back to the system restore button and a perfectly usable system that was NOT 'broke'!

It will never cease to amaze me how some highly paid 'professional' allowed such poor programming to go out and got away with it!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Dejan1024 1/26/11 12:19 PM
Another old saying says "you can't please everyone". You, like everyone else, have the right not to like Chrome, but don't insult the makers of Chrome just because you were not pleased with it.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Oreshans 3/8/11 2:30 PM
Well, I finally found the bookmarks, but they are not accessible as IE. In addition, the instructions for Chrome says they will transfer over but many of the items did not and they have mixed them up. So, now that I spend endless hours organizing them on IE, they don't make sense at all on Chrome and I can't see how to spend more endless hours trying to organize them in a ladder or folders.
Re: Where are my Favorites? foozkillah 3/16/11 11:52 AM
Chrome sure loads fast... but losing the Alt-A and then simple mnemonics(letters, numbers or the cursor keys) to select a favorite site (which is absolutely the quickest way)  has been lost.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY MORONIC.  Going back to I Explorer....
Not to mention the loss of Alt-F and the other menus...
Re: Where are my Favorites? Osam555 4/9/11 12:42 PM
it works
Re: Where are my Favorites? msgtra 4/28/11 10:53 AM
Cntrl Shift B does put the bookmark bar on my homepage, but I still cannot figure out to import all the hundreds of favorites I had in I.E.9  These instructions simply do not work.  What happened to them?  Add my name to the ever growing list of dissatisfied customers who want you to add a favorites icon AND map over all the favorites that used to be on Internet Explorer.  This is bad.
Re: Where are my Favorites? AngryScotsman 5/1/11 10:11 AM

I have used chrome basically since beta and love the simplicity of the browser however: on three occasions now my bookmarks have been erased for no obvious reason. I have tolerated this quietly twice; I tend to make alot of bookmarks as I research and I have had well organised folders. Why the hell again have my bookmarks again been removed? I am close to switching my main browser away from Chrome.

It seems as if Google wants me to change my main browser because it deletes my bookmarks and then tells me to import them from another browser. If I was not loyal to Google and used Internet Explorer/Mozilla and had my bookmarks set-up here initially everything would be okay.
Re: Where are my Favorites? kluu 5/3/11 2:37 PM
I had Chrome before and it seemed fine to me, I like a mix of link  bar and a favorites toggle down. But I had to reload it and now I am not getting the Other bookmarks button at the far right and can't seem to import any of my links.

If there is no other bookmark button at far right how do I get it to appear?
Re: Where are my Favorites? PamelaBussi 5/15/11 7:22 AM
Found it.  Thank you.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 5/23/11 2:23 PM

If you go to Wrench and click Bookmark Manager. In bookmark manager, click Organize, and you'll see a drop down menu. There's an option called "Import bookmark." You can then import bookmarks. Thanks. 

Re: Where are my Favorites? ggary 5/25/11 4:22 PM
No dout, this no favorites button things makes chrome suck! I guess its ok if you are not planning on surfing sites you know and trust. For example, keeping your fav menu open, with just a click in fav menu I can compare prices on 5 sites I shop at all the time (just example, i have many more sites in my fav's that will not fit or be at the ready with a bookmark bar like some suggest using in lue of fav menu here). With chrome you have to take a few steps to view each bookmarked site. Sure the sites come up a little faster with chrome compared to IE, but the time it takes to get to each site in the bookmark, you would have already compared prices and bought the item long before you could compare sites using chrome. Now if you want to search on multiple browsers like maybe look for pics on google and MSN, its much faster to do with IE.  Chrome does load sites faster, but for normal surfing your better off with IE or other. I like keeping my fav's open and at the ready. Chrome just makes normal browsing almost painful.
Re: Where are my Favorites? steve4nlanguage 5/29/11 1:50 AM
I just installed Chrome today. If you're trying to import your Favorites from Firefox 4 to Chrome, like I was, it appears that the wizard isn't working. Therefore, your favorites must be manually transferred.

