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find wrench menu on chrome

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find wrench menu on chrome jgjsweetjanes 12/15/09 6:41 PM
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Re: find wrench menu on chrome jgjsweetjanes 12/15/09 6:42 PM
I am trying to set my iGoogle as my home page in Google Chrome but can not locate the wrench or tools to do this. Can you tell me where on the screen they are
Re: find wrench menu on chrome Bapabooiee 12/15/09 6:49 PM
This is usually a little confusing to people new to Chrome. But the "Wrench menu" is that little blue icon at the top-right of your window. If you click it, it brings-down a dropdown menu. You would want to click that, go to Options, then Basics, and set your homepage to iGoogle from there.

Referring to it as the "Wrench menu" or the "Tools menu" is synonymous.
Re: find wrench menu on chrome caver_tim 12/16/09 3:57 AM
Its a little different for MAC users. what OS are you using?
Re: find wrench menu on chrome jgjsweetjanes 12/16/09 4:22 AM
The latest version of Snow Leopard
Re: find wrench menu on chrome Bapabooiee 12/16/09 11:05 AM
Well, then that's why it's important to tell us what operating system you're using :]

In any case, Chrome on the Mac doesn't have Wrench or Page icons in top-right corner. Instead, you must use the menus at the top of the screen to find what you're looking for. When someone refers to the Wrench menu, they're mostly talking about the Windows and Linux versions of Chrome (which have the Wrench/Pag menus) - but when you're on a Mac, and someone talks about the Wrench menu, you have to find what they're talking about in one of the menus at the top of the screen instead.

But I guess that is a bit confusing, though.
Re: find wrench menu on chrome jgjsweetjanes 12/16/09 1:28 PM
That seems a bit crazy as the version I just downloaded (which was sent in an email from Google) was specifically for Mac. So where I do I find the menu to change settings so that every time I open up either a new tab or window in Chrome it goes directly to my iGoogle page (rather than having to hit the HOME icon)? Also, can I link my Google Notifier to Chrome.

Also, another glitch, see below ERROR message whenever I try to retrieve my email. Is this why this version is BETA (so that we can test it and you can work out all the kinks) ?

Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, using the older version, or using basic HTML mode. Learn More.
Re: find wrench menu on chrome Shrish Bajpai 12/25/10 7:51 PM
Hello 2 all,
Please let me know how to enable Wrench menu in google crome.
Shrish Bajpai
Re: find wrench menu on chrome chimak 12/25/10 8:04 PM
Hello what is your OS? Mac?
Re: find wrench menu on chrome chimak 12/25/10 8:06 PM
If mac, this helps?

Chrome 6 introduces a new Wrench menu that unifies it with the old Page menu.  To save space and eliminate clutter, the UI leads decided to merge common elements into button items.  Cocoa allows putting custom items in menus using -[NSMenuItem setView:], but none of the typical menu interactions that users expect are provided.  Missing are hover states, menu closing on selection, and non-sticky mode.  Menus on Mac OS X have two modes of interaction; the first is typical of other platforms: click to open and click to select an item.  The other is non-sticky mode, where the user can click the menu open and, without releasing, drag to the desired item, and release to select it.  Custom buttons were written to implement all these behaviors, as well as to change their appearance.

Another feature of the menu is to be able to use the zoom buttons and have the page update while the menu stays open.  The issue in implementing this was that after the zoom button messages the renderer to zoom, the acknowledgment (containing the actual zoom level) comes back asynchronously to the I/O thread, which then forwards the Task to the UI thread's main event loop.  When a menu is running, though, a nested event loop is run that blocks that UI event loop.  To fix this, the callback on the IPC thread is special-cased to post the Task in a way that both the modal menu loop and, if a menu is not running, the main loop can process it."
Re: find wrench menu on chrome nireshkumar 1/4/11 10:52 PM
where is  wrench menu?
how to   go  for it?
Re: find wrench menu on chrome caver_tim 1/5/11 12:58 AM
normally its on the top right corner of your window.
If you're running on a mac then there is an option somewhere in the mac menus that says "show wrench menu"
Re: find wrench menu on chrome friends.raaj4u 2/16/11 5:46 AM
could u help me?

my operating system is xp3,,
and iam using 3 browsers... google chrome browser, firefox browser, and internet explorer..
in all these browsers iam not able to read telugu content on web ,, the telugu content on web is appearing in small boxes shapes.... please help me and suggest me .. how can i able to read telugu?

i hope u can understand my problem
please help me
Re: find wrench menu on chrome caver_tim 2/16/11 6:55 AM
try starting a new question asking how to display different languages fonts in chrome rather than tagging on to an old question about the menu system.

Telugu is available in the localisation options in chrome , that its to say you can set your menus and options boxes to this language, but I suspect you'd need a telugu font, and that may not be installed on your PC.
Re: find wrench menu on chrome sariiyer 3/27/11 6:14 AM
its saying this when i try to put google earth and it goes to google chrome:

Unable to connect to the proxy server
A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your computer and other servers. Right now, your system is configured to use a proxy, but Google Chrome can't connect to it.
Here are some suggestions:
If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or check with your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.
If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server, try the following steps: Go to Wrench menu > Options > Under the Hood > Change proxy settings > LAN Settings and deselect "Use a proxy server for your LAN."
Error 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED): Proxy server connection failed.

what am i supposed to do and please put a picture
Re: find wrench menu on chrome JackyH 10/26/15 6:57 PM
Hi everyone,

This thread seems to to be about finding the wrench menu on Windows, Linux, and Mac set ups, which no longer exists. The wrench menu has been replaced by this symbol  in the top right of the Chrome browser window.

@sariiyer It appears your issue might be a little different and specifically about error 130; if found another thread on the forum addressing a similar issue where another user suggests a solution: If you are still experiencing this error, this thread will be the best place for post your questions. In the mean time, I do hope you've stopped receiving this error message though!

Thanks again for the great user education on the wrench menu Chrome Community!