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Download Folder Branden 11/30/08 4:18 PM
How do I get chrome to stop creating the "Downloads" folder in My Documents? I changed the download location from "My Documents\Downloads" to "My Documents\My Downloads", deleted the folder, then when I opened chrome the My Documents\Downloads folder appeared AGAIN!! How do I get chrome to stop creating this folder, after I delete it? Its annoying me very much... Thanks for any help...

Re: Download Folder AiFJ 12/1/08 4:46 AM
I have the same problem. In addition: the problem appeared couple of days ago by unknown reason. I have Winodws XP Home SP3. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Chrome, that did not help.
Re: Download Folder jrs74656 12/10/08 8:48 AM
I am having the same problem as well. It's very annoying. I'm hoping someone from Google is paying attention to these posts.
Re: Download Folder boks 12/10/08 7:18 PM
I have the same problem.Chrome version is, on my win2k3 R2 . I already relocated my download folder, chrome got it works, but the folder "Downloads " still auto creates every time loading chrome. For couple of days i reckoned some sort of virus , well , now check out from the Google's Chrome. Please fix it as soon as possible.
Re: Download Folder IanG 12/12/08 3:45 AM
Same problem here:
Still not fixed in latest 'post-beta'
Re: Download Folder Daniel Bardi 9/9/09 1:11 PM
Re: Download Folder worley39 9/14/09 11:57 AM
I am having the same problem. I do not want the Downloads folder to appear on my computer unless I put it there.
Going to does not solve the problem.
Re: Download Folder StephenScott 9/24/09 10:51 PM
having the same problem, I suspect this is a bug.
Re: Download Folder QQFarmer 9/25/09 8:47 AM
Looks like a pretty surreal problem. It might take some really stringent testing to figure out the real cause.  ^_^ One of the scenarios going through my mind: After you have gotten rid of the "downloads" folder, you uninstall and clean install Chrome or Chrome is automatically updated,  the folder steals back into your system because during the installation process, Chrome has to set up a location for downloads! That's what it does: creating a new folder named "Downloads". This is by no means a bug. A lot of applications do this. I'm using I deleted the folder, renamed it, smashed my computer on the desk to make the folder disappear(^_^)but I didn't reinstall(clean install)Chrome, 2 hours has passed. I shut down Chrome and reopened it again and again. I even restarted the machine a couple of times. The "Download" folder hasn't come back.

So moral of the story?

Install the latest stable version of Chrome and the problem might go away.

Re: Download Folder worley39 9/25/09 3:17 PM
Yes, it sure did. Thanks QQFarmer !!  I deleted all the beta chrome folders etc; by using the control panel and then downloaded the newest STABLE VERSION of Chrome,, and changed the downloads location and voila !!. No more downloads folder in My Documents.
Re: Download Folder Thurmack 2/22/10 7:54 PM
Over the last few months my "Download location " has been reset to "My Documents\Downloads" several times. I am running Windows XP Home, SP3, and Chrome v4.0.249.89 (38071) - Up-To-Date.
I change my Download Folder in Options|UnderTheHood|Downloads|Download location by browsing to a different folder (I call it "My Downloads"), delete the empty Downloads folder, and it persists for some time. Then at some point the Downloads folder respawns and the Download location is reset to default.


Please let me know how to prevent the setting from restoring to default.
Re: Download Folder doug1026 5/17/10 5:03 PM
Click the wrench
Select Options
Select Under the Hood
Scroll down to Downloads
You can set a default folder and have
Chrome prompt you for a location
Re: Download Folder Thurmack 5/28/10 1:27 PM
Hi Doug! I appreciate your time but I think maybe you didn't read my post in full. I mentioned setting a custom folder using the exact same process you've suggested. The problem isn't setting the folder, it's retaining it. At some point the folder resets to "DOWNLOADS" and I  can't figure out the cause.
Re: Download Folder Barbellion 6/26/10 7:52 AM
I'm using the latest version of Chrome (5.0.375.86) and there is simply no option to define the download folder. It's been removed from 'Under the hood'. Why is this? It's deeply annoying.
Re: Download Folder Thurmack 6/26/10 9:39 AM
That's odd. Are you absolutely certain you are scrolling down to check lower in the Under the Hood settings menu? There's a scroll bar on that menu, and the Downloads folder is further down. It's also grayed out with a Browse button next to it (you can't change the text; you must browse for a folder). I'm also using 5.0.375.86 and, for me at least, the headers go Privacy|Network|Translate|**Downloads**|Web Content|Security.
Re: Download Folder sagarbtl 6/29/10 10:18 AM
THERE IS NO UNDER THE HOOD OPTION instead it is'' UNDER THE BONNET''  google chrome 5.0.375.86 so there is no option to reset it..??? any solutions...
Re: Download Folder Thurmack 6/29/10 12:13 PM
"UNDER THE BONNET" is the English (uk) version of the americanized "UNDER THE HOOD".
You should still have the same set of options. When you click on Under the Bonnet, scroll down and you should see a greyed out text box with a Browse button to the right. It will probably be under a bolded Downloads header followed by  a Download Location subheader.

Re: Download Folder 13yakir 6/29/11 9:50 AM
Use a macro recorded program, it will make the changes for you