Fortunately, a pretty simple process can be found in this thread:

Once I did this, a folder called "Imported Bookmarks" appeared in my Bookmarks Bar (which you can set to permanently show by clicking the Wrench Icon in the upper right corner, and select Tools-->Always show bookmarks bar. I then used the Bookmark Manager (Wrench Icon-->Bookmark Manager) to tweak the Bookmarks Bar.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Quabledistocficklepo 5/31/11 4:25 PM
From the above, I have to conclude that Google Chrome's Bookmark program is as bad, if not worse, than  I thought it was.  Still, I have hopes. I should be receiving a book on Google Chrome within a few days, and I'm hoping that it provides better instructions than any of those above for using Google Chrome's Bookmarks. By "better" I mean understandable and useful.

It seems to me that part of the problem is that the "Explainers" don't fully understand what the "complainers" are talking about. Here's my problem, as I see it: (1) I click on "Bookmarks" in the menu bar. (2) A drop-down menu appears with the following choices: (A) Bookmark Manager  (B) Bookmark this Page (C) Bookmark All Tabs  (3) I click on "Bookmark this Page".  4, The End. I mean that after I click on "Bookmark this Page" I have no idea where my bookmark goes or how to ever find it again. That's the problem I have. Is that simple enough? How about the answer? Can't it be as simple as that?
Re: Where are my Favorites? jdgkryp2nite 6/1/11 9:09 PM
If you are missing the "Other Bookmarks" button like I was, click on the wrench icon, select "Options", select the "Personal Stuff" tab at the left column and hit "Import data from another browser...".  After that you can go into the "Bookmark manager" to reorganize and delete the unnecessary added folder level called "Imported from IE".  You should now have all the 'Favourites' you had in IE, organized in the same way under the "Other Bookmarks" drop-down button.  To go a step further you should have a "Favourites Bar" folder that you can drag and drop all of the links from to the "Bookmarks bar" folder.  You will have to edit the labels on each of them to make room for them all.  A tedious process but it should take no more than 15 minutes or so the first time and if you have to do it again in the future and you happen to remember all of this without having to look it up again like I did, it should only take 5 minutes or so.  The downside is if you choose to or are forced to use multiple browsers, they do not sync.  So any bookmarks you add in Chrome will not be available in IE and vice versa.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Cundylu 6/18/11 4:23 PM
I just got Google Chrome and I lost my favorites bar! Luckily I found it, This is what I did..
click on the tool icon
click options,then personal stuff,then under the hood, then personal stuff, then import data from another browser. select your other browser (mine was MSN). now they are all there under "other bookmarks"! I'm so happy!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Lavenderrose73 6/28/11 3:31 PM
I agree with---a bunch of those above. This is bull, and I shouldn't have to take steps I won't remember and will have to come back 2 days from now just to remember how to get into MY OWN FAVORITES! I don't know that I'll be using Chrome anymore, except maybe for my college's WebCT. I'll use Internet Explorer from now on until those who manage the layout come to their senses and make this USER FRIENDLY!!!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Andrew077 6/28/11 4:57 PM
I followed the steps to import my Firefox bookmarks, but nothing happened.  My Other Bookmarks folder remains empty.  So, I went back to my Syncs setup options and I unchecked Apps, Extensions, and Themes in case there was a Sync error with any of those.

