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Move a toolbar dah3283 8/1/11 4:54 PM
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2 things:

1) I use ai roboform but the toolbar is at the bottom & it won't move to the top. How can this be fixed? It is on the top with firefox & internet explorer and I prefer it there.

2) How can I move the icons around like the home button. I like it on the right side & it is on the left. I would also like to install a print icon, is that possible?
Re: Move a toolbar †Tommy G.† 8/1/11 5:05 PM
RoboForm toolbar cannot be moved.  The Home icon cannot be moved.  

You can install a print icon from the extension gallery...
Re: Move a toolbar dah3283 8/1/11 5:13 PM
Thanks for the info. I wish they would make it so it could install on top. After using it that way for years it is what I am used to. Even though I like Chrome I may have to go back to firefox.
Re: Move a toolbar starfruit74 11/10/11 8:25 AM
I agree, I want the roborform tool bar at the top.
Re: Move a toolbar dah3283 11/10/11 8:33 AM
That is what I had to do. I have used roboform for years also and you are right, once you are used to it then it makes it hard to change & it seems like it would be such a simple fix. I like the chrome but since the toolbar won't move to the top it makes it strange and actually slows down my browsing. It all comes down to a comfort & familiarity thing. I use roboform for everything from personal to business because it has been a great way to keep track of stuff. It would be nice if in this case google would conform. Hopefully if enough of us get together then they will listen.
Re: Move a toolbar zombi1101 11/12/11 11:43 PM
I agree... I'm not so uncomfortable because it's down there, but because of that I can't see some stuff which are on the bottom (like URLs on hover). This way I must turn off roboform toolbar and then turn it on when I need it...
Re: Move a toolbar topfloor 11/13/11 4:42 PM
I agree. Very frustrating.
Re: Move a toolbar Arius1071 11/16/11 10:59 AM
I still have to mostly use Firefox due to the RoboForm toolbar on Chrome being at the bottom.
Re: Move a toolbar MalcSimm 11/17/11 3:46 AM
I go for having it back at the top - it just makes extra work having to look down.

Please Mr Chrome!
Re: Move a toolbar TexasKevin 11/18/11 2:09 AM
That sucks that you can't move it.  I like to enter sweeps with Roboform.  If I open 10 tabs, I have to go down to the bottom to use roboform, then back up to the top to go to the next tab, then down to the bottom.  Even if you are good with a mouse this slows you down incredibly.

Come on Chrome developers, fix this.  If you need Roboform this design makes Chrome awful to use.
Re: Move a toolbar MichaelKuntz 12/4/11 6:59 PM
I also want to throw in a vote for having it up top.  I switched to chrome because firefox is always hanging on me... but I guess I'll have to switch back till this is fixed.  Roboform is important to me, and I want it on top!
Re: Move a toolbar guzoff 12/9/11 12:48 PM
Let me say it too. It's so inconvenient!!! Move it UP!
Re: Move a toolbar dah3283 12/9/11 12:56 PM
So now what? We have several responses from people that want the toolbar on top or at least the ability to put it there. To make it plain and simple it is not only inconvenient on the bottom it covers up things so it does not work there for most people. What do we need to do to make Google listen to us instead of just blowing us off? I guess they must have gotten too big for their britches and just don't care about the opinion of the people. I am about ready to change my homepage just as a boycott until they fix this. I hear Bing among others are wanting more people to use them!

Re: Move a toolbar handsomeorlandoman 12/9/11 1:05 PM
Hey everybody!

Why does RoboForm toolbar appears at the bottom of Chrome browser window?

Chrome officially does NOT have toolbars, they are strictly prohibited. 
It used to have them long ago but then they were banished by Google. 
So the only place where Roboform can show its toolbar is below the browser window. 
We also plan to have a Popup Upper toolbar that will appear when you click main RoboForm button.

So RoboForm has chosen the bottom of the Chrome browser as the best place to put the toolbar, as Chrome does not allow traditional toolbars to be installed. While it is possible to use a Chrome-compatible toolbar (within the browser), the API would probably be too limited to allow all the functionality of RoboForm to be put into use.

Re: Move a toolbar tack3288 12/10/11 10:38 AM
Can't understand why Google banished having RoboForm tool bar at the top. I wonder if they actually look at these post and do they pay attention to what the people want. I think the main request is to put the RoboForm on the top where it belongs.
Re: Move a toolbar handsomeorlandoman 12/11/11 4:38 AM
It could be on top, but it would have to be a limited version as Chrome only allows HTML, Javascript, CSS, and other web elements that limit Roboform, which is why they decided to take the bottom.

They are also thinking of making a popup button as they said, so stay tuned.

Re: Move a toolbar ariggz 12/15/11 10:56 AM
I was annoyed by this as well.  Not so much because I was used to it at the top but because having it on the bottom meant it covered up URL hovers and left to right scrolling.  I would have to open and close Roboform a lot because of this.

