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How do you turn Javascript on/off?

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How do you turn Javascript on/off? Genehayes 1/26/09 2:32 PM
Okay, so I love Chrome, but what has been bothering me is that ever since I got it, it hasn't let me view some things that run on javascript. Here is the exact message I get every time it happens:

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's  Flash Players. Get the latest Flash player.

It says it EVERY TIME!

I can't view YouTube videos with this problem.

I downloaded Flash 10, but it still won't work!

I don't know how to turn javascript on/off, so maybe that would help. Thanks!

Please answer someone!2009-07-01

UPDATE- Okay, I fixed it! I just cleared my cache and it's ALL GOOD NOW :D Thanks guys!

Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Chromagnum 2/4/09 9:38 AM
Exactly the same for me.  How's that for an answer?
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Bapabooiee 2/4/09 10:02 AM
While I don't exactly know the answer to your Flash problem, I do know how to disable Javascript, though.

To disable JS, find your Google Chrome shortcut (say, on your desktop or something). Right-click it, and go to Properties. In the "Target:" field, but "-disable-javascript" after the quotation marks.

For example, my Chrome shortcut looks like this (of course, your Chrome shortcut would have your username in it):

"C:\Documents and Settings\Bapa\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

To disable Javascript in (my) Chrome, I'd put it exactly like this:

"C:\Documents and Settings\Bapa\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-javascript

I've also included a link to a helpful article in my references.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? lesfromnj 2/11/09 8:10 PM
We want to turn Javascript on.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? fifi73 2/25/09 10:06 AM
I bet it's a Flash issue. Did you close down the browser after downloading Flash? See for more instructions. 
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? dajabz 6/7/09 3:25 AM
yeah...i got the same msg when on youtube...i just emptied the cache n it was all good...dont kno whats goin on there...but it im happy
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? pro157 7/1/09 1:45 AM
I had the same problem and i just cleared the cache as well and it everything is normal know.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? mike.guerriero1 9/10/09 6:13 PM
for us novices, how does one clear their cache?  thanks!
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? †Tommy G.† 9/10/09 7:16 PM

Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? apbloom 9/22/09 5:38 AM
clearing the cache did not work for me.  Im running chrome on a computer without admin rights, and while I had flash working for over a month, I fear THEY may have done something..any other suggestions?
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? ajwE2L 10/4/09 6:33 AM
I had the same problem and uninstalled Adobe Flash (using their uninstaller), installed the latest version, and cleared Google Chrome cache and still couldn't view Youtube videos (or MSNBC videos) -- got the same message about either having JavaScript turned off or not having the latest version of Adobe Flash installed

Found the answer - on the Adobe Flash download page there's an option "different operating system or browser".  I used this and installed both the IE version (which didn't solve my Chrome problem) and also the "other browser" version -- which while it doesn't list Chrome as a supported browser, does now work on my computer (Vista O/S).  Videos now work in Chrome.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? reiningchic 12/19/09 8:26 PM
None of this works for me.
I cleared the cache - no change.
I downloaded the IE and the other browser flash player - no change.
For now i am using yahoo to play videos from the search page.
Right now I just figured out a site called and that's where i'm watching videos from at the moment.
Can anyone help me?

Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Raghd Hamzeh 1/20/10 6:39 AM
Clear the cache. restart the browser and you're good to go! thanks 4 the tip, i tried almost everything from reinstalling flash to reinstalling my browser and uninstalling all the extensions and nothing but clearing the cache worked.. i should have gotten the tip from the fact that you tube videos opened normally in incognito mode..
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? rclugnut 1/20/10 7:01 PM
i  cleared my cache, installed both flashes restarted chrome, but i still get the same message as metnioned above... and doesn't work incognito....
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? 14asun 1/25/10 3:02 PM
i tried all these suggestions... none of em wurked... u ppl got any more suggestions?
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? ryno_0 2/3/10 10:41 PM
I re-downloaded Java for Chrome and that did it for me.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? mea03wjb 2/15/10 3:37 AM
If you have tried all of the above ensure you have Java on your machine, download it form here:


Install it and then re-start chrome. Checkout you tube - should work fine.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? zac is awesome 2/16/10 7:31 AM
same thing here even says it on internent explorer makes me so made i want to watch youtube videos but it wont lety me
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? jaughtman 2/17/10 7:32 PM
Is this the same type problem that would have caused Chrome to stop downloads.  I have been using Chrome for some time now, recently had to install Adobe reader 9.3 in order to download and/or view pdf files. Everything worked for approx 2 weeks,  now all of a sudden it has quit downloading again.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome, uninstalling and reinstalling Reader 9.3 (which I had to do through IE as Chrome would not download the program). I have checked all of my settings and do not see anything obvious that would cause this problem.  If I use IE, no problems with downloading.  Sure would appreciate any tips, help, etc.   Thanks
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Toni (Googler) 2/18/10 2:29 AM
Hey everyone, 

Please note that JavaScript is not the same thing as Java, but thanks for the tip mea03wjb!

If you're seeing this message about JavaScript in YouTube, I've just posted an update to a similar thread (listed in reference 1) that attempts to clarify what might be going on with a few suggestions (not having the latest or correct version of Flash is likely the culprit as others on this thread have mentioned). Please check out the below thread for more information.


Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? jaughtman 2/19/10 5:55 AM
HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!   A couple of months ago, I became unable to view or download pdf files.  At that time, I did the Adobe reader 9.3 upgrade from the Chrome browser which corrected the problem.  Then two weeks ago, I once again became unable to open, view or download not only pdf files, but also program files (any of the updates, fixes etc recommended in troubleshooting forums)...... I have uninstalled Chrome, and reinstalled it. Uninstalled and reinstalled Reader 9.3.  I have no problem opening or downloading files in IE 8.  When I attempt to open or download in Google Chrome, instead of the previous download bar with the bubble, I only see a line that says "javascript:_doPostBack(..........) "  I would appreciate any feedback
Google Chrome version :  4,0.249.89 (official build 38071)
Operating System: Windows XP
Extensions installed: None.  I tried installing a "Downloads" extension and Chrome does not respond to the Install command

I use Google Chrome and IE browsers both on my laptop just as on the desktop, same operating system, same version and have had no problems using it.  Just installed the "Downloads" extension mentioned above on my laptop and immediately got a "download now" box and downloaded with no problems.  

This is a huge dilemma and I would sincerely appreciate any assistance I can get
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? screaming4 3/3/10 1:31 PM
k someone help me
when i go onto myspace and try to fix my layout i get that message about java turned of and old adobe
i have done everything on this page can someone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? dmluskin 3/13/10 4:26 PM
Great advice from ajwE2L. I have Windows Vista and following this advice I was able to get YouTube to work on Mozilla Firefox. For some reason, I still couldn't get it to work on Internet Explorer, but that doesn't really matter. Coincidentally, I solved another major annoyance today by switching from IE to Mozilla, so I'm beginning to wonder whether Mozilla is generally superior.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? rishavboy01 3/15/10 5:25 AM
there is problem with my pc so thing and found the solution u have to turn of the tune up utilities turbo mode
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? CRO7787 3/22/10 9:04 AM
to turn javascript off and on got to the tool tab at the top
Click on "Options"
Go to "Under The Hood"
Click on "Content Settings"
Click on the "JavaScript" tab
As for clearing the cache instead of clicking on "Content Settings"
Click on "Clear Browsing Data" on that same screen
You may find that JavaScript is already on so you may have to download the newer version
Hope this helps!
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? chrisdinhsk8 8/10/10 6:56 PM
ok so i tried everything in the post's flash is updated and java is on but it still gives me that little warning.
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? jwatson42 8/27/10 3:29 PM
i did that but when im on twiter when i push tweet it doesnt tweet
 they say that my javascript needs to be on on and it is i clear my cache and everything
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Vijay Vignesh 12/27/10 7:24 PM
But i dont find content settings in options...
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? alex777tm 1/4/11 9:55 AM
I also have a problem with JavaScript, I have a page with progressive jackpot tickers ( , I can't see them in Chrome, but they are working in any other browser.

OS: Windows 7 x64
Chrome: 8.0.552.224

*JavaScript is enabled in setting*
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Kulieo 1/24/11 3:28 PM

It seems like it's working fine on Beta 9. Do you want to give it a shot? If you go to, there's a link that says try latest "Beta." Do you have some sort of extension, such as AdBlocker? Sometimes it will block contents as well. 

@Vijay Vignesh, 
I have attached an article below which tells you exactly how you can enable javascript. Hope it's not too late ... 
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? saint satin stain 3/3/11 1:58 AM
Is there a way similar to the NoScript extension in the Gecko browsers for Google Chrome to turn off and on javascript easily and quickly?
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? ossissox 8/12/11 6:32 AM
i have the same problem they keep telling me "This page requires Flash Player 8 or later and JavaScript turned on in your browser.
If you believe you meet these requirements, please try to refresh your browser." i have flash player 10 and the javaScript is on
help me what should i do  ... i have google chrom .v.  13.0.782.112   but i can watch video's on youtube juste some web sites don't show on ..
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Toni (Googler) 1/23/12 2:22 PM
Hi everyone, 

It appears that there is increased traffic to this thread. If you are having issues with JavaScript, please provide details as to what the issue is:

- First, check to ensure that JavaScript is enabled on Google Chrome. See this article:
- What is the website URL you're having this problem on?
- What is the exact error message you're seeing (if any)?
- What is your Chrome version (go to Wrench -> About Google Chrome)?

Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? JasonGEORGE 10/29/12 4:38 PM
i cant find options
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? Sutra Blue 12/28/12 9:43 PM
Option > Privacy > Contents Setting > Scroll down and you'll find Java Script Option
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? sylvain nduwayezu 7/12/13 2:25 PM
Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? exeterram 8/19/13 5:19 AM
A more up-to-date version, if this ever happens again.

Turn on, All sites: Chrome menu>Settings>Show advanced settings>Privacy>Content Settings>JavaScript>Do not allow any site to run JavaScript.
Turn off, all sites: Substitute "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript" for "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)".
(The Chrome menu is at the near-top right of the screen, below the X close icon.)

Turn on/off, specific sites: Click on the page icon or lock icon at the far left of your omnibox. You are at Permissions already, so next to JavaScript: is a dropdown menu reading "Allowed by default". Click on Always block/allow (delete as appropriate) on this site, and when you are done doing this, click on Use global default (Allow).

(Or, yet again, you could just clear your cache.)

Re: How do you turn Javascript on/off? dick.guertin 9/12/13 9:50 AM
What are the instructions for Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) version of Chrome (29.0) ??