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How to open new window of chrome

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How to open new window of chrome VitalyNevzorov 3/24/09 12:48 PM
I am software developer, and I use chrome as target browser to debug application in many development IDE: Visual Studio, Flex Builder and some other... Usually I have opened Google Chrome with a lot tabs filled by my staff: email, news, forums, helps and so on. When I run application for debug it opens it in new tab and this is terrible not convenient. Is there a way to setup chrome, that some particular application opens it in new window, and not reuse any existing opened browsers?
Re: How to open new window of chrome †Tommy G.† 3/24/09 4:32 PM
When I want to open a new window instead of a new page I click on the wrench icon and select 'open new window'.  You're done.  Or you can right click any link and select 'open new window'.
Re: How to open new window of chrome VitalyNevzorov 3/24/09 8:06 PM
Dragontatt, this is not it. I am not clicking on anything. I use third party applications like development environment. I may specify command line only to call browser, nothing else, no any click to anywhere. I need just a commend line that on execute will open new Chrome window, not a new tab.
Re: How to open new window of chrome Bapabooiee 3/24/09 8:23 PM
Hmm... your tools allow you to use command line options to specify what browser you use?

In that case:

On Windows XP: C:\Documents and settings\<your_username>\Local Settings\Applicaton Data\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
On Windows Vista: C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

is what you're probably looking for.
Re: How to open new window of chrome VitalyNevzorov 3/24/09 8:35 PM
Bapabooiee, this is not it as well. I know how to call chrome from command line, but if it had already opened, new cal from third application is NOT open it in the NEW WINDOW, it adds new tab to existing opened chrome.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease! Read my question carefully, I described what EXACTLY I do need.

PS. I DO know how to call Chrome from command line. I DO know how to open new window when I surf inside Chrome. I do NOT know how to open NEW window from command line, not an additional tab in existing opened Chrome.

If you'd like to have good example of issue, make following steps:
1) Open Chrome
2) Open some web site in Chrome, for example
3) Try to open second instance of Chrome using explorer or command line: any call from explorer (NOT CHROME!) or command something like:

C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe ""

 will open new tab, not new window. And this is the real issue. If you open C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe it will open new window, but any compiler opens particular url, and it opens in new tab of existing Chrome
Re: How to open new window of chrome Bapabooiee 3/24/09 8:48 PM
I understand what you said, good sir.

I never realized that when you pass a website to open through the command line, it opens it in a new tab - but when you open Chrome all by itself through the command line, it opens in a completely new window. I always thought the default behavior was to open a new window. I never knew this before; my mistake!

I've searched around, and I don't think you can use command line switches to tell it to open a website in a new window. But I'll look around and see if I can find anything.

Again, my mistake! I never knew Chrome worked that way through the command line =P
Re: How to open new window of chrome VitalyNevzorov 3/25/09 5:06 AM
Great thanks, Bapabooiee
Re: How to open new window of chrome Ismail 4/9/09 9:57 PM
Use this exe instead of Chrome path in "Browse with" dialog box of Visual Studio.
Configure Chrome path properly in the configuration file(NewChromeWindow.exe.config).
It will open a new browser window with the page you are debugging and your homepage in the background. I suggest you set your home page in Chrome to "about:blank" so that it will open faster.
Dot net framework 2.0 will be required to run this. I guess if you are using Visual Studio 2005 plus version, then it will already be installed.
Re: How to open new window of chrome bstell 5/28/09 8:50 AM
I got chrome to open a new window by creating a short cut with this option "<path-to-chrome>/chrome.exe" --app=
Re: How to open new window of chrome avallach 6/23/09 7:56 PM
I have an alternative.  Sites will open in the most recently opened Chrome window.  So write a 2-line batch file.  The first line launches Chrome by itself, this will start a new window.  The next line calls Chrome and the site(s) you want open, separated by spaces.

So my batch file is the following:

"C:\Documents and Settings\f00\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
"C:\Documents and Settings\f00\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
Re: How to open new window of chrome kevinstonge 6/23/09 8:20 PM
"[...]chrome.exe" --url=
that should do it.
Re: How to open new window of chrome bluenote73 10/29/09 10:52 PM
This is so painful.  Please, someone, a solution that works without secondary programs!
--app disables tabs/navigation/etc
Re: How to open new window of chrome segfault 10/30/09 5:47 AM
I think a good solution would be to use a separate profile for your debugging windows.  Make a new folder on your hard drive some where, like c:\chrome\userdata.  Then you can launch chrome with the --user-data-dir argument.  This will not load the tab into the window you are using for browsing.  You could even have different themes for the two profiles to help visually distinguish what they are for.

chrome.exe --user-data-dir=C:\chrome\userdata
Re: How to open new window of chrome fzhu99 10/30/09 8:25 PM
Stupid Google Chrome!!!!!!!!
Why not provide a function like IE which allow you to have a new window, when you click some links???????

STUPID GOOGLE CHROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: How to open new window of chrome fzhu99 10/30/09 8:27 PM
Stupid Google Chrome!!!!!!!!
Why not provide a function like IE which allow you to have a new window AUTOMATICALLY, when you click some links???????

