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No Sound paulallynloomis 11/21/08 11:23 AM
I got a new laptop, with Vista, and it works great. I've been using Chrome on it for the last month. My only bug so far is, I get no sound from Google Chrome at all. No videos, streams, etc. I'm fairly tech savvy, but haven't been able to tweak the settings in Chrome or Vista to get it to work. (I get sound from all other applications, including Internet Explorer, I've been pasting links into Explorer when I need to hear stuff.

Any tips would be appreciated!


Re: No Sound threearabs 12/23/08 3:17 AM
yeah i'm having the same problem. sorry no solution. just wanted to bump the topic
Re: No Sound kingp43 1/12/09 12:11 PM
Bump again, I just found this topic, and this question.  I have the same problem, I switch back and forth from chrome to explorer just to watch clips and anything that requires sound, heh.   Help please!!!!
Re: No Sound hui 2/3/09 6:33 AM
Bump and bump again, I've been using Chrome for months. And it just happened this week. Same website, same video clips and no sound at all.
Is reinstallation helps?
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Re: No Sound August 2/13/09 6:06 PM
I've been digging around to get an answer on this problem.  My problem is that suddenly ALL sounds, with the exception of the Vista Hi-s, suddenly disappear.  On another site it was suggested that you need to uninstall Flash Player and reinstall.  There apparently is some bug between FP and Chrome (and others if I my own experience is indicative).  The uninstall, reinstall has worked for me so far.
Re: No Sound bradsteraz 2/20/09 12:24 PM
I have been on my Vista Dell Inspiron 1520 for the last 2 days(20 hours+, been home sick) and just now the sound  quit. Windows sounds works. Switched to Safari and got sound on the same YouTube link that had no sound on Chrome. Have had Chrome since August(in Beta then).
Re: No Sound Jonovox 2/20/09 11:56 PM
I have this same problem. I remember there being sound from Chrome when I was first using it, but now that I have switched over the sound just quit. I am running Windows XP SP3 and I have Flash Player 9 (I'm pretty sure).
Re: No Sound cire1285 2/27/09 7:10 PM
I'm having the same problem.  However, I did open a video in chrome (not a quicktime one, more like wmp) and muted it and closed it after.  Perhaps that has something to do with it.  I'll try to find another such video that opens that player plugin.  Btw, I hate quicktime player and wish I could stop chrome from using it.
Re: No Sound Matthew I 4/29/09 10:57 AM
The problem is not with Chrome, as it can also be caused in Firefox.  What is wrong is a bug in the Adobe Flash plugin.  Uninstall and then reinstall the plugin (with all browsers closed).  When the install is complete, reopen your browser and check the sound... everything should be working then :)  I just tested this, having both the problem and needing to search for the problem myself.
Re: No Sound jinnquon 5/13/09 5:38 AM
Just update adobe flash player from chrome:
it'll install the plugin, and you will have sound.
Re: No Sound Obaidullah 6/23/09 10:37 AM
Guys i have figured out what the problem is. Its nothing... in vista you will have a sound icon on your tray(where ur internet TVs are)......... just click on that speaker and click on mixer..... check your chrome volume there....... if the volume is closed just increase the volume................
Re: No Sound Laxmang 7/27/09 12:49 PM
thnx Obaidullah :)
Re: No Sound Ajax_LLCDS 7/29/09 7:19 AM
This really works. Thanks you Obaidullah.
Re: No Sound Francis Norton 8/1/09 1:20 AM
[Copied from Jaidip on another site]
1. While in Google Chrome, use the following keyboard shortcut: Shift+Esc.
2. The Task Manager will appear. Select the "Plugin: Shockwave Flash", click end process, refresh page (F5) or from the menu
Re: No Sound weemansam1996 8/3/09 1:25 PM
i have figured it out on vista I have had this problem for a week. i went down to the sound icon in my icon tray opened it up and went on mixer.
the mixer had its own setting for just google chrome that was on zero. now it is working fine! hope this helps
Re: No Sound Meetul 8/6/09 10:21 PM
thnx weemansam1996,
"i have figured it out on vista I have had this problem for a week. i went down to the sound icon in my icon tray opened it up and went on mixer.
the mixer had its own setting for just google chrome that was on zero. now it is working fine! hope this helps"
my problem also sorted out... thnx
Re: No Sound crazypj 8/7/09 4:41 PM
I have no problems with latest Flash update, (10xxxxxxx, whatever) with Vista but it hasnt worked for months with XP Pro (inc Service pack 3)
I'm pretty sure the problem is with Adobe Flash player,
I dont see how so many browsers can be so messed up they dont work with Flash to play You tube video' sound
 I have uninstalled ALL Adobe programs and re installed with all browsers closed ( yep, I downloaded with each one in turn, Chrome, IE, Firefox)
 It doesnt work with XP
Re: No Sound dwight.stegall 9/12/09 6:03 PM
NO SOUND IN GOOGLE CHROME The following is for Windows 7 BUT probably works in other versions of Windows.
Re: No Sound mysteryj 10/10/09 10:44 AM
Re: No Sound prdivamichelle 10/15/09 5:19 PM