But the Sync is not doing anything - I click to change my Sync settings, but the animated circle stays there, as if it's still completing this.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Indianman 7/7/11 9:21 AM
Why cant you make a Bookmark button, i never use Chrome just becoz of this. I dont need to search and discuss for a shitty bookmark button, GOOGLE WHY THE HELL CANT YOU MAKE A BOOKMARK BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER>>>!!
Re: Where are my Favorites? prican 7/16/11 7:53 AM
THANK YOU BLAIR!!!!!! I followed Blair' steps and now I just click on the star at top right hand corner and my favorites list comes right up!!! THANK YOU BLAIR
Re: Where are my Favorites? rt1407 7/27/11 8:42 PM
When you are on the sites you want as favourites,click on the star icon at top right which asks you to "Bookmark this page" click "done".Then when you want your favourites later you can access them by clicking the spanner/tool/wrench icon top right and select "bookmark manager" there you will find all of your favourites.That worked for me.Not the same as the old faves but still as handy.Hope that helps
Re: Where are my Favorites? Taylor5 9/1/15 4:55 PM
Hi folks, 

We know that a handful of you have had trouble using bookmarks in Chrome, so we introduced some changes in our latest release (version 13) to help out:

**Vertical bookmarks list & bookmarks options are now at the top menu next to File and Edit and you can also find them under (Chrome menu 
 > Bookmarks)

--Note that the vertical bookmarks list doesn't replace the horizontal bookmarks bar, but you can toggle the latter on / off using  Ctrl+Shift+B (Windows / Chrome OS) and ⌘-Shift-B (Mac) if you prefer to see your bookmarks arranged vertically.
--Under wrench > Bookmarks, you'll also see other bookmarks options such as Bookmark manager and Import Bookmarks and Settings.

If you need more help using bookmarks, please see reference 1 below.


Re: Where are my Favorites? terryljam 8/24/11 8:19 PM
No Favorites sucks!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Toni (Googler) 9/19/11 4:17 PM
@terryljam - Unless you mean something else by "favorites," we do have this in Google Chrome. They are just referred to as bookmarks instead. 
Re: Where are my Favorites? n9911c 9/25/11 8:07 PM
Here is a FIX.  I like a favorite or bookmark button as well.  It should have been a no brainer to include a button for it.  What I did was, with the bookmark bar open, drag the "Imported Firefox Bookmarks" folder all the way to the left of the bookmarks bar and renamed it Favorites.  It won't let me change the icon but I guess the folder will do.

 I don't understand why these software writers have to change things around, add many more steps to accomplish what the same one or two click functions already did.  It's like, after the "upgrade" you open your sock drawer to get a pair and they are not there.  You finally find them out in the 3rd drawer in your toolbox in the garage.

I wish Chrome was more configurable like Firefox.  Web pages in Firefox and IE were hanging and sometimes didn't load.  Chrome has been opening all the web pages fast and not hanging.

Re: Where are my Favorites? Taylor5 9/25/11 9:41 PM
Hi Tony,

Not sure if you're referring to something else, but the star in the far right side of the omnibox (address bar) serves as your bookmarks button. Clicking the star will bookmark the page you're on. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts instead, you can click CTRL-D (Windows) / -D (Mac).


Re: Where are my Favorites? Kingerz 10/2/11 3:51 AM
How do you find favourites on Chrome?

Far as I can tell there are no favourites in Google Chrome.  I asked everyone in my office at work (8 people) and no one could see any menu or feature for it.  All said it seemed very unintuitive.  Well, they said, 'This is rubbish" etc actually!

Maybe it's buried in some menus.  Who cares, it is a main feature, it should be obvious.

It's a secondary school so we asked lots of tech type students and they all said use Firefox, so that's the main answer.  Faves are very easy to see even on Internet Explorer that comes with windows, so that is also advised.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 10/3/11 2:19 PM