STUPID GOOGLE CHROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: How to open new window of chrome aajiv 11/21/09 4:40 AM
One thing, I don't have a default browser, but mostly use FireFox, and Chrome, and (gasp) IE.... Chrome seems to let me do some things more easily than other browsers but I have to say for Google to turn out a browser that has non-intuitive front end passes beyond my understanding.
Re: How to open new window of chrome GiantsMissy 12/8/09 7:33 PM
Okay, but how do I open a link in a full-sized new window?  I know how to open a new window, but it defaults to a window that is not maximized.  While the window is is not tiny, it is not a full-sized window (not full screen - I don't want that; I just want a new window the same size of the maximized window I'm opening the link from).  It always seems to default to a smaller window and toggling between maximized and something less than maximized doesn't seem to reset it - it keeps defaulting to a smaller-than-maximized window.  It seems what is missing is an option you could set in the preferences or options that when you choose to open a new window, it will be maximized.
Re: How to open new window of chrome bwv549 12/9/09 9:30 PM
segfault's solution is the only one that seems to work on linux.  This works (thank heavens), but it is still a hack.  Just to summarize the downsides of this approach:
1. user has to make a directory
2. user has to specify it on the command line
3. user has to put up with the hassle of having two separate user spaces at this point.  I realize this can be spun as a feature (look, you can have different themes!), but for most users this is a very bad thing (not DRY).  
4. if you have a window already open with this new userspace, this hack will fail.
5. A user has to go through the entire initialization process the first time they do this.

I am pointing these out not to complain but just so the google developers will understand that this is not a 'good' solution to this problem and that a user *should* be able to open a link in a new window from the command line.  I can't imagine it being that hard to implement (10 lines of code tops) and is an essential feature for anyone who uses a browser for anything besides checking their email.  Firefox already named the flag  '--new-window' for you.  Besides this one important omission, chrome really is an amazing browser--kudos to all the developers.
Re: How to open new window of chrome GiantsMissy 12/10/09 11:42 AM
I don't have enough of an understanding to do that, sorry.  I was looking for something simple, like a setting in tools, then options where I can set it so that when I right-click on a link to open the link in a new window, that window is maximized if I choose.  Just a little thing in tools that allows a user to check a checkbox that says something simple like "when opening new windows, open maximized window" or something like that.  You know, for morons.
Re: How to open new window of chrome M McCoy 3/19/10 9:24 AM
New fix: use --new-window. Works for my build on Ubuntu; I'm can't say that it yet works on Windows.

See here:

Here's my info:
Google Chrome        5.0.307.11 (Official Build 39572) beta
WebKit        532.9
User Agent        Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/5.0.307.11 Safari/532.9
Re: How to open new window of chrome subfuzion 3/21/10 2:38 PM
Yeah, this is a real pain. I guess anyone who is not developing websites from Visual Studio won't really appreciate how annoying this really is. The problem is *further* compounded by the fact that there is no safety feature to not accidentally close the browser window when there are multiple tabs.

Here is the use case described in detail:

(1) I am working on a project in Visual Studio

(2) I have one or more browser windows with multiple tabs opened because of research on the topic related to my development work. I may also have a browser window open with my email, etc.

(3) I click run in Visual Studio to launch my website for testing.
    - IF I am using Internet Explorer, there is a setting that ensures that links opened from third party programs always opens a new browser window. My site is going to open up in a new browser window and after I've looked at it, I can close the window and resume development.

   - IF I am using Chrome (which I otherwise love because it is so lightweight and fast), my website is going to open up as a tab in a previously created browser window. Unfortunately, this is definitely going to be one of my research windows with multiple tabs open, or my email window, or my blog window, etc.  --- So, as soon as I'm done looking at the page, I click the close button because of years of habit. Now, if I was using Internet Explorer, it is at least polite enough to ask me if I'm sure I want to close all the tabs (this is also a configurable setting). Because it's Chrome -- poof! Everything goes away. This is EXTREMELY annoying.

If this use case doesn't apply to you, then it might be hard to understand why it's so annoying. It is much easier to reset Internet Explorer back as my default browser than to try to retrain myself not to automatically hit Ctrl-F4 and lose all my tabs at that point. I tried forcing myself to readjust to Ctrl-W to just close the tab, but unfortunately I still get bitten by this enough times that I no longer want Chrome opening automatically as my default browser.

I realize that minimalism is the guiding philosophy behind Chrome configuration, but an advanced settings tab with the following would be soooooo nice:

* Open links from third party applications in a new Chrome window
* Warn when closing windows with multiple tabs
Re: How to open new window of chrome bluenote73 3/22/10 5:48 PM
--new-window works well for my purposes.  I add it into the desktop shortcuts and chrome now does not handle them in a silly way.  Thanks for the tip mbm!!

subfuzion:  you should be able to incorporate this tip into your VS setup. You have to be running dev version of chrome though.  NOT beta.

Good luck!

