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how do i find google chrome cache

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how do i find google chrome cache bigal1808 1/20/10 9:39 AM
I want to set a shortcut to google chrome cache on my desktop.
where can i find the cache.
Re: how do i find google chrome cache dwight.stegall 1/20/10 2:01 PM
type about:cache in the address bar and press enter

Quick Access To Chrome's Hidden Pages

Make a folder on Chrome's Bookmarks Toolbar. In there create these bookmarks. The fastest way to do this is to drag 21 links into that folder. It doesn't matter what links you drag in there. Then open the folder and right click each link and click on EDIT and replace the Name and URL with the info below.

I added a few JavaScript Bookmarklets that will make some of Chrome's internal functions easier to access. Like the Print Button, View Source In Tab, View Current User Agent, Find Chrome Extensions.

Name: Print Button
URL: javascript:print()

Name: This Page!
URL: javascript:window.googl_callback%20=%20function(response){if(response.error_message){alert("%20An%20error%20occured:%20"%20+%20response.error_message);}else{alert(response.short_url);}};%20var%20s%20=%20document.createElement("script");%20s.src%20=%20""%20+%20encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)%20+%20"&jsonp=googl_callback";%20void(document.body.appendChild(s));

Name: History
URL: chrome://history/

Name: Downloads
URL: chrome://downloads/

Name: Extensions
URL: chrome://extensions/

Name: New Tab
URL: chrome://newtab/

Name: Blank Page
URL: about:blank

Name: Cache
URL: about:cache

Name: Crash
URL: about:crash

Name: Credits
URL: about:credits

Name: Dns
URL: about:dns

Name: Histograms
URL: about:histograms

Name: Internets (Not For Vista Or 7 Users)
URL: about:internets

Name: Memory
URL: about:memory

Name: Network
URL: about:network

Name: Plugins
URL: about:plugins

Name: Stats
URL: about:stats

Name: Version
URL: about:version

Name: Find Chrome Extensions
URL: javascript:void(q=prompt('Search%20For%20Google%20Chrome%20Extensions%20On%20These%20Sites\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEnter%20Your%20Keywords%20Below',''));if(q)void(location.href=''+escape(q))

Name: View Current User Agent
URL: javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)

Name: View Source In Tab
URL: javascript:url=window.location.toString();if(url.match(/^view-source:/)){window.back();}else{window.location='view-source:'+url;} This Page! will shorten the URL of the page you are currently viewing. It will show the shortened URL in a Windows Alert. To copy it press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C. CTRL+A is supposed to highlight it. You won't see it but it will be highlighted. The press CTRL+C to copy it. Then paste it wherever you want it.

"View Source In Tab" will display the HTML source code of the page you are currently viewing in that same tab. It was created by I have tested it in Chrome, Chromeplus, Chromium, Iron, Firefox and Flock Browsers. It does not work in Opera, Safari For Windows or Internet Explorer 7+

Hidden pages in all browsers

Re: how do i find google chrome cache bigal1808 1/21/10 3:02 AM
thanks, dwight.
I've got the list of cache contents, but I need the cache folder address,I wanted to see them in a windows folder, so that i can 'select all' and 'delete'.
any ideas?
Re: how do i find google chrome cache dmstromer 2/23/10 8:32 AM
for me under "windows vista sp 2" it is under: "C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache"
hope that helps and that it is what u looked for...
Re: how do i find google chrome cache handsomeorlandoman 6/12/11 7:50 AM
Thanks dmstromer for showing where the cache folder is. Here are other operating systems:

Windows Vista+ : %SYSTEMROOT%/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cache
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cache
Linux: ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Cache

(%SYSTEMROOT% means your default hard drive, C: on most PCs)
(~ means your home folder on Mac and Linux)