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tamil translation sanjeeve 11/26/08 6:59 AM
How do I include/develop a new language (Tamil) in google chrome?
Re: tamil translation Meily 12/9/08 4:44 AM
Did you find out how to do this? I'm interesting in including new language (belarussian) too. And I could not find the answer on this site. :-(
Re: tamil translation Tamil1947 2/27/09 3:02 PM
Among the Indian language versions, is Google Chrome also being targetted only for Hindi-knowing people only? Why is there no Tamil option?
Re: tamil translation tommygator 2/28/09 7:30 AM
I think it does support them. perhaps you need to adjust a couple settings.
First, go to tools (the wrench) click it, then OPTIONS
Click minor tweaks tab then change font and language button
then language tab to add TAMIL or BELARUSIAN to your languages setting
now, go to the prefered website that you couldn't read and right click the web page and view page source
using 'find in page' and search for font or font-family and see what tamil or belarusian font they are using.
search the internet for the proper <font-name>.TTF file and add it to your windows/font folder
let me know if that helped you

Re: tamil translation Meily 3/2/09 2:00 AM
Thank you, tommygator. But I want to develop or include belarusian language in Google Chrome interface. Please see screen shot  Of course, it is impossible to support all languages in this browser interface, but I think that there exists some algorithm how to create translation of Google Chrome interface in belarusian by myself. Maybe edit some resources files. I do not know.
Re: tamil translation redylicindia 3/11/09 7:58 AM
i want know this
Re: tamil translation agl 3/11/09 10:40 AM
I'm afraid that there is little support for user contributed translations at this time. The translations are kept in chrome/app/resources/generated_resources_XX.xtb, which are UTF-8 XML files that one could duplicate and translate by hand. One would then have to rebuild Chrome from source.
Re: tamil translation Mayooresan 6/11/09 2:09 AM
so it means Google thinks only Hindi is the language of South Asia, and it doesn't have to support other languages???
way to go!
Re: tamil translation RizwanSeguMohideen 6/25/09 11:29 PM
Try this Web site

Try this......... Hurrrrayyyyyyyyy

Dnt forget to say thanks

Re: tamil translation Mayooresan 6/29/09 4:14 AM
Now google chrome is available in Indian languages
check out.
Re: tamil translation Kumaravadivel.S 7/30/09 11:04 PM  is the Indian language editor only there is no option for translation Like English to Tamili  Tamil i to English.
And What ever the Google product supports Indian Languages providing the editing option only. Google itself mentioned that on following
Re: tamil translation dwight.stegall 8/22/09 12:10 AM
If Google Chrome doesn't support your language, report that bug here and the Translation Team will deal with it.
Re: tamil translation satkum 2/8/10 10:52 PM
Pls try to include tamil as another option, because we often use google translating options to read some information from other language website and whenever i turn on google translate. We feel disappointed seeing that tamil is not included in it ( which has been a classical language status )
  Hope so i can use tamil as another translate option as soon as possible.
               Thank you
Re: tamil translation sanjeeve 2/9/10 3:51 PM
Thank you!!!! :)
Re: tamil translation kumararajasekar 5/17/10 6:21 AM
Ya i understood and tried the given references but my question is tamil is not included in the website translators list languages.
Re: tamil translation nidhesh 8/29/10 7:16 AM
Why is tamil translation not available? 
Re: tamil translation vijay9843421176 10/3/10 9:03 PM
Dear all nice to see u all are taking a good effort to develop tamil language. i too searched a lot and also tried in google, to translate english to tamil. whereas i found the same service for hindi, which is working well in translation. we are upset that google yet to recognize the most valuable language tamil. hope they will provide us the service at the earliest if we keep on proving them that its the most important one. lets chain to gether and put our all the efforts to serve the one and all who are deadly in need of this translation service.
Re: tamil translation valvilori 11/8/10 10:53 PM
thank you mr.vijay vijay9843421176 becauuse you put some effort to develop our language and i swear i will take part in your effort
Re: tamil translation guruprasath2k2 11/28/10 11:50 AM
Dear Mr.Google Administrator

Please include our language Tamil in Google translation.

It will be very helpful and usful for all 200million tamil peoples around the world.
Re: tamil translation chinraa 12/11/10 11:14 AM
Please include  Tamil  language in Google translation.
Re: tamil translation nithusam 12/15/10 4:54 AM
Re: tamil translation vijay9843421176 12/15/10 5:45 AM
i am sure... google will do it for us soon before the end of 2010 i hope........
Re: tamil translation muruganandan 12/29/10 3:35 AM
if google  to arrange tamil to english mostly near one billion people say thank and google
Re: tamil translation v4u 1/25/11 1:35 AM
First of all I thank Google for adding tamil in google transliteration (  ) , we are very much thankful to Google if you poeple add Tamil in your translate list as this is one of the classical language in the word ( which is still used by million's of people around the world.
Re: tamil translation Josh E 3/9/11 5:48 PM
Hi everyone, 

I am the tech lead on Google Translate frontend development, and recently this thread was brought to my attention.

Just about every day we hear from a user, or potential user, asking us when or if we'll support translations to/from language X (insert whatever language you like here, e.g., Tamil).

While we're quite proud that we already support 58 of the worlds languages, there are still many more languages that we would love to enable for our users. 

We're constantly working hard to bring new languages up to our quality standards so that we can make them available to our users, but unfortunately launching a new language is hard. Every language that we support requires very large amounts of training data and significant amounts of engineering work to make available to you, our users. 

For some general information about how our system works, check out

So if we don't support your language yet, rest assured, we're working on it. The limiting factor is almost always training data. What we need is large amounts of parallel data, that is, large amounts of documents or sentences that have already been translated between the new language and one of our supported languages. 

The best way you can help is by contributing Translation Memories (TMs) or glossaries by uploading them to Google Translator Toolkit ( For details on how to contribute, see the following: 

Uploading a Translation Memory: 

Uploading a Glossary: 

If you don't have existing TMs or glossaries to upload, but are multilingual and still want to help, you can contribute by using the 
Translator Toolkit to translate documents into or from the new language you hope we'll support and allowing us to use the data you create to train our systems. 

Many thanks everyone. 

Josh Estelle
Senior Software Engineer 
Google Translate

Re: tamil translation sanjeeve 3/10/11 6:48 AM
Thank you so much, I was waiting for more than 2 years for this..........& will do whatever to achieve this task!
Thanks again! :)

Re: tamil translation Blair (Googler) 3/10/11 11:25 AM

There seem to be two issues here: using the Chrome browser in Tamil, and requesting support for Tamil in Google Translate.

To use Google Chrome in Tamil, use the following steps:

1. Copy and paste the following into your address bar and hit enter: chrome://settings/language
2. Click "Add"
3. Select "Tamil" from the drop-down and click "OK"
4. Select "Tamil" from the list and click "Display Google Chrome in this language"
5. Click "Restart"

Regarding Tamil in Google Translate, see Josh's post above.

Re: tamil translation ravivararo 3/12/11 10:29 PM
Pl give more importance to Tamil translation provisioning and launch it soon.

Thanks in advance.

With Regards
Re: tamil translation rramana 3/17/11 2:42 AM
Pls i need Tamil Translate
Re: tamil translation TamilTech 5/2/11 10:46 PM
Please check this website. EUDICT.COM. Tamil is the only Indian language listed. EUDICT is better than Google translate. Even technical words are found in EUDICT website.
Re: tamil translation LU0RA 5/10/11 2:33 AM
அன்பர்களே நீங்கள் ஏன் ஒரு மொழிமாற்று வலை தளத்தை உருவாக்கக்கூடாது.
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