Thanks chrome, finally !!!
Re: How to open new window of chrome pw89 10/13/10 2:01 PM
@GiantsMissy (for the opening full-size window problem)--try this: right click google chrome shortcut, select "Properties", select "Shortcut" tab, for the Run option select "Maximized" --> Apply and OK

Hope that will get Google chrome to open in a full-size window everytime!

Re: How to open new window of chrome samdale67 1/2/11 8:58 AM
Please add another voice to those lobbying for an option to have Chrome open a new window/tab when links are activated outside of Chrome. To me, this is a major problem--especially for us Mac folk who are used to the way Safari behaves.

I keep Chrome windows open for a reason, whether the window contains a single or multiple tabs (in this case I usually have multiple tabs open that relate somehow, e.g. I'm researching a topic). Long story short, I want to maintain the state of these windows. To have an outside link usurp an existing window clearly breaks this state.

Re: How to open new window of chrome XcentricK 2/3/11 12:08 PM
Bluenote73's solution works.  But I had to type it a few times before I found the way it works.   To save you all the trouble...  here it is.

You will get a real new window with all your toolbars/extensions/etc:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --new-window

I hope you all find this useful and can get back to work.  :)
Re: How to open new window of chrome peggysuechan 2/14/11 1:15 PM
I'm trying to implement this code in my computer. I went here:


to add --new-window

No can do.

I went to the other pages that the reccomended site--

--linked to, too. I'm not sure how they're telling me to do this.

Would somebody be more explicit and detailed telling us where to go in our computers to make these changes?
Re: How to open new window of chrome cgs99 2/14/11 5:16 PM
I can get chrome to open a new window rather than another tab by adding this javascript to a link. The options inside the function are optional.

<a onclick=",'Notes','width=450,height=350,menubar=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,location=no');return false;"  target="_blank" href="/cbill/index.php/notes/admin?customerId=21">List Notes</a>
Re: How to open new window of chrome peggysuechan 2/15/11 6:02 AM
To everybody complaining that Chrome won't warn you before closing all windows, they have a new extension out called Toolbox, where you can go into options>toolbar/tab and have them warn you.
You can also make new window open in new tabs, either behind or before the old--your choice..
Re: How to open new window of chrome spartangymnasium 5/1/11 9:10 AM
I've done this for my gmail - gmail has its own separate shortcut on my desktop which only opens the gmail window - of different size and look from the general browser (which has its own shortcut as well) - i've done this and i forgot how - because now i want to set it up so that same mail shortcut opens 3 tabs at once in the same window - mail, callendar, and google voice - i've spent the morning trying to figure out how i did it before - to no avail so far.
Re: How to open new window of chrome bstell 5/22/11 7:46 AM
might try this command line switch: --new-tab-page-1
Re: How to open new window of chrome david0evans 5/25/11 2:03 PM
You could also just hit ctrl-n from the fullscreen instance of chrome. That will open a new window that works perfectly.
Re: How to open new window of chrome tacitmikehardy 6/26/11 6:35 PM
People on OS X may find this post interesting, it has a link to a small AppleScript application which you can register to handle http/https URLs from external applications, and it will open a new window, with the URL opened in that window.

et voila
Re: How to open new window of chrome PlatinumFusion 10/1/11 3:29 PM
I found how to do this using a VB Script.
See if this works:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Return = WshShell.Run("chrome.exe --new-window http://<URL>.com", 1)
Re: How to open new window of chrome philiptdotcom 11/8/11 2:13 AM
I just want a very simple solution: click a button that downloads./installs the functionality that I need: which is to simply open links in the SAME window in which you clicked. Basically, I rue the day that tabs were ever invented.  For some folks, they may be cool; but the completely disrupt (and complicate) my workflow.  I just want to do something one way consistently and have it WORK without surprise. I do NOT want to putz around with code.  Surely SOMEONE ELSE who knows how to code & has a generous heart will have put an extension out there for folks like me... if you know who they are, please point them my way!  Thanks!  Aloha, -pt
Re: How to open new window of chrome fedmich 10/6/12 3:57 PM
the switch --new-window works
Re: How to open new window of chrome jandieg 10/23/12 12:55 PM
--new-window Is not working on Windows 8

Anyone else tried?

Re: How to open new window of chrome awfulmycloud 1/2/13 8:39 AM
I want to move an existing browser tab to a new window.  Google's step-wise (going to the toolbar and selecting open new window) to open a new window in Chrome adds two clicks plus navigating to the content you want as opposed to a simple right-click that unhinges the tab in Firefox.  I would call this pretty rudimentary functionality.  Same thing with the calendar - it takes multiple clicks and maneuvering to try to view your calendar and an invite (incoming or outgoing) at the same time.  
Re: How to open new window of chrome caver_tim 1/2/13 8:52 AM
if you want to move an existing browser tab to a new window, can you not just drag it?
Re: How to open new window of chrome jamal432 1/30/13 12:34 PM
Opening “new window” instead of “new table”,

Is there a setting that controls opening the sites in “new window” instead of “new table” in the google chrome?

Attached similar settings is Internet explorer and Firefox. Where is the equivalent setting is Google Chrome?

Thank you


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