As others have mentioned, Chrome's version of favorites is called "Bookmarks". You can find them in the wrench menu and select bookmarks. Also, you can have a bookmarks bar by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B to dock it right below the address bar. Thanks,
Re: Where are my Favorites? kkwillis 11/9/11 11:46 AM
A handful of us? Have you read how many post are here!?! NO ONE should just go to googe and assume you are at a safe site for banks, credit cards, pharmacies....come on google chrome before I dump you for YAHOO or firefox, anything!
Re: Where are my Favorites? kkwillis 11/9/11 11:48 AM
DUH, We know that favs and bookmarks are the same, but like the guy said it should be OBVIOUS! I have to go to facebook to find just a few on my list, how do I get to facebook? I have to google it!!!! This is ridiculous!
Re: Where are my Favorites? kkwillis 11/10/11 9:56 AM
Say it anyway you want....Its hard to do, and hard to find...and a heck of alot of trouble...Its a design flaw, admit it, why don't you?
Re: Where are my Favorites? arodessa 11/11/11 10:55 PM
This is one of the reasons I keep 3 browsers around.  I open everything I can in IE because, well, it has Favourites and I don't have to jump through hoops to get things just work. Then if the site doesn't open in IE, I try Chrome, then Firefox (which is by far the slowest). Usually one of the browsers will finally get me what I want.

What amazes me (and I'm a software developer, so not exacly non technical) is that these three browsers have so many features that are 'ideal' but no single browser combines them. I can only hope thatn in another couple of years a new browser comes along that actually allows you to pick which features you need (say, Favourites, New Tab opening homepage). It'll be like the days when IE6 used to open _everything_ and things just _worked_.
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Re: Where are my Favorites? BobSwede 12/11/11 2:59 AM
I came to this discussion after trying to figure out the way to handle favourites/bookmarks, which I did not find in Chrome.

People talk about various things here:

The Star button
is referred to but all it does is CREATE a bookmark on the current page (stored in some obscure location). Creating bookmarks is not what I do a lot, instead I refer to my library of bookmarks to go to an already bookmarked place. 99% of the time I need to access a webpage via a bookmark, not *create* a new bookmark! THIS is what should be in a premium spot.

The bookmark bar (Ctrl-shift-B)
A horizontal place to store a very limited number of bookmarks. Completely unusable except for the very minimal number of bookmarks. I have probably in excess of 1500 bookmarks, how could I make these fit a horizontal bar?

Why should an add-on be needed for a main level completely necessary function in a browser?

Import from FF
I tried this but it refused because FF is running. But I read here that if done like this all the careful organization in folders and subfolders (necessary with many bookmarks) is lost! Unbelievable!

Type instead of clicking
An insane suggestion is to start typing the "name" of the bookmark in the address bar and Chrome will find the bookmark for you...
How the h-ll can you expect people to remember the rather strange names of webpages that have been bookmarked and use it to type the name? For example I have a folder with Microchip forum bookmarks where every single one of about a dozen start with the name Microchip. Funny to type all this before being able to then type in the deciding text (if I can remember).
The advantage with a list of bookmarks that Chrome does not provide is that you can read the names and quickly decide which to click and then you are there.

How could the Google developers ever miss the usability function of a sensible bookmark access??????

Going back to using FF as my main browser.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 12/12/11 2:26 PM
Hi BobSwede, 

There's is on more place for bookmark, if you click the wrench icon, and go to bookmark, you'll find all your bookmarks in a vertical menu. 

While importing, is there any reason that you need to keep FF open? 

Re: Where are my Favorites? Sligsaw 12/15/11 7:03 AM
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned earlier but I didn't want to go through and read the whole thread as there is just too much.

The people who want a dedicated menu with all of their bookmarks, you don't need to add extensions or anything, the solution is quite simple.

As you may know you have the Bookmarks Bar, so if you go into the 'Organise Bookmarks' interface, then create a folder in the Bookmarks Bar and call it 'Bookmarks' or whatever else you want to call it. Then import all of your favourites to Chrome and move them all into that new folder you have just created, make sure you set Chrome to display the bookmarks bar and only the folder called Bookmarks will display on the bar. When you click on it all of your folders of bookmarks and such will be there just like a menu in other browsers, simple yet effective solution.

