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Change New Tab DJ Soul 12/13/08 12:36 PM
how do i change what shows on my new tab? whenever i open a new tab, it shows my most recently viewed stuff. i dont want anyone to see what i have been looking at. is there a way to change it to a blank page?
Re: Change New Tab Rocker 1/2/09 11:00 PM
Yeah. How do I change or rearrange content on the new tab page? Is there another
similar thread that answers this? Thanks.
Re: Change New Tab 3xl4x 1/3/09 3:51 AM
You can't at the moment, or at least not easily and theres no permanent solution, most visited page is a recurring topic.

It is being looked into, but when options will be available - no-one knows yet.

The only thing you can do (and dont shoot the messenger I know this method is pants) is bookmark each site you want to appear on your start page, go to the spanner/wrench icon and clear browsing data, clear browsing history, and in the clear data from this period selection choose everything. Your most visited page should now be empty. now visit 3 or 4 of your boomarked sites a few times and your most visited page should start ranking your sites based on how many times you visit each. This behaviour cant be changed either.
Re: Change New Tab JohnMatt 1/5/09 10:05 PM
Alternatively, clear your browsing history, then use Incognito mode for any websites you don't want to show up in your most visited page. That's what it's for, after all.

Doing what you do now means the sites you visit are still in your browsing history and cookies, so someone who actually wanted to know what you were looking at could find out, as long as they weren't entirely computer illiterate.
Re: Change New Tab Shawn (Googler) 1/7/09 3:29 PM
Another alternative is to create a blank page as a bookmark and use a shortcut key to open the bookmark as a new tab. See my post made on 12/15/08 in the below thread.

Re: Change New Tab pieman724 2/21/09 7:26 PM
to change the new tab, you have to go some where into your computer like
c drive, progam files(x86), google, google chrome and the new tab history is saved there
i think!