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Video's won't play?

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Video's won't play? m0v0n 12/13/08 11:23 AM
It seems that when I downloaded google chrome, it won't let me view videos and other things like that. Internet explorer works, but not google chrome. How do I fix this?
Re: Video's won't play? kayschwa 1/3/09 1:33 PM
well google chrome sucks i have it myslef. it desnt make any videos work better or faster.
its like firefox but with less features. your better off using internet exploroer.
i recomend firefox personaly. or opera would even work better then google chrome
Re: Video's won't play? Preston Hamlin 1/3/09 3:40 PM
You have a fairly common problem.
You lack the compatible Flash players and Java players for Chrome.
Go to and
Download the latest version.
There should be a small window that opens, asking you to close your Chrome window.
Close your Chrome window, but DO NOT close that small download box.
Press the button in the box to continue installation.
Flash videos and games should now work.

I also suggest getting Adobe Reader.
Re: Video's won't play? Preston Hamlin 1/3/09 3:42 PM
Whoops, my mistake.
When you watch a flash video, it should be blanked out, prompting you to download the proper flash player. Use THAT download by clicking on it, close Chrome when you get the little box and install. Enjoy YouTube.
Re: Video's won't play? WSO 10/9/09 10:41 PM
mine cannot works either,expecially those p2p links.
Re: Video's won't play? sciwoman 2/17/10 8:20 AM
I tried updating all my video players - still nothing but a black box when I open a page with video on it - including animated avatars on forums.  I'm seriously considering uninstalling Chrome.  What good is a browser that doesn't play video of any sort?
Re: Video's won't play? DSH100 9/6/10 5:01 PM
is it still the case that chrome will not play online videos?!  That seems ridiculous and amazing.

But no more amazing than the fact that there is no one from google i can ask!  No support at all it seems...!

Other than that it seems lightning fast and very good - but without being able to see videos it's useless....

And how on earth do I ask someone who knows for the answer???!!

I don't want an online forum - I want an answer - does it do it or not?
Re: Video's won't play? dixonmeister 10/29/10 2:50 PM
Still no real fixes I see.

My Chrome is installed on 3 machines and behaves similarly on all 3 - sporadic video playback.  I don't think I agree with Preston above that it's flash because all 3 machines have firefox too and they accurately play all the webpages.

This is about testing my patience with Chrome to the limit.  I love the synching with my Google account, but playing videos is pretty basic stuff guys.............
Re: Video's won't play? dezi2012 12/29/10 3:37 PM
I've the same problem ... still looking for a solution - I'm a big FireFox fan - thought I'd give Chrome a try ... mistake?
Re: Video's won't play? sciwoman 12/29/10 5:03 PM
Never did find a solution - just went back to Firefox for a time, then started using Comodo Dragon which is a Chrome clone, but I've not had any trouble playing videos while using it.
Re: Video's won't play? breaohbayb 1/5/11 10:51 PM
My videos are playing its just they play for about 2 seconds then wont play anymore. they were fine untill yesterday. the reason i went to chrome is cause i was getting what yous are talking about the video not even showing up on the page with internet explorer i am completley up to date with all of my java and flash plugins! i dont know whats wrong with the stupid thing! arrrgh./
Re: Video's won't play? Rangrace 4/12/11 7:17 PM
Here it is, 3 years later, and I STILL can't get chrome to play videos, or find any solution that works.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash.  Tried updating to latest Google chrome.  Baffled.  I have to use a different browser now whenever I want to watch videos.  Totally sucks.
Re: Video's won't play? lcw1 7/6/11 11:41 PM
Does anyone from Google check this?  Where are you Google moderators, employees...??

I haven't been able to play any live flash video on Chrome or Firefox on Mac OS X 10.6.8 for over 2 years!  I can play live flash in Safari and when I check the preferences - extensions, "DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 <video>" is listed.  How do I either find a Chrome (Mac) specific extension or change existing DivX settings to be default player for Chrome?

Google has become a sloppy company that doesn't address widely known problems, such as this one.  I honestly hope that Larry Page can re-focus the company because it appears they have no focus at all.
Re: Video's won't play? npeet 7/21/11 10:32 AM
NO, I do not find ANY of your answers helpful, because YOU NEVER ANSWER!! Unbelievable.
Re: Video's won't play? lokicue 7/31/11 11:56 AM
Not sure if this helps as some of the issues in this post are not exactly the same thing but...

Options > Under the Hood > Privacy: Content Settings > Plug-ins: Disable Individual Plug-ins...(hyperlink)

Find the plug-in you are having issues with and enable if it crashed.  Also, sometimes there are two versions of the same plugin enabled.  You need to disable one (may need to play around to see which one needs to be disabled), then refresh your browser to play the video.  Anyho, always seems to work.
Re: Video's won't play? ZombiesCreepingFlesh 9/14/11 8:57 PM
A fast way to duplicate my problem with Chrome Not Playing Videos is to use Chrome to go to, click on Videos on the toolbar near the top, and try to play any of them. I see a black box with not even a video player frame. If I play same using Internet Explorer and right click to see about it says it's About Abobe Flash Player, foxnews-1.0, CSMA Loader Version:1.4.5, OSMF Version: 1.5, HS Core Version 1.2.17, Akamai AEP Components Version:1.0.3, Akamai AEP Core Version:1.4.6A, FoxNesPlayer Version 3.1.0 Build 0003. Right click with with Chrome I get no video player info, just Inspect Element, View Page Source.
Re: Video's won't play? achinto 9/20/11 4:12 AM
i have same problem no videos from youtube or facebook  playing but when i tried in incognito window its playing there..i think it has nothing to do with adobe or any other software its something with the settings..but still not able to find what..
Re: Video's won't play? logies101 11/8/11 11:22 AM
Yay, the incognito window plays the videos! Thanks achinto!
Re: Video's won't play? JustSayNo 12/6/11 8:21 AM
The videos 'play' if you use Chrome's "Incognito" window.
Re: Video's won't play? Carol'sBoyfriend 5/1/12 5:49 PM
ok then............. i'm the ugly duckling then cause i can't see anything!!! haven't tried on other webpages, but, i only really care about youtube :| WTF!!!!!! i just formatted my netbook, and it was functioning before, and i already installed everything!!! :S my flash player is :| and on the flash webpage states that the latest is :| ?? any ideas on that??