I do think Google should put a dedicated Bookmarks menu where the home and refresh buttons are, its not like it would take up any more space just make the address bar a little smaller and they could fit in a little button called Bookmarks, by clicking it opens up a menu with all of your bookmarks in. The interface would still be tidy and people would have a nice little dedicated menu on display to see, would be helpful to older generation too, my Mother and Father had trouble finding the bookmarks menu in Chrome and I did for them both what I said above and they said it was a great idea, so there you go.

I love Chrome purely because it is simple and even on my utter crap connection it is fast hehe.
Re: Where are my Favorites? alfredkeshishyan 1/4/12 9:40 PM
I steal can not find my old favorites.How & where can I get them.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 1/9/12 2:15 PM

Have you completed the import process? What's the browser you were using before Chrome? 
Re: Where are my Favorites? BrittanyLewis 1/11/12 7:06 AM
I don't have an "other bookmarks" folder on my favorites menu even though i have been saving pages in the "other bookmarks" folder. It just doesn't appear on the menu and I have no idea how to get to it!! and when I go to the wrench to get to "bookmarks" it's not there. I don't know if I have the latest version of chrome (i just got it 3 weeks ago) but i went to try to update and no updates were available.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 1/11/12 2:51 PM
Hi BrittanyLewis, 

Have you checked in Bookmark Manager? (Wrench > Bookmark > Bookmark manager). 
Re: Where are my Favorites? Kingerz 2/8/12 4:05 AM
No favourites or bookmarks in Chrome that I could see, went back to other browsers.  Can't see why anyone would use this rubbish.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tomoya Kawasaki 2/8/12 4:03 PM
Hi Kingerz, 

Have you imported bookmarks from other browsers? 

When you go to the Wrench icon on the top right corner, and select Bookmarks, do you not see anything after import? 

Lastly, you can have the Bookmarks bar appear at all times by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B. 

Re: Where are my Favorites? rahul.ksfe 3/1/12 11:03 PM
not interested
Re: Where are my Favorites? robertbeal 3/23/12 9:17 AM
I have a huge folder tree of Favorites.  These include everything from web sites to web pages and web documents -- anything on-line that I want to not have to search for when I want it again.  These folders also serve as a library of materials of specific interest to me, which I can revisit a long time after I've forgotten exactly what is in there.

Click on "Add to Favorites"
Find or create an appropriate folder.
Rename the item, if desired.

An invaluable browsing and research aid -- GONE with Chrome.

Re: Where are my Favorites? loralye 3/25/12 12:35 PM
ok for the people like me that don't understand all this techno cr... this is what I have learned: hit the ctrl button & the letter B, this will open your list of favorites: RIGHT CLICK THE ONE YOU WANT TO OPEN! as for adding to it not there yet!Hope this helps
Re: Where are my Favorites? jwp118 5/9/12 3:38 PM
I agree... this implementation of favourites / bookmarks is rubbish.

I thought it was just me having to learn a new way of doing things, so I stopping putting it off and put some effort in (after 2 years) only to find what we've got.

It's pretty transparent that this is Google's way of encouraging searching, but I have HUNDREDS of meticulously sorted bookmarks that I use many times a day.

I would love to switch to chrome to get those syncing across all devices but I can't until this implemented (hate to say it) like IE.

IE allows the tree view to be pinned and multiple sub folders opened at once and many links open very quickly in separate windows by holding Ctrl.


Re: Where are my Favorites? BobDWilliams 6/15/12 8:12 AM
Right on! Two Thumbs / Two Toes up!
Re: Where are my Favorites? butterfly.mccuen 6/27/12 8:58 AM
Okay. Where are my favorites?
Re: Where are my Favorites? butterfly.mccuen 6/27/12 9:10 AM
This OS a gireat idea and one that I'm sure. Works great if you're on a PC.   Now what. About those. of us working. on a phone ;a android tone specific.
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Re: Where are my Favorites? jcrump 7/4/12 11:51 AM
I just heard iGoogle is going away, so my first thought was I might have to dump Firefox and go with Chrome, so I'm trying it out today.  Voila, no Favorites.  
Googlers, understand that my screen is lots wider than it is tall.  I don't want to have to have another toolbar sized space user just to have a single icon. I want to add a book mark icon to the URL bar like I can in Firefox.  I do NOT need the URL window to run 90% the width of my screen.  In Firefox, I can put JUST what I want in that space.  In addition to Back, Forward, Reload, I also have Home, History, and Favorites.  That only reduces my URL bar by about an inch and adds nice functionality.  Google, please reconsider.  
Once again, my screen is LOTS wider than it is tall.  So you use up vertical space and give me extra horizontal space (at least in this forum) by making the vertical scroll bar narrower.  That is really screwed priorities.
For now I remain loyal to Firefox.
Re: Where are my Favorites? mgallardo 7/6/12 7:01 AM
Thank you!!
Re: Where are my Favorites? OkLady41 6/29/13 9:20 AM
It would have been nice if Google had notified us before this change took place.  We did not receive ANY message letting us know this change was taking place, let alone when.
Re: Where are my Favorites? [email address] 7/2/13 2:28 AM
Re: Where are my Favorites? Margie Callahan 7/26/13 8:35 PM
Huh?  I still can't find it!!!!
Re: Where are my Favorites? Margie Callahan 7/26/13 8:38 PM
So, where's the wrench?  This is totally screwed up...wonder how many hours of time have been wasted and to no avail!  
Re: Where are my Favorites? Kenneth Coats 7/31/13 10:03 AM
Re: Where are my Favorites? audolia molina 8/26/13 11:07 AM
They are part of your tools!
Where are my Favorites? Susan Morgan's 8/30/13 2:52 AM
Re: Where are my Favorites? cfmil20 9/2/13 1:29 PM
On Sunday, October 18, 2009 4:00:50 PM UTC-4, Joshua.Saunders.2 wrote:
> I have already loaded my favorites into Google chrome now how to i go to them why isn't there a favorites button anywhere how do i go to my favorites they have already been loaded in but how do i get to them?

On Sunday, October 18, 2009 4:00:50 PM UTC-4, Joshua.Saunders.2 wrote:
> I have already loaded my favorites into Google chrome now how to i go to them why isn't there a favorites button anywhere how do i go to my favorites they have already been loaded in but how do i get to them?

Re: Where are my Favorites? omer winn 9/14/13 8:08 AM
Where are my Favorites? Susan Morgan's 9/14/13 5:40 PM
Re: Where are my Favorites? Tom Leeks 10/3/13 4:36 AM
Ctrl+Shift+B produced nothing so it looks as if I am about to lose ALL my favourites unless I laboriously copy the whole list and save it somewhere.
Where are my Favorites? Mike-2013 10/16/13 5:12 PM
I use which is very user friendly homepage.I recommend it to everyone.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Archie Menzies 10/28/13 7:18 AM
where did my favorites go?
Where are my Favorites? Pamela Broad 10/31/13 10:17 AM
How do I find the bookmark sign so that I can use it?
Where are my Favorites? Mikerise 11/13/13 12:13 PM
Where are my Favorites? Mikerise 11/13/13 12:14 PM
I use homepage,which is very user friendly.I recommend it to everyone.
Where are my Favorites? Mikerise 11/16/13 5:11 PM
I'd recommend is very simple and easy to navigate.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Mahen Gala 11/19/13 5:31 PM
Where are my Favorites? Mikerise 11/22/13 4:00 PM
I'd recommend homepage. It is very simple and easy to navigate.
Re: Where are my Favorites? bogiebuff 11/30/13 4:46 AM
Me too, very frustrating, and not finding the any solution as of yet.
Re: Where are my Favorites? Harry Ebmeier 12/7/13 8:32 AM
Post favorities
Re: Where are my Favorites? JR Thomas 12/13/13 4:37 PM
Having seen this recommendation, I'd like to add for people to take a look at. For me this has been the perfect spot to keep my bookmarks.
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