After reading the posts above, I started using Chrome in a non-maximized fashion, taking up all the space on the screen, except where the bottom roboform bar is.

Setup like this, at least I can see hovers and scrolls with the "toolbar" still open.
Re: Move a toolbar DaveJulien 12/24/11 6:50 PM
I was thinking of giving Chrome a try but when I discovered they don't allow custom toolbars I'm sticking with Firefox.  Good for Roboform for finding a way with lower toolbar to get around this restriction.  I guess with this mentality Google will keep having to pay Firefox a billion dollars every now and then.,2817,2398046,00.asp
Re: Move a toolbar langho 12/25/11 4:49 AM
I have just started using Chrome after being a Firefox devotee for some considerable time, as I am finding it quicker to load and respond generally.
However I do find that the fact that the Roboform Toolbar being at the bottom of the screen a big minus point, it would be a very big plus point if it could be moved as one requires it, following all the above posts, it is a pity Google have not responded more positively.
Re: Move a toolbar MichaelKuntz 12/25/11 11:12 PM
Anyone else having autofill problems?  If I load a page, nothing fills until I actually click on my saved form or name title.
Re: Move a toolbar r1938e 1/15/12 12:56 AM
Add my vote for putting RoboForm at the top.
Re: Move a toolbar oakalley 1/15/12 6:01 PM
I just started using Chrome converting over from IE8 (Web pages were loading really slow and constantly getting that "internet explorer is not responding" message. Basically, I like Chrome, but like all the above posters, I have been a long time Roboform user, and it's very difficult having it on the bottom of the page. Also I use "auto hide" to hide the taskbar, just to give me more space and have a cleaner screen. Now I have to move the cursor very carefully when trying to open Roboform. One little false move and the taskbar pops up!!
Can't wait for a fix from Roboform, even if it's a temporary pop up or drop down window, as long as it's on top.
Re: Move a toolbar Mr.Pibbs 2/1/12 6:34 PM
I agree, as a person who just installed Chrome for the first time, if I cannot have Roboform work at the top, I will uninstall Chrome.  It is a deal breaker.  I only am screwing around with this because Photobucket suggested a faster upload time, but I would rather deal with slower upload than not having Roboform at the top.
Re: Move a toolbar trsheila 2/5/12 3:21 PM
I quit Chrome once  because of all of the above and guess I have I do it again.  It's a shame because it's so much faster than Firefox.
Re: Move a toolbar booken 2/8/12 1:21 PM
I agree, the toolbar needs to be movable.
We will see how long I try Chrome?
Re: Move a toolbar enjoypb 2/10/12 7:56 PM
Perhaps someone can create an extension that limits opening a Chrome browser window to 95% of the one's monitor resolution size and leaving a 5% space at the bottom or top of their window (an option that extension creator could offer). Then, perhaps Roboform will add the user option of showing their toolbar above or below the Chrome browser window?

This way, when Roboform's toolbar appears it will show below or above the Chrome window vs. laying on top of the bottom of the Chrome window as is the only current option (unless one uses Roboform Lite extension of course which is another animal.

Simple right? :)
Re: Move a toolbar calisunshine 2/23/12 10:22 AM
I'm not happy with this either, my autofill doesn't work in chrome and with Windows 7 the task bar icons bump right up to the toolbar, if anything design Roboform to be aligned to the far right vs. left.
Re: Move a toolbar eftee10 4/5/12 10:42 AM
This has been annoying me for a long time but this post gave me an idea. By restoring down the Chrome web page from maximize the Roboform bar appears below the window as you suggest. The browser page can still be made to fill the screen apart from the RF bar at the bottom but outside of the browser.
Re: Move a toolbar dadepfan 5/23/12 10:45 AM
And now, it is even worse!  There is a new bar at the bottom of Chrome that says iGoogle on the left, and I cannot get rid of it.  This appears to prevent the RoboForm bar from working.  If I go into the extensions page and the RoboForm options page, the "show toolbar at the bottom" is checked.  Then it appears at the bottom.

In other words, I have to go to the extension page and view the RoboForm settings, and then when I go to the original tab, it has the RoboForm toolbar at the bottom.  The pop-down RoboForm at the top right does appear when I click the icon, but nothing on it works.  I can click on anything and nothing happens.

This sucks, and I will give up Chrome before I give up RoboForm.

Re: Move a toolbar Gibbothegreat 6/10/12 10:18 AM
I've updated Roboform and the popup button has been integrated, and works wonderfully :)
Re: Move a toolbar DanTheMountainMan 7/30/12 7:53 AM
I stopped using Chrome because the Roboform toolbar can only be at the bottom, back to Firefox for me.  IETab can put a toolbar at the top, so I'm not sure why Roboform can't.
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