"I have figured it out on vista I have had this problem for a week. i went down to the sound icon in my icon tray opened it up and went on mixer.
the mixer had its own setting for just google chrome that was on zero. now it is working fine! hope this helps"

(Chrome has it's own settings in my mixer the volume was all the way down and it was "unnamed" but it WORKED!! Thanks again!)
Re: No Sound mattaq 10/17/09 6:29 AM
prdivamichelle's solution worked--I had to raise the Windows Sounds mixer bar, close the mixer, reopen it, and a google chrome mixer was there that time!
Re: No Sound gariter 10/17/10 9:33 AM
i have windows 7 64 bit

and i lowered the sound of chrome to 0 on the mixer
but when i brought it up to 100 again still no sound with google
Re: No Sound RJXXX 11/20/10 12:39 PM
thnks ppl/////had this problems for months since i hv installed win7,,,,,,now am enjoying thnks a lot,,,,,,,,,

1.keep ur chrome opened and play some videos or anything........ ...which makes sounds..
ex:..use u tube..because at time of videos, sounds setings takesplace in mixer

2.left click sound icon in system tray

3.u can see a option mixer, click tht

4.if u see applications,chrome sound muted,thn unmute both...  stil not working...!!

5.restart all ///again follow steps 1 2 3 4 .. stil not working...!! ur problem may be diiferent

6.thts it it shuld work fine////

this is the way i have done now its works 100% fine for me,,,,
Re: No Sound RJXXX 11/20/10 12:39 PM
Re: No Sound togreddy 12/18/10 5:03 PM
This is the best answer. Google Chrome has its icon on volume icon's mixer.
Re: No Sound gariter 12/31/10 11:25 AM
i still have a problem
windows media player works fine
i have win 7 64 bit
and the this no sound from google chrome
but there is sound from internet explorer

its not the mixer because i have it at full
its not the speaker becase it works on everything but google chrome

so i think its the computer so can someone help
Re: No Sound gdchrome 1/1/11 10:23 AM
In my case, the problem was the last BETA update in Windows 7.  I uninstalled the BETA version and installed the current release 8.0.552.224.   The sound was restored.  I confirmed the problem was the BETA version when I reinstalled it and I lost the sound again.  So, I had to uninstall the BETA version again and went to release 8.0.552.224.  The sound is working fine with release 8.0.552.224.

I think this is a bug on Chrome's latest BETA version for Windows 7 and should be fixed by Google.  I don't have this sound problem with Windows XP using the latest BETA version.
Re: No Sound lajuene 1/21/11 12:55 PM
It took 3 days but I found the problem for having no sound in Chrome. It's super easy too. I have an extension for "Chrome Toolbox". If you click on the icon for Chrome Toolbox the is an entry for muting tabs. Mine was checked off as "Muted". I unchecked it and now I have sound. I don't remember ever checking the Mute Tabs choice but whatever... I have triumphed!! yay!
Re: No Sound gariter 1/29/11 4:35 PM
sorry but that was no help i don't have chrome toolbox

and i have the newest version of chrome so any